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Every Dog Has His Day
by BV17

This is a story for all those guys out there who aren't necessarily losers but haven't been lucky as far as women. It happened to me when I was in high school. I was a senior at age 18. I had friends but I was never really close with a woman. All my friends were guys' buddies. And all my friends were also no good at getting woman. And the ones that did get woman only got the woman no one else wanted. All the woman people fantasized about were dating star QBs and men who drove vets.

I used to watch as the women hung all over their boyfriends in the halls.

But the one Woman who caught my eye, along with everyone else's eye, was the Cheerleading Captain Amanda *********. Everyone called her Mandy. She was actually really nice judging by the one brief conversation I have actually had with her.

However she was dating some Linebacker named Joe. I was absolutely intoxicated by this woman. I felt deep down inside that she was meant just for me. Maybe that was my penis speaking but I wasn't really paying attention to where the feeling came from. I got a little crazy and joined the football team. I wasn't the worst player they had but I played second string so I wasn't exactly catching her eye.

Well I showed up at every practice got knocked around and bruised to hell just so I could see her every now and then when the cheerleaders practiced.

Well game after game went by and I never saw any play time. But in the final game of the regular season my story truly began.

We were playing last years state champs. They were dominating us, play after play they would injure a player. And finally my chance came. The coach needed a Defensive end and I was the only remaining Defensive end sub. On my first play the running back flew threw my side and nailed me flat on my ass.

I woke up in the locker room. The trainer was exiting the room. The game was still going on so I just sat in the locker room shaking my head. "That really impressed her, Way to go Brian", which is my name. I sat there feeling sorry for myself when I heard someone talking threw the vent next to me.

It was Mandy and the cheerleading coach. Mandy said she couldn't go out onto the field and look at her boyfriend. He had apparently cheated on her. "Wow, who the hell would cheat on someone like Mandy?" The cheerleading coach left and I sat there wondering what I should do.

I decided to do nothing and so I got up and walked out of the locker room to rejoin the game. I wasn't wearing a shirt, since the trainer had taken my shoulder pads off to check my ribs. Then I heard it.

"Hi." I knew who it was before I turned around. But when I did my knowledge was confirmed, there Mandy stood. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Uh, no I just thought the cheerleaders stayed on the field till the game ended." This was an attempt to act as if I didn't hear her threw the vents.

"Funny, I thought the same for football players."

"Yea, well only ones that don't get knocked unconscious."

"Oh, poor baby. Well if it makes you feel better I think that the running back who knocked you out looked real silly when he trampled your face." I stood there smiling with this stupid look on my face. "What, you think I think of myself to be too good to talk to a second stringer, huh Brian?"

Well she knew my name. "No I think your boyfriend is too big for me to talk to you."

"That's over, so you have no worries."

"Over? You mean some guy was dumb enough to break up with you."

She smiled and looked at me straight in the eyes. "Flattery will get you everywhere." When she said that I thought to myself, 'if it got me anywhere near her room than I will keep it coming'. "So considering that we both have excuses to cut out of here early, do you want to go to a movie?"

"Well I'm not really dressed for the movies. They had to cut my shirt off." The moment I said that I wanted to slap myself.

"I meant a movie at my house." I was stumped now. I couldn't think of anything to say. "Don't worry you won't be needing a shirt."

Needless to say I was driving her home in no time. After about 5 minutes of small talk in the car she leaned her head on my shoulder. I also noticed that from the time it took me to get from the school to her house her skirt rose a good 4 inches.

We walked in. Her parents weren't home. I looked around for a light switch but before I found one Mandy wrapped her arms around my neck and asked me to come up stairs. She turned around and started to walk up the stairs. Her school jacket was now unbuttoned and hanging wide open. I quickly followed her. About half way up the stairs she turned around and kissed me. Smack dead on the lips. I was taken off guard but she still managed to slip her tongue into my mouth and probe every nook and cranny. "Don't just stand there this will take two people to be done right." With that I wrapped my arms around her kissed her back. When we broke she stayed in my arms and looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes. I was hypnotized. She started to nibble on my ear, then she whispered, "Let's take this into my bedroom."

She turned and playfully ran upstairs and into her room. I was right behind her. When I entered her room she placed her hands on my chest and began to feel my chest. Now I'm no Arnold but I had a nice body. She slowly rubbed up and down my chest. Each time her hands went down they grew closer to my sweat pants. When she got to my stomach she stopped and looked directly at the bulge in my pants. Now she started to kiss my neck again. Slowly kissing inch by inch down my neck with those soft red lips.

When she got to my stomach she licked each ab. Then she dropped to her knees and placed her hands on my sides. She pulled my sweats down to my ankles. I quickly kicked them off. She began to massage by cock threw my boxers. When she pulled it out I felt like I was going to blow my load then and there. She must have realized this because she held off for a moment to let me calm down. Then she took me in her mouth. Inch by inch I watched my cock disappear into the mouth of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

She pulled it out of her mouth now and began to lick on the head. Slowly circling the head over and over again. Every now and then I would see her staring up into my eyes. She looked sexier than words can describe. Then started to stroke me off while she licked on the head. This being my first time and all I was no stallion. After only a few strokes I began to spurt cum. The first string landed on her tongue but the second shot all over her lips. Stream after stream seemed to hit her mouth.

When I finished she licked all the cum off her lips and smiled at me. She stood up and grabbed my now limp cock in her hand. "Don't worry it won't stay that way for long." She was right seconds after she touched it I was erect again.

She pushed me back onto the bed and crawled on top of me. My hands wondered up her back and pulled her jacket off. Her breasts were now right in front of my face. She kissed me real quick and held her face just a few inches off of mine. Her long blonde hair draped down over both of our faces as she laid there smiling at me. She leaned back and pulled her shirt off. I was quick to unfasten her bra, which dropped to the floor beside the bed. Her breasts were larger than I had thought. I placed one of her nipples in my mouth and licked it for a minute or so. I was fully erect pointing out hard as ice. I could have stayed there all night but she had other plans. She guided my hands under her skirt to her cotton panties. They were moist when I touched them. Slowly I began to rub her cunt threw her wet panties, causing her to moan repeatedly. Soft moans at first then louder and louder as I gradually stroked her faster.

"Fuck me, I want it now." This was all the invite I needed. I slid her panties to the side and she lowered herself onto my pole. First she placed only the head in. She was extremely wet. She tried to take it slow but she was just a horny as me, so in only a moment she lowered herself all the way down my cock. She let out a loud sigh as my dick entered her completely.

Slowly she began to buck her hips and raise herself up and down my cock.

The moans grew louder and loader till she was grinding her teeth trying now to scream. She tried to breathe out of her nose but eventually she gave up and let out screams of joy.

"Fuck, my cunt baby. Make me cum. Oh god yes." Before I blew my loud I rolled her over onto her back and began to thrust fiercely into her drenching pussy. Now she was over the top. She couldn't stop screaming. I was loving every second of it. As she hoped up and down on my cock she slowly gripped her breasts and began to lick her nipples. I felt my climax approaching. She knew it and that only made her fuck me harder and faster.

She clawed my chest and let a loud scream out. Then I erupted inside her.

She let one last scream of passion out and then collapsed on top of me. My cock slowly decreased in size and slid out of her.

We waited a minute or two before we both got up. She told me I had to leave before her parents arrived. I got dressed but she walked naked with me to the front door and kissed me good bye. This sent my member back to attention. I flung her against the wall and quickly dropped my sweats.

From behind I rammed my cock into her wet little cunt. Now I was in a rage of passion and hormones. She braced herself on the wall with her arms and laid her head back. "OH MY GOD, FUCK MY CUNT. OH Jesus." I started to fondle her while I thrust into her clit. She then started panting and reached back with one hand and gripped my left buttocks. I pushed her to the floor keeping my cock inside her. Then I began pounding furiously. Her pussy lips devoured my cock. I was out of control. I never wanted to stop fucking her.

I watched her trying to get a grip on anything. I was pounding her cunt so hard that her body actually moved forward with each thrust. She grabbed the carpet between her fingers and laid her head down. "OHHHHH, Ohhhhhh", she couldn't control herself any longer. I pulled my cock out before I erupted. She rolled over on her back and ordered me to blow my loud over her tits.

I stroked my cock a few times then I shot white strings all over her nipples. Strain after strain I dotted her breasts with globs of cum. When I finished she leaned forward and licked my cock clean.

When I was finally dressed and leaving I looked back and saw her panting on the floor with my cum all over her breasts. She looked so sexy, had there been any juice left in me I would have nailed her again. "I'll see you tomorrow." She said with an enormous smile on her face.

When I saw her the next day she didn't speak to me. She just walked up to me and kissed me in the middle of the hallway. When we broke she walked off to class. I looked around and everyone saw. The only thing I thought was something John Travolta said best. "You know what I want to do, do you know what I want to do? Strut." And I did. And it felt great. And if you haven't already than believe me one day you will. And once you do you'll never feel like a loser again. Every dog has his day.

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