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Eagle's Nest Pt. IV
by MorningStar

Trust me, he says. What choice did I have in this position? The man was straddling my waist with his knees barely touching my sides, his shaft was pointing toward my rising breasts, his sac was just brushing my stomach. All I wanted to do is touch him, but he had my hands locked above my head and I couldn't reach anything. All I could do was feel the heat emanating from his body. I tried to raise my hips but he wouldn't let me do that for long. He just shook his head and lowered his mouth to my face again. Oh that tongue of his as it traveled across my brow, licking the perspiration from it. When he started to nibble around my eyes and cheeks, I could feel that tension, that heat building again.

"Mmmmmmm, yessssssssss" I purred. Down the face, under the chin and back up the other cheek and eye, he slowly devoured me. I wanted him to find my mouth and let me taste him, but he had his own time schedule and was doing things to me I couldn't resist. That tongue, oh that warm, wet tongue, sliding over my face was ecstasy in itself. It moved and traced my upper lip's outline from left to right, before doing the reverse on the bottom lip. My mouth opened, searching for the invasion of his tongue. Nat lifted his head from mine to look at my pleading eyes.

"What darling? What do you want?" he whispered quietly.

"Kiss me. Pleeeeeease, kiss me" I whimpered.

"Like this?" Nathaniel captured my mouth with his and thrust his tongue inside. He continued licking my teeth, running his tongue between them and the inner surface of my lips, licking the inside of my cheeks, then nudging my teeth to part so he could rub his tongue against mine. He was attacking my mouth like he had attacked my neck and earlobes earlier. When he realized I was breathing harder beneath his chest, he trust his tongue deeply down the back of my throat and just held it there as he pressed his erection against my pelvis. I could feel the curl of his tongue trace a path from the back of my mouth, across the roof of it to my lips.

A single point of contact within my mouth, finally exiting at the same time as he started rocking his hips into me and rubbing the shaft of his cock on the triangle of hair above my pussy. I was on fire again and as soon as I thought I had him locked into a rhythm, he changed tunes, just like the music from the CD player. I sighed a little in frustration. My body kept telling me there was more to this sex thing and I wasn't getting it all yet, but my brain knew that the Hawk hovering over me with his wings spread around me, would fly me higher still, until I crested at the mountain's peak.

"What are you thinking Jessie?" he asked as he moved his body lower down mine. He rested on his elbows and started to lick my chest slowly. From the hollow of my throat, down between my breasts, he blazed a new trail of passion and excitement.

"I'm trying to think about the music I'm listening too, and I'm trying desperately not to pay attention to what you're doing. Mmmmmm," I tried to sound convincing with my reply, but when he took his teeth and nipped the skin under my breast, I 'yipped' out in surprise.

"Trying to ignore this huh?", Nat laid the flat of his tongue along the underside of my left breast and slathered across to my right one, circling from bottom to top and underneath once again. Making concentric, smaller circles he moved closer and closer to the nipple, gradually pointing his tongue again so only a small area was kissed. Before he reached the peaked flesh, he stopped, looked up at me, and smiled that devilish grin again. I was learning that meant he wasn't going to give me what my body craved. Head dipping down once more, he repeated that slow wet path on my left breast, moving from the outside to the hard tip and again, he didn't satisfy my needs.

Instead he kissed the sides of my body as he released my hands and placed his on my hip and stomach. Large, strong hands warmed my skin and started exploring on their own paths across my hips, stomach and breasts. Fingers pressed into the flesh of my hips and I couldn't stop my body's actions. With each gentle squeeze of his hands, my hip pushed against the touch, rocking, tilting, searching always searching for his warmth. I started to moan softly, deep throated sounds I'd never heard coming from myself before. Sounds that seemed to start from the same place I felt that heat inside.

"That's it baby, let it flow from inside you. Feel it building? Feel the heat of my hands fueling the embers within you?" Nathaniel never stopped what he was doing with his hands and mouth for long to talk. Body language was taking over for us. I was learning to let my body show him where to touch and I was beginning to arch beneath him, making it harder for him to go slowly. He slid down lower and forced his shoulders between my thighs again. With a gentle breath, he blew warm air between the folds of my pussy.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....oh my gawd" I jumped when he started to pay attention to the area so long denied . With outspread fingers he separated the flesh between my legs and gazed at the newly shaved pinkness I knew was exposed. Once again he blew gently against my skin, drying the moisture there. "Jessie, it's lovely down here. I wish you could see how pretty your pussy is right now. It's swollen and pushing toward my tongue. Are you trying to find something love? What is it you want darling? Tell me what you want me to do", he purred against my thigh as he tipped his head and nipped at the soft flesh there.

"Nathaniel, if you don't show me how it feels to have my pussy licked and sucked and nibbled on, I'm gonna scream!!!" I was withering underneath his body. There wasn't a nerve fiber not on fire and I needed something. I didn't know what it was. "Nat, please do something. I don't know what I need anymore. Show me. NOW! I'm dying here. Help me pleeeeease...."

"Oh baby, I'm going to help you cum like you didn't know you could," and with that he probed his tongue into my slit, moving from the bottom to the top. He capped his mouth around my clit and pulled it into his mouth to suckle it, circle it, flick it with his tongue and suckle it again. My stomach tightened, my back arched and I could feel the warm liquid honey pour out between my spread lips. Nat groaned as it started and pushed his face tighter against my body, lapping his tongue to capture every drop. The sound of his moans echoed my own and intensified my spasms, releasing more juice. Never raising his head, I felt first one finger at the entrance of my wet canal. Slow insertions, thrusting further each time, as I pushed down, he pushed his finger in deeper, stretching me wider. Then two fingers, stroking within me, curling up against the top and finding a place that sent electrical shocks through me. He sat up between my thighs, never removing his fingers, constantly sliding them in and out, in and out, deeper each time. "Cum on baby, that's it, push against me, now pull up....that's it yesssssss god look at you....feel how wet you are...."

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss ....." I screamed out, thrashing my head from pillow to pillow. My Nighthawk was still flying me higher and when he started to suck my clit again I exploded into a million little flashes of light. I soared over the peak of the mountain and floated out into space as the darkness closed in around my brain. I wasn't sure how long I drifted in my pleasure, but soon I felt his healing hands rubbing my torso and legs again. Warmth greeted this weary traveler as I started to become aware of my surroundings again. I was lying on a bed now. How did I get here I wondered. Butterfly kisses on my eye lids, nibbles on my face, hands roaming up and down my tingling flesh. I smiled to myself at the revelation of my sexuality discovered. I smiled when I felt his hard shaft caressing my inner thigh. I smiled as I opened my legs to him, and I smiled when I opened my eyes and let him see the glow they gave out. My wetness lay a warm path of entry for his manhood and I wanted it's warmth and strength inside me.


"Yes Jessie"

"Finish this lesson please?"

"Baby it's too soon. You're still tender."

"Nat, finish this lesson"

"Are you sure sweetheart? I don't want to hurt you"


"Yes love?"

"Trust me"

To Be Continued...

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