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Encyclopedia Encounters
Part II: Kelli and Her Friends

by Kahless

"Wow I can't believe Kelli invited me over to her place!",

Daniel kept thinking to himself. The whole drive over seemed dreamlike - the painted road lines being as counters..WHOMP...WHOMP.....causing Daniel to drift ever deeper into his fantasy but then....BLAM!! It was no fantasy.

For months and months Daniel dreamed about getting involved with Kelli. She was so cool, so beautiful AND SHE WAS INTO SEX AS WELL!!! YAHOO!!! And Daniel's cock was already hard when he remembered the absolute beautiful picture of her rolling around on the desk with those gorgeous legs in sexy white stockings. How often does somebody make you cum that hot and heavy...AND WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING!!!!

Tonight they would touch...of that Daniel was certain. He had passed her little test and now just like a victorious General - it was time to enjoy the spoils. Daniel could hardly contain his excitement or his erection as he approached the door to Kelli's apartment.

"Ding Dong!" Daniel ringed the bell.

When the door opened it was as if he were struck with some sort of medieval weapon, for a tall tan skinned European looking man with black hair said,

"Hey you must be Daniel, come on in."

"What the %@$!#^@& ....who....why", Daniel thought to himself.

Daniel went from absolute superiority to miniscule inferiority in a matter of 2.3 seconds. This guy was handsome. He had on an ultra fitted and designed suit - the likes of which Daniel could probably never buy on his own salary. The body that reside inside it seemed just as perfect - even more so. And his face was flawless...and looked as if he spent time every night treating it with the latest creams and therapy. And to top it off was a handsomely styled full, thick head of black hair.

"Who is this?" Daniel thought, "A brother? An ex-lover who will threaten to kick my ass if I don't treat her right?"

Daniel followed EL Gorgeouso into the parlor where...WHAM!!!! Another European looking man was waiting. He looked incredibly similar and the only difference seemed his blonde hair and different color suit.

"I don't believe this!!!"

The first man Daniel encountered asked,

"Kelli told us about all of your restraint - how did you do it?"

Confused, Daniel asked,

"How did I do what?"

The blonde one answered,

"Come know...."

And right in the middle of his sentence he dramatically stood up and walked over to a doorway leading to Daniel knew not. He stuck his hand out and suddenly Kelli appeared slowly and held this Superman's hand. The black hared man answered,

"We mean - how could you keep your hands off of this angel", and walked over towards Kelli.

She was wearing high black heels with sheer black stockings - the ones that were almost see through, showing as much skin as possible. Moving his glance upwards, Daniel went across her flat flawless stomach and up to a black satin bra which accentuated her beautifully curved breasts. "Isn't Daniel a special person?" Kelli asked

Both men said out loud,

"He certainly is - we could never keep our hands off of this perfection"

When the sentence completed both men started groping her - one from each side. They rubbed up and down her legs, squeezed her breasts and kissed her neck. The black hared man looked Daniel over and said,

"He must be gay or something."

"Hold on buddy!!!", Daniel thought to himself, "Man I wish I was him right now!!"

Kelli was loving absolutely every second of her attention and with each hand grabbed their bulges. She said,

"WOW!! Quicker than usual boys. Shall we give Daniel a good show?"

They both nodded in agreement and Kelli added,

"Take your positions."

They both simultaneously stripped and lay together on the floor.

"Man what bodies they had - flawless!!! What can Kelli ever see in me?"

Kelli then got on her knees between them and started jerking their huge cocks - ones that were so thick and hard and smooth that you would think they were fake.

"Ohh I love these cocks!" Kelli moaned as if she were crawling through Earth's hottest and driest desert and these two units were water fountains.

Daniel didn't know if he should feel jealous or...or...or what!! His cock was in that rare state of hardness. The kind where one gets the sense that he wasn't given enough skin to cover his whole penis. He was soo hard that he felt that his dick would rip right through the skin. It was pulsating too..."Ba Boom...Ba..Boom" As if to say, "Look at her!! She's so hot....and those legs..."

All he could do was look at her with those two perfect European cocks - one in each hand - and she was talking soo dirty too!!!"

"Mmmmmm...they taste soo good in my mouth! I love these cocks Mmmmmm...mmmmmm."

She was making those very sexy sucking noises - as if there were some golden prize she was trying to suck upwards, defying the laws of physics.

Daniel just watched her going from one cock to the next - sucking, licking, moaning and all with those beautiful black see through stockings on. Her heels were now off and he loved those sexy feet. Daniel started rubbing his cock but didn't really know what to do. He remembered (how could he forget) how much Kelli was turned on watching his masturbate but - he couldn't whip it out in front of them!!! I mean he was no slouch but she had two perfect penises in her mouth!

Then, suddenly, as if knowing his thoughts, Kelli momentarily stopped her intense sucking and looked over at Daniel. She started rubbing her pussy and pleading,

"Ohh Daniel sweetheart don't quit on me now! Please take your beautiful cock out...I love yours so......oh stroke it baby....."

Daniel's now shy monster was out but he didn't stroke very hard because he knew this show was bound to last (those perfect Europeans probably had perfect penis control also). She kept sucking away then suddenly started massively tongue kissing the dark hared lucky man. She was biting his lip passionately saying,

"Oh baby I want your hard cock inside my pussy...I wanna feel it baby...."

Then she mounted him and slipped his cock inside of her. She was soo wet that you could hear the squish as he went inside and out. The second gentleman walked over and faced her and held his cock upwards. He said to her,

"Come on Kelli...lick my balls baby....I know you want them in your mouth."

Kelli obliged and started licking like crazy. She was looking up at him still pumping away below saying,

"Ohh like the way I lick your balls ..don't you!"

He then let go and she moved her head back a bit. His cock was soo hard and straight that it was as if you cemented a pole onto a wall facing upwards. She looked at it, smiled and started massively sucking his shaft.

"MMMMmmm....slurp..slurp slurp!!"

She was sucking it in all ways - moving her tongue around - deepthroating, licking up and down. Daniel then looked down and loved the sight of her sexy legs. She was sucking and pumping and Daniel soo loved the sight of those see through sexy black stockings - especially on her beautiful bare feet. She stopped sucking momentarily to look again at Daniel and said,

"Ohh baby yes...stroke that beautiful cock....these two feel sooooo good inside of me...oh yes!!"

At this point Daniel felt like.....he didn't know what the hell he felt like. There she was - Kelli - the girl he soo longed for as a potential girlfriend - FUCKING AND SUCKING TWO GORGEOUS HUGE COCKED EUROPEAN LOOKING PERFECT MEN!!! Daniel truly felt for Kelli and did think she was beautiful - but what man would object to their gorgeous girlfriends loving sex.....BUT WITH THEM!!!

Suddenly Kelli dismounted her European leviathan and started crawling over towards Daniel.....

"Ohh man maybe finally......" Daniel kept thinking for now every ounce of jealousy he had was way overruled by the incredible longing to just....just....FUCK THE HELL OUT OF HER!!!!

She was crawling ever so slowly - as if the carpet were laced with mines....all the while moaning and saying....

"Ohh Daniel baby...stroke that beautiful cock for me..."

She crawled all the way up between his legs and started rubbing her cheeks against his thighs.

"Ohh man this is gonna feel great!!!" Daniel screamed inside.

Kelli, however, just kept rubbing...then stopped and backed up a bit. She was rubbing her breasts together as if she were trying to squeeze something out. Daniel was turned on by how her blue nailpolish mingled with her breasts. Daniel also kept staring at her feet - blaring through those sexy see through, transparent black stockings.....and Kelli was putting them in full view - for she knew Daniel loved it. Kelli was looking at Daniel with such passionate eyes...burning right through him....

"Ohh man I want to jump on her..." Daniel said to himself and almost went forward but something grabbed his senses....."hey wait....what if she gets our first meeting she loved the fact that I stayed back and came without touching her....and I'm not risking losing this..." Daniel then said out loud,

"Yea Kelli are so beautiful...rub those breasts."

Kelli then laid back and started rubbing her pussy.....saying...."Ohh baby....stroke that beautiful cock."

Then the two dictus interruptus sprang from their waiting positions and pounced on her... for not many could stand by and watch while such a beauty was in heat. She stood again upon her knees and continued to suck the two behemoths...again she looked beautiful with two perfect cocks in her mouth, with her legs shimmering through those black stockings and with her black hair beautifully winding down her back.


Then Kelli suddenly held one of the cocks in her hand, looked up at the lucky fellow and said,

"I want this big cock in my ass (then licked it a few times) I want it all the way up in my ass!"

She suddenly got upon all fours and propped her beautiful backside upwards. The second gentleman backed if they played this game many, many times. The first European then wet his cock several times then fucked Kelli in her wet it some more...again Daniel heard the squish, squish of Kelli's beautiful wet pussy...then he exited her pussy and immediately shoved his cock up her ass. At first she winced but then Kelli picked her head up in a bright smile and wailed,


He pounded slowly at first but then quickened the pace while Kelli was yelling,

"Ohhh yes....fuck me in my ass....oh YES!!!! YES!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!"

Daniel was overwhelmed at the sight of Kelli in such ecstasy. Then, as if rehearsed, the second man approached Kelli's front and she immediately took him into her mouth and sucked him while still saying,

"Ohhh....yes...mmmmmmmm...fuck my ass.....I love how you taste!!"

After a few moments Kelli once again looked at Daniel with that burning stare. Daniel had slowed down his strokes because he was about to blow at any moment. Kelli, once again with that weird connection seemed to sense this and said,

"Ohh Daniel sweetheart......come over here and shoot your hot cum on my face."

Daniel immediately walked over to her (as the standing European graciously backed off) and started stroking. Kelli kept looking at him while the one monster pumped away and she said,

"Ohh my baby....I want to taste you....cum for me."

Daniel, feeling himself about to blow lowered his cock right atop Kelli's mouth and said,

"OHHHHH it comes it comes....", then released a wad of stocky hot cum onto Kelli's face. She acted as if she were starving and it was to be her only meal for a fortnight.

"Mmmmmm....oh taste so good"

Daniel spent the rest of the adventure in a sort of drunken comatose stare. He never before in his life released the energy he did then. He just sat there, naked, watching Kelli fuck and suck the two gargantuans in every possible position possible. And each time she willingly swallowed their buckets of cum.

After it were all over just the two of them (for the other two left once they were all incredibly exhausted from the sex) laid naked together... embracing...... and Daniel thought to himself,

"This is nice........ but soo weird..... the girl I was beginning to fall in love with turns out to be a sex maniac..... and I have cum twice like I never have before... AND SHE HASN'T TOUCHED ME YET!!!!! I wonder what our next encounter will be like?"

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