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Elizabeth My Love
by Tommi

We were going to school. It was a seminar pertinent to our business. Five of us from work, Jack, Loren, Michelle, Rene and I. Me, I am the boss. Rene and I were last in line entering the school building. The sidewalk was icy and Rene slipped. I grabbed her from behind and kept her from falling. The back of her head was pressed against my waist. I lifted her to her feet and realized as I was letting go of her that I had lifted her by her breasts. She turned to me, this twenty-three year old red-haired woman with the face and body of a model who I had always been so proper around, with a smile on her face and said, "Did you enjoy fondling my breasts?"

I was shocked. I thought she would thank me for helping her. She was accusing me of improperly touching her. "You should apologize for your behavior" she said still smiling at me. I thought she was only teasing me and started to relax a little when she pulled her glove off, handed it to me and said "hold this till I ask you for it." Then she slapped my face. With a smile, without a word, she turned and walked into the school building.

I was shocked. I just stood there holding her glove unsure what to do. I entered the school room. The instructor had started his lecture. I sat in the back never hearing a word. I looked at Rene, but she never looked my way. I stared at her for the duration of the lecture. I hadn't done anything wrong, but I felt so guilty and so confused... When the seminar ended my group gathered in the hallway discussing the subject of the lecture and how we could apply it to our business. We went out to Loren's van. Rene sat up front. I was behind her and stared at the back of her head all the way back to our office. I retreated to my office to think, but nothing came to me.

I decided the only thing to do was to apologize to Rene. I went to her office but she wasn't there. Her secretary said that she had left work right after we got back from the seminar. I returned to my office and tried to concentrate on work, but I glanced at the glove laying on the corner of my desk. I could not concentrate on anything. I kept looking at her glove. A little before five Rene entered my office and stood in front of my desk. I started to apologize to her and tell her it had been an accident that I was trying to help her. She said "shush". I was startled but stopped talking and waited for her. She walked to the door and closed it.

My eyes were glued to her swaying ass and I was growing hard. She laid a sheet of paper in the center of my desk.. It said go to Rothchildes at the mall and buy the largest bottle of Opium perfume they have. Go to the lingerie department and buy stock number A60695. Go to Jackson's Wine Cellars on Boniventure Avenue and buy a bottle of Bollinger RD Champagne. Go to your home. Your wife is waiting for you. She turned and walked to the door. I had to say something. I lamely said she had forgotten her glove. She turned and smiled at me and said, "Leave it on the corner of your desk till I ask you for it." She turned and left my office. I was more confused now than before. What the hell was going on? What was with this insane shopping list? In utter confusion I decided to go home.

In my car as I pulled into traffic I turned right. It was the wrong way. I lived in the other direction. I was headed to the mall. I didn't know why. I pulled into the mall found Rothchildes, bought the perfume, and blushingly bought the incredibly beautiful sheer black neglige as I was told. Back in the car I sat wondering why I had just spent seven hundred and fifty dollars on these gifts. Were they for Elizabeth, my wife, or was I supposed to give them to Rene. In a daze I made my way to Boniventure Avenue and bought the bottle of wine as I was told. I don't even want to mention what that cost. I headed for home. I had never felt such humiliation in my life as this day had brought. I pulled into the circle drive in front of our big stone house and entered the front door.

Elizabeth was reading in the living room. She was her lovely, perfectly groomed self. It felt so good to be home, to be safe, to have the madness end, that I greeted her loudly and rushed to kiss her. Elizabeth ignored my greeting and gave me an expressionless look and asked "you have some things for me, don't you." I was plummeting into confusion again. I tried to speak but no words came to me. Elizabeth said "I do not want you to speak, not a word. Take the wine to Marie in the kitchen. Lay out the neglige on my bed. Disrobe completely and put your clothes away. Run me a bath, and wait for me in the bathroom."

I stood riveted to the floor unable to speak, unable to think. Elizabeth returned to her book and without looking at me said "you may go." I walked in a trance to the kitchen and gave Marie, our cook, the wine. She didn't greet me as she usually does with a "Hi Mr. B." I went up the stairs to our room laid the lingerie on her bed, she had said "her bed", undressed, put my clothes in my closet, and entered the bath. I started the water and added bath oil to it. I got a fluffy towel from the linen closet and put it on the warming bar. I waited. Was Elizabeth furious with me? Obviously Rene had spoken to her. Had she been here. What had she told Elizabeth. I would have to set the story straight. Elizabeth would believe me. I had done nothing improper. I waited.

After what must have been an hour, Elizabeth entered the bedroom. I heard the sounds of her undressing. She entered the bath naked, looking like a queen. At forty-three she still had a beautiful figure, slim with lovely hips and small breasts still high and firm. Her brown hair done up on top of her head and a full copse of lovely brown hair on her mound. Without a word she held out her hand for me to help her enter the bath. She settled into the steaming water that rose to the level of her nipples. "Wash me" she said.

I was surprised again but I quickly responded moistening a cloth and lathering it and gently washed the leg she held above the water. I washed from her toes to her hip. She lowered her leg and raised the other one. I repeated my duty. I washed her neck and chest working down to her mound. She held out her hand to me and I helped her rise. She stood with legs apart and I gently washed her mound and between her thighs. I washed her labia most gently. She turned around and I washed her back and her beautiful ass getting deep into her cleft. She turned and gave me her hand and I helped her lower into the bath to rinse her body. She sat back with a sigh and closed her eyes. I waited. My member had grown to full erection. I had never felt this stimulated, this turned on in my life. I had no idea what was happening, what was coming next, but I knew this was terribly important to me. I was touched deep within my being and I knew I needed this even though I didn't know what it was.

Elizabeth soaked for half an hour, then opening her eyes she held her hand out to me and I helped her to rise and exit the bath. I held her towel to her but she just stood there until I started to dry her as gently as I could. She sat on the edge of the tub. I had to kneel to dry her legs. She said "put a new blade in your razor and bring your shaving cream." I rushed to get them. She said "shave me." I knelt between her outstretched legs and lovingly lathered her mound. I removed her hair carefully not wanting to cut her. I rinsed the remaining cream and she said "do it again." I repeated my task. She stood and walked to the counter and bent at the waist to lean her elbows on it. She said "shave my ass." I did. Twice. When she was clean without a hair on her sex or back side she handed me a bottle of oil. I massaged it into the areas I had just shaved. When I finished she turned to face me looking down into my eyes. She said "open your mouth." I did. She moved forward till her parted lips filled my mouth. I didn't dare lick her. She hadn't told me to. She peed in my mouth. I swallowed to keep up with her increasing flow. I didn't spill any. It made me feel very proud and very excited, without any humiliation.

When she finished she said "dry me with your tongue." I did. She turned and walked into the bedroom. She said "clean up in here" as she walked through the door. I quickly emptied the tub and dried it with the towel. I wiped up the hair that had fallen on the floor from shaving her. My mind was in turmoil. My wife who had rarely allowed oral sex had just peed in my mouth. She hadn't asked. She showed no sign of embarrassment. She had quietly commanded me, and I obeyed. The head of my member was wet. If she touched my cock it would explode. My chores were finished but I was uncertain about leaving the bathroom.

Elizabeth called me. She was still naked standing by the bed with a wistful far away look in her eyes. "Get the perfume. Put it behind my ears, between my breasts, on the inside of my thighs, and behind my knees. Dress me," she said. I picked up the sheer black night gown and lowered it over her raised arms. I gently smoothed it till it clung naturally to her body. I held the robe and she entered it. She walked to the Wingback chair by the fireplace and sat down. She crossed her legs and looked at me. She said "fetch my book from the living room. Tell Marie to serve supper in here. Then return."

I entered the hall and started down the stairs. I stopped abruptly. I was naked. I had a raging erection that was dripping wet. I had to go talk to the cook in this condition. Humiliation washed over me. Could I do this. The answer came to me in a flash of insight. It didn't matter if I was embarrassed I needed to do what I was told to do. There was no free will but I did have the will to obey my wife's instructions. I walked into the kitchen. Marie seemed a little surprised but said nothing as I gave her Elizabeth's instructions. I fetched her book and quickly returned to the bedroom to be close to her again. She took her book and pointed at the floor by her feet. I kneeled beside her sitting back on my haunches. She read her book.

Marie found us in this unusual position when she entered with the tray. She didn't look surprised to see my wife fully exposed in her lingerie, or me kneeling naked at her feet. Elizabeth arose and went to the table. She seated herself as Marie removed the cover from the dish. There was only one dish. Elizabeth called me and said " under the table" I crawled under the table in front of my wife and our servant. Marie poured a glass of the Champagne for Elizabeth. Elizabeth took a small sip and started to eat. She said "lift my gown and lick me as I eat." I did. Starting slowly to kiss and gently lick her labial lips until they opened then gently and slowly licking the soft tender folds of skin that lined the walls of her moist crevice. I gently uncovered her hardening clitoris and licked it lovingly. She reached her hand under the table and put a piece of food in my mouth. I chewed it, swallowed, and resumed my service.

Marie stood next to the table through the entire meal. My wife achieved one orgasm during dinner. When she was finished with dinner Marie took the tray out. The two women said goodnight to each other.

After dinner Elizabeth returned to her chair and later to her bed. I continued my oral duties throughout. After her fifth orgasm Elizabeth told me to turn out the light. I covered her and unsure without instructions lay down on the floor beside her bed. I lay awake all night reliving the incredible day in my mind. About three Elizabeth rose from the bed and lifted my head from the floor into her open sex and peed in my mouth. I licked her to dry her and she returned to her bed and her slumber. At six she asked if I were awake. Not knowing if I should speak I rose to my knees beside her bed. She said "go wake Marie. Relieve her. Bathe her. Shave her. Give her oral satisfaction if she wants it. Lick her ass thoroughly. Dress her. Wait until she has the coffee ready and bring me a cup." I started toward the door, but she stopped me saying, "Come here." I stood beside the bed and she reached up and pulled my head to hers. She kissed me gently on the lips and released me. My heart exploded with love for this woman. I went to wake Marie with a smile on my face.


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