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Death Pt. VI
by Carl East

Richard was in the kitchen when his door was kicked in, and not knowing what was happening, he went through to the lounge to investigate. He first spotted two brutish men, coming from the hall, which led to his front door, but before he could grab his cloak they were on him, holding him secure. Then, another man appeared he was a weasel of a guy, the type who needed protection from bodyguards.

"Your name Richard?" He asked, brusquely.

"Yes, what's this all about?" Replied Richard.

He received a hit to the stomach, making him bend over to get his breath.

"I'll do the talking, the boss wants to see you, grab a coat and follow me." He said, signalling to the two thugs to let him go.

Richard put his cloak on, and followed them. Normally people didn't see death until they were ready, but those that were already aware of his presence could see him. Wearing the cloak made Richard someone you should never cross, but he was intrigued as to what this was all about, so decided not to do anything just yet. They led him to a limousine, then drove up town, stopping outside a small nightclub. Once inside they led him to a room above the dance floor, which had a window overlooking the entire club.

"Here he is boss." Said the weasel.

The man behind the desk looked around, seeing him simply because he knew he was there. He looked Death up and down, then got out of his seat to inspect him further.

"Did you or did you not, fuck my daughter last night?" He finally said.

So that's what this is all about, thought Death.

"I fucked two girls last night, both of consenting age." He replied, not taking his eyes off this guy.

"The one, I am referring to is Julia." He said.

"Yes, I did." Replied Death.

"Take him out back and beat the crap out of him." Was all he said next?

Death smiled, then allowed them to drag him into the alley at the back of the club.

"Guys, I think I should warn you that I am fully capable of defending myself." Said Death.

They predictably started to laugh, and then all three of them moved forward, with fists closed and eyes wide open. Death caught the fist of the first attempt to hit him, breaking his arm clean in two, then dodging the second he punched him squarely in the jaw. The weasel witnessing the second goon dropping like a sack of potatoes started back for the door, but was intercepted before reaching it.

"Every fibre of my being wants to stamp on your head from a great height, but I am not a violent man by nature." Said Death.

Then he hit him, knocking him out cold. He then re-entered the building, heading straight for the office, where the over protective father could be found, upon reaching the door, he decided on a dramatic entry. The door left it's hinges, crashing against the far wall, as Death put his foot down, and entered. The boss shot up and out of his chair, calling for his bodyguards, they appeared in the doorway already alerted by the sound of the door leaving its fixture. The first one suddenly became airborne; hitting the far wall and landing in a heap, then the second left the room via the window over looking the dance floor. He turned once more to the boss, stepping up close until they were mere inches apart.

"If you ever come near me again, you will find your head up your arse, do I make myself clear?" Death shouted.

"Yes, please don't hurt me." He mumbled.

"The only reason I am not going to maim you, is because I have fond memories of your daughter, but I would think twice about hurting anybody that goes near her in the future." Said Death, turning and leaving the building.

By the time he got outside, he was laughing; he hadn't had so much fun in ages. He decided to walk home, and maybe visit his favourite strip joint, once he arrived he found it was closed. He decided to walk home knowing that his next client wouldn't be for another three hours. He arrived home to find Alice's friend Jacquelyn, waiting outside his door.

"Hello, Jacky." He said, after removing his cloak from behind.

"Oh, hello Richard, I was wondering if I could use your phone, mine is playing up?" She said.

"Of course you can." He replied, unlocking his door.

Once in, Jacquelyn made her call, while Richard poured a couple of drinks, then sat down. He was behind Jacquelyn when he sat down, so had a nice view of her long legs, she bent over slightly to pick the receiver up, and Richard caught a glimpse of her panties. He realised that his cock was starting to grow, and shifted his position, then he caught Jacquelyn scratching an itch on the outside of her thigh. Her skirt rose up a little revealing a suspender belt, this type of voyeuristic thing was a big turn on for Richard. His cock was fully erect by now, but he sat there, just content to watch.

Then he started to suspect she was giving him a show, because she sat on the arm of the chair next to the phone, allowing her skirt to ride up her thigh, not only revealing her stocking tops, but also her panties. His cock was bursting, trying to escape the confines of his pants, but when she looked over and smiled, then pulled her skirt up a bit more, he knew she was teasing him. He rose from his chair, then bending down he slipped both hands up her skirt, and taking hold of her panties he pulled them off. She sat squarely in the chair still talking on the phone and allowing Richard to do whatever he wanted. Richard opened her legs as wide as the chair would permit, then started to lick her inner thigh, reaching up with two fingers he pulled her pussy lips apart and thrust his tongue in.

She in turn moved down the chair a bit giving him a little more room; he licked her clit vigorously making her moan. She said, 'oh nothing,' to the person on the other end of the line, her hips coming up to meet Richard's tongue. Then Richard placed both hands on her butt, lifting her slightly towards his tongue; she put the phone down. Placing her hands into Richard's hair she pushed her hips forward again, wanting to feel his tongue more. When she cried that she was coming, he licked harder and faster. Her orgasm making her body quiver as he eventually stopped, she then pushed him forward, grabbing for his trousers. Once she had pulled his zipper down, she nearly tore his trousers off before pulling his pants down. His hardened cock suddenly becoming free, holding it with her hand she inserted it into her mouth sucking with gusto.

Richard threw his head back, his engorged cock pulsing as she sucked the end, placing his hands at the back of her head and pulling gently. Her mouth covered his cock, going down her throat; she drew back then allowed him to pull her head back towards him, his cock feeling the back of her mouth. Her tongue starting to concentrate on the end, as she became aware he was close. Then he came, shooting the first load into her mouth, followed closely by the second; she swallowed as fast as she could, managing to take most of it down her throat. The third and final burst was too much, as it started to leak out the corners of her mouth; she licked it back in, touching the end of his cock as she did so. Once she was sure he had stopped coming, she sucked out the last drops of cum, making him wince with the feelings she was giving him.

She continued to suck for another five minutes making sure he remained hard, then pushed him onto his back, and mounted him. His cock slid in with no trouble, her juices were flowing freely for she was ready for this. He could feel the outer walls of her pussy as his cock drove up the entrance, then her weight as he knew she had gone as far as physics would allow. Then using her knees for thrust she rhythmically started to move up and down, his cock being buried with each downward movement, then feeling the sides when she rose. She clearly worked out, for this position took some effort, as she was getting faster and faster. He could feel his balls getting tighter, and knew that he was about to blow again, her screams of fuck me taking him over the edge. He came holding onto her butt, wanting her not to stop until he was completely drained once more.

By the time he finished coming, she was exhausted and collapsed onto his chest. After lying in that position, with his cock still inside her for what seemed like hours, he pulled it out eliciting a sweet moan from her mouth. They stood up and got dressed, then thanking him for a nice fuck, she left saying she would see him later. Richard poured himself another drink, thinking how good life could be.

To Be Continued...


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