The Best Erotic Stories.

Chapter II: The Second Virgin
by Java Male

Since the first time I introduced fucking to Rani, she turned out to be a very passionate young girl. I got her a bottle of birth-prevention pills, and we both studied the instruction. After that, we took every opportunity to enjoy each other's body. Sometimes we did it in front of a sex video tape, and she learned all the positions.

About two months after our first coupling, I went home from a trip to another city, and even before I saw Rani, I already had a hard-on - thinking about what awaits me at home. The house was empty, and I went straight to Rani's bedroom but right before I push open the door, I heard a conversation. I stopped and listened, wondering who she had in her room.


"...and then what happened?" I heard Rani asked.

"Well ... I tried my best to stay away from him whenever he's around."

"Why? Is he bad looking? Is he smelly?"

"Mmh, no ... actually not. ... But I'm afraid of him."

"But what did you feel when he's touching your breast?"

"Well ... ummh ... I don't know! I'm just scared. You will also be scared if you're in my place."

Rani giggle. "At first, yes. But afterwards, it's really wonderful!"

"What! You mean you were also touched?"

Rani giggle again. "Not only that, but also touched him. In fact, it was more than that and ... oh! ... it feels so good" Pause. I feel myself became more excited than before.

"Why don't you let him?" I heard Rani say. "Once you feel what it's like ...." Giggle. "Or ... would you like to try it with my tuan?" ['tuan' is master in Indonesian language].

I heard a squeak. "Oh, don't say that! I could die with embarrassment!" Giggle. "Ah! But I could tell that you are also excited!" Another squeak, then giggle.

"Mmmm... I'm curious, really. Back home I heard a lot from my parent's bedroom, and I wonder what it's like. That's all."

"Now, don't lie to me, Tik, you're more than just curious! We grew up together, remember?" Then I remember, it is Titik, a maid from the house at the end of the street.

"Well ... yeah ..." A sigh. "After my first blood, my breasts sometimes feels funny, and I sort of love touching them. But to let a man touch it ..."

That's all I need to hear! I take a few steps back, and stepping loudly I entered Rani's room. Rani had a look of surprise on her face, but Titik is really pale. Both say nothing.

"Hi ... Tik! Taking a time off?" I say, closing the door. "Well, Rani, shall we show her our little secret?" Rani giggled, and Titik got more pale. I pay no attention and hug and kiss Rani. After a while, I start massaging her breast through her clothes, and then start to undo her dress' buttons. I make her stand up, take her off her clothes, her bra and panties, and I laid her on the bed, and start sucking her breasts. Rani let out a gasp, and open her legs to my probing hands. I continue sucking her breasts, and then move to her belly, and opening her legs wide, I slurp at her cunt and Rani start to moan erotically.

All this happened quite fast and Titik could only sit there with her eyes wide and her mouth gaping open - although quite "busy" I never stop watching her with the tail of my eyes.

I stop suddenly, getting up and say, "Ah..., that's too nice to delay ... but we have a friend here, Rani. Do you think it's polite to ignore her?"

Rani opened her eyes sleepily, and her eyes shine with naughtiness, "Ahhhh ... not really. A guess should be served first." She lean on her elbows and look at Titik. "Come on, Tik. Oh, you won't regret it," she continue with a wicked smile.

Titik stammered, "I...I...I...d''t know! I...I...I'm scared."

I pulled Rani to a sitting position, got behind her, and massage her breasts with my hands, "Don't you think it's nice to have your breasts massaged like this?" I ran my tongue along Rani's neck, "Or to feel this on your neck?" I put a finger to Rani's cunt and rub her clit, "And I bet you are eager to know how to feel my finger here instead of your own ..." All the time both I and Rani stared at her.

She gulped and her eyes drop, saying nothing. I release Rani and move to Titik. Gently I take her hand in mine, lifting her chin with the other. She still close her eyes, but I notice her breath got quicker. I slowly kiss her lips, and after a while I flick my tongue inside her mouth. She gasp when I start to fondle her breasts in turn, and her body shake when I start to open her blouse.

I stop and say softly, "Come, let Rani do it," and pull her to the middle of the bed. Rani quickly complied and block my view with her own body. Off came the blouse, and then the skirt, and the bra, and the panties. Rani move away, and ... what a body! Meanwhile, I have taken all my clothes off.

I waste no time scaring her with my eyes, and start kissing her as gentle as I could - although I really want to spread her legs and enter her right then. I taste the inside of her mouth, trailed wet kisses on her neck, and spread saliva all over her upper breasts. She started to moan, and then ... dear me! Rani also start to kiss her on the back of her neck! I'm quite surprised that she can do something like that!

So we both explore Titik's body, and she moan, whimper and sigh with her breath becoming more and more quickened. Her body jolt from time to time. I don't know which of us excite her the most, and I'm sure she can't tell either.

Rani pulled her and make her lying on her back, and continue kissing her all over her face from above her head. I reach her vagina and start eating her in all my earnest. Titik really buck and shudder, and only after a few minutes, "Aaach...aaauf...aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...!" she climaxed for the very first time in her life.

I climb on top of her, taking my aim, and thrust my penis into her wet cunt. The orgasm has drained her energy, she is still 'up in the sky,' and her cunt is still full of her own juices, so she doesn't really feel the pain when I break through her hymen. But after I fully penetrated her, and she felt my weight on her, she suddenly realized herself, and the feeling came back. "Mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaahh, oooohhhh, mother...mmmmmphh" Rani closed her mouth on hers from above, and I start pumping. Titik's voice muffled by Rani's mouth, and erotic sounds come from both of them and I can feel Titik's hips start bucking back against mine. Very shortly she arch her back and climaxed for the second time.

I wait a few moments until her last spasm ended, moved up, kiss Rani, and I fell back with her on top of me, and she ride me wildly.

After we both climaxed, I kiss both of them, take my clothes, go to my own room taking a bath and drop off in a satisfied nap. My second virgin within two months.

To Be Continued..


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