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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part XIV: Is Brandy Bisexual?
by R.Neal

Preface: Brandy tries to understand her feelings for Nurse Lyn, asks Dr. Cox for advice, and takes a chance to find out!

Saturday Morning.

Dan is up and out, and Brandy lies in bed reflecting on her problem. "Make love to me until I can’t breath’ was the request she made of Dan last night, and he certainly did well. She couldn’t remember it ever being any better.

But, as she came fully awake she remembered what had been troubling her. ‘Was she Bisexual?’ ‘How could she reconcile her feelings for Nurse Lyn, with her feelings for her husband Dan?’ ‘Could it be a different kind of love?’ ‘The love she felt for Dotti, was certainly different from what she felt for Dan.’ ‘Could this be a third kind?’

She decided to talk to Dr. Cox and see what he had to say. She showered, dressed, and waited until nine o’clock to phone his at home. "Hello. Dr. Cox here." "Doctor, this is Brandy. I am in desperate need of your council. Is there any way we could meet today?" "Why yes. It just so happens that I am scheduled to attend a conference at your club this afternoon. I could come early and we could have lunch. Would that be alright?" "That would be fine. I’ll see you at 11:30."

Saturday, Lunch with Dr. Cox.

Shortly after the bottle of wine arrived, Brandy joined him. After pouring some wine, he opened with "Hello my dear. Is so nice to see you again. Now tell me. What’s troubling you?" "I’m not sure where to start. You know how wonderful mine and Dan’s relationship has been, and now there is something that could damage it!"

"My My, that does sound serious. What in the world is it?" "I ...... I’m having trouble with my sexuality!" "Dotti, I’m surprised. You’ve always enjoyed sex, and what’s happened to make you loose interest?" "It’s not a loss I’m suffering, but too much." "Too much? Is you can’t get enough? Is there another man? Tell me!"

Dotti took a deep breath and said, "It’s none of those. ............. It’s a woman!" "OH," the Doc replied, and waited for her to continue. "It’s Lyn. I have these strong feelings for her, and am not sure how to handle them." "Does she return the feelings?" "Yes. In fact, it was her who approached me."

Doc asked, "Can you tell me how Lyn feels?" "I believe she has deep feelings for me and is very considerate of my conflicts and doubts. She is not pushing me, and has left everything up to me, regarding how we proceed."

"Have you hand these feelings for any other woman?" "No. There’s been some sex with Dotti, while playing with Dan, and Lucy and I have played a little bit, but I’m OK with them. With Lyn it’s different!"

Doc questioned, "Do these feelings contain both love and sexual elements?" "Yes. If it were just sexual, I believe I could deal with it. But the love feeling is what’s causing a conflict. I don’t know how to fit this together with my love for Dan."

Brandy went on and told Doc about the sessions she had with Lyn, her thoughts about the different kinds of love. How love for Dan is different than her love for Dotti, and still different from her love for Lucy. She discussed her feelings about how does she fit a relationship with Lyn, into her life with her family. And finally, her fear of being bisexual, and where does it stop. If she is truly bisexual, will there be another woman come along presenting another love opportunity?

She finally said, "Do you think I’m bisexual?" Doc took her hands in his and said, "Well I don’t know. We know that Lyn is, and if you feel her feelings are real, I’m sure they are. I’m sure she can handle a female relationship, as she has no husband to present a conflict. But it’s not Lyn that has the problem. It’s you."

Doc thought for a while then said, "I think you need to find out just how deep these feelings for Lyn are. "I think you should spend some time with her to explore this relationship." "What do you mean? Like how much time?" "Well, it depends on how much time it will take. I would at least start out with an evening and an overnight stay."

As Brandy thought about this, Doc added, "Have you said anything to Dan about this?" Brandy perked up and with wide eyes said, "Oh my no!" "I think you should. I know Dan, and I’m sure you relationship can handle it. In fact, there’s a possibility it could strengthen it." Brandy took a deep breath and said, "Oh my! That’s risky! Do you really think so? Possibly strengthen it, I mean."

"My dear. I’ve never known a couple who had as strong a bond as you have with Dan. He’s a very fine man, and would only want what’s best for. Trust Him! Go home. Tell him how you feel. How you been suffering and how badly you need to put this all together. Tell him you want his help in arranging a stay with Lyn."

"But I’d call Lyn first, to see how you might get together. Here’s my cell phone." Doc punched in Lyn’s home number and handed it to Brandy. Lyn answered and Brandy told her of her talk with Doc, and her need to resolve her feelings. Lyn agreed, and they made a tentative plan to spend the following evening and night together.

Brandy Talks to Dan.

Brandy returned home to find Dan in his den working. "Are you still planning to be in Ontario, tomorrow night?’ Yes, I’ll be leaving late afternoon, and returning after lunch on Monday." "Could I go with you?" Brandy asked. Dan looked surprised as Brandy seldom expressed any interest in his travels and said, "Certainly, you can. Any particular reason why?"

Brandy sank into a chair, covered her face with her hands, and broke into tears. Dan knelled down by the chair put his arms around her saying, "Say now. What’s this? Tears from my darling?" Finely, she stopped crying and told Dan the whole story.

Still holding her Dan said "My Oh My! My poor dear! How long have you been holding this?" "It started some weeks ago, and I’ve been so confused. I love you so much, I just didn’t know what to do."

"How far as it gone. I mean have you had sex with her?" "No not really, just a few kisses, and some rubbing. She did get me off once, but that’s all." Dan continued, "So you want me to drop you off tomorrow night, so you can spend some time getting to better understand how serious this, and where it’s going?" Brandy replied, "Yes. I feel I despartely need to bring this to some sort of conclusion."

"You say that’s what Doc Cox recommended?’ She shook her head yes. "Well I guess we had better do what we can to help you. Tomorrow would work, since Lucy will be here to stay with Dotti. You set it up, and let me know your schedule." Brandy thanked him, and they went out to tell Dotti and Lucy about Brandy’s travel plans.

Brandy called Lyn and confirmed she would be dropped off around five the following day. Lyn said that would be fine, and she was looking forward to spending some time with her.

Things were rather quiet that evening, and the next day. Lucy had heard from Ronnie, and said she would be looking at the house with Ronnie Monday morning, but it would be after Dotti went to school, and everyone would be back before she got back from school.

Sunday Afternoon, Brandy visits Lyn.

Lyn was happy to see Brandy, showed her to the guestroom. Brandy looked puzzled and said, "Where do you sleep?" Lyn pointed to the room across the hall, where upon Brandy took her overnight things in there.

She smiled, looked at Lyn saying; "We’ll not prove anything by my sleeping in the guestroom."

Placing her hand on Dotti’s Lyn said, "Nothing going to happen here, that you don’t want to happen. How about a glass of wine?" That broke the ice, and helped Brandy to relax. "That would be fine."

They changed into shorts and a halter to get some sun. They relaxed on the deck and engaged in small talk until around six. Between the sun and the wine, Brandy was beginning to relax. Finely Lyn said, "I thought we would have some dinner, followed by a shower and a massage, and then see what happens. Would that be OK?" Brandy said, "Sounds fine. What can I do?" "You could help with the salad, if you like." Brandy said, "fine," and they headed for the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Brandy took Lyn’s hand saying, "You look so great in that outfit. Would you mind if we kissed?" Lyn didn’t reply. She just took Brandy's face in her hands, and said, "You are so sweet. I’ve had a real problem keeping my hands off you since you got here." Lyn rubbed Brandy’s cheeks, her eyes, and finally her lips, with her thumbs.

Lyn ran her tongue over Brandy’s lips finally kissing her gently. Brandy responded, and the kiss continued, Lyn slipped her tongue gently between Brandy’s lips. As her tongue moved back and forth, Brandy began to suck on it, and Lyn let it be pulled into Brandy’s mouth. As the kiss intensified, each was rubbing her crotch against the others leg.

The breathing got heavy, and without breaking off the kiss, Lyn pulled her left shoulder strap off and pressed her naked breast against Brandy. The warmth and softness of the large breast felt good, and Brandy pushed hard against to enhance the feeling. Lyn noticed, and gently pushed Brandy’s face down to suckle her breast. Brandy eagerly sucked, rolling her tongue around the huge areolas.

Lyn pulled her right strap off and moved Brandy’s face to her right breast saying, Let’s not forget this one. Brandy serviced that one, and then moved back and forth as not to show favorites. Lyn started to lower Brandy’s straps, when Brandy pulled her self against Lyn, as to hide, saying, "Oh there so small." Lyn said, "Nonsense," as she pushed Brandy back, lowered her straps, exposing both breasts. As she rubbed Brandy’s nipples with her thumbs, Brandy began to react, and then she said, "It’s the feeling that counts, not the size, and yours feel great."

Lyn bent down and took Brandy’s nipple in her mouth, gently biting, then licking it, and finally sucking her entire breast inside her mouth. Brandy placed her hands behind Lyn's head pushing to make sure she got it all in. After a bit, Lyn moved her hand down and began rubbing Brandy’s crotch through her shorts.

Brandy responded eagerly against Lyn’s fingers, and soon reached down pulling her shorts aside, so Lyn could have access to her naked vagina. Lyn responded immediately and started to massage her lips, clitoris, and finally put a finger inside. As Brandy pumped against the finger, she whispered in Lyn’s ear, "More, More." Lyn obliged with a second finger and then three.

Brandy was completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment. No thoughts about Dan, family, bisexuality, just pure ecstasy! As her orgasm built, she helped it along and when it came, it took her breath away. When she came back down, Lyn was kissing her gently, and squeezing her leg between her thighs. "Oh my, Brandy gasped. I totally forgot about you." "Never mind," Lyn said. "I came just watching you enjoy yours." Lyn gave her a hug and said, "Now, how about that salad?"

In the kitchen, Lyn filled their wine glasses, and Brandy made the salad. After the salad, Lyn broiled some chicken, and made a nice sauce for it.

During dinner, Brandy had no thoughts about her other life, as she was just enjoying this one, immensely! She asked Lyn, "Have you ever had a relationship with another woman?" "No, not really. Just a couple of one night stands, but nothing serious. Why do you ask?"

"I’m sorry Lyn. I didn’t mean to pry, but I’m just interested how these relationships work. For instance, who decides who’s going to be the man." Lyn, looking puzzled asked, "What do you mean?" Brandy said, "You know. I believe the male role is usually played by the Butch. Like the Ellen DeGeneres, Ann Heche couple. I heard Ann call Ellen her wife the other day. I felt that was rather strange since Ann is by far the cuter and more feminine, while Ellen is rather horsy and much more masculine."

Lyn concurred. "I too tried to understand my feelings and read a lot. I thought I had found the answers with Helen Gurley Brown. However, when I discovered her intense hatred of men, I dropped her. How can anyone be objective about relationships when they are that biased."

Lyn smiled and said, "I think I understand where you’re going. I don’t believe either one of us would be considered masculine or horsy, so who’s going to be the Butch? Well, I’m not sure there has to be one. If there is a need, I’m some of that role will automatically develop, as our relationship matures. I‘m certainly not concerned about it." "I guess you’re right. Please forget I mentioned it."

After Dinner, the Shower and the Massage.

Brandy had never seen Lyn completely naked, and was amazed to find her body was even more beautiful than she had imagined. Again Brandy was worried about her skinny little body not appealing to Lyn, but did finally relax and enjoy the shower. In no time Lyn made it clear how much she enjoyed Brandy’s body as she soaped and rubbed every inch of it.

Brandy too, marveled at Lyn’s body, especially her huge breasts, and wondered how she was able to carry them all day. Like Brandy, Lyn had cleanly shaved her crotch area, letting her full lips show forth in all their glory.

Lyn handing the sponge to Brandy said, "Now my turn." Brandy washed her entire body, and when she was finished, she positioned Lyn so her crotch was well rinsed, then went down to inspect her vagina. Lyn’s clitoris was enlarged, obviously from Brandy’s washing, and was protruding out from under its hood. When brandy gently stroked it, Lyn jumped, revealing a great sensitivity.

Brandy moved closer and gently licked it, causing Lyn to moan and pull Brandy’s closer. As she licked and sucked the clitoris, it wasn’t long until she brought Lyn to a nice orgasm. Smiling, Brandy looked up and said, "Now we’re even." Lyn replied, "It’s still early. I’m not sure we should attempt to keep track." They giggled, hugged, and got out of the shower to dry off.

Next was the massage. They stayed naked, and moved into Lyn’s bedroom. As they approached the bed, Lyn took Brandy by the shoulders and turned her to face her. "I can’t begin to tell how beautiful you are, and how honored I am for you to share your love with me." Brandy was embarrassed, and looked down, saying nothing. Lyn said, "You’re my guest, so you must go first."

She helped Brandy to lay face down on the bed saying, " I have some very special oil for you, and I hope you’ll like it." She started with Brandy’s shoulders, then her back, down to her feet, and slowly up her legs to her crotch. Avoiding her crotch, she went back to her neck and when back over her body as before. About the third pass over her body, Lyn could feel that Brandy was relaxing completely, and maybe now was ready for a little sex massage.

In preparation for this stage, she had placed a cup of oil over a small candle, so it would be warmed. In addition to the expected result, this oil was sensitive to the heat, and produced an intoxicating aroma. As Lyn applied the warm oil to her back, Brandy was in another world, floating somewhere in time and space.

As Lyn poured the warm oil over Brandy’s crack, it ran down into her vagina, bringing Brandy to a new level of awareness.

Lyn gently rolled her over and began to rub the oil into her breasts. Brandy enjoyed the aroma and closed her eyes to savor the moment. Lyn poured a bit between her breasts, then her navel, and finally directly on her exposed clitoris. Lyn gently spread her outer labia again applying a bit of warm oil.

Brandy raised up giving Lyn better access and Lyn responded by opening her inter lips, and inserting two fingers between them. Lyn then poured the warm oil on the two fingers that acted like a funnel, and helped the oil to flow directly into Brandy’s vagina. Lyn moved her fingers around to let the oil completely fill Brandy.

Lyn curled her fingers upward searching for her ‘G’ spot. She knew she had found it when Brandy grabbed her arm with both hands and helped guide her fingers to maximize the feeling. As Brandy’s orgasm approached, she whispered, "Oh Dan. Ripple Ripple, Ripple."

Lyn thought (Dan, did she say Dan?), but then as Brandy’s vagina muscles began to contract and ripple from her outer lips to the back of her love canal, Lyn returned her focus to Brandy’s ‘G’ spot. As brandy approached her orgasm, she moaned "Oh Dan, it feels so good." Lyn heard it plain this time and was disappointed. But when Brandy finally had her release, her legs straightened out, her body froze, and her grip on Lyn’s arm was almost painful.

Lyn now refocused on Brandy, and was pleased she had helped her to what appeared to be some sort of a record climax. Lyn waited for Brandy to come back and as she started to remove her fingers, Brandy continued her hold on her arm saying, "Not yet. Not yet!" Lyn held fast and just before Brandy came back, she rippled Lyn’s fingers three more times, then relaxed her hold allowing Lyn to remove her fingers.

Lyn moved up, laid her head on Brandy’s shoulder and kissed her on the cheek, saying "Was it good for you? It certainly was good for me." Brandy giggled saying, "Isn’t that a line from an old movie?" "I’m sure it is, but it just seemed appropriate," as she gave Brandy a hug.

Finally, Brandy said, "I think you were right. I’ve lost track. But I do think it’s your turn to come." Lyn replied, "I’m not so sure. I just came again as you were rippling my fingers. Where in the world did you learn that?"

"You know. Lucy asked me the same thing, after our shower on the way back from Oakland. OOPS, I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned that!" Lyn hugged her saying, "Please, I think I understand your relationship with your sister and I believe it’s perfectly innocent."

Brandy wanted her to understand, so she continued. "Well, It just happened. During an orgasm, I noticed my mussels contracting, so I tried to control it. At first, I peed on my self, and almost caused a bowel movement, But I soon learned it happened with your mind. At first, when I whispered Ripple, Ripple, Ripple, it happened. Now, I can usually made it happen just by concentrating on it."

"Oh" Lyn said, "I forgot to mention, sometimes I have a little pee when I have a hard come, so I keep a towel here by the bed, just in case. Sorry." "That’s no problem. Don’t worry about it." Lyn offers, "I think a little sleep is in order. What do you think?" "Sounds good to me, Brandy replied," closed her eyes, and they drifted off.

Later, maybe it was around 10 or 11, Brandy awoke having to pee. When she return, she slid in beside Lyn, who was sleeping on her back. As Brandy pushed the hair away from her face, she again noticed how beautiful she was. Her full breasts had slipped a bit under her arms, but were still full. She could smell the sweetness of her vagina juices, and decided to show her love by pleasing her.

She noticed there was some oil left, and decided that was a good place to start. She had noticed earlier, the oil had the ability to relax the muscles, but did not effect the sensitivity. She starting applying the oil to Lyn’s vagina, first with one finger, then two, and it wasn’t long until she had three fingers in Lyn, then four.

Brandy became very excited about this, and it wasn’t long until she had her entire hand inside her. She was now moving her entire hand in and out of Lyn, up to her wrist. At first, she was concerned about hurting her, but soon realized Lyn was lovin it. So she too began to enjoy it.

Lyn soon started to come, and Brandy too got off just watching. Brandy was concentrating on Lyn’s ‘G’ spot, as Lyn had done for her, when she felt the warmth of Lyn’s pee covering her hand and arm. She quickly found the towel and placed it under her arm.

When Lyn came down enough to realize she was peeing, she tried to raise up, but Brandy had anticipated her, and held her down and whispered in her ear, "It’s OK. Jus relax and enjoy!" Lyn did just that, and soon Brandy joined her, as they both drifted off to sleep.

After Midnight.

Oh yes Dan, fill me up! Oh Dan. Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh Dan, fill me. Yes, Yes, Yes! Brandy awoke. She looked around for Dan, and realized she was dreaming. She looked at the clock (it was 2 AM). Then she looked at Lyn. The little bit of moonlight coming through the window made a perfect picture of Lyn’s nakedness.

Around three, Lyn had to pee. You got up, not noticing she was in bed alone, and went to the bathroom. The light was on. That was strange. Then she found out why, as she saw the note. It read...

‘Lyn. As much as I love you, I just can’t find a way to be fair to both you and Dan.

I don’t know how to live two lives, and how to give you both, all my love. I hope

We can remain friends, but if that’s not possible, I’ll understand. I thank you so

Much for your offering to share your life with me. Love, Brandy.’

Monday Morning, The Hotel.

"Hello Dan, its Brandy." "What time is it?" "It’s seven AM." "Brandy, is everything alright?" Still not awake. "Yes, Dan. Things have never been better." "Where are you?" "I’m at the Hilton, you know, the one near our mall." ‘Brandy why are you there?" "I’ll explain later. When will you be back?" "My meeting should be over by 11. I guess I could be there by 1 or 1:30." "OK. I’m in room 102. Just come here when you get back." Brandy grinned and said, "We can have lunch."

Brandy still couldn’t sleep. It was a combination of excitement in anticipation of seeing Dan, and somehow, a special strength she gained when she walked away from Lyn. Now, when she thought about Lyn, It produced a warm feeling. Before, the feeling was painful.

She called home to check their answering machine and found an urgent sounding message from Doc. She returned his call to find Lyn had left him a note saying, ‘She had to be away for a few days, and would be in touch.’ Now, there was a quick tightness of her stomach, guilt! No, that’s over as she fought it off.

Doc asked Brandy about last night, and she told him how she had left. "I was afraid this was going to happen. But frankly, it’s what I suspected you would do." That vote of confidence in her strength made her feel goo.

"Doc, has she ever done this before?" "Once, when she broke up with another woman. It hit her very hard. But, she’ll be OK." Now brandy felt bad again. But, again she told her self she had to stop this. She had made her choice, and that was that.

"Brandy, I have some procedures tomorrow, when I must have some assistance. Is there anyway you could help me?" "I’ll be happy to do anything I can. "Good. You did some nursing once, didn’t you?’ "Yes. I was a nurses aid." "Did you get certified?" "Yes I did." "Well, we’ll see if we can get you certified. Was that at LA General?" "Yes." "OK, I’ll look into it. I’ll call you later."

The Hotel, Dan Arrives.

Right at one o’clock, there was a nock on the door. Brandy opened it to see Dan. He rushed in, swept her up into his arms, hugging her tightly. He pushed back, held her face in his hands brushing her hair back with his thumbs, saying, "Are you alright?" "Yes, I’m fine."

They sat on the bed as she told him about last night. Dan finally said, "Then you’re not bisexual." "Yes, I probably am. I did care for her a great deal, and the sex with her was fantastic."

Dan continued, "But then... why......?" "The bottom line is, I couldn’t find a way to give both of you my all. She would have settled for an occasional one-night stand. But, that wouldn’t have been fair to her. I can’t give my all to you and only a part of me to someone else. So, I’m all yours."

"What about Lyn? Won’t seeing her at the doctor’s office be tough?" "I’m sure it will, but I’ll just have to find a way to deal with it. "

Brandy stood up, opening her robe revealing her naked body underneath. As she held it open, she moved towards Dan saying, "Now how about that lunch, as she closed the robe around him."

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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