The Best Erotic Stories.

Death Pt. VII
by Carl East

Richard was in his favourite place, the peek show, watching two girls touching and making love to each other, behind a wall of glass. He often came here between jobs, just to while away the time. To him it was an escape from the norm, that of releasing the trapped souls of people who were dying, often in very sad circumstances. He'd been contacted through a voice, which had informed of the need to reap the souls of these unfortunate people. And upon accepting this job was given a cloak that held great powers, which he soon found was invaluable.

His attention at this moment though rested on the two females, who were both playing with each other's breasts in a very seductive manner. Then as usual a man appeared on the scene, to which they both gave attention, he wore the usual thong type pouch, which barely covered his cock. They untied it at both sides allowing it to fall onto the floor, and revealing a fully erect cock beneath. Then they started to swap it with each other, sucking the end with the occasional deep throat, clearly getting him excited. When they'd taken him to the edge, they stopped, and stood up, both running their hands over his chest. He started to kiss them, and fondle their breasts; they in turn kept their hands on his hardened cock, rubbing him slowly.

He placed a finger between both their pussies, making them squirm and move their hips in a grinding fashion, attempting to get the full benefit from his probing. Richard moved uncomfortably in the chair, discretely shifting his own cock, into a position that felt a little freer. One of the girls bent over in front of the naked man, looking behind with one hand on her butt, and trying to pull her cheek apart, in an effort to invite him in. He didn't need a second invite, his cock in hand he guided it to her entrance, pushing it in with ease. The other girl got behind him, and started to massage his arse, egging him on as he thrust into the other's pussy. The face of the woman being fucked gave away the pleasure she was feeling, even if Richard couldn't hear her moans, he knew she was having a climax. The show ended when his cum hit her arse, making her rub it in and taste the salty cream.

Richard got up, bowed his head in a way of thanks then left the building. He still had another hour before his next call, so decided to walk home. He'd just arrived and opened the door when he heard his phone ringing, so without taking his cloak off he entered the apartment. He entered the lounge to find Alice had gotten back from her mothers, and was reaching for the phone herself. Turning back to remove his cloak, Death left the lounge, then the building shook as the explosion ripped through his apartment.

For a second he wasn't sure what had happened, then he remembered Alice. Getting to his feet, he climbed over the rubble that was once his apartment, only to find Alice's smashed and broken body. Dropping to his knees, he checked to see if her soul had been released, finding that it had, he brushed his hand through her blood soaked hair, and whispered, 'they will regret this day, I promise you.' Getting to his feet, he brushed his cloak with his hands, knowing that it saved his life then strode with anger in his eyes towards the exit.

He knew who was responsible, for he had recently scared him, but he foolishly believed that that would be the end of the matter. Once he reached the seedy little club, where he knew the order for the bomb had originated, he entered via the front door. The two goons guarding the entrance never noticed him, until he pushed the two swinging doors open, then they drew small hand weapons. Death ignored them, even as they started to fire, being consumed by just one thought. Their bullets bouncing off his body as though it was made of concrete. He headed for the office, where he'd seen the boss on his last visit, but entered it to find he wasn't there. Quickly getting hold of one of the guards, he lifted him off his feet pinning him to the wall.

"You have exactly five seconds to tell me where your boss is, if you don't I think you know what will happen next." He said, looking into his eyes.

The guard looked down seeing the anger in his eyes, then decided on talking.

"He's gone to his country house, along with the entire gang." He nervously replied.

Death dropped him, then asked where, before departing.

Once back on the street, he heard the voice that had given him this job all those years ago.

"We understand the need for retribution and are prepared to look the other way, but we wish that you only punish the guilty and not the innocent," It said.

"If, by that you mean the guy who gave the order, then that is my intention." He replied, walking on.

Death decided to free a couple of souls before he went to the country, feeling that they shouldn't be made to suffer for his need of revenge. Then he stole a car, and was on his way.

When he arrived at his destination, he stopped the car behind some trees that blocked their view of his approach. Then walked down the long drive, spotting snipers along the way, who were totally ignorant of his arrival. The House was a large affair, with pillars being the dominant feature, and large windows. He approached the front door, then changed his mind, for at the moment they were not aware of his presence. Looking through several windows he eventually found what he was looking for, and walked straight through. The glass, blasting the room in all directions as he entered. Three people were in the room, a goon his boss and Julia. The boss got to his feet, having ducked with Death's entrance, and started for the door. Death pushed the goon with such force that he hit the back wall, and slumped to the floor unconscious. Then without loosing his stride he intercepted the boss, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck.

"Please don't hurt him." He heard Julia say.

Death looked at Julia, keeping her father pinned to the wall.

"He killed Alice, the only woman I ever felt I could be happy with, and you expect me to let him go?" He replied.

"He is my father, I would be alone if you killed him." She sobbed.

"He tried to have me beaten up, just because I made love to you." He said, strengthening his grip.

Seeing the tears in her eyes, started to calm him down, but then the room was suddenly filled with her father's goons, all pointing some kind of weapon at him. Julia's father defiantly ordered them to open fire, the next few seconds were a blur, as Death released her father, who immediately received several bullets to the chest and head, that were intended for his assailant. Death had gotten Julia out of the way, then proceeded to rearrange the room, using the goons as a new form of decoration. By the time he left that house, one person was dead and the others wished they were. He left Julia at the gate, telling her to look him up when he'd gotten himself another apartment.

He walked back into town, not sure where to stay, and also feeling empty at what he'd just accomplished. He still didn't have Alice, and probably would never find anyone that could replace her.

To Be Continued...


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