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Exposing Janet Pt. II
by Lacadie

With Janet lying beside him exposing her ass and a little of her cunt and bush, Fred lost interest in watching TV. He wasn't sure how far he could go and just looked at her for a few minutes before tentatively resting his hand on her bare hip.

When Janet didn't react he began running his fingers over her hip, thigh and ass. At this point Janet looked at his hand than at him and smiled. At first he stopped rubbing, but when he saw her smile at him he returned the smile and continued rubbing.

Having, more or less, received the OK from Janet he concentrated on her ass, running his fingers over her entire ass. After a few moments he started to run his finger up and down the crack of her ass, stopping just short of her cunt. As he approached her cunt for the third time, Janet casually pulled her leg up, giving him better access to her cunt then looked at him and smiled. She then watched as Fred ran his finger down between her legs, along her cunt slit, up to her clit and back to the top of her ass. As he started back toward her cunt Janet asked, "Are you having a good time?" When Fred reached her cunt he began running her fingers through her bush and over her cunt lips. As he played with her cunt he looked at her and said, "Yes, you feel wonderful and I am enjoying feeling you." She watched him feel her cunt lips for a while than went back to watching TV. She told me later that she felt a little embarrassed because her cunt was wet and felt sure that he knew.

I could no longer see his hand between her legs. Janet told me that when she went back to watching TV Fred was playing with her cunt lips, moving his finger between them a little at a time. I saw her lift her leg a little and was told later, that he had slipped his finger into her cunt. She lifted her leg so he could penetrate her deeper.

I'd waited long enough and wanted to see what was going on. When I got up and walked over to them Fred got nervous and pulled his finger out Janet's cunt. I looked down and saw my wife lying there with her cunt exposed a smile on her face and a guilty look on his. I looked at Janet and said, "Since your letting him finger your cunt at least give him decent access." With that said I took hold of her legs, rolled her over onto her back and spread her legs as far as I could. Then I untied her robe and opened it completely so Fred could see her tits and nipples. I looked at Fred and said, "There, now you can see all of her while you play with her." Janet lay there looking down between her spread legs and watched as Fred slid his finger back into her cunt. TV was forgotten as Fred finger fucked my wife's cunt and I played with her tits and nipples.

Two guys playing with her at the same time was too much for her. Within a few minutes Janet had one of the largest orgasms of her life, tossing around on the couch for almost two full minutes before finally calming down.

She looked up at both of us with a smile and then looked at Fred's hard prick. Looking Fred in the eye she said, "You must be very uncomfortable. I'm not a prick teaser and since you have no one to take care of that for you it's not nice to send you home like that." She got off the couch, took her robe off and knelt between Fred's legs. As she maintained eye contact, she pulled his zipper down, reached into his pants and pulled his prick out. Still looking at him she leaned forward and licked the pre-cum of the head of his prick and then slid his prick into her mouth. She can suck a prick with the best of them and it didn't take long before Fred was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of a very large load of cum and then licked him clean. After Fred adjusted his clothes, Janet walked him to the door, still nude, and kissed him goodnight. She was still so horny that she almost fucked me to death, even fucking me again in the morning.

Fred was included in her public exposure and with two men giving her moral support she became a lot more daring.

We went back to the conservation area again, this time with Fred. Janet sat between us and stripped to bra and panties as soon as we left the house. Fred knew of our previous trips and told Janet to leave her bra and panties in the car when we got to the parking lot. She hesitated for a second before stripping and walking away from the car. We walked around the area for about two hours. Janet was nude the entire time and was seen by about a dozen people. When we returned to the car we were all horny. Janet gave Fred a blowjob, while he sat in the car with his legs out the open door and swallowing his cum. Then she gave me a blowjob while Fred finger fucked her. We came at about the same time and she swallowed her second load of cum.

We decided to go to a restaurant for lunch and left. Janet rode nude to the restaurant. We told her to leave her bra and panties in the car. She got out of the car and put her short skirt on. Then she put her blouse on, tying it in a bow, under her tits, leaving all the buttons open.

Janet drew a lot of stares as were walked through the restaurant to our table. We sat in a booth, with Janet between us, facing the restaurant. We no sooner sat down than I noticed Fred reach under the table. I glanced down and watched as he pulled her skirt up to her waist, slid his hand between her legs and started playing with her cunt. Janet just kept reading the menu as though this was perfectly normal. As I read the menu I reached over and pulled the ties of her blouse. I felt her tense up a little as I undid the bow and her blouse opened slightly. Janet sat there with her tits partially exposed and Fred finger fucking her as the waiter took our order. He had trouble concentrating on the job at hand.

We left her alone, as we ate our dinner, but she did not adjust her clothes. As she ate she would move around causing her blouse to open a little more each time. By the time we finished eating both of her nipples were just visible. I felt her cunt about half way through dinner and was not surprised to find her soaking wet. We paid the bill and left the restaurant. On the way out Janet pulled her skirt down and her blouse closed. She didn't button it, just left it hanging, her tits partially exposed, as she walked out. As we walked across the parking lot to our car, Fred reached over and took her blouse off. She didn't object and continued walking to the car topless. About 40 feet from the car I stopped her and took her skirt off. She smiled at both of us and slowly walked to the car.

We drove Fred back to his apartment; Janet rode nude the entire way. After we parked the car Janet got out, leaving her clothes in the car, and walked nude into the building and to his front door. We sat in his living room having a drink and talking for a half-hour before deciding it was late and should leave for home. Janet walked over to Fred, unfastened his pants and pulled his prick out. She bent over and proceeded to give him a blowjob, wiggling her ass at me indicating she wanted to be finger fucked. After Fred came in her mouth and she swallowed all of it, she walked to the car, still nude. She rode home nude and told me to carry her clothes as she walked into the house. She had a small orgasm at Fred's apartment, but it was not enough. Again I thought she was going to fuck me to death, not calming down until almost daybreak.

During the week Fred would come over for dinner 3 or 4 times. We would have dinner, clean the kitchen and usually watch a movie on TV. Janet was always nude the entire time. Fred would play with her cunt while she lay on the couch. Janet always made a point of being dressed when Fred arrived. I asked her why she would her clothes on, if she were nude, before he walked in. She told me that she could tell from the look in his eye that he enjoyed stripping her and she got a thrill from being stripped by someone other than her husband. Since I enjoyed him stripping her also, I would let her know when he arrived. Janet would always give Fred a blowjob before he left. She said it wasn't fair to arouse him and then send him home to jerk himself off. I just wondered when Fred would decide that a blowjob wasn't enough and would want more.

Janet was really getting into exposing herself. She would sit between us, nude, while we went through drive-in windows. We showed her how to use the gas pumps so she could fill the car, at least bottomless, if not nude. She very rarely wore clothes in the car.

We decided to take a mini vacation the third weekend in July. We booked a hotel room up north, one room with two beds. Janet walked out to the car wearing just a long T-shirt that Fred gave her. As we left the driveway, Fred took the shirt off and Janet rode nude. She flashed every truck we passed and a few buses, not putting the shirt back on until we arrived. As we rode the elevator to our floor, Fred took her shirt off again and put it in his pocket. When the doors opened a younger couple were standing there. They smiled and said hello as Janet walked by them and down the hall to our room completely nude.

As Fred and I put the suitcases down, Janet held up the ice bucket and said, "I'd like a drink but this is empty." Fred said, "Why don't you go and get some ice?" "You want me to go down the hall nude?" "Yes, we'll watch from a distance, just in case." She walked out of the room and started down the hall. About four doors from our room she turned and asked us where the ice machine was. We didn't know and told her she would have to find it. She walked to the end of the hall and reversed direction when the machine wasn't there. We were walking behind her and saw a sign by the elevators that the ice machine was down one floor and at the end we were walking toward. We waited until she was the end of the hall before telling her. She looked at us and then opened the door and started down the stairs. She waited at the bottom telling us to go first and check the hall. We held her hands as we entered the hall. The ice machine was around the corner and Janet started filling the bucket. I heard a male voice saying that he was going for ice and waved Fred back into the stairway, leaving Janet alone. Holding the door open a little we watched the stranger walk around the corner and heard him say "Well Hello, very nice to see you." We heard Janet say "Oh, excuse me, I have to go." He said, "Don't leave on my account, I think you are very pretty. Relax, I'm not going to call the hotel." Janet had come around the corner by now and we could see her. She stopped and said, "Thank you. This was a dare from my husband and his friend. I'm not sure if I'm feeling embarrassed or foolish." "Don't feel either, you are a refreshing sight after a day of traveling, or anytime for that matter." "I'd better be going, thank you for your compliments, I have enjoyed meeting you."

She came into the stairway with a big smile on her face. Fred reached between her legs, looked at me and said, "She is soaking wet." We followed her back to the room where she gave Fred a blowjob while I mixed the drinks. After she swallowed Fred, I said, "Fred, excuse us for a moment." I took her over to the bed and fucked her, dropping my cum in her cunt.

As I got off the bed Fred walked over and stood next to the bed looking down at Janet. Seeing his prick sticking out in front of him, Janet looked up at him and said, "Horny again I see. My cunt is a mess, but my mouth is tired, so if you don't mind a sloppy cunt be my guest." Fred looked surprised, but as I stood there and watched, he got on top of her, slipped his prick into her dripping cunt and began pumping her. Finally fucking her, after all this time, got to him and he didn't last long. Within a few minutes he added his load of cum to mine, kissed her and thanked her as he climbed off. I knew the night wasn't over because Janet had only had small orgasms during all this, not enough to satisfy her.

A top quality story by Lacadie.
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