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by Hubba Flubba

She was BEAUTIFUL! Of course she was good looking, he probably wouldn't have given her a second thought had she not been, but there was something else about her... something he couldn't quite put his finger on. Maybe it was her strength of will, or perhaps it was her quiet yet commanding presence, but what ever it was, he liked it. Elizabeth had always seemed so prim and proper, he would never have guessed what she was capable of.

He had met her in Honors US History II in their junior year. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was the one for him. They were both intelligent, otherwise they wouldn't have been in the same class, they were both service oriented, he was a volunteer and was active everywhere in the area, she was a volunteer to a lesser degree and made up for it with the amount of time she put into student government.

And as an added bonus, she was stunning. Elizabeth was a small girl. She stood a mere 5'2". She had head of medium length brown hair with the slightest, almost imperceptible, hint of blonde. She had the deepest green eyes he had ever seen, and a small but cute nose. Though thin, she had an athletic dancer's build, slender but powerful legs, shapely curves that gave her an ideal hourglass look, a firm buttox, and a flat, taught stomach (and yet he had never heard of nor seen her play any sports). She had modest B cup breasts, but they were of just the perfect proportion to her size and build (he had always hated the look of women with huge tits that just didn't look right). He on the other hand, was modestly handsome, but had allowed himself to get out of shape, although he was by no means fat (though he was always active he was not as athletic as he had once been), and figured her to be just like all the other sheep in the herd and would never have a chance with her.

All throughout the year he had seen her in class and watched from afar. He wanted desperately to tell her how he felt about her but could never get up enough nerve to ask her out. So each day he would sit at his desk and gaze at her instead of paying attention to class (lucky for him he was smart enough, that he could get away with it). He wished he could fantasize about her, but felt that would taint her in him mind. No. Better that she be pure and innocent in his mind as well as in life.

Then at the end of the year, something happened. Their History teacher asked for volunteers to head up a project. They had already attended an assembly put on by the social studies department where a few old World War II vets came in and talked to the kids about the war and their experiences. It was the volunteers' responsibility to improve upon this for the next year's junior class. When Elizabeth raised her hand, he did so in a heart beat. This was his chance to get to know her better.

At the end of their last session for the project, the History teacher left for a dental appointment and wished them well. Elizabeth and he were going to stay after a few more minutes talking about everything and nothing and said their good-byes to him as he hustled out the door. Concluding a discussion on how disconcerting it was to see how generally uninterested most of the kids had been at the last year's presentation; she accidentally knocked over a stack of papers.

She being the independent, strong willed woman she was, knelt to pick them up. And he being the thoughtful, chivalrous, gentleman he was also knelt to retrieve the papers. They both looked up from the floor at exactly the right moment. They found their faces less than an inch apart, and the sexual tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Little did he know, but she had been looking at him all year too. She admired his intellect and wit, and very much enjoyed his company and the attention he gave her, something the other guys never did. They gave her attention, but only thought of her as an object. He on the other hand made her feel special. He treated her as a person. Slowly, he leaned forward. He let his eyes close and his lips to make contact with her soft pink mouth and gave her a tender, light kiss. He opened his eyes and slowly pulled back. For a moment he wondered if the kiss had been in his imagination, but then she leaned forward and kissed him back. This kiss started like the first, light and tender but soon became a stronger, more passionate one. They stayed in this lip-lock for what seemed like an eternity.

* * *

That Friday night, he picked her up at 7 o'clock. He dropped by her house and went up to the door. Following the old traditions, he knocked on the door instead of honking the horn. He was dressed well and was greeted warmly by her father. He shook her father's hand and complimented him on his wonderful daughter, allowing her father to size him up. She came down the steps and his jaw dropped.

Accustomed to seeing her in prim and proper attire, a sweater and blue jeans, her appearance surprised but pleased him. She was wearing a sleeve-less, sky blue turtleneck and a knee length black skirt, showing off her perfect bronze skin, and had on a pair of blue high heels that matched her shirt. Her hair was up in a tight braid, a style he always found attractive, especially on her. He could just make out the line of her bra and fond himself struggling to contain his excitement. They went out to a movie and he took her to dinner in an extremely fancy and expensive restaurant. She was surprised at the amount of money he was putting into this date and wondered where he got his cash from, but decided that it was a question best asked later. He was glad that she had not asked him how he could afford the restaurant. He didn't want her to know about his computer-programming job just yet, afraid it would be a turn off and ruin the good time they were having together.

They had shared a good time, good food, a funny movie and a few intimate moments (even though they had only been really close for a few days). Elizabeth felt a need not to end the date and asked him to pull over at a dark secluded spot she knew of. Expecting him to jump on her the moment they pulled over, he was mildly surprised at his hesitation, waiting to find out her intentions. "This one's a keeper," she thought. She looked at him and in the darkness he could still see her eyes glimmering in the moonlight. His memory filled in the rest of her face. He placed his hand on the back of her head and kissed her. They had not kissed since that day after school and somehow it felt familiar and right. After another long period of "making out", he was getting excited and could feel the pressure building inside his pants and was concerned that this might end things for the night, something he didn't want to happen. He didn't expect to get all the way, but just didn't want the moment to end. He misjudged, however, how excited Elizabeth was getting. She felt herself getting hot and knew about his rapidly growing erection, despite his efforts to hide it. That effort in itself was why she made her decision. She knew he cared for her and that she cared for him. She knew it with all her heart. She broke the embrace, startling him.

"Oh no!" he thought. "I blew it."

"It's ok," she said reassuringly. "I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

"My parents both work the night shift."

"So," he said slyly.

"So... lets go back to my place," she chuckled. One of those innocent chuckles he found so dear about her.

His pulse pounding he obliged. She opened the door and led him inside. It was only 10 o'clock and she told him her parents wouldn't bee home until the next morning around 7. They sat down on the couch and locked in another embrace. Having calmed down a little during the ride over, they both quickly worked each other back up to an excited state. She stopped once more a little more slowly this time. She stood up and slowly took his hand and led him up the steps to her room.

* * *

Once in her room, she closed the door, although no one else was home. He stood by her bed, trying to figure if this was just another place to make out or if his beloved Elizabeth had something else planned. His prayers were quickly answered. She peeled the top off and tossed it on the floor. The sight left him breathless. She was wearing a pretty lacy thing that simply looked great on her. She walked over and gently but firmly pushed him to a sitting position on her bed. She hiked up her skirt and straddled him, bringing her lips to his for another lengthy kiss. Still kissing, she pulled off his shirt, braking contact between their lips for only the briefest of moments, and made a mental note of how cute those little folds, "love handles", were.

Now determined to see her breasts without any hindrance, he reached around her back and undid the clasp with an ease he had not known with his previous girlfriend. The bra fell away and left her chest naked in all its splendor, leaving him breathless once more. Elizabeth leaned forward once more and breathed life into his lungs. This kiss was a short one by comparison and she soon stepped off of him and unzipped the side of her skirt, letting it too fall away to lie next to her discarded brazier and his polo. She returned her eyes to him and saw that this time he had taken the initiative he so often showed and had removed his own slacks. He loved the look of her white, lacy panties on her flawless, bronze tanned body. He stepped into her and marveled in the exquisite feel of her hard body, her firm, perky breasts against his own body. "This is a dream come true," he mused. She raised on his toes just a little and put her mouth near his ear.

"I want you to be my first," she said.

"And you my last," he replied, not even seeming phased. Lying her down, he scanned over her body once more. "My God, she's beautiful!" was all he could think. Lying down, he kissed her forehead, her lips, then her neck, then the other side, then right down the center of her chest until he reached her breasts. There he paused for a minute. He would kiss the inner side of one then the outer side. Then he would suck her erect and hard nipple into his mouth, twirling over it with his tongue. The whole time she was emitting soft moaning sounds which made him happy, this meant he was doing it right. He then repeated this on her other breast and then started to kiss his way down her belly, sticking his tongue in her navel when he got there just to give her a jolt, one she appreciated.

When he got to the top of her panties, he moved all the way down to her thighs. He would start at the knee and slowly kissed his way up to the inner thigh, just where her pelvis reached her slender legs, looking up occasionally at her tender, loving, smiling face. Whenever he got to the crotch area his kisses would again illicit soft moans of pleasure from his lovely Elizabeth. After a good 20 minutes of this kissing game, he decided it was time to take off that sweet little lace barrier. He slowly pulled down her undies. Elizabeth lifted up her butt just a little to help him ease them off.

Her crotch had grown immensely hot and moist and her panties were just a little bit damp in just the right spot. Oh how beautiful her vagina was! She had a perfect "dirty blonde" triangle of hair and mesmerizing, puffy, pick lips. He now pulled off his own boxers, his penis becoming longer and harder than ever before when his eyes caught sight of her whole body lying there in front of him. He had heard before that to prove that you really love a woman a man should bring her to orgasm at least once before he ever even entered her. And that was just what he wanted to do. With a gleam in his eyes that told her everything, he lowered his head to her crotch. Getting no negative reaction from Elizabeth, he brought his mouth to her pussy. Spreading her lips with his fingers, he pushed his tongue inside.

Flicking in and out, his tongue brought Elizabeth to squealing, squirming fits of pleasure, but not quite orgasm yet. He knew that taking her virginity would hurt her and wanted to let her know that he really did love her. He then took the little hard knob that was her clit between his thumb and forefinger. His tongue inside her and his hand on her clit brought waves and waves of pleasure onto her, and she could feel a dizzying buildup within her body, then suddenly, it broke lose. Elizabeth let loose a scream and felt the most exquisite pleasure roll over her like waves at the beach. Then the world around her started to fade out, she was quickly brought back to reality by the gentle caress of her lover's hand on her cheek. She took hold of the back of his head and kissed him with renewed passion. Stemming from this kiss she found a new reserve of energy, and her eyes brightened to that lively look he found so enchanting. Picking up on his hesitation she said, "Its ok, I want you to take me now. I know it will hurt a little and that's ok too." He flashed her a big grim and kissed her again.

"I love you," he said.

"I know," she replied.

"I'm gonna try and go slow so it doesn't hurt too much." She simply nodded. Glancing down she really saw for the first time how large he really was. 7" long but slightly thicker than average, his penis looked like a monster to her naive eyes. This might hurt more than she had thought, but that didn't change her mind. She still wanted to have him. She spread her legs and he slid in between them. Lowering himself into position he looked in her eyes for one last check of approval. She nodded again, and he pushed against her, moving in ever so slowly, true to his word. She squirmed just a little under this new sensation, easing him in even further into her already lubricated passageway. In short time he found his progress blocked.

He looked her in the eye and told her that he was going to have to push harder now and that this was going to hurt a little but that he was going to try to make it as easy on her as possible. She gave him another nod and grabbed white-knuckled to the headboard. He moved out just a little and then made one swift stroke and felt the barrier give way and a flush of warm liquid over his tool. Elizabeth let out a grunt through bared teeth and a single tear rolled down her cheek. He admired her bravery and this only endeared her more to him. Kissing the tear off his love, he pushed in further, still going slowly so she could get accustomed to the feel of him inside of her.

They pulled out only a little and then pushed in even further than he had been a second ago. He continued like this until he could feel himself in all the way to the hilt. Although she had been grunting at first, somewhere along the way, Elizabeth made the transfer over to moans of pleasure. Now those were the sounds she wanted to hear! Now able to feel the back of her uterus on each thrust, he began to go about things more quickly. Sliding in and out faster with each thrust.

Elizabeth was now holding his head to the nape of her neck and making those sounds a woman just can't fake. Elizabeth exploded in orgasm for a second time. Some how working through the spasms, they continued on, his tool whipping in and out at dizzying speeds. He could feel the pressure building, building, and threatening to blow out. No! He wanted to wait for her. Wanted to release when she experienced another orgasm. He didn't have to wait long. Almost right after Elizabeth's second orgasm had subsided, a third began. He let loose. A gush of warm liquid flowed into Elizabeth's womb. They collapsed into eachother's arms and simply smiled at eachother, sweat beading on her forehead and mixing with his own; they nuzzled for a while before Elizabeth got her third wind.

She reached down and grabbed onto his penis, stroking is until he was once again aroused beyond what he thought was possible. She kissed him and pushed gently but insistently on his one shoulder. He got the message and rolled over, using the surprising strength in his arms to take her with him so now, in one movement, she was on top. Smiling again, Elizabeth raised a little bit, positioned herself above his penis and then sat down, driving him into her once more. Elizabeth then began to move, and grind on his tool, sometimes going up and down, sometimes back and forth and sometimes in circles. He watched as her breasts moved with their rhythm and felt the steady pressure of her hands on his shoulders. Craning his neck up and holding her at the waist, he took one of her breasts in his mouth, suckling on it as if he were a wee babe. Elizabeth was unable to hold back any longer and convulsed in her fourth orgasm of the night. He lifted her up a couple inches and started to thrust up into her spasming pussy, this only drove her move wild and she bucked harder. His lover's movements brought him to the brink once more and another high-speed stream slammed into Elizabeth. Oh how she savored that feeling!

Elizabeth glanced over at the clock on her nightstand and was amazed to see that it was only 12 o'clock. She then became aware that he was still rock hard inside of her. Turning back to gaze into his eyes, they locked lips for another drawn out, passionate kiss. She dismounted and allowed him to run his hands over her whole body. He asked her to roll over and told her he would give her a neck massage. She complied and he followed though on his promise. Although this view of her was getting him very turned on and he could see a mingling of his and her cum still with a hint of red from her first time leaking out of her. Still massaging her he gathered her pillows and placed them under her belly. Taking a hold of his dick, he rubbed it against her pussy lips. When Elizabeth moaned, he pushed it all the way in. Holding her shoulders this time and staring at her perfectly intact braid, he plowed into her from behind. The cum in her making the most delicious sound he had ever heard, all the while she was moaning and shaking her head with pleasure.

Once more, Elizabeth's world turned to a bright light of pleasure as another orgasm wracked her small frame. Seeing this event from a different perspective drove him over the edge. His cock, now swollen to immense proportions now started to pulse and jerk, spewing what little was left in him all over the lovely little girl's insides. His penis finally limp and dried out, Elizabeth could feel him pulling out even as she was collapsing; now totally exhausted. She rolled toward him and they hugged as she fell asleep. He nudged her back to consciousness to say goodbye for now. It was 6 o'clock and her parents would be home soon, but he didn't want to leave her to wake up and think he had abandoned her. They kissed one more time and he quietly drove away.

* * * * *


Elizabeth and her lover went on as an item throughout high school and he even followed her to college (despite the fact that he already had a Master's degree in computer science). They went on to marry and start a business. Elizabeth is unable to have children but the couple's marriage is still just as strong and their sex life is something to be envious of.


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