The Best Erotic Stories.

by Melody Lane

Part 1

Expecting your arrival, you can imagine my anticipation, and yes, nervousness.

Getting ready, getting eveything right, and how I want it, is an experience in and of itself. Not quite sure if any man surely knows what women go through, for them. Clean, fresh, sweet smelling, and nicely primped. Not only for you, but also for myself. Gives an amount of confidence, that is definitely needed, to be with you. Thoughts, are of course, rampant in my mind. Dinner, stroll on the boardwalk, then what? Sex?

Yes, sex.......filling my mind with thought after thought, like a chain reaction....not only mental....but physical, hormonal.

Teeth chattering when I hear the doorbell ring. Running down the stairs, fast as I can, then slowly collecting myself, before I open the door. Being calm, and collected, not wanting to show any weakness. That is something that I just can't have. There are too many thoughts running through my head to recall the pleasentries exchanged, and before it seemed any length of time had past, we were on the boardwalk. It's a cool evening. The sky is clear, the air brisk enough for me to find comfort in your arms as we slowly stroll past the all too familiar sights. In the distance, we can hear music playing. Perhaps it is a dream from every girls childhood, or possibly only mine, to dance, on the boardwalk, in front of the passersby, not caring, or even noticing that there are any. This being the case, and my desire to fully be in your arms, and have you in mine, I ask you to dance with me. You smile, and perhaps with a slight chuckle, graciously oblige me. I am all too pleased, and show a grand ol' smile. You're sweet, and your touch is light, not pressing. The rhythm of the music is slow, and we follow it well.

My arms are wrapped loosely around your fingertips dancing to the movements of the muscles in your back....I feel you take a breath of my hair, and perfume, and your fingers twirl in the strands that fall down from my shoulders. It's a tender, innocent moment. When the song ended, I reached up to you, and gave you a kiss, lightly just to the side of your lips. I thanked you, and as it was chilling, we returned to my house. As is with all wonderful moments in time, one never wants to have them end. Given this, I invite you inside. I can see your reluctance. After all, someone could be home. But, in fact, no one is. All away, gone, each for some reason or another. House, all to myself, I assure you. I take you by the hand, and lead you in. Turning on the foyer light, hearing the dogs bark, and showing you around a bit. My home, my life. We settle in the living room, where we sit on the couch. Not knowing where to go from there, I get lost in my rather typical rambling. After I realize I am doing it myself, which can at times, take awhile, I see you smile at me again. How endearing that is! and I have no choice, in my mind, at that point, but to kiss you. I lean in toward you, you do the same toward me. Your hand is at my chin, slowly guiding it to your mouth.

Our lips meet, gentle ease of motion. The kiss is slow. Our mouths mutually opening, awaiting the first that first feel of the tongues meeting, exploring. The kiss is perfect, moist and sensual; slow and passionate. I feel warm, and slightly taken aback by how wonderfully arousing that one kiss was. My hands never left your chest, which I felt gain in rapidity, as much as I could feel my own. We draw back, and you ask the time. 'It's late,' you say. I nod, in sadness. You tell me not to pout, and I ask for you to stay with me. Much to my surprise, and delight you agree. I cheerfully go get some pillows and blankets from the linen closet, in the next room.

While fetching those things, I have a little time to take in all that was happening. What I had just asked, and what it might have implied, without much more intention than not wanting you to go, and not wanting to be alone. Before my thoughts consume me too much, I hurry back to you. Your eyes are heavy, sleepy, and you yawn wide-mouthed as I hand you the things. I sit down closely next to you, putting my head onto your shoulder. Your arm wraps around me, and you give a gentle squeeze. I close my eyes, and yawn as well. Shaking off the sleep a little, I stand up, infront of you, taking both of your hands in mine, as you sit sleepily on the couch. I ask you to come with me, to sleep with me, in my room, in my bed, in my arms. Without a word, you follow, up the oh-so long trip up the stairs.

Part 2

So, as it was left, I was leading you up the stairs, and into my bedroom. Luckily, I had only just cleaned it the day before, so there wasn't any bras, or panties flung around anywhere. Yes, all was in order, nothing to cause me any anxiety, besides the obvious. But oddly enough at wasn't afraid, or worried. I was at ease, calm, comfortable, but very tired. It had been a long and delightful, however wearing day, and I felt it. It was fairly obvious that you did as well, for I could hardly see those charming brown eyes.

I went into my bathroom, changed into a tee shirt to sleep in, and got ready for bed. When I came back in, you were already laying in the bed, with your eyes closed. I slowly crawled in next to you, not sure if you were asleep or not. As I did this, you opened your eyes, put your arm back around me, and kissed my forehead. With that, I closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning, you were still sleeping, quite soundly it seemed. I sat up, yawning, kissed your cheek and went downstairs so as to not wake you. Not too long after, you joined me. I was sitting on the countertop, eating cereal, a personal favorite. I directed you toward the coffee, and other morning associations. Instead though you came, stood in front of me, and pulled me toward you. I smiled, and put down the bowl, then threw my arms around your neck, and let my legs, sway gently across yours. We kissed, and you pulled me closer, holding me tight.

I slowly came off the counter, into your arms, and pressed myself up against you. I moved my hands up the back of your shirt, feeling the warm flesh of your back. You kissed me again, more passionately, harder, and lifted me back onto the counter. I pulled your shirt off, feeling your chest, and wrapping my legs around you to bring you to me again. As you kissed down my neck, I could feel your hands on my breasts.....gently feeling, and squeezing, through the thin material of my night shirt. My nipples were quickly responding to your touch, getting stiff, and sensitive. I easily push you a way, just a little, and slip my top off, revealing those tight little pink nipples, and breasts. I hop off the counter, and come back to you, seeing the growth in your shorts. I again pressed up to you, our bare upper bodies moving against one another. I slowly slide down the length of your body, kissing my way down. I kneel down, taking my hand, and rubbing your ever growing hardness through your shorts. I carefully unzip them, and pull them to the floor, exposing your large thick cock.

I take it into my warm soft hand, wrappin it lousy around the shaft, and rise back up, letting the tip rub against my right tit as I do. As I arouse your cock, with my hand, and thumb gently rubbing the tip, feeling the slight ooze of precum......circling it around. As I do this, you take first my nipple into your mouth, softly pulling it with your teeth, then sucking on my breasts. I take your head in my hands, and feel through your hair, as you do, closing my eyes, as I do so. I take you back up and kiss you, grabbing your hand, and leading you to the living room. Knowing full well that you are looking me head to toe, being further stiffened, by the sight of those pretty lace panties.

Part 3

Leading you to the living room, turning around, letting you look me over. I take your hands, and place them back onto me. You feel the curves of my hips, and slip your fingers between the elastic of those pretty white lace panties. Slowly inching them down. There I stand, before you, nude, giving myself to you. Self conscious, and of course nervous as I feel your look. We move onto the floor where the pillows and blankets from the night before still lie. Carefully you settle me down, and then proceed in giving soft warm kisses over my body.

As you kiss, I feel your hand glide between my legs, exploring my nicely shaved pussy. Your fingertips lightly peruse over the top, and then slide in, massaging my swollen clit. I softly moan, at this, and grow quite moist, and want to have you deep inside. You stop, and look at me, as if gaining my absolute assurance that this is what i want. I nod, and caress down your back, to your nice firm ass, squeezing it tenderly, pulling you closely toward me. You slowly push into me, rubbing the tip of your cock the length of my now fully wet opening. You pay special attention to my clit, before entering me. As you go deeper, teasing me, pulling out, and then gently re-entering, going further, and repeating until, I am in a frenzy. Chest heaving, deep moaning, heavy breathing, intense heat, until you are completely in, and we move together....each thrust met.

It doesn't take long before I climax. Clenching tightly around your cock, pulsing, I scream....and bury my fingertips into your back as I cum. Exhausted, shortly after I fall asleep, to your sweet little kisses.

THE END... or just the beginning?? Hummm.

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