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Eagle's Nest Pt. III
by MorningStar

I could feel the heat from his body on my back, and the soft brush of his breath on my skin, as his head lowered to sample the smooth line between my neck and shoulders. "Let me keep you warm, Jessie" he murmured between licks and nibbles to my flesh.

"Nighthawk?", my voice quivered a little. The way his hands were caressing my arms while his mouth traced lazy patterns on my back above the towel, I wasn't very steady on my feet anymore. It was all I could do to say his nickname loud enough for him to hear me.

"Yes love?" he queried in return. "Have you been enjoying your stay so far Jessie? I want you to have fun while you're learning how to let go of your fears. Learn to enjoy life's pleasures. There's more for you to enjoy, but I couldn't stand not being a part of it with you. I had to come out and hold you." All this was told to me while my senses were set on fire with his mouth and hands. Each movement of his tongue gliding across my neck, trailing up to my ear and back down again, was sending shivers down my spine. A lick, a comment, another lick and then a nibble with his soft lips, I started to lean back into him more as my body relaxed. "That's it baby, let me please you. Do you like the way my mouth is exploring?"

"Mmmmmhummm, I do," I said. "Very much."

Gently guiding me toward the couch, Nighthawk sat down and pulled me into his lap. I was finally meeting my mentor. I sat within the curve of his right arm and dropped my eyes. Why was I embarrassed? I couldn't look him in the face. This man knew too many of my secrets. I was sitting, wrapped in nothing but a towel, in a man's lap, in an isolated mountain cabin. What the hell was I doing? This wasn't anything like the Jessica I was in real life. Or was it? I didn't know who I was anymore. His fingertip traced the line of my jaw, softly touching, slowly raising my lowered head until he cupped my chin within the palm of his hand. "Jessie, my name is Nathaniel Hawkins, and you're on my mountain peak named Eagle's Nest. Darling, don't hide from me. Look at me love and see how my eyes talk to you. Please?"

Because of the pleading I heard in his voice, and the sincerity in his touch, I raised my face to find myself lost in the depths of his brown eyes as they seemed to search my soul. His hand moved to the back of my head, tipping my face upwards even more. His smile broadened when I didn't resist. I reached my trembling hand to his face, wanting to make sure he was real and I hadn't fallen asleep, dreaming like so many times before. I stroked his cheek with my thumb as my fingers traced the trimmed beard covering his strong jaw line. Offering no resistance to my touch, he let me trace the outlines of his face as I memorized the feel and textures of his skin, eyebrows, lips. Lips that were firm and soft at the same time, full and inviting. When I moved my fingertip across the line separating them, he opened his mouth and took the finger inside to suck at it gently, running his tongue against the length of it, then nipping it softly before releasing it again so I could continue the journey. Learning more about him. I grew bolder as he started to moan softly. Was I really doing this to him? He sounded pleased with what I was doing to his face.


"Mmmhum. Yes dear?"

"Can I call you Nat?" I asked as my hand moved to his hair and I started to run my fingers through it, marveling at the silky texture of the dark brown, wavy locks.

"Of course Jessie, that's what my friends call me. But I want you to be more than a friend. I want to hear you call out my name when you can't stand it anymore and you need to have me."

Oh my god, the man was talking about more than sitting on his lap wasn't he? The arm wrapped around me moved up my side and rested below my breast. Never releasing my head with his other hand, he watched my face as he slowly loosened the towel. "Sweetheart, do you have any idea how hard it was for me to watch you in the shower and not join you? I wanted nothing more than to stand behind you and let my hands mirror what your own were doing to your body. I made myself watch, when all I wanted to do was touch that rosy skin and discover for myself how soft is was. You're driving me crazy sitting here so close when all I have to do to get my wish is move a piece of material like this...." The towel dropped from covering my breasts and laid pooled around my hips. Cool air touched the nipples that were already hard from the spell he'd woven with his words. His eyes never broke contact with mine, as his hand cupped under my breast and held it's weight within his warmth. "Jessie, they're lovely. Why do you fret over them?" Before I could list the multitude of reasons I never felt comfortable about the fullness of my chest, his finger and thumb grasped the nipple and started rolling it slowly.

" Aaahhhhhh....." I moaned. "That feels wonderful."

The glint in his eyes betrayed his next move as he stood us both up. Grabbing the oversized pillows and throwing them on the soft carpet in front of the fireplace, Nat had me lie down amongst them. I felt like a girl in a harem, nestled between their support with the sultan of pleasure kneeling before me. "Now love, I want you to lie still and enjoy this. As I touch each part of you, I want you to concentrate on that area alone for a bit. Ok?" "Ok" I answered as I snuggled deeper into the softness surrounding me. He ran his hands up under the calf of my left leg and started to massage the muscle. He placed the ball of my foot against his shoulder. Turning his head, his lips touched my ankle and suckled it for a minute before using his tongue to trace a trail up to my knee. Difficult as it was to isolate one sensation, I began to concentrate on what his tongue was doing. The little licks followed by warm breath to dry the moistness caused my hips to wiggle. Nat paused to look up at me and smile. "That's it baby, you're getting the idea" he grinned as he returned to lick around my knee again. Propping that leg with a pillow underneath for support he settled between my open thighs. Taking the flat of his hand he rubbed my thigh from knee to hip then took a finger tip to trace circles around the to the back of my leg. His shoulder was pressed against my center, a place no other human had touched but me. Here was a man lying there like he owned that spot. The more I thought about this the more I was amazed I wasn't afraid. I glanced down to the where his head was now lying on my stomach. He rubbed the side of his head on my soft skin and let his fingers continue to move across my thigh and hip.

Rising on his elbow to change positions, I noticed the shoulder of his shirt was damp. When the air hit that spot it must have cooled. He looked at his shoulder, grinned a little and sat up. I felt like something was missing from my body when he moved back and started to unbutton his shirt. "Oh my sweet Jessie," he purred as he stripped the shirt from his shoulders and pulled it from his jeans. "Look how you respond to such a simple touch. What will you do when I kiss you there I wonder?" My eyes opened in wonder and anticipation. How would I react? No one had ever seen as much of me as he was gazing at now, let alone touch me or kiss me. I blushed at the thought of his mouth working his magic between my legs. "But not yet darling," he teased when he lifted my other leg and put pillows under that knee. Once again the slow movements of hands, mouth and tongue relaxed and then tensed my body. Constantly moving up higher toward the juncture of my thighs, Nat teased my body slowly, letting the sensations build, never reaching the place that was starting to ache sweetly, always moving back away before the contact was made. It was a torture I wasn't sure I would be able to survive. I could feel something happening within my nether region. There was a molten, liquid heat building with each of his touches. When he looked at that place, my stomach clinched tight and I moaned out loud. "Oh yessssssssss, come on sweetheart. Don't fight the feelings, let them wash over you when I looking at that swollen love spot of yours. I want to touch it Jessie. It's wet baby. You're wet and you're oh so hot right now aren't you?"

"YES. Nat help me!! I don't know what's happening," I cried. "Don't worry baby, I'll be here helping you all the time" he said as he grabbed both my legs and laid them down between the pillows, pressing them together. The pressure I felt inside intensified when I realized I couldn't move because his hands were on my hips and his chest on my legs. He rubbed against me a little and grinned as he started to lick my stomach. "Not yet Jessie. Just a little gasm love." Rising up above me slowly, Nat quickly flipped me over on my stomach and pressed my hips into the pillow beneath me. My clit touched the pillow and I realized how good it felt. Without any instruction from my mentor, I started rubbing myself against the pillow as my hips rocked and tilted into the surface under me. He leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Go with it sweetheart."

The tip of his tongue covered the top of my ear and slowly followed the contours to the inside canal. As he started to push his tongue in and out of my ear, my pussy contracted in rhythm and I groaned in release. I couldn't stop the current of energy as it flowed through me. Tongue in and out, pussy grabbing and relaxing and the two were miles apart physically, but mentally they were connected. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, yessssssss", I screamed into the pillow as I let the waves overcome my consciousness and the fluids within me flowed from deep within my body.

Ragged breaths and tense muscles were all I could feel at first afterwards. Warm oil drizzled over my back and warm, strong hands began to kneed the tension from my body. As I started to quiet myself, I realized the music was still playing softly. His hands moved to the melody of the piano's arpeggio's, running like flowing streams of a mountain creek, across my back and shoulders, down my body to my legs and feet. When the flutes and violins joined into the counter melodies, his hands moved back up my body and out over my arms and hands. Always moving, relaxing the fresh tension away, his hands never lost contact with my flesh. "Let my hands heat heal your soul for now Jessie. You've had your first orgasm but you're not done yet. I want to show you how much you have inside. Calm yourself for now and listen to the music. That's it lover, relax." Brushing the hair from my neck, Nathaniel started once again to kiss my skin, but it wasn't enough for me now. I wanted more than that. Feigning discomfort from the position I was in, I stretched my arms above my head for a second so he would sit back a little. When he did, I rolled over on my back once again and reached out for him. He took my two hands within his and pinned them above my head as he straddled my waist.

"What is it you think you're going to do little one? This is my lesson for you."

"Nat, I want to hold you close. Pleeeeeaseee?" I started to beg.

"Mmmmm, not yet sweetheart."

With that, he held me with one hand and used the other to unzip his pants. I stared, fascinated, as he slowly released the bulge pushing against the zipper. "Now be a good girl and don't move an inch," he instructed as he stood and let his jeans drop to his ankles and stepped out of them. Bending over to pick them up and toss them on the couch, I was given time to watch the play of muscles across his chest and thighs. Nicely proportioned from top to bottom, he wasn't skinny, but had an appearance of strength about him. I'm sure that time had softened him somewhat, but all I could see was perfection at the moment, and I thrilled at the thought of being able to touch his skin soon. Standing with his legs on each side of mine, he looked down at my face, reading my thoughts as he tucked his thumbs in the waist band of his briefs. "Jessica, if you had any doubts about your abilities of arousing a man, look what you've done to me." I was looking. I was astonished at my first sight of a man's body as he slipped the cotton over the head of his shaft and released it for my viewing pleasure. My god, what a glorious picture he presented in the flesh. His length and breadth were a bit terrifying to see and it must have shown in the widening of my eyes. Chuckling out loud as he once again lowered himself over my waist, he gently told me, "Don't worry sweetheart, it'll fit when the time comes. Trust me"

To Be Continued...

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