The Best Erotic Stories.

Eroticism Remembered
by Grey Timber

The glow from the streetlights illuminates my apartment as I step inside. I toss the keys on the bar and walk to the window. The apartments across from me are mixtures of light and dark. Families sit at tables and eat. Together.

I sit in an easy chair in the empty room and lean forward, propping my head on my hands.

The scent of your hair still lingers. I remember our last kiss as I left you in your car. A kiss of promises that left the bitter aftertaste of goodbye. I glance at my bed sitting high at the side of the wide room. The sheets are rumpled and the second pillow still bears the evidence of your presence.

A guitar leans carefully against a small table next to the glass and I pick it up. A hand draws the binding from my hair, letting it fall down. My head inclines to the guitar and my hair covers my eyes. My fingers begin to pick out a Stones tune, something about not getting what you want. I remember you awakening in the half light of dawn to find me sitting at the bedside, watching you.

My voice cries the chorus softly as I remember you stretching languorously, your long arms over your head, your eyes tightly shut and your lips smiling as you moan softly, your face naked and more beautiful than when I first saw you.

My thoughts change and I'm wondering where you are now, this quiet night. I fight the frustration of our impossibility, shutting away the thoughts of your body in his arms.

I choose to remember you lying back on my bed as I stand in front of you. I remember you backing away, lifting your body with your elbows as your long legs push you away from me. I come after you like a beast, my head low, my eyes wild...I move slowly, deliberate, knowing you are cornered, content to watch you as I move slowly closer. I gain on you and as I close on your naked body, you turn over and move for the opposite corner of the bed.

I am on you quickly, one arm under your waist, my other hand grasping a smooth thigh. I hear you shout, playful, young, innocently beautiful as my teeth descend on your thigh. I pull you back toward me, powerful arms lifting you and bringing you in.

Your body relaxes, your head cast to the side, blond locks splayed out over the bed, eyes closed and lips smiling in pleasure as my kisses climb your leg, tasting the prize of my catch. You throw one knee high on the bed, your other leg extends straight. I pause a moment to stare at the beauty before me, your opened legs, the smooth flesh of your naked hips, the enticing valley between, and underneath is the numbing beauty of your sex, coaxing me, driving me into a frenzy of lust. My chest settles over your buttocks, feeling the naked perfection under my hard skin. My lips find the center of your back, following the line of your spine, lower.

My tongue trails into the thin valley of your lower back, further lower over your naked flesh, slipping into your depths, tasting you, loving your openness. My tongue tastes the wetness of your sex and you lift your hips, pushing your need upward to me. My tongue reaches further under you to caress your clit, rolling it under the tip of my tongue, fluttering quickly, lightly against it, then pressing back into your lips, pushing inside your aching pussy, probing the depths. My tongue strains to explore you deeper, to taste the honey that is flowing freely from you now.

Hands at your waist lift you further, bending you so that your body becomes prey to my hungry tongue. It slips out of your lips, upward toward your anus, slipping lightly over the wrinkled skin, lingering there, gently probing, and then moving higher.

My body crouches over you. I remember so clearly the vision of your beautiful face, your cheeks flushed a heated red, your hair long and beautiful and shining softly in the darkness. The hands on your waist turn you so that you are on your side. You feel my body lengthening against yours. My hand rises along your side, over your ribs, under your breast, then cupping the soft flesh gently, passionately. Your nipple is straining against my palm and I slide my hand down to touch the sensitive nub with gentle fingers. I remember the softness of your flesh and the sharpness of your nipples and my body stirs again. My lips are on your neck, climbing higher until I take the lobe of your ear into my lips, caressing the line of your ear upward and then just barely touching the inner skin. You feel the heat and slight moisture of my breath in your ear as I tell you softly how badly I have wanted you.

You feel my loins pressing into your buttocks, my cock hard and straining and lying between the tantalizing flesh. I press gently into you, mimicking the motions of sex as I tease us both. My arm is cast over you, my hand running over your breasts, teasing your nipples, sliding lower over your stomach to your burning nether lips. Your thighs spread apart as you give me freedom to probe your heated cunt. My fingers delve into you, probing your inner walls, learning your secrets.

The hardness of my cock twitches as your flesh clutches it and I push the shaft downward. The swollen head is smooth in the valley of your buttocks, slipping down to brush against your tender anus, then slipping underneath, pushing gently into the heated slit of your pussy. I slide the head slowly along its length from behind you, letting the head meet my fingers. I hold my throbbing, hard flesh down against your aching pussy, letting my smooth head push into your clit. My fingers are slippery with your come and I feel the same moisture along the length of my shaft. I slide my thickness along your pussy, holding it firm against your lips so that the wrinkled skin is gently stretched and pulled by my fucking motion. Your hips push back against me, fitting perfectly into my stomach and I marvel at the feeling and the wonder of your body against mine.

Your face turns toward me and your green eyes are glistening with desire. I stare into them as my cock slips along your pussy lips. Your mouth opens and your words spill like fire as you say, "Baby, please fuck me." The words are soft and urgent but confident as you know that I won't resist.

Our lips come together as my heart and soul leap with driving lust. I guide my aching cock to the wet, heated entrance of your lips and your buttocks thrust back against me, engorging your pussy on my shaft. My hips thrust forward as my fingers spread your lips apart and search for your clit.

My cock lances into your burning cunt and my whole body seems washed in the warmth and wetness that wraps around my plunging shaft. Your body presses against mine and you gasp as my length probes deeply into you.

I sigh heavily as our bodies come together. The feeling is indescribable and enrapturing. My body surrenders to our lust as our pace quickens. Moans and sighs fill the room as our writhing bodies move with reckless desire.

Rough fingers trail your come in a wet path up your body as my hand returns to your soft breast. Your own hand comes up and covers mine, squeezing against it, closing our fingers tightly over your breast as your need intensifies.

My cock is plunging into your cunt, splitting your lips apart with its girth, probing the depths of your womb, fucking smoothly and powerfully into you. It pulls out and your lips strive to suck it back into you, squeezing your muscles tightly around the retreating shaft. My cock slips fully out and your pussy aches for it's return. I push back into you, rolling your labia inward as I slip easily into the burning wetness.

Faster and faster we come together, me thrusting my cock into your body, you pushing your emptiness back against me, filling you...fucking you. My stomach begins to slap lightly against your buttocks as my thrusting push back harder against me, trying to open your body up more to take my cock further into your fiery cunt.

Of a sudden, you pull away from me and roll onto your knees. You blonde hair spills down around your neck, you arch your back, thrusting your buttocks into the air so that your pussy and, higher, your tightly contracting anus, are openly displayed to me. You cast a glance back over your shoulder and I move quickly, rising to my knees behind you. Your pussy is slightly opened, still distended from our fucking. I guide my cock back to your lips and press forward. The swollen head slips into you and pushes against the upper wall of your cunt as it slides further in. You gasp as your receptive womb takes me deeper still than you have yet felt. My hands grasp your hips as I seat myself firmly inside you and then begin to move, urging my shaft in and out, lancing through you like a piston, rolling slightly at one end, then powering back into you.

I lean over you and my hand is at your neck, running down your back. I slip it under you, finding your breasts swinging under you in motion to our bodies coming together. Your torso collapses onto the bed, your head turned to the side, your face flushed and your breath coming in heavy gasps, painted with tender moans.

My hand underneath you slips down your quivering stomach to find your stretched pussy oozing with moisture. My fingers coat themselves and then stroke your clit in gentle circles. Your need takes over and you become the huntress...surprising me by pulling away, twirling around and grasping my shoulders. There is fire in your eyes and it excites me as you turn me and push me down on the bed.

I prop my body up on my elbows, my chest muscles stretching back, my stomach flat and hard, my cock laying back and slightly cocked, throbbing hard before you. You are on your hands and knees before me, your face low so that your green eyes are staring upward at me, the pupils sharply contrasted by the white underneath. Your hair is no longer composed and smooth but wild and angry and beautiful as your primitive urgency takes over. You crawl slowly forward, your breasts hang full, nipples straining against their skin.

Your hair hangs low and tickles my thighs as your mouth parts slightly and you lower your head, keeping my eyes locked into yours. My own mouth opens and I suck a sharp breath in as your warm lips close over my cock. I watch you as your cheeks contract. I feel your tongue swirling around my shaft, I wonder if you can taste the juices of your own sex still coating my swollen member. Your lips move lower and your eyes are electric and brilliant as you hold mine.

My body jerks as you take my cock impossibly deep into your mouth before finally stopping and beginning your slow ascent. Your lips suck hard against my shaft as inch after inch slowly slips out. My cock pops out of your mouth and you take the base into your hand, holding it up toward your face. You rub the head smoothly around your lips, almost smiling at me. I am going mad with lust, surrendering every coherent thought to your attentions.

Your tongue slips from your mouth, wrapping around my sensitive head, then sliding down my shaft, your face turning to the side. Your lips close around the side of the shaft, sliding upward until you once again take me into your mouth. I groan as you begin again, sliding up and down my shaft in increasing speed as my cock fucks into your beautiful mouth.

I feel the inevitable coming so I touch your chin, lifting your lips off of my twitching cock.

"That felt too good, baby," I manage to gasp.

Your smile is wicked and you lick your lips, climbing over my body, bringing your face closer to mine. I lean forward and kiss you, our tongues dance over each other, tasting our sex. I feel the warmth, the wetness of your pussy on my cock. Your hand is between us, guiding my shaft into you. Your body settles slowly backward, then collapses, impaling your cunt on my throbbing shaft.

You lean back, your breasts curving upward, proud and beautiful as your body begins to rise and fall. Your nipples strain upward and you throw your head back, pooling your golden tresses on my naked thighs. Your hands grasp my knees, holding you steady as you settle fully onto my cock, fucking your burning body onto me...using me for your own release.

My hands climb your torso, caressing your breasts as they rise and fall. Even now as I remember, I am absolutely awed by your beauty and elegance, thrilled to know that you have come to me. I cannot imagine what I have done for Venus herself to look so favorably upon me.

I can only watch, driven into incomprehension as your body slides forward over my pelvis, then lifts off, letting my cock slide out before you settle back down on my pelvis and repeat the motion, drawing your clitoris against my flesh, massaging my cock deep within your womb. Your breasts flush red and your motions increase in intensity, each time remaining impaled a bit longer on my cock until finally you are in a frenzy, rubbing your sex up and down against my pelvis, feeling my cock swimming inside you. Your body lurches forward and your hands grasp my chest, squeezing the muscles until I feel pain. Your mouth opens and your eyes are wide and almost seem to become someone else, a wild demon feasting on my flesh. You are gasping in sharp cries, your voice rings out with obscenities and your eyes burn into mine, holding me enthralled.

As your cries of pleasure increase, my heart and body are stirred and I feel my own ecstasy building. Your body writhes against me, twisting and turning in an arcane dance. You beg me, pleading, to keep fucking you, keep fucking my cock into your burning pussy. You are so close. My hips move under you, striving to keep tuned to your wild rhythm. My efforts are failing and try as I might, I cannot hold back the explosion that buds deep in my loins.

I cry out in a roar of rage as my hips thrust into you. Your hands clutch my chest still harder as your pursed lips curl into a smile. I hold as long as I can, trying to stop the flow of seed that is nested deep in my shaft. The pressure builds and builds and then with yet another roar, I explode up into you. Thick ropes of come jet from my probing cock to explode into your pussy, searing through you in waves. Your pussy lips clamp firmly down on my cock as my come floods your already saturated womb, running back out to drip down over my thighs as you continue in your ecstasy.

My eyes seem to explode from my head but I focus on yours. You suck in a breath and hold it, your teeth clamp together and your lips curl open. The savage passion inside you surfaces clearly as your eyes close tightly and you expel your breath in a high pitched scream. Your thighs begin to spasm uncontrollably, your rhythm is disrupted, your fingers bring blood to my chest. I want so desperately to know, to understand the feelings inside you, but I can only watch and feel how you respond as you reach release.

Your body collapses onto mine, your hair cascading over my face and chest. Your breathing is heavy and my arms surround you, holding you to me. Our bodies stay joined as our passion subsides into comfort.

A free arm finds the corner of my comforter and I throw it over your body. Your legs extend out alongside mine as we separate and your tender cheek stays on my chest.

I remember waking in the early morning hours, listening to your breathing, your head still resting on my rising and falling chest...

And now...I set the guitar aside, rise and take my coat and head out into the cold night.


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