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Encyclopedia Encounters
Part III: Kelli
by Kahless

Daniel replied, "OK......I'll see you then." And hung up the receiver.

The previous two times Kelli and him 'made plans' Daniel was a bit more enthusiastic however. He soo adored her but honestly didn't know how many more of these Encyclopedic Encounters he could handle. The blueness he felt inside was only rivaled by the extreme BLUE of his aching and wanting balls!!! What happened to the good old days when a Man and Woman would just strip off their clothes and do it fast and furious? But, to be honest, he was intrigued. He felt as if he were in one of Dante's levels of Hell - looking at but not being able to touch the one that he soo yearned for - Kelli. It was torture... no interesting... no torture... no erotic to watch her fuck and suck those two men in unfettered passion... WHILE WEARING SEXY STOCKINGS!!!

"I wonder what now?" Daniel asked himself.

He was debating whether or not he should end this all together. But......never before had such memories enabled him to cum so quickly.......after relatively few strokes.

So he drove to their designated meeting place - a hotel on the outskirts of town. As promised, a note was waiting for him at the desk which read:

Room 190 sweetie! I have planned something special.

"Gee I wonder what!" Daniel sarcastically muttered to himself.

"Maybe as I walk in she will be in the process of sucking off the whole hotel staff."

Instantly Daniel's cock shot up and he lamented to himself,

"Perhaps I am destined to just watch."

Daniel knocked on the door and he heard Kelli call out, "Come on in...." well she didn't seem to be out of breath.

Daniel opened the door slowly like Indiana Jones trying to elude the next trap. MMMmmmm....nobody yet. Then he saw her sitting on the bed in plain jeans, sneakers and a regular T-shirt. Kelli walked over to him, gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek saying,

"Hi honey"

Daniel immediately looked about and Kelli noticed and giggingly stated,

"Don't worry other MEN are here."

Daniel, not really knowing what to say tried to utter something... but Kelli placed her finger on his lips and said,

"Shhhh....I brought you here to apologize."


"Yes... apologize... you must understand that I had to know if you were the one... and seeing how calm, sensual and erotic you were while watching me with those men confirmed that you are ready..."

Daniel replied, "Ready?... For what?"

"Ready to really get to know me....and I you."

Daniel instantly became filled with happiness and hugged Kelli saying, "Wow!! You mean....I'm the only one now?"

Kelli held Daniel's hands and said,

"Well... the only MAN"

Suddenly a possibility shot into Daniel's mind... what?... but how?...why? Kelli interrupted him and uttered,

"Only a special man is able to share a woman with another. I love men... but there are some qualities we so despise... like possession... we have been looking for the perfect man for our Triumvirate... someone with looks... brains... the right tool (while saying that she felt the bulge in his pants)... and the right open attitude... A man with all the right attributes... and none of the faults."

Daniel asked, "Wait? Are you a .....who is WE?"

Suddenly a knock was heard and another beautiful woman entered. She was wearing a short silky light grey 1 piece, spaghetti top dress which accentuated her curvy figure.... especially her firm not too large breasts and tight rounded ass. To top it all off she wore those see through silky black stockings...WOW!!

Kelli said, "Lexie...this is Daniel"

Lexie smiled, walked over towards him and kissed him on the cheek saying,

"I am so glad to meet you sweetie"

She smelled incredible.....Daniel's cock immediately pushed the limits of a snake desperately pulsating and trying to shed that skin which has become insufficient. Lexie noticed and bit her lower lip very sexy while saying,

"Honey....this must have been torture for you...."

Daniel replied, "yes it was kinda interesting as well... It..."

Lexie interrupted, "Ohh boy....he is the one" and instantly kissed Kelli very passionately. Their tongues were as ancient warriors.......moving about in an unbelievable unison....touching and thrusting at each other. Lexie then grabbed Daniel's now incredibly hard cock and said to him,

"Stand up honey."

Daniel did as he was told and Lexie immediately undid his boots as Daniel kicked them off. She then pulled off his socks and said,

"The less the better."

Then, very slowly she undid his belt and pants....pulling them completely off. All that was left was his tight boxers which Lexie stared at while shaking her head back and forth with a smile. She then grabbed the very top with her teeth and pulled them all the way down and off. She then kneeled in front of Daniel with his hard, thick cock dangling right above her lips and looked at Kelli with a smile and said,

"Honey you were right."

She then proceeded to open her mouth and swallowed Daniel's whole cock. She kept sucking very deeply...each time slowly letting the whole shaft enter her hot warm mouth. It felt incredible!!!!!! Lexie was sucking as if she were waiting years just to SUCK HIS DICK!!!!!...and she didn't want to spend a second without it in her mouth.

As she was sucking intensely Kelli started to undress...and immediately Daniel became thrilled for underneath she bore the garb which Daniel truly loved. She wore shimmering see thru white stockings complete with black garters topped off by a black silky bra which made her breasts delectable. She was playing with herself - moaning as Lexie continued. Kelli said,

"Ohh baby...suck his cock!!! Suck his beautiful cock."

Lexie now was sucking like there was no tomorrow. She paused only to tell Kelli, "Ohhh baby thank you!! This cock is soo beautiful.....I can't wait for us to taste his cum."

And cum Daniel did shortly after - for there was no way he could hold out. He shot out what seemed as a gallon....which they both licked and swallowed as if his semen were medicine they were looking for and needed. They looked soo sexy eating his cum while making out with his cock between them.

Kelli then laid back on the bed, spread her legs and motioned for them both to approach. Lexie kissed Daniel passionately and asked him,

"DO you want to make our sweetheart cum?"

Daniel instantly shot over to Kelli but Lexie held him back and lovingly said,

"Not so fast sweetie. We are in no rush.....ladies are not like you...(while grabbing his cock) just up and down....we"

Lexie slowly crawled between Kelli's legs and started to lick and kiss the inside of her thighs. She said to Daniel,

"Every kiss, lick and piece matters. The more you please, the more intense she will cum."

Lexie then proceed to lick and eat Kelli's wet hot pussy. She was like a painter.....carefully selecting her strokes...looking for that special feel. She looked at Daniel and motioned for him to join in.

He and Lexie licked, sucked and pleasured Kelli together. She was soo wet that the two of them had wetness all over their faces.....but it was beautiful. When Kelli finally came it was incredible. She screamed in ecstasy as no other Daniel had ever heard.

For the rest of the night the three of them took oral turns........Kelli/Daniel on Lexie - Lexie/Kelli on Daniel - Daniel on Lexie while Kelli sucked Daniel, etc. The 6 hours in the hotel seemed like 6 minutes and they finally all lay together in each other's arms --- exhausted. Daniel thought to himself,

"Now that was special....I wonder what encounters we are in for now?"

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