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Elevator Encounter
by Kevin

After an especially rough day at work, the very last thing I expected was incredible sex with a gorgeous stranger. And the very last place I expected it was in my office building...

I boarded the elevator along with a few other employees from various offices on the eighteenth floor. That Monday, I'd dealt with every angry person on the planet - clients, bosses, coworkers - and I desperately need to unwind. I was so on edge that when the elevator stopped on the very next floor I felt myself getting unreasonably irritated. Christ, would this day ever end?

Then the doors opened and she stepped in.

To call her beautiful wasn't enough. Soft, sultry shoulder-length hair framed a stunning pair of hazel eyes. And speaking of stunning pair... Her white suit dress outlined and highlighted every curve of her tall, hard body. She looked around the elevator with a sly smile and took a spot right in front of me. As she stood facing forward in the crowded elevator, I couldn't help but notice that the soft slope of her firm ass - barely hid by the short skirt - was teasingly close to my crotch. The elevator stopped again, and as more people boarded she was pushed up against me, her ass cheeks hitting square on my hardening dick. Embarrassed, I tried to pull away, but to my amazement she only pushed closer. The feeling of her ass against me was overpowering. She pushed into me rhythmically, massaging my cock. I wondered if anyone noticed - if they did, they gave no sign. The doors opened at the ground floor too quickly. I didn't want this to end. All the other suits piled out, heading toward the parking garage, but she stayed pressed against me. The doors closed, leaving her and I alone. I was so incredibly horny, and I could tell from her flushed neck that she felt the same. Back still towards me, she pulled her breasts out of her dress and pulled my hands over them. She moaned as I fondled her nipples. Then she reached back and pulled her skirt up over her waist. She wore no panties and had no tan lines. She bent forward and leaned against the elevator wall, pushing random floor buttons to keep the elevator from stopping. I ran my hand over her clean-shaven pussy. Her lips and clit - perfect, like out of a magazine - were warm and soaking wet as I rubbed them with my fingers, spread them, and thrust my aching cock inside. She was tight but so wet and slippery that I was deep inside her instantly. My hands found her luscious tits, and I massaged them as I watched my cock slide in and out of her pussy. She reached down between her legs, and I could feel the movement of her fingers rubbing her clit. She gasped, moaned, and her back arched as she came loudly. I couldn't hold on anymore. I grabbed her ass with both hands and thrust forward, coming deep inside her.

I never saw her again. For days - no, weeks - I looked for her every time the elevator opened. Maybe she was a client of one of the attorneys on the seventeenth floor. Maybe she was one of their wives. Whoever she was, I will always remember her looking as she did when she left - tousled, flushed, and unbelievably sexy.

The author of this fine story is Kevin.
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