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Eagle's Nest Pt. V
by MorningStar

Nathaniel wasn't too sure of what I asked of him. I could see it in his face, the concern for my comfort, but at this point in time, that with all he'd been doing to me the last couple of hours I knew it had been just a prelude to something greater. I reached up and cupped his face in my hands, gently thumbing his jaw. Pressing his head to my stomach, I reached to the back of his head and started to massage along his spine and across his shoulders. He nuzzled into my flesh as I lifted my hips and rotated them beneath him. Turning his face, he kissed my tummy softly and started to move up my body once again. As he continued the upward journey, I felt that warm moisture start to seep between my thighs . I had no idea if this was normal or not, but it felt good. If I had learned nothing else in this lesson of his, I'd learned that when something felt good, don't fight the feeling. Soon his arms were wrapped around me in a tight squeeze. He moved so his left leg, lay over my hip and he deftly lifted me up and lay under me again.

"Baby, are you sure? You should rest, unwind a little." he told me sweetly. I had my own plans and now was the time to put some of my fantasies into play. I was just a little unsure how to do it. Yes, I'd read tons of books on the subject. There weren't many romance novels I hadn't read over the last 15 years, but reading how someone makes love, and doing it yourself are two very different subjects. If only I could remember the better action scenes I'd read and put them into motion here. Motion, that's what was needed. Movement, a person doesn't just lie still. They can't lie still and be enjoying the physical side of things. But damn, it's not just physical anymore. Nat had shown me a lot of the physical pleasures, but my mind was involved too. "Penny for your thoughts Jessica. I can see the wheels turning in your pretty little head. What's the matter ?" Nat was much too good at reading my expressions.

"I don't know what to do to make you feel like you made me feel. I feel sooo..mmmmmm...I don't know...I feel crude...awkward...", my head dropped again. His arms wrapped tightly around me as he held me to his chest. My ear rested above his heart. I could hear the beat of it slowing a bit. Had I done that to him, made his heart race like mine had? Unconsciously I started to kiss the spot where it beat. He sighed. I was encouraged. I kissed it some more and placed my tongue on his skin. Mmmmmmmm, a salty but a nice flavor and I found I wanted more of it. I moved my face and kept searching as I licked across his chest. Without thinking I licked his nipple and he flinched as I circled the tip of my tongue around it. This was fun. I grinned to myself. Nat wasn't immune to me after all. With that notion in mind, I mimicked what he had done to me. I licked then nibbled across his peck muscles. Before too long, it was he wiggling under my direction this time. Growing braver, I made my way to his neck. With the flat of my tongue, I traced a line from the bottom to the top, stopping just below his ear. I must have been doing something right, because he tipped his head toward my mouth and moaned aloud for me to do that again. So I did, to the other side. Placing my hands outside his shoulders, I raised up off his chest to look at his face.

"Penny for your thoughts Nat?" Coyly I pulled my knees up alongside of his hips so I was straddling his waist. Any memories of what I'd read in books in the past, left my head as soon as I felt his hard shaft against my wet pussy. Instinctively my body started to slide up and down his length. I lifted up on my knees a little and as I did, Nat's hips also raised so his cock stayed close to my body. I watched the expression on his face as he settled his butt back down and left open air between us.

"Jessie, look down at where we touch. See how damn hard you've gotten me?" The tone of his language was changing. If at all possible, he seemed more intense, emphatic, maybe driven was a better word. I leaned back so I was sitting on my heels, crested above him. As soon as I gazed at the spot where we met, I dropped back down on him again. What a turn on to see a wet path you've made. He reached his hand down to his cock, palm up and when I started to slide over him again, his fingers separated the lips of my pussy so they wrapped around each side of the rod, like the petals of an open flower. Little electrical shocks coursed through me, tingles started from my shoulders and moved down my spine. Balancing my weight on my hands above his shoulders I found that I could control how the head of his cock rubbed against my clit as well as the speed of the up and down motion. Nat moved his hand so it rested between his cock and his belly. He started arching his back matching the fit of his hips to mine so when I moved over the head, it barely penetrated my folds. "Oooooooooooooo!!!" I hummed out loud.

Hands enclosed my face, tipping it up and pulling it down to his mouth. "Kiss me baby," he said. Taking the tip of my tongue, I tried to trace his mouth slowly, but once I felt that silky texture I was lost in sensations. With little thrusts of his tongue between my lips, I soon realized that he was making little thrusts of his cock against the opening of my pussy at the same time. My pussy started to throb when he started rubbing the slick head of his cock inside me. Hands moved up from my waist and captured my breasts as they swung above his chest. Fingers brushed the sensitive nipples that were hard again. More tingles, more shocks to my system, building the intensity as those fingers started to roll the nipples. First a light touch, then a firmer one as his cock reached further into my depths. I leaned down closer when he ran his hands back down to my hips, leaning close enough that my nipples brushed against the hair on his chest. My breathing started to shorten as my rocking motion picked up more speed. There was that feeling again, that burning inside me, that searching, that yearning. I was trying to sort out all the feelings, the sensations, but I was lost to them all as everything seemed to center on the spot where we were meeting.

Nathaniel broke the kiss for a moment in order to look at me again. I smiled and with his hands firmly on my hips, his cock poised at the slit of my pussy, he lifted his head, captured my mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside at the same time he thrust himself deeply into my crack. He swallowed my 'aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh' as he held me still and rubbed my body with his hands. So this is what it felt like, like being full inside. I could feel the muscles of my pussy open up to the invasion, welcoming the heat of his body resting within me. The fingers on my back started to dig into my flesh a little. They worked their way down to my ass where they squeezed and released. The strength of his grip was undeniable as it distracted me from any discomfort between my legs. Before long he was setting the pace as he moved under me. Long slow movements of his cock, sliding inside the wet passage, intermingled with short strokes at the outer edges were a prelude to his quick action of flipping me on my back again so he was stretched full length over me. Grabbing my ankles, he pushed my knees up and open further. His mouth captured my left breast, suckling me like a babe. My back to arched as I tried to get closer. Why was it I felt like I needed to crawl inside him?

"Come on baby. Don't fight it anymore. I can't. I need to have you...NOW", Nat's breathing was matching my own, ragged, shortened, like a marathon runner at the finish line. Who'd have thought the mere words of "come on baby" could send you over the top, but in my case, they did. I grabbed his shoulders and let my body take over. All conscious thoughts and plans vanished as I started to counter each of his thrusts inside me with contractions of my pussy around that heated cock buried there. I dug the heels of my feet into the bed, and lifted my pelvis up to his down thrusts. I got brave and ran my hands down his back to hold the cheeks of his ass and pull him closer still. Nathaniel started to growl deep in his chest and the sound drove the speed of our love making faster. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist so my hips were raised high and he could plunge nearly straight down into my dripping pussy. "Jessie, touch your clit. Rub it honey. Feel how hard it is. That's it," he instructed. As soon as my finger tip made contact with my nub, and I started to press and rub it in small circles, the waves started cresting within me. Each thrust of his cock brought a gush of fluid. Each gush of fluid excited him all the more. The hot, slickness inside my velvet softness was becoming more than either of us wanted to resist. When he threw back his head, closed his eyes tight and his moans became cries of passion, mine joined in harmony. I realized the strength of my own contractions around him were matched by the sounds of our voices. The sounds of wetness as our bodies slapped together drove me to buck against him more. Was there no end to this feeling? Was there no end to the explosions I was experiencing? I felt like I was going to die.

Maybe I did die a little. I don't know for sure. I remember those little bursts of light in my brain behind my eyelids. I remember the weight of his body sliding off me and lying along side. I remember being pulled close to him and his hands rubbing the tension from my shoulders and back. I remember my head lying on his shoulder and my hands spread across his chest. I remember him brushing my hair back from my face. I remember him kissing the tip of my nose before his mouth came to rest against the top of my head. I remember waking up still wrapped in his arms. And I remember sharing a cup of coffee in the morning, as we stood out on the back deck, me leaning against the rail, Nathaniel standing behind me holding me close in his arms. And I remember watching the eagle soar above the tree tops before he landed in his nest below the cabin. Nat whispered in my ear, "That's you love. Soaring free above the world now. Knowing there are no limits to what you can be or do. Also knowing there's a safe haven for you to come home to. Jessie, I don't want this to be the only lesson we share. Trust me?"

"Nathaniel, don't eagles mate for life?

To Be Continued...

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