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Dave's Wife
by Springer

When I first met Dave's wife, I was stunned. After working with Dave for about a year as cooks in an inner city restaurant, we had become pretty good friends - that is, we had a good working relationship. Dave was about ten years older than me, heavy set, and starting to go bald fast. Me, I was the kid in the place, only 21.

Working nights in a restaurant is both hard work and fun, there was always a little slap and tickle with the waitresses, and always talk about sex. The waitresses always joked about cock size, and a few of them asked me about my size. I always told them, "See for yourself!" as I lifted my apron. They would laugh and say "Yeah, dream on!"

Well the longer I worked there, the more bold one or two of the waitresses got. Barbara, a hot Italian babe decided to take me up on it one night. "Let's see what you got, we know Dave doesn't have anything of interest," she giggled. And stroked her hand across the front of my jeans. "Oh my!" she smiled," I'm sure your girlfriend likes that."

One stroke of her hand and I was rock hard. I pulled my apron down and was a little embarrassed, blushing to the amusement of the other waitresses. "You sure aren't anything like Dave," she smiled and winked at me, then went to serve her customer.

"You know," Dave said to me, "she is right, I really don't have much of a dick, even hard."

I laughed and said, "Well Dave, you still have your tongue." Dave smiled.

A few nights later, while sipping on our one hour left to go drinks, and preparing the last meals of the night, Dave asked if I would like to have dinner the next night at his house. I thought to myself, sure why not, hell, it was a Wednesday night in the summer and there wasn't a whole lot going on. So I accepted his invitation warmly, and asked about directions to his house and what time I should arrive. Dave lived in the city, and I was a suburb dweller living in an apartment. I wasn't all that familiar with the city, but was happy for anything to do on a dull Wednesday night.

After a few wrong turns, and what seemed like an eternity trying to find a parking space, I was ringing the bell to Dave's row house home. I had brought with me a six pack of imported beer for Dave, and a bottle of wine for his wife. Dave answered the door with a smile, and hand shake, and a hearty " come on in and meet my wife!" As I walked in the door the cool air of the central air felt like a great release from the smoldering heat outside on the sidewalk. Dave's wife was sitting on the couch, I almost couldn't believe what I saw. She was, for lack of better words, a piece of ass. Even with ten or so years on me, she was a sight to see.

"This is my wife, Cathy," Dave said as he made the introductions. Cathy rose from the sofa, her long legs looked great in her shorts, and her breasts were breathtaking under her tee shirt.

"Pleased to meet you, Brian," she said as she shook my hand and gave me a peck on the cheek, "please make yourself at home." I handed Dave the six pack, and the bottle of wine. "Dave, fix us all some drinks while Brian and I chat," Cathy said as she led me over to the couch. I admit, all I could think about was what the hell is this woman doing married to this guy? He was way overweight, and wimpy, and she was as tight as a drum. The two just didn't seem to go together. But this night's dinner would prove to be an education for me.

As I sat on the sofa, Cathy curled up next to me and slid her feet under herself. Cathy seemed to be a very touchy-feely kind of woman and she would touch my hand or arm as we talked. We continued to talk as Dave came in the room with a round of drinks. He didn't seem to mind that his wife was sitting very near me.

We all talked about work, and the people there, and we joked and seemed to be getting along just great, I did feel at home there. I got the impression that Dave did most of the work around the house, as she never moved from my side as Dave cooked our dinner in the kitchen.

"I understand Barbara got quite a handful the other night," Cathy teased. I fought back a blush, but my face must have reddened. Cathy giggled and said, "That's so cute, I haven't made a man blush in years." She seemed pleased with herself, and gave me a little hug. I could see her nipples harden under her tee shirt as she gave me another peck on the cheek.

"Dave and I don't have usual kind of marriage. You see, Dave is a cuckold. Do you know what that is?" I had to admit that I had no idea what a cuckold was, and asked her to explain. "Well, I noticed that when you saw me you seemed a bit surprised. A lot of people are, Dave and I don't mind, our marriage is great and I love him dearly. Like I said, Dave is a cuckold, He loves to serve me, he loves to see me pleasured, and he does whatever I ask of him. You see, my pleasure brings him pleasure."

I told her that I saw nothing wrong with anything two consenting adults do, and that as long as they are happy, then I was happy for them. Cathy smiled, "Dave did my nails for me today, do you like the color?" Her hand moved to my thigh and she raked her nails across my inner thigh. I could feel my cock, start to harden. "I like them very much, Dave did a fine job." Cathy laughed, "He did do a nice job didn't he?" she was whispering in my ear, her breasts pushing against my shoulder.

Her nails rode up higher against my bare thigh pushing my shorts higher up my leg. My cock was growing harder and harder as she teased me. "Dinner won't be for awhile longer yet," she whispered I felt her tongue lick my ear lobe while her nails had found their way to just under my balls, I was fully erect. "So this is what Barbara liked huh?" She removed her hand from under my shorts and stroked my shorts covered hard on. I felt my hips push against her hand, and I slipped my arm around her caressing her neck.

"Dinner's ready!" a call came out of the kitchen from Dave. Cathy smiled as we rose, looking down at my prick straining against my shorts. We sat down at the dinning room table, Cathy sitting next to me, and Dave serving.

"Dave, I was telling Brian that you are my cuckold and that you serve my every whim."

"Yes, Dear," Dave said.

Cathy scowled. "Excuse me?"

"I'm sorry, I meant yes Mistress."

"That's better Dave." Dave bowed his head, he seemed to know that he should have known better. As we ate Cathy did most of the talking. "You see Brian, Dave is a wimp, he likes being ordered around by me. He is not a real man, isn't that right Dave?"

"Yes Mistress" Dave's voice was bearly audible.

"Speak up you sissy, isn't that right?"

"Yes Mistress." Dave's voice was louder now, I couldn't help but laugh.

Cathy laughed too, "Dave's dick is so little he is hardly worth fucking," she chuckled. "Sometimes I let him lick me if he is a good boy, right Dave?"

Again his "Yes Mistress" was loud and clear. I smiled.

"Dave, after dinner is done, I want you to clear the dishes and go upstairs. Is that clear? If you are a good boy, maybe Mistress will reward you."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

I felt her hand on my leg under the table, stroking my thigh again. She turned to me, "Isn't he a cute little sissy boy?" I smiled and stroked her face with my hand, Cathy turned and kissed it. Her hand slowly worked its way back up my shorts.

Cathy and I retired back to the sofa after dinner was over, again she smiled at the sight of my erect cock straining against my shorts, she looked at me and licked her lips. We fell into each others arms as we hit the sofa. She straddled my leg and I could feel her hips grind her pussy against me. Our mouths locked together. Our first kiss was long and exploring, our tongues twirled in each others mouths. My hands cupped her breasts, squeezed them, as I heard her moan in my mouth. My fingers found her nipples and I rolled them hard in my fingers. Our kiss broke off and we held each other close, her nipples hard between my fingers. Her face buried in my neck, holding me, her breathing becoming faster.

"I want you to treat me like a whore" Cathy whispered as she bit my ear lobe. "I want you to cum in my mouth" My already rock hard dick seemed to grow another inch at her words. I lifted Cathy's t-shirt over her head and took her nipple into my mouth, and sucked. She threw her head back, her hair falling back as I took her nipple between my teeth. Her grinding became faster. I didn't even care what Dave was doing, I guess he went upstairs like his Mistress had ordered him to, but in fact, as she knelt before me, undid my belt, slid my zipper down, and removed my shorts, I couldn't have cared less about Dave.

I watched her as she took my cock in her hand and licked my balls. I watched her as she rubbed my cock against her cheek, and I watched her as her mouth stretched over the head of my cock. I held her hair in my hands as I tried to push deeper into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick then she plunged deeper. My hips moved with her mouth, as I felt her nails run over the surface of my balls. Cathy's tempo quickened as she heard me moan. She knew I was very close to cumming. I heard her moan over my cock as the first wave of cum spewed out of me. I cried out as I came in her mouth, long spurts of cum, wave after wave. She swallowed all of it. As My cock went limp in her still sucking mouth, As my eyes opened I looked down at her and saw her hand inside of her shorts, rubbing herself. I laid her down on the sofa, and removed her shorts slowly. Cathys' panties were soaking wet. I moved down between her legs and sucked her cum through her panties. My hands holding her ass as she felt my tongue run over the wet silk.

"Please!,Please, I need to cum!" Cathy was almost begging me as her panties hit the floor. Her legs spread apart to reveal a smooth shaven pussy that was so wet that her cum was running down to her asshole. I ran my face down her inner thigh till my tongue met its target. I licked the lips of her pussy and I felt her quiver. Taking her sweet little clit in my mouth I sucked it and felt her thighs surround my head. Cathy was grinding her pussy into my mouth Her moans became screams as I slid my finger into her, then two fingers. Her orgasm neared, I sucked her hard, letting my teeth rub her clit as I fingered her. Cathy was bucking against my tongue when her first orgasm hit her. Her head rolling from side to side, her hands clutching her own breasts pinching her nipples as she came. My finger wet with her cum traced her cute little asshole as my mouth continued to suck her pussy. I pushed a finger into her ass as I felt her cum again.

My face wet with her cum, and my cock hard again, I moved over her. I felt her hand slide to my cock to guide it into her. As much as I wanted to stick it in her right then and there, I wanted to hear her ask for it, beg for it. "Please" Cathy said between gasps.

"Please what baby?" I smiled to myself.

"Please fuck me, please fuck me like a whore, please put that cock into me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Her screams could have been heard by the whole neighborhood. I didn't even think about that wimp that was upstairs, all I thought about was my cock sliding into that wet hot pussy, and I entered her. Short strokes at first, letting her get used to me, then longer strokes as I filled her pussy with my cock. Slamming into her, my balls slapping against her ass-fucking her with long hard strokes. watching her face contort as I fucked her deep and hard, fucked her like she wanted. When she came again I couldn't hold myself back. I drove deep into her and came long and hard into her. We laid there long after, my dick still in her, our cum running down my balls, our mouths together in a kiss.

As I slid out of her, she smiled and said "Wow."

I stood at the door dressed and getting ready to leave after doing her again doggy style. Cathy was still naked, her shaved pussy wet with our cum. "Was Davey a good boy tonight Mistress?" I smiled at her. "Will little wimpy Davey get to lick my cum out of your pussy?"

Cathy smiled and kissed me hard and we parted, but not for long.


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