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Ecstasy Remembered
by NewAnon

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I waited, straining to hear after Jimmy joined her in the bathroom.

"Hmm, Jimmy, it's been so long sweetheart."


"Oh, baby, it's even better than I remember."

"God, you're beautiful Mom."

"Jimmy-baby, you make me feel so wonderful."

"I don't know how many times I've dreamt of this, of doing this again."

"Hmm, me too, honey."

"Wow! You too, Mom! I can't believe it!"

I heard Gina laugh nervously.

There were some whispers I couldn't hear then. By this time, I was excited. My cock was hard as a rock. I went to the bathroom door and listened closely.

"... maybe later darling, not now."

"But mom...."

For a moment I thought she had rejected some sort of lewd proposal from him, but then I realized that she had something else in mind.

I heard her whisper to him, "I want to dress for you ... so that you can undress me!"

"Oh Mom, Mom...."

I felt my ears turning into red-hot appendages as my face flushed. My body was tingling with the electricity of taboo eroticism! Gina wanted her son!

Jimmy had left the bathroom and gone back to his room when Gina had joined me in the bedroom.

Still tipsy, she took a long swallow of a very strong refill that I had prepared for her. She confessed to me how she felt. "Lover, I know this is crazy. Try to understand, please. I want him and he wants me."

"Oh, Gina, you can't, he's our son for goodness sake!"

"Sweetheart, it will be all of us together, not just him. I want both of you -- two lovers!"

"Oh, God! Gina, do you know what you're saying?"

"Come on, Larry, I know about the Internet stuff you like."

I was completely shocked! She knew!

"Gina, how...?"

"Never mind how I know. I know. So you're as turned on by the mother-son thing as I am. He's a grown person. It's not abuse. He wants me. I want him. You love the idea of it too. And we're being open about it."

I swallowed the last of my powerful drink, my head spinning, my face flushed and -- I admit it -- my prick was erect!

I said nothing.

She gave me instructions.

"I want us all to get dressed. Then, I want the two of you to undress me and make love to me. I know I'm a little drunk. But maybe it's giving me the courage to do what I've only dreamt. You and me and, yes, with our boy. Both of you making love to me at the same time!"

I stood up, filled with lust, and kissed her, my tongue shooting into her mouth. We kissed passionately for a few moments, then she pushed me away.

"Save it, lover, give me a few minutes. And get dressed!"

I dressed, throwing on a pair of slacks and a shirt. Then I lay back on the bed and waited as she went out of sight to prepare.

Then she returned. She was beautiful, more beautiful than ever I could recall.

Jimmy stood at the entrance to our bedroom. He was dressed as I was with slacks and shirt.

"Ready?" he asked us.

She turned to him and then looked at me "Ready," she said.

She sat back on the bed and we each took a position, one of us holding her legs, the other behind her.

Slowly, we undressed her and stripped down to our briefs. Her breasts were on display for us. How large and luscious they were! She wanted Jimmy's cock in her mouth, hungered for it. And while she sucked her boy, I probed her hot wet cunt with my prick. We took various positions as Jimmy maintained a steady fucking of Gina's hot mother mouth.

At one point, she stared directly into my face as she sucked her boy's now huge prick.

I couldn't believe the excitement I felt. Even the year of reading of incestuous stories of mother-son sexual love had not prepared me for the thrill of it. And Gina was wild with excitement. I could see the goose bumps on her body.

"This is what you always wanted, isn't it, to make hot love to your boy?"

My words became part of the excitement.

She nodded as she sucked her boy's prick lovingly. I looked at Jimmy as he looked at her with lust-enflamed eyes.

"Jimmy, is this what you used to think about when you jerked-off in your room? Massaging your mom's breasts? Filling her mouth with your hard boy-cock?"

Jimmy's excited reply amplified our excitement as he addressed it to Gina.

"Hmm, yes, yes, and since then I've dreamt it every day of my life, Mom: how nice it would be to ... fuck you ... in the mouth ... and more!"

Gina was leaning over his body now, sucking up and down on her boy's prick as I fucked her, while he kissed her body.

Then she paused.

"I want it both ways," she whispered, hot with lust.

"Wait," she ordered. She got up and raced to the bathroom.

When she returned, she rubbed our cocks with a lubricant.

"Now, lovers, now! Fuck me! Both of you!"

I watched for a moment as she climbed on Jimmy. I saw her puckered lovely asshole, awaiting me. She turned to look back at me. "Now, Larry, please. Hurry darling!"

I approached, and positioned myself over her.

She reached back to encourage me as I entered her, my hard cock slowly penetrating her waiting lubricated asshole.

"Ooh," she groaned, "ooh, baby, yes, all the way!"

I moved out a little, then back in until the lubrication and her own rocking back on my prick did the rest. I felt my prick slide easily into her incredibly hot channel.

"Oh, sweetheart," I moaned, "fantastic! So hot, so tight!"

"Yes, Larry-lover, fuck me."

Then she looked down into the lust-filled face of her boy, Jimmy.

"Oh, yes, Jimmy, I love it."

She paused a moment and rocked back on me, then moaned in sexual delirium as Jimmy and I fucked her in unison.

"Oh, lovers, yes, my two lovers."

There was a rhythm of our movements, at first slow and deliberate, then faster.

"Oh, lovers, yes! Don't stop! I want this to last forever."

But, of course, it could not last very long. For a few moments longer, our wild family fuck continued, then I felt my release. I could not hold back.

A moment later she cried out and had a series of orgasmic spasms. I knew that at the same time her boy's love-sperm was shooting into her.

We fell back, at first on each other and then beside each other, hot, sweating, satisfied.

"Incredible," Gina said, "just incredible."

"And beautiful,' she whispered, running her fingers over Jimmy's face. Then she closed her eyes and in a little while I saw that she was asleep.

Jimmy looked away from me and then arose and went to his room. I lay there, trying to get a handle of what had happened.

After about an hour in which I lay there having such thoughts, Jimmy poked his head in bedroom door.

"It's better that I leave now, Dad. I'll be in touch."

I wanted to say something, but couldn't find the words, so I just nodded. Gina would resolve the unspoken question, I thought then, we'll let her feelings decide what happens next.

Epilogue 1

That was Saturday, two days ago.

It had been unreal. It had been a wild improbable event.

A beautiful woman had gone all out in sexual frenzy leading to double penetration by her son and husband. It's one thing to have it as some fantasy or to read it in some story. It is quite another thing to experience it.

Later, as I wrote earlier, Gina said it would not happen again. But she expressed no regrets. Not that she was uncaring of the relationships antecedent to the sexual encounter. Far from it. Those very relationships had been the very source of her ecstasy. "The bad act" turned out to be beautiful, and it was so beautiful because it was so bad. At least, that is how I interpret it.

Epilogue 2

After he completed the story, he saved it in his secret folder on our PC. But he forgot to erase the documents list before he went off to bed.

The next day was my day off from work and after breakfast, I decide to finish writing a poem I'd been working on at the PC a few days ago. I completely forgot the filename and rather than use "find," I just checked the recent documents list.

I found it, but then I noticed this other document, "ecstacy.doc."

Well, I guess you understand now: I'm Gina and what I found was the above story by my husband, Larry.

After reading it, I have to admit, I went wild all over again, staining the surface of the computer chair!

More than that, I ended up going to his secret file of downloaded stories. The whole day was shot! All I did was read stories then rush to the bed and spread out, naked, my mind filled with incredible thoughts about being a Mom who makes love with her own son.

I'll never let it actually happen again, he's right about that. But I love the memory of it.

And I love the stories that are about a beautiful young son who makes wonderful love to his mom. I'm sending off this whole story, along this "Epilogue 2" with a message for you writers out there: Hey, some of us women want it, too, so please, be inventive! Make it a seduction. Make the lovely boy seduce his needy mom! Make lovely Mom seduce her young stud! Give us more stories, storytelling crowd! I'm hungry for boy-loving ... in my memories, in my dreams!


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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