The Best Erotic Stories.

Death Pt. V
by Carl East

Death moved through the smoke filled hall, knowing that his next client was closer to his maker. He located the young man inside a closet, apparently attempting to escape the fire, but had been trapped once the fire reached him. He was unconscious, and Death knew that his life was coming to an end, reaching down he freed the soul, then turned to leave. Another life lost needlessly, he thought leaving the building. He'd had a busy day, with three fatalities on the road, two involving a light air craft, and this last one. All he wanted to do now was go home and put his feet up, and maybe try to forget the day's events, however hard that might be.

Soon he was at his apartment and pouring himself a drink, he sat down and turned the TV on, switching it straight back off again when he discovered there was nothing on. Then he thought about Alice, but remembered she had gone to her mothers for a couple of days. He felt restless, and also a little horny, he donned his cloak once again and left the apartment, finding himself walking down main street.

Then he spotted two young females entering an apartment block; he didn't know what made him follow them in but follow he did. They were dressed in tight body hugging dresses; he followed them to one of the apartments, and waited until the door opened before entering unannounced. He knew they couldn't see him, because they were not ready too. He found that he had gate crashed a party, a pretty lively one at that, for there were couples in every room, mostly drinking and talking, but some were getting very intimate. He decided to eaves drop on a couple of them, just to see, if he could later use any of the information that he heard.

One of the couples was talking about the party; several students were throwing it, which it turned out, was why the guests were all in the eighteen to twenty category. Death decided to find somewhere he could take his cloak off without alarming the guests. Once he did that, he started to mingle, being nineteen, when he took the job of the reaper, he blended in perfectly, with no one questioning his appearance. He spotted the two attractive girls that had led him here, and decided to go over and have a chat. But they told him he had no chance with them, and to get lost, even before he managed to say a word.

He felt out of touch, as he apologised and started to walk away. Then he felt a hand on his arm, turning he found them saying sorry for being so rude. They then told him of the day they had had, and making Richard wish he hadn't bothered. But after they had had a few drinks they started to lighten up a little, making him see that they could be fun to be around once they loosened up.

Their names were Julia, and Becky, both it turned out, were from the same college. Richard couldn't help noticing one of them had lost a button on top of her blouse, and was showing a little more cleavage. He had no intention of informing her, besides they were all getting into the party spirit by now and probably didn't care. Richard danced with both of them, finding that they could both be very sexy when they wanted to be. They had both felt him up as they danced, and both of them had kissed him while dancing.

So by the end of the night when he offered to take them home, they were more than happy to allow his company. It turned out they only lived three blocks over, so they were soon entering their own apartment. Once inside they offered him a drink, and proceeded to get into some other garments. When they returned from the bedroom they were both wearing negligées, made from silk. He got an erection almost immediately, wondering if these two were lesbians. Then they started to come on to him again, only this time they didn't hold back.

He suddenly found himself pinned against a wall, with Becky kissing him while Julia was undoing his trousers. Once they had fallen to the floor, she got to her knees and started to give him a blowjob. Becky allowed her negligée to fall to the floor, revealing a very nice body beneath. His cock feeling wonderful, as the mouth covering it started to go deeper. He placed his hands onto Becky's breasts kissing her harder, and feeling how erect her nipples were. She grabbed his hand guiding it between her legs, he felt the soft lips of her pussy, and rubbed a finger through the crack. She moaned softly as he pushed a finger in, then explored her clitoris with his thumb, pushing it in slightly, then moving it around. She kissed him more passionately, clearly feeling his fingers as her hips moved back and forth, in time with his hand.

Then he felt his cock start to jerk, knowing that he was about to cum, when he did Julia swallowed his seed, helping it out with both hands. She then stood up dropping her negligée as she rose. Breaking off the hold he had with Becky, he watched as they both started to kiss one another, caressing each other's breasts, and generally putting on a show. When they both got down onto the floor, Richard joined in by getting behind Julia, and pushing his cock into her wet pussy. She was starting to lick Becky's pussy, making Richard rock hard once again. He plunged his cock into her womb, wanting her to feel his hardness.

She cried out not to stop, which he had no intention of doing, then he felt her first climax, as her juices suddenly started to make her very wet. Becky too was feeling her first orgasm approach as she held Julia's head between her legs, and starting to buck. Richard was getting really turned on by this action, and found that he wanted to make Julia cum again. He renewed his efforts, going faster until she yelled she was coming again. Then Richard could feel himself about to shoot another load into Julia. Just before he did, Becky shouted out that she was coming, they almost came together, with Richard feeling it drain into Julia's pussy.

After a while he composed himself and they swapped places, with him now entering Becky from behind. He'd already cum twice tonight, and knew that Becky would be in for a treat. He found she was a little tighter than Julia, which made it all the more pleasant for him, it wasn't long before Becky was crying out that she was coming. Julia was enjoying the tonguing she was receiving, but Richard lasted only fifteen more minutes before he came again, feeling to excited to hold it back. After that they had a couple more drinks, and decided to call it a night. Richard kissed them both on the cheek, then saying goodbye he left.

When he got outside, he put the cloak back on, and went home, not knowing that this nights work would hold consequences.

To Be Continued...


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