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Dishonour Thy Mother
by J

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

(Inspired by Ricky)

It was about 11 am on a Monday morning during my summer break from school, when I entered my house, slammed the door shut, and strode upstairs in a petulant and angry mood. I ignored the friendly voice of my Mum calling me from the kitchen, entered my room, stripped down to my jockey shorts, and climbed into bed and tried to forget about that last, humiliating hour.

After about a minute or so, I heard a knock at my door and Mum's concerned voice asking if I was OK. I turned away from the door and faced the wall by my bed, and told her that I wanted to be alone. Like all parents, Mum somehow interpreted this desire for isolation as an invitation to come in.

I felt her sit down at the edge of the bed beside me, and then she started to run her fingers through my hair and asked if she could help. When I remained silent, Mum asked if I'd fallen out with my best friend, Jimmy, last night. Since this did not gain a response, she announced triumphantly that she must be right. Just to get rid of her, I said that I hadn't fallen out with Jimmy, in fact I hadn't even stayed at his place last night. Mum pressed me further and, angrily, I told her that I had spent the night with a girl whose parents were away for the week. Mum went silent for a while and I guessed that she was hurt at the lie I'd told her yesterday about my plans for that evening. She finally spoke and said that she hoped I'd been careful. I laughed at that and said I'd taken the best possible precaution; I couldn't do it.

Mum began to inquire further and I told her to let it drop, as I felt uncomfortable talking to her about such matters. She said that anything between us would always be in the strictest confidence and that she might be able to help. When I still maintained a silence she asked if I would like to speak to Dad about it. That got my attention, as she knew it would, and I turned around, sat up and begged her not to say anything to him. Mum was fully aware of the recent rivalry that had developed between Dad and I, and he would surely humiliate me for months if he got to know about this.

Now that she had my attention, Mum said that all men have a problem getting stimulated at one time or another, and that it really wasn't anything to worry about, it was just nerves. I explained to her that I couldn't do it last night because I'd had too many beers. Mum gave me a scolding look, as I know she doesn't like me drinking. Then I went on to explain how I'd woken up this morning, really turned on, but that when I'd tried to make love to the girl, who was still half asleep, I couldn't get it in her. Mum gave a knowing, aaahhhhhh, and told me to stay where I was and she'd be back in a minute.

When she returned to her place on the bed beside me, I could see she was holding a lipstick in her hand, but had none on her lips. I wondered what it was all about. Then, Mum said that she had an educational game for us to play. She explained that she wanted me to use my thumb to try to force her lips apart. She said that she would resist my attempt, but not to any great degree. So, having pursed her full, round lips together, Mum invited me to have a go. I placed my right thumb on the join of her lips, and, announcing that this would be easy, tried to get it in her mouth. I struggled for about a minute to no avail. Eventually, having failed in my task, Mum stood up triumphantly, and walked over to the full length mirror that hung on the back of the bedroom door.

I watched Mum as she pouted her lips and applied a thick layer of crimson gloss to them. I saw Mum lick her lips slowly, before applying a second coat. My eyes went down her body. My mum is just like any other mum that you'd see in a supermarket or at the bingo or out with their husband at the movies. She's on the wrong side of forty, attractive but not beautiful, and the slim figure of her youth is now more rounded and curvaceous. But as I looked at her now from behind, the split in the back of her knee length skirt showing a bit of inner thigh, her calf muscles taut as she stood with legs slightly apart in a pair of black high heel pumps, I realised that I had a raging hardon and a huge desire to fuck her.

Mum came back to my bed and took her seat next to me. Suddenly, I was desperate to let her see the erection I had straining against my shorts. I guess it's the same feeling that flashers have when they expose themselves to strangers in the park. Mum was no stranger to me, of course, but it's the same idea of having somebody see those parts of you that they shouldn't. Mum said that for the second part of the game she wanted me to try the same thing again, but to see what happened now that she was wearing lipstick. In order that I could stand up in front of her, I made the excuse that I couldn't get enough leverage in this seated position.

Just before I got up, I wondered what Mum would do when she saw it. Would she become embarrassed and walk out, threatening to tell Dad? Would she even bother to glance at it? I couldn't wait to find out, so I threw back the bed sheets and stood up in front of her. I put my hands on my hips as nonchalantly as possible, as my dick strained to break free from its flimsy white cotton prison. I watched Mum's eyes as her gaze wandered down from my face to my pulsating weapon, not more than a foot in front of her. I had wondered whether she would even give it a glance, but here was my Mum, sitting on the bed, brazenly staring at her son's crotch. After a few seconds, I saw Mum's jaw drop and her lips parted. Whilst she stared at my enclosed penis, I took hold of the back of her head with my left hand, and inserted the middle three fingers of my right hand into her mouth and began to move them in and out, imagining that it was my dick. As Mum's tongue sensuously licked them, I guessed that she was thinking the same thing too.

I finger fucked Mum's mouth like this for about a minute before she came back to her senses and took hold of my hand and withdrew my digits. Still staring at my dick, Mum said she hoped I'd realised that the lubrication that the lipstick had given to her lips, had made entry that much easier. Standing in front of Mum, I said that I was still confused and asked her to elaborate. Mum tried to keep her eyes on mine, but every now and then I'd see her take more than a quick peek at my manhood. Maaaaaann, I was loving this. This was my own Mum, in my bedroom, sitting on my bed, looking at my bulge. Mum went on to explain that a man has to get a woman aroused before he can enter her easily, and that this is called foreplay or heavy petting. I asked her what kind of things could a man do to turn a girl on. Mum said that different things appealed to different people. I took a chance and asked Mum what turned her on most.

Mum blushed and said that that was none of my business. I returned fire by pointing out her earlier claim that this would remain confidential and also that she had offered to help me any way she could. Mum had no argument for that. So, defeated, she quietly said that she loves it when Dad stands behind her, and gently brushes her neck and shoulders with his lips.

Mum then stood up and said that she had to get back downstairs. I was now eager that she should see my dick for real and not just as a throbbing bulge in my shorts, so I blurted out that I had another problem. Mum asked what it was, and I said that the girl I was with last night had said that I had something wrong with my penis and had started laughing when she saw it. I asked Mum if she'd take a look at it for me. Mum became all flustered and said that it wouldn't be proper for a mother to look at her son in that way. I reminded her of her promise to help me out with my problems. Mum re-iterated that she didn't have time right now. So, before she left my room, I suggested that she look at it some other time, and Mum, just to get rid of me, agreed. I didn't press the matter any further; time was on my side.

I patiently bided my time, waiting for the right moment to push Mum even further. That opportunity came on Friday morning. I woke up early, at around seven o'clock, and had a shower. As I left the bathroom, about fifteen minutes later, I could hear Mum and Dad talking downstairs in the kitchen. I lay naked on the bed and, at about seven forty-five, heard Dad say goodbye as he left for work. Mum and I were now alone in the house, and I knew that she'd be doing her chores in the kitchen until at least nine o'clock.

At last, my waiting was over, as I heard the sound of a ladder fall against the wall outside my bedroom window. Every week, we get this fellow around to clean all of the windows of the house, and his presence was crucial to my plan. I saw his silhouette through the curtains, and after he'd finished with mine, heard him slide down the ladder and begin to clean the windows at the front of the house. I covered my nakedness with a toweling robe and went to peek at the cleaner through the curtains. My timing had to be perfect if this was going to work. When I judged him to be within a couple of minutes of finishing the front of the house, before going around the back, I went quickly downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen, I exchanged greetings with Mum who was standing with her back to me at the sink. She said she'd fix me some breakfast just as soon as she'd finished cleaning Dad's plate. I said that I wasn't that hungry and went and stood beside her. Taking a deep breath, I asked Mum if she'd take a look at my penis, as she had promised to do the other day. Mum flushed and said that she didn't think it was right. Once again I reminded her of the promise that she had made to me about helping me out in all matters sexual. At that point, I heard the sound of the window cleaner coming along the side of the house towards the kitchen. With impeccable timing, I said to Mum that it wouldn't take too long, and that I could show her right here and now. With that, I began to undo the robe I was wearing. Just as I had hoped, Mum, panicked by the thought of the cleaning guy witnessing her staring at her son's naked body, agreed that she'd look at it, but not here. She told me to go up to my room, close the curtains and that she'd be up in ten minutes.

As I was about to leave the kitchen, Mum opened the door to the window cleaner and began to talk to him. Whilst she was distracted, I went to the freezer and placed a packet of frozen peas in the pocket of my robe, and then dashed upstairs. I lay on the bed with the peas covering my crotch. I didn't want to have an erection when I first presented myself to Mum, and coldness is the best thing I know of keeping a dick flaccid.

I must have looked at the clock on my dresser at least twice every minute that I waited. I had butterflies of excitement at the thought of exposing myself to Mum in such a bold fashion. After fifteen minutes had elapsed, and I had begun to think that Mum had backed out of our deal, I heard her soft footfalls on the landing outside my room. She knocked quietly on the door, no doubt hoping that I wouldn't hear her. I ditched the peas under the wardrobe, and my trembling legs somehow carried me to the door and, opening it, I asked Mum to go and sit on the bed.

Mum sat down and I went and stood about a foot in front of her. This was it. This was when I was actually going to strip naked for my own Mum. Slowly, I undid the cord holding my robe together. As it came undone, and my robe parted, I let it fall to the floor around my feet. Mum's gaze casually left my eyes and went to my groin.

My dick twitched at her first glance of it. She remarked that it looked alright to her and tried to get up to leave. I kept her seated and explained that it only looked funny when I had an erection. With a lump in my throat and tremor in my voice, I said that, if she didn't have much time, it would be quicker if she got me hard. Mum replied that I must be joking. This was just what I had expected, so I asked if she could at least give me some encouragement. Mum asked what I meant, and so I told her that if I was going to have to pull myself to full size, then it would help me if I had something sexy to look at. She inquired further, and I asked her if she would undo her blouse for me. Mum shook her head at first, but when I pointed out that it's only what I see when she sunbathes in the back yard in her little white bikini, I could see that she was coming around. I have learned with Mum that a little pushing pays dividends, so, while she was pondering on the idea, I bent down and began to undo the top button of her blouse. Just as I had hoped, Mum pushed my hands away and said that she was quite capable of undressing herself. She then proceeded to undo her blouse completely, and then pulled it open for me to stare at her glorious bosom.

I had been through Mum's lingerie drawer the day before and I knew that her bra size was a 36D. Now I knew exactly what that meant. Her lovely ripe, juicy breasts hung and swayed in her pretty white lace bra like two fat melons. Their milky whiteness contrasted with the rest of her tanned body and made them look even bigger. I watched Mum's eyes as they watched my right hand move to my, ever hardening, prick. Slowly, I pulled back the foreskin and rubbed my shaft with precum until it glistened. I began to jerk myself off. I was close enough to be able to open Mum's mouth and feed my rod to her, but I knew that I had to be patient. As my dick grew ever longer, and my hand speed increased, I saw Mum's fists clench at the bed sheets, and I knew that she, too, was excited. I suppose that some people reading this will have tried the old trick of laying naked on top of the bed, pretending to be asleep, and hoping that their mum or sister or aunt or grandmother would walk in and sneak a peek at them. Well, you can imagine how I felt at this point in time; wanking not a foot away from my own mother's face.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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