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Dotti: The Family Comes Together
Part XV: Lucyís New Home
by R.Neal

Preface: Lucy finds a new home, meets the tall dark John Claude Detoyet (Debt-O-Yeah), and gets to know Ronnie the Real Estate lady.

Morning Morning, Ronnie shows Lucy the house.

Ronnie met Lucy at the club and drove her to the house she had picked out for her. As they drive, Ronnie provides a travelogue. "The house is about 15 miles west of Dan and Brandyís. Its in the foot hills of the Santa Monica Mountain, just 2 miles north of Topanga Beach.

The owner is Jamaican where itís common to name the home. This one is called ĎCasa Rosaí Thatís Jamaican for house, and after his wife, Rose."

As they drive through the hills and woods, Lucy notices she hasnít seen a home for some time. "Where are all the homes?" She asks. "Theyíre there. These are very large lots, and the homes are all built back behind the trees, for privacy." Ronnie finally pulls into a drive, and they are there.

The house is a large rambling multi-level ranch. As they enter, Lucy is greeted with a large central room with a large sunken fireplace in the center. Itís at least 8 to 9 feet in diameter with a large copper hood and chimney pipe going up through the ceiling. Itís surrounded with cushion, making a Hugh circular couch.

The kitchen is an extension in the back of the room, the right, with a dinning area on the left, with the entire back wall being floor to ceiling windows. There is an exit off the dinning area, leading to a deck, and the pool. There wing with a central hallway extending off each side of the main room.

Ronnie starts the tour with the left wing, which has three bedrooms. On the right, same side as the dining area, is the master bedroom complete with itís own very large master bath. In addition, there was a sunken tub, in the corner, flanked by the floor to ceiling windows. The flour to ceiling windows extended completely across the south wall overlooking the deck, and the east wall facing a heavy grove of trees. Like the dining area, there is an entrance to the deck and pool. Across the hall are two guest bedrooms, each with a full bath.

The right wing, like the left has a main hallway. On the left (back of the house) is an apartment, complete with living room, bedroom, and a full bath. On the front side of the hallway is a den, and the maidís quarters. The right wing is built over a large two-car garage, a laundry room, and a general tool and storage room. There is an elevator, which opens into the kitchen.

"My God, Ronnie. This place is absolutely gorgeous! Surely, this wont go for 5 or $6.000 a month." Ronnie replies, "Heís been asking $7,000, and he will be fussy about the tenant. If he likes you, it could be negotiable. Iíve arranged to meet him at the club for lunch. OK?"

Monday Lunch, Lucy Meets John Claude.

As Lucy and Ronnie wait for John Claude Detayer (Debt-O-Yeah), Lucy asks, "Who is this John Claude?" "Heís a lawyer and does a lot of international travel. Thatís about all I know. He came to me about a month ago asking me to find someone to live in and take care of his home, for at least six months, maybe longer. He says he came to me because he was not happy with the potential tenants he had been brought by other agents."

Lucy asks. "I assume you have presented other people to him. How did they turn out?" "No, youíre the first. Before now, Iíve not found anyone that I felt would be suitable." Lucy smiled and said, "Well thank you. I guess thatís a compliment." Ronnie reached over, squeezed her hand, and said, "Absolutely!"

Ronnie announces, "Oh, there is now. Lucy looks and is very impressed. He is 6í6" white hair, dark skin, and drop dead handsome! He was wearing a cream colored silk suit, dark blue shirt, and blue/white-striped tie. His outfit seemed to match his dark blue eyes.

Ronnie introduced Lucy, "This is Lucy Momeyer, the young lady we talked about." John Claude bowed slightly, took Lucyís hand and said, "Hello Lucy. Itís nice to meet you." He held Lucyís chair, and they sat down for lunch.

After they ordered, John asked Lucy, "By the way, do you happen to have any relatives in Tahiti?" "Yes I do. I was born there, and why do you ask,? Lucy queried. John asked, By chance, do you happen to be related to Rene Momeyer?" Lucy smiled saying, "Yes, My fatherís name was Rene? How do you know the name?"

John continued, "My Father was from Tahiti, and my mother was from Jamaica. My father was in the clothing business, and had dealings with an importer named Rene Momeyer. My Father always spoke very highly of him. How is he? "Iím afraid my father passed away a few years back. My Husband and my mother are running the family business, up in Oakland."

"And what brings you to LA," John asked. Lucy looked at his deep blue eyes, wondering how much she should tell him, and responded with, "Well, since I may be living in your home, I owe you a frank and honest answer. I desperately want a child, my husband doesnít. I tricked him into impregnating me, and now Iím leaving him to find a new live. Heís been very understanding, and is compensating me with my fair share of the family business."

John said, "Thatís very brave of you. You must be a very strong woman." Iím not sure of that, but I do have a very wonderful sister and brother-in-law here, who have been very supportive!"

Lucy followed with Ö. "Now how about you. How is it that your home is available?"

"I have a law firm, with 6 associates. We specialize in the high-tech world, especially semiconductors and software. Prior to my law degree, I had a CPA firm. Each of our associates has a particular field; electronics, software, hardware, marketing, advertising, etc. These coupled with a law degree, make us unique. My combination financial and legal background, make me suitable for certain assignments such as mergers, etc."

"In this case, Iím off to England to represent Intel, in their planned merger with BSL, British Software Limited. My job will be to oversee an audit of BSL, to make sure their numbers are in order. I should be gone for at least 6 months, and am willing to commit to an agreement of that length. I understand you have seen the house."

"Yes I have John Claude, and Itís beautiful!í I would like very much to live there, if I can afford it." John Claude said, "would you please excuse us for a moment?" "Certainly", Lucy said, and went to the rest room.

John reviewed Lucyís Dossier with Ronnie, and when Lucy returned, he said. "I had planned on asking $7,000 per month rent, but for you Ö... Itís $6,000. If thatís Ok, Ronnie has the contracts, my power of attorney, and will review the details with you!"

Lucy replied, "Itís a darling house, and thatís more than fair. When will I see you again?" Iíll be leaving next week, and will be returning on a monthly basis for an update session with Intel. Iíll be staying at a hotel, but I t would be nice if we could have dinner sometime." Lucy said, "Iíll look forward to it." John Claude said goodbye, and left.

After John Claude left, Ronnie said, "Well letís have another glass of wine and get to the details."

"The monthly rent covers everything but food, wine, and liquor?" It also includes Rose, the maid and housekeeper. You will pay me, and I will take care of the utilities, and everything else. I will require two monthís rent in advance, and I can have the contracts ready for you to sign, tomorrow. OK?"

With surprise in her voice Lucy said, "Rose? Whoís Rose?"

"She is a little Spanish girl I took in a few years back. She never knew her father, and when her mother died, she bounced around foster homes, until I found her. She has been taking care of John Claude's home for over two years, and lives there. I use her on other properties, and currently she will be away on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday afternoons. I usually give her Sundays off, with Saturdays negotiable. OK?"

Ronnie finished with, "Her compensation, and lodging are included in your rent. Iím sure you will find her delightful, and will appreciate her being round." Lucy asked, "When can I meet her?" Getting up, Ronnie said, "If you would like, we can meet at the house tomorrow morning, you can sign the contracts, and Iíll make sure that Rose is there. And Ö... If all is in order, you can move in anytime after tomorrow."

Tuesday Morning, Lucy meets Rose and moves in.

Lucy arrives at Casa Rosa, with her Mercedes wagon loaded down, ready to move in. Ronnie was already there. After the contract signing, the checks, and the keys, Lucy had a new home.

"Now," Ronnie said, "Letís see if we can find Rose." She pressed the inter-com, "Rose are you there?" "Yes mamm, came the reply." "Please come join us."

Shortly, a small young woman appeared. She had cole black hair, pale skin darkened by sun light. She was dressed in the typical maidís uniform, black dress, with white hem, collar, and cuffs on her long sleeves. And Ö she was very attractive.

There was something about her shape that didnít look right. Her breasts were very small, and didnít seem to go with the rest of her body. Oh well, she thought, we all have our little problems.

"Rose, this is Lucy Momeyer, your new mistress." Rose looked down at the floor and said very shyly, "Hello Ms Momeyer." "Hello Rose, and please call me Lucy."

Saturday Evening, Dinner with Ronnie.

Lucy had invited Ronnie to be her first dinner guest, in her new home. Ronnie arrived dressed in a black one-piece jumpsuit, with a zipper up the front. It was accented with gold heels, a gold sash around her waist, and 2 gold chain necklaces. The zipper was down quite a ways, revealing a large amount of Hugh white breasts. After dinner, they went in to sip their brandy in front of the gas log fireplace.

They were setting on the couch, enjoying the flickering shadows of the fire, when Ronnie said, "I noticed you looking at my breasts. You must be fond of breasts, right"? Blushing, Lucy said, "Well, uh, I guess I am. Mine are so small, and yours are so large, I guess I am a bit curious. Are they as soft as they look"? Ronnie leaned forward and said, "Here feel for yourself".

Ronnie ran her zipper down to her waist, and placed Lucyís hand on her chest. Her bra covered less that half her breasts, and was little more than a platform for them to rest on. It didnít even cover her nipples, which were very tiny. Lucy though, thatís why they didnít show thru her clothes. As Lucy rubbed them, it felt like there was a thin layer of fat just under the skin, making them very soft to the touch.

"My, they are as soft as they look!" Lucy remarked. "You can kiss them, if you like". Lucy bent down and began to kiss her breasts and then her nipples. "Have you ever been with a fat person before"? Lucy shook her head, no. "Well thereís a lot to be said for us fat people". Ronnie lifted her breast out of her bra, offering it to Lucyís eager and hungry mouth. Lucy took the full nipple in her mouth, and began to suck.

Ronnie gently rubbed the back of her head with one hand, and started to massage Lucyís chest, with the other. Lucy was becoming aroused and pulled up, opened her top, removed her bra, and offered her little breasts to Ronnie. "My My, these are cute little things, and whatís this ÖÖ? Long nipples, how sweet!" Ronnie took one of Lucyís inch long nipples into her mouth, and began to suck. It wasnít long until she had most of a breast in her mouth, and began rubbing Lucyís crotch thru her clothing.

"Why don we get comfortable?" Ronnie pulled her pants off, removed her bra, and pulled Lucyís face to her chest. As Lucy feasted on her huge breasts, Ronnie took Lucyís hand and placed it on her vagina. Lucy rubbed it, discovering lips larger than she imagined possible. In fact Ö. It seemed there was an extra pair of lips, but they turned out to be just rolls of fat between her lips and her thighs. As she rubbed more, her finger began to move down between her lips, noticing how wet and smooth her vagina was, she made another discovery. There was a large roll like growth running half way down from the top of her slit between her lips.

"Thatís Little Duke. Her, let me show you." Ronnie spread her legs, spread her lips, and lifted the roll out. As she pulled it up, she pulled the skin covering back, exposing a large erect clitoris. Lucy gasped Ö "My, itís like a little cock with itís own skin. I bet itís sensitive. Can I touch it?" "Please do." Lucy reached down, pulled the skin back, and began to stroke it. "OH, Easy. Take it slow. You were right. He is very sensitive," Lucy continued to gently stroke it, asking, "Why do you call him Little Duke?" "My husband named our sex organs, Duke for his penis, The Duchess for my vagina. So my little man became Little Duke." Ronnie was now breathing hard and was building to an orgasm.

She garbed Lucyís hand and began to guide it up and down, increasing the speed as she came closer to her organism, just as she wanted it. Lucy slipped her other hand between her lips, again, the softest, wettest, slickest slit she hand ever felt (not that there had been a lot of them). With this double action, it didnít take long for Ronnie to raise, buck, and cry out. Itís ways a great climax, the first time with a new person, was always good. Lucy too was close, and couldnít help herself. As she put her mouth over Little Duke, she ran her fingers into her own slit, bringing herself to climax as well.

Just as Ronnie hit her peak, Lucy felt a gush of warm liquid on her face, and said "Oh!" "O Ö Iím sorry. Sometimes with a real hard come, my pisser leaks a bit." "I better go empty that thing. Letís get out of the rest of these cloths first." As she followed Ronnie into the bathroom, she smiled as most butts move from side to side, when they walk, but Ronnieís fat little buttocks bobbing up and down. Even though she was about the same height as Lucy (just under 5 feet), she had to weigh twice as much.

As Ronnie turned and sat on the stool, and spread her legs wide. Lucy sat on the floor between her legs, like a wide eyed student worshiping a wise old Guru. Lucy pulled the clit hood back, exposing little Duke, and as Ronnie started to pee, Lucy put her finger over her hole causing her pee to run up between her lips. She moved her finger until the pee was focused on the little Dukeís head. "Oooooo" Ö.. Ronnie moaned. When Ronnie finished, Lucy put her finger to her mouth, to taste Ronnieís pee. Surprised, she said, "It doesnít taste like I thought it would. Itís salty and sweet at the same time". Ronnie leaned over, took Lucyís face between her hands, and kissed her deeply. "Youíre right! But it tastes like my normal Ö.. " (God Lucy thought. Does she taste her own pee? Whatís happening to me? Iíve just had sex with a woman I hardly know, have given her oral sex, and have tasted her pee. Is there any hope for me, at all?).

Back in the den in front of the fire, Ronnie spread a blanket on the floor, and said "Now Ö. Itís your turn", guiding her down on the blanket. Ronnie began a gentle love making, with kisses, gently sucking of her long nipples, down to her crotch, and eventually to her clit. She quickly brought Lucy to a good hard orgasm, enjoying the gush of her pussy juices, and finally her total collapse.

Holding her close, giving her a moment to recover, Ronnie then moved her around to where Lucyís head was away from her, and she began to pull Lucyís crotch up between her legs, with one of Lucyís legs across her stomach, the other one up her back. "Iíve found, the best pussy contact is with our legs split like this. Ronnie pulled Lucyís legs up bringing their pussies in full contact. Lucy wasnít sure where this was headed, but it became clear as Ronnie began to grind her pussy against hers. Ronnieís big puffy lips felt good and she could feel little Duke pressing in between her lips. Ronnie reached down, pulled dukeís skin cover back and directed him firmly in between Lucyís lips. As she moved him in, and then up, he made solid contact with Lucyís clit. Now Ronnie, pulling on Lucyís leg with one hand, and guiding duke with the other, began to push little Duke into Lucy.

Lucy reached up garbing Ronnieís hand and helped pull herself into her. Lucy experimented with her thrusting to match Ronnieís, but not so hard as to loose the Duke. In a short time, little Duke had found his groove, Lucy had found the correct rhythm, and they now were holding each others hands, pulling their pussies together, enjoying the perfect union! Ronnie could feel Lucy building to a climax, and squeezed her legs together to make the Duke as effective as possible. Lucy also felt her climax coming and pushed herself deeper into Ronnie to get as much of little Duke as she could.

Lucy came first, clamping her legs together and straightening out to a point where Ronnie was having trouble keeping the Duke in place. Then Ronnie came, pulling even harder on Lucyís arms, then a rush of pussy juice, and Ö.. maybe just a spot of pee. If Lucy knew it, she didnít mind, and neither did Ronnie. As they relaxed, Ronnie took Lucyís foot and started sucking her toes. (My god, whatís this? Toe sucking ÖÖ) but god, it felt good, but rather than excite her, it had a soothing effect, and Lucy was off to sleep.

Lucy awoke on the couch, covered with a blanket, and her head in Ronnieís lap. "You OK?" "I guess. What time is it?" "Do you really care," as she gently stroked Lucyís forehead. "No, not really." "Lucy, Iíve never experienced the joy you have given me tonight. I hope we can do it again." "Iím Ö Iím confused. Youíre the second woman Iíve been with, but the other was, Ö. Well Ö. Kinda fun, you know? With you, well itís different. I donít want to call it love, but there is a great deal of feeling. You know what I mean?" "Yes I do. I too have developed a strong attraction to you, and itís far beyond the fun, or kidding stage." "The other thing is, Ö. Well, Ö. I still like men. Is it possible to like both, and live a balanced life. I do have the baby coming, and I was looking forward to having a loving husband, and leading a somewhat normal life."

"My dear, each of us must find our own balance. On balance, Iím happy. Hank left me years ago, but I have my career, and I constantly meet new and exciting people. While thereís seldom one like you, I do have a good life. You have to find what your balance is going to be, and establish a life around it. I want you to know, Iím here for you, and want to help in any way I can." Lucy hugged her saying, "I didnít know there were people like you around. I am so happy I met you, and want a little time to sort things out. I donít want to establish a relationship with you, only to find out I canít handle it for the long term, OK?" Ronnie smiled and said, "I think thatís very wise."

Ronnie got up, dressed, and just before she left Ö. "Let me know if you need anything, and please keep in touch. I wonít be calling you. I donít want to pressure you, so you will have to call me if you need, or want me!" A peck on the cheek, and she was gone. Lucy lay back under the blanket, staring into the fire. The faces began to slid past her eyes, Dotti and her little man, Lyn with her big breasts, Ronnie with the most sensuous body, and Ö.. Brandy, dear Brandy, not big anything, but yet Ö.. God, she did love Brandy! As she thought about Brandy, her slit became wet, she started to rub it, and fell asleep in front of her fireplace, in her new home.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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