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Exposing Janet
by Lacadie

Janet and I have been married for 20 years. From the time we started dating in high school, I've enjoyed the thought of exposing her to others.

She is 5'4", 100 lb, firm 34B tits, a nice thick bush, brown hair and eyes. She is a bit of an exhibitionist. She prefers I expose her, or 'accidental' exposure.

I started exposing her at the drive-in. We would be kissing and I would start to play with her. After her clothes were removed, she would insist I cover her with a blanket. As the night progressed, I would move the blanket and accidentally expose her to someone passing by.

After we got married, we would go for walks around town. She would wear a wrap-around skirt and hold my hand as we walked. When the wind blew her skirt open she couldn't grab it quickly because I was holding her hand. At first she wore regular panties, then started wearing a G-string. When I asked her to go without underwear, she said, "Maybe next time."

On a really warm day in July, we decided to go for a walk. She came out of the bedroom wearing a white blouse and a short pleated skirt. We went shopping and walked around town after. As we walked a gust of wind raised her skirt around her waist. She was holding my hand and carrying the shopping bag, preventing her from pulling her skirt down. I almost came in my pants when I saw that she was only wearing a garterbelt and nylons under her skirt. Her bush and ass were completely exposed to anyone who looked.

I began taking her for walks in a local conservation area. She would wear shorts, blouse and sneakers because the paths weren't wide or paved. During the first walk I took her shorts off. She was nervous because she wouldn't be able to put them back on quickly over her sneakers. The second time out I took her shorts and blouse off, leaving her in bra and, to my surprise, a G-string. I decided to push her on the next trip.

I took her shorts and blouse off before we left the car and locked them in the car. She walked away from the parking lot wearing just her bra, G-string and sneakers. As we walked I unhooked her bra and left it hanging of her shoulders. Then I pulled her G-string down a little, partially exposing her ass and bush. She kept telling me was very nervous and embarrassed, but didn't stop me or put her clothes back on. Next I took her bra off and put it in my pocket. Her face was flushed as she walked along wearing only her G-string and sneakers, but make no move to cover her tits. When I started to take her G-string off she looked at me and, "If we pass someone I'll be completely exposed." She was nervous, but I could see her nipples sticking out from her tits. When I felt her cunt, she was soaking wet. I had her carry a walking stick in one hand and I held her other hand. We walked around for three more hours, passing several people in our travels. I noticed a guy, off the trail, taking our picture. When I told her, I saw her nipples harden even more. That night she was insatiable in bed.

The next step was to expose her to someone we know. I began inviting a close, single, friend over for dinner. After a few weeks, Fred was having dinner with us 4 or 5 times a week. We would sit at the kitchen table talking as Janet washed the dishes. One night I turned to Fred and asked him, "Have you ever seen an ass as cute as hers?" He just looked at me, not sure how to reply. I said, "That wasn't a fair question, because you haven't seen her ass." I walked up behind Janet and lifted the leg of her shorts, partially exposing one cheek of her ass. Janet kept washing dishes, making no move to stop me or cover her ass. I looked down at her ass and said, "You still can't see her ass." I took hold of the waistband of her shorts and panties and pulled them down below her ass. Then I looked at Fred and said, "There, now you can see her ass. Isn't that the cutest ass you have ever seen?" Janet kept washing the dishes as I sat back down and we spent the next 20 minutes looking at her exposed ass. When Janet finished the dishes, she wiped the counter, bent over at the waist and pulled her shorts and panties up.

Every night Fred ate over, I would pull Janet's shorts and panties down, eventually taking them off, leaving her bottomless as she did the dishes. I let her get used to being bottomless in front of us for a few nights before progressing on, of off as the case may be. One night, after taking her shorts and panties off, I took hold of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Without saying a word, Janet lifted her arms over her head as I took her T-shirt off. She finished the dishes and counter wearing just her bra. The next night I removed her bra, leaving her completely nude.

During all this, Janet never protested or turned to face us, but was horny as hell in bed. After three days I decided to help her along. After stripping her, I put my arms around her and turned her to face Fred. I looked at his stunned face and asked, "Is that the cutest bush and pair of tits you've ever seen?" Janet stood there, blushing, with her soaping hands at her sides. She made no move to cover her tits and bush or to leave the room. After that episode, Janet routinely cleaned the dishes and kitchen nude.

After dinner, we usually went into the family room to watch TV for a few hours before Fred went home. One night Janet told me to keep an eye on Fred, but didn't go into details. We went into the family room and I sat in a chair next to the couch. Fred sat on one end of the couch and Janet lay across the rest with her feet next to Fred's legs. She was wearing a robe and had arranged a blanket over her as she watched. As the evening progress I noticed the blanket falling off. Eventually the blanket fell enough that I could see her robe was bunched up around her waist and she hadn't put her panties back on. Her ass was completely exposed and if was obvious that Fred had noticed also. I heard him moan and she asked him, "Do you like what you see?" When he replied that he did, Janet let the blanket fall to the floor and resumed watching TV.

Fred became more daring, as the night progressed, but that's another story.


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