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Dishonour Thy Mother
by J

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

After about two or three minutes I was so excited that to go any further would see me cumming all over mum's breasts. So I stopped pulling myself and asked Mum what she thought of my penis. Mum had been slowly squirming her legs together as I had wanked in front of her, and now, as she spoke, her deeper than normal, husky voice betrayed her arousal. Mum said that it still looked perfectly healthy to her. I pointed out that it was curved upwards like a banana, and asked if this was normal and would it mean that I couldn't give pleasure to a woman. Mum said that, if anything, its shape meant that I could make a woman climax very quickly. When I asked her to explain further, she said that, because it was bent, every inward thrust into the vagina would cause it to brush against the clitoris, ensuring that the woman received maximum stimulation. I played dumb and asked what a clitoris was. Mum explained it to me and I remarked that she seemed to know an awful lot about curved dicks. She blushed like a schoolgirl and admitted to me that I had inherited a penis similar to Dad's.

I asked Mum the most natural question that I think anyone would have asked; was Dad's penis bigger than mine? She refused to answer at first, but when I had convinced her of how important it was for me to know, she announced that mine looked to be about an inch or two longer than his. With that knowledge, it felt as though my dick had become even bigger. I pressed Mum to tell me whether it was fatter as well. When she said she couldn't tell, it gave me an idea. I inquired as to whether she could remember whether her thumb and forefinger could meet around the base of Dad's tool. Mum was reluctant to tell me at first, but finally she nodded. Feeling like I wanted to ram my dick between her lips, I said that I wanted her to do the same test to me. Mum flatly refused and said that there was no way she was going to touch me, it just wouldn't be right and that we had already gone too far. I pleaded with her to do just this for me and told her how important it would be for my confidence. I could see her beginning to consider it, so, to help her along, I got hold of her right hand and brought it close to my throbbing shaft.

I will never, ever forget that first time Mum touched my penis. It has given me more wanking sessions than anything else, before or since. It was almost like slow motion as I saw Mum form a circle out of her thumb and finger and slip it over my purple helmet. Slowly, she let her hand move down my shaft. I saw my precum cover her fingers during their descent. About two inches before she got to my root, her hands stopped, to go further would see her thumb parting from her finger. We both knew it; my dick was fatter than Dad's too. I looked down at Mum's eyes as she looked into mine and, with a tremor in my voice, asked her to finish me off. Mum said nothing but just shook her head from side to side. She was still holding onto my shaft though, so in her vice like grip, I began to thrust my hips back and forth. Mum went to let go but I held her hand to my dick to prevent that from happening. Unbelievably, Mum said that if I was to lie on the bed, then she would do it for me.

I leaned up on my elbows to get a good look as Mum's right hand got to work on my prick. Her gorgeous tits swung in their lacy cradle and she licked her lips as her hand went ever faster along the length of my shaft. What a sight it was. I knew it wouldn't take long for me to explode. I soon felt my balls start to tighten and ordered Mum to go faster. Eventually, all of my white muck just oozed out over my belly and over Mum's fingers.

Mum came back from the dresser with some paper tissues in her hand. She cleaned me off before seeing to herself. As I recovered my breathing, I told Mum that that had been the best wank anyone had ever given me. Mum smiled and thanked me and got up to leave, pulling her blouse together as she rose from the bed.

I stood up too, and took hold of Mum's shoulders from behind. I said softly that I wanted to do something to please her in return. Before she could complain, I bent my head to Mum's neck and began to brush my lips along it. It was long and slim and I flicked my tongue out and tasted Mum's delicate perfume that I had smelled so often before. Mum made an attempt at telling me to stop, as this was almost incest and that it was wrong. I knew it was a half-hearted plea, when she craned her neck to allow my lips to gently stroke along her chin. Mum raised a slight objection again when I tried to remove her blouse. But when I said that I just wanted to caress her shoulders, she let me take it off her easy enough. I loved licking and gently biting at Mum's soft skin as my hands roamed up and down her arms. As I let the bra straps slip off her shoulders, I heard Mum let out a soft groan. My dick was growing again and I looked down to see it pushing against Mum's skin, making her wet where it touched. Slowly, I let my hands move to the clasp at the back of Mum's bra.

'No, Ricky, you mustn't'. Mum said without conviction.

I put my tongue in her ear and her objection melted away. As I fumbled to get the bra undone, I remember thinking that I was about three or four minutes away from fucking my own Mum. You should never count your chips while the game is still on, that's the golden rule. Well, my thinking ahead must have broken that rule, because, just as I got the clasp undone and exposed Mum's bare back, the telephone rang in the kitchen. Its noise acted like an alarm clock, waking Mum out of a deep sleep. She bent down to pick up her blouse and rushed out of my room and downstairs, without even turning to look at me. I had been that close, and wondered whether I would ever get the chance again.

Mum pretty much ignored me for the next few days. However, I was determined to have another go at her, and saw an opportunity arise mid way through the following week. I had come home unexpectedly at midday and gone straight upstairs. As I passed the bathroom door, I heard the voices of Mum and Dad from the back yard. Dad doesn't normally come home for lunch, so I decide to investigate further. By standing on the toilet seat, I could look through the top part of the bathroom window and into the garden. Mum was wearing her little white bikini and was lying on her front allowing Dad to rub copious amounts of coconut oil onto her back. Dad had undone her top, and I could tell from his hand movements that the sight of Mum's oiled up body was turning him on. When he started to squeeze Mum's butt, she wiggled on the sunbed, obviously aroused. I heard Dad suggest that they go inside for a fuck. He got up and Mum followed him, holding on to the front of her bikini top.

I quickly left the bathroom and entered my own, listening at the door that I'd left slightly ajar. Mum and Dad were necking at the foot of the stairs and he was telling her what he was going to do and she told him that she was ready for it. They were both obviously highly sexually excited, and couldn't wait to get down to it. I heard them climb the stairs and thought what a lucky bastard Dad was, when all of a sudden the phone rang. Mum begged Dad not to answer it, but he said it was probably his boss checking up on him and that he had to. From the conversation I heard, it was clear that their afternoon nookie session would have to be curtailed. Mum sounded angry and frustrated as she said to Dad that his loss would be her dildo's gain. I heard Dad apologise as he left the house and returned to work.

I knew that Mum was feeling randy now, so I met her on the landing just as she was about to enter her room, thinking that I could take advantage of her current state. She turned in surprise as she saw me and held her bikini top close to her breasts. Up close, her tanned, oiled body was already making a bulge in the only item of clothing I was wearing, my tennis shorts. Mum saw it too, and said that she was just going in for a shower. I came up and stood behind her. Running my fingers along her oily arms, I commented that it was a shame to waste all of that lubrication. Mum told me to stop touching her that way. But with her long, blond her now teased to a pile on top of her head, exposing her slender neck to me, I told her that we still had some unfinished business to take care of.

Holding Mum's arms by her side tightly with mine, I bent down and began to lick her neck and shoulders. After a minute of this, I felt the tenseness leave her body as she fell against me. I led Mum into her bedroom and closed the door behind me. She was saying that we shouldn't be doing this, but I explained that all I wanted was some education. As I licked her neck, shoulders and chin, I undid my shorts and let them drop to the floor. I kicked them to where Mum could see them, because I wanted her to know that her son was now naked. She raised no objections.

I told Mum to let go of her bikini top. She said that we must stop now. I countered that I only wanted to see her lovely ripe tits and maybe she could show me how a woman likes to have them touched. Her grip on the top slowly loosened and then it was lying on the floor by her feet. I asked her how she liked to have them played with. She said that she liked to have her nipples pulled and tweaked. I asked if I could have a try. She said that it wouldn't be right. I pleaded softly into her ear for just a quick feel. Mum nodded agreement and I turned her around to face me. I was pleased to see that her gaze went straight to my fully erect cock. Her breasts looked even bigger up close and I couldn't believe what I was about to do. That first touch sent us both crazy. I began to maul Mum's boobs and she took hold of my prick and began to caress it.

I pushed Mum onto the bed and started to bite and chew on her nipples. Her hands on my head encouraged me to bite harder. Mum was groaning loudly now, as my hands roamed over her oily skin. I sat her up and pushed my stiffy in between her cleavage and thrust myself up and down. As she lowered her head to have a look, I realised that each upward thrust nearly put my helmet into her mouth. But it was her pussy that I wanted to fuck first, so I stopped the tit wank and put my hands onto her bikini bottoms.

'No, Ricky, not there', Mum protested.

'But Mum, I only want you to show me where this clitoris thing is that you told me about the other day'. I pleaded, innocently.

'Alright', Mum began, 'but that's as far as we go'.

Tentatively, she removed her bottoms to reveal a hairless, big lipped pink pussy.

I knelt down in front of Mum as she spread her cunny to show me a little hard stubby thing that she identified as her clitoris. At first, Mum completely refused to let me touch it. But when I asked how I was supposed to learn when I couldn't have access to what she'd shown me, Mum finally agreed just to let me brush it with the tip of my finger.

I sat on the bed next to Mum as her hand guided mine towards her tender spot. I pretended to miss it at first, and allowed myself a good feel of her pussy lips. I felt Mum gasp as I touched her most private of regions. Eventually, I let her place my finger on the tip of her clit. As she explained what it was to me in a cold, clinical way, I started, almost imperceptibly, to rub it. It wasn't long before I felt Mum's grasp on my hand relax. She said that that was enough, but I just begged her to let me rub it a while longer until I was happy that I could always find it on a girl. I started to rub it more quickly and I asked Mum if it gave her a nice feeling. I already knew the answer, of course, because she was now lying flat on the bed, thrashing around. Mum urged me to go faster and I suggested that I had another appendage that might do the job better, waving my hardon in her face. Mum said that there was no way she would let me stick my penis inside her. As a compromise, I asked if I could just rub my helmet over her clitoris and not actually enter her. Mum capitulated, as I thought she would, and I positioned myself over her and let my banana shaped dick rub hard between our bodies.

The oil on Mum's skin squelched and oozed as I ground my hips against hers. She was reeling underneath me now and scratching my back with her nails. Her legs were spread wide and a couple of times I let my knob just slide into her a little. Each time I did, Mum groaned louder but didn't object. I had decided to let her have it all next time it 'accidentally' slipped in. In preparation, I raised my hips a little and pinned Mum's arms over her head with my hands. I bent my head and began to nibble on her neck, working my way up to her ear. I chewed on her lobe and softly asked if I was doing well. Mum said that I was a very good learner and that I'd made her very excited. I told Mum that it was about to get even better. She knew what I meant and cried out that I shouldn't. Mum's body tensed up to prevent me from entering her, but as my tongue dived straight down her left ear, her groans of delight returned and her muscles relaxed. At that moment, I raised my hips and plunged my full length into Mum's soaking wet pussy with all my might.

Mum gasped as I filled her up. I gave her about a minute's worth of fast thrusts and then slowed my rhythm right down. I let go of her hands now that her resistance had crumbled. As I gave Mum some long, slow, full in and out strokes, I felt her nails digging into my back again. I looked down to see my slippery, bent dick sliding in and out of my Mum's juicy twat, and could hardly believe my eyes. I continued this speed for about five minutes. Mum's breathing was becoming quicker all the time and I guessed she was close to orgasm. She knew too, and, calling me her good boy, instructed me to speed up.

'Faster, baby, faster. Your Mummy's nearly there, nearly there, ooooooohhh , put it right up me you good, good boy', Mum whispered into my left ear. This talk really got me going too. Before long, my prick was moving like the piston of a fast steam train. Within a minute of this, Mum suddenly went red in the face as a wave of ecstasy crashed through her body. I felt her pussy walls contract around my cock like a vice and I knew that I, too, was close to letting it all go. With Mum still in climax, I pulled my meat out of her and moved over her tummy to position myself over her face. I growled like a tiger and had to squeeze my eyes together, as the cum came out of my dick with the ferocity of a stream of piss. I directed my juices all over Mum's face in a criss-cross pattern. I thought it would never end as it covered her eyes and nose, forehead, chin and some even went in her hair. When it had stopped pouring out of me, I put my still twitching dick against Mum's lips and rubbed it along them. Mum couldn't yet open her eyes because her lids were covered in my sticky mess, but her lips did open, invitingly. I let my knob slip inside the warmth of her mouth. Greedily, Mum sucked the last of my semen from my meat, until, exhausted, I collapsed on top of her face.

Since then, there have been a few other experiences between my Mum and I. She has never instigated any of them, but her objections and resistance have waned. I am hoping that one day she might make the first move on me. Now that would be something to write about.

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This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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