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Ebony Sisters' Happy Birthday
by Chocolate Lover

It all started on my birthday. It was a warm morning in late March. I was still sleeping, but I later found out my girlfriend had been planning for hours what she had in store for me. I went to use the bathroom and heard the shower going. With it being 11 o'clock I hurried up to see if it was my Janel. It was not Janel, but it was her sister Lisa.

Lisa was a little shorter than Janel. At 23, she was about 5'9", dark brown, brown eyes, small, perky breasts, and long tight braids that just drove me crazy. As I went to use the bathroom, I walked softly, trying not to scare her in the shower. The minute I walked in the door, she asked me if, "Janel had told me yet?"

I asked, "About what?"

She replied, "If she didn't tell you then it was a surprise."

I finished using the bathroom and went looking for Janel. After some walking around my house, I finally found her. She was waiting for me in the living room. From the bottom of the stairs I could see her very clearly. Unlike her half-sister, she was brighter. She stood 5'11", medium copper complexion, light-tan colored eyes, and dark bronze hair that hangs to the neck. I could see her large breasts protruding out through her tight blouse.

I went to ask Janel about what was going on she quickly placed her finger over my mouth. She led me by the arm upstairs and into our bedroom. Without a word, she dropped my boxers to the floor and took off my shirt. She put me on the bed and handcuffed my arms to the bedposts. She got on top of me and passionately kissed me on the lips. Then she went for my raging hard-on. She kissed my dick and then abruptly got off. She immediately ran into the bathroom where I could hear her sister still inside.

After about 10 minutes I saw Janel step out of the bathroom in a lacy white bra and panties that accentuated her large, beautiful breasts. (I often told her how I loved her to wear white lingerie because I think that color contrast is sexy. This is why I, a white male, exclusively date black women) Then came her sister. Whatever Janel was, Lisa was more. Lisa was in a white baby doll number that I just loved. She also had on white stockings and a pair of white leather boots. I could only imagine what they have planned for me.

Janel then broke the silence. "I thank you for letting my sister stay here. I could not think of a better way. Happy Birthday big boy."

Then Lisa commented: "this is my first time, please be gentle!"

I had always wanted Lisa, now I had my chance. Janel came over and placed her mouth over my groin. She began licking her way up until she reached my balls. She sucked on my balls and then moved on to my shaft. She was driving me crazy. As she did this, I motioned for Lisa to come over. She moved the panties over and I directed her to lower herself over my face.

I started to lick Lisa. She placed her magnificent globes over my face as I pleasured her. I felt her start to jump as I brought her to her first orgasm. I could picture her riding my face like a stallion. Finally she stopped and fell from exhaustion. Janel stopped sucking as well. I asked her to remove the cuffs so I could get situated. She obliged and I changed position. Once I did this, things changed.

I put Janel on the front of the bed, letting her legs hang off. I kneeled in front of her and parted her legs softly. I removed her panties and immediately smelled the very essence of her womanhood. More than any other woman I had even made love to, I absolutely loved the scent of her pussy in my face.

I pulled her legs apart and I sought out her sex. I could taste her wetness as I encircled her slit. I played with her lips that stood like petals of a flower. I finally moved in and stuck my tongue into her hole. At that moment, she started to moan in delight. I met no resistance as I slid in and out at will.

As I brought her to orgasm, she moaned. She screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed. I continued to suck on her until she brought her fingers down to stop me. I could only fall back onto the floor.

* * * * *

I pulled her legs apart and I sought out her sex. I could taste her wetness as I encircled her slit. I played with her lips that stood like petals of a flower. I finally moved in and stuck my tongue into her hole. At that moment, she started to moan in delight. I met no resistance as I slid in and out at will.

As I brought her to orgasm, she moaned. She screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed. I continued to suck on her until she brought her fingers down to stop me. I could only fall back onto the floor.

I looked over and saw Lisa, lying on her back with her fingers deep in her hairless snatch. At that moment, I decided that she needed some attention. I lifted her up and moved her over to the center of the carpet. I grabbed a nearby pillow and placed it under her. I moved her legs apart. I teased her for a few moments until I decided to go directly for the prize. I went in and tongue fucked her for what seemed like hours. I kept going in and out until she could stand no more. She decided that it was time for to get fucked.

Once she regained her breath, she said that she wanted it from behind. Once Janel heard this, she got off the bed. I picked Lisa up and put on the bed. She turned over and got on all fours. She instinctively crawled up to the headboard so I could get on the bed as well. Janel also got between us. I asked her if she still had her cherry. She said that she lost it playing sports in high school.

Janel helped me to her hole. I started in slowly. The first two inches ere easy. After that things were hard. From there on it was tight. I was pushing as hard as I could. Lisa was too tight for me to go any further. Janel went to the bathroom and got some lubricant. Spread it liberally over my dick and into Lisa. I tried again and this time I made it through. I went in easily into her virginal hole. I just stretched her open all the way through.

I kept going in and out for several minutes. Lisa was rocking back and forth on me to increase the effect. With that, wild screams of pleasure screamed from her mouth. She yelled everything at me. She wanted more, harder, deeper. With the final yell came a flood of feeling throughout her body. Her orgasm rocked her feet as well as every place else. Finally she fell down onto the bed, exhausted from her ride.

With that, Janel moved her out of the way. She gently slid her onto the floor. Janel decided she wanted it with some passion as well. She demanded that I lay on the bed. Not to be stupid, I immediately obliged. I lay down, not knowing what to expect. She placed herself on top of me, straddling my face.

She pulled what little of my hair she could grab up to her wet pussy. She demanded that I "give her all of my attention." As she said that, I slid my wet tongue into her wet slit. I moved up and down, in and out. I licked on her for all it was worth. I licked and sucked on her until she could stand it no more. Finally, she screamed out for me to tongue-fuck her while she came. I did and she screamed like an animal.

Finally we all passed out and slept for a couple hours. Lisa slept on the floor, Janel slept on top of me, and I went out on the bottom of her. When I woke up, I had another surprise waiting for me.

As I woke up, I saw Janel in a robe standing at my feet. I also saw two ominous bulges in the pocket. "We haven't finished with you yet. You can stop when we say you can stop." As she said this I looked but didn't see Lisa. "Don't worry, Lisa is coming back. She just went to change" Janel relied. "You are going to be glad she did."

After a few minutes, Lisa returned. She had her braids in a ponytail and had a robe on just like Janel. Lisa walked in and dropped her robe onto the floor. She looked even more beautiful than before. She had on a dark green cheerleader outfit from college. She looked at my bulging eyes and said, "I have your present, what do you think?" I could only nod. "You think you are getting this right away, don't you?" Lisa said. You aren't ready for this. You need a little practice before you get this one." With that statement, she removed the smaller bulge from Janel's pocket. It was a long, 9" silver vibrator I bought Janel. She pulled a chair away from the wall and placed it a couple feet from the bed. She sat down and lifted up her skirt. She pulled the panties out of the way and turned on the vibrator. She massaged around the whole area with it. Finally, she shoved it in and played with it.

Janel got my attention again. "This is for you big boy. I hope you enjoy it." She removed the other bulge and then dropped the robe. I was a can of whipped cream she had. It was nothing compared to her outfit. She was wearing a white lace bra that held her large tits well and another pair of white lace panties. I could not take my eyes off of her. She shook up the can of cream, moved the crotch of the panties, and sprayed it into her magnificent hole. With that, she demanded that I "clean her up." She jumped on top of me, giving me little time to say no.

She pushed me down on the bed. She crawled up my body to my face. She faced me, slid off the panties, and said to me "I love you." She then slid over to my face. I started to give her the attention she craved. I licked up and down her slit. I attacked the cream until I reached her skin. I continued licking her hole. I licked and sucked my way through.

I licked her until she screamed. She kept on until she reached her orgasm. With that, she slid back onto my hard-on. She bounced up and down, sliding out more whipped cream mixed with her juices. Her juice was as sweet as the cream. She kept going until I reached an orgasm. She slid off and went to work on me. She licked al of the cum, pussy juice, and whipped cream. She cleaned me off, leaving me with a light hard-on.

With that, Lisa gave me her present. She passed off the vibrator to Janel, who cleaned herself and started to use it. Lisa took her place. She removed her panties and handed them to me. She then decided to straddle me. She raised her skirt to give me a better view. She allowed for me to see everything. She looked so happy that I held my orgasm. I kept going with her until we came in unison.

Lisa crawled next to me and lay next to me. We held each other in an embrace for a while. I put my hand on Lisa's ass while she kept hers around my shoulder. I sat and loved what I was seeing. I had my girlfriend getting still working on an orgasm with a vibrator and her beautiful sister giving me her special present. This was a happy birthday.


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