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Eternally Yours
by Vystra Syn

Joule D'Armon was perfect. In her he saw everthing he had searched for what seemed like his entire existence. In her eyes he could see the sun rise. In her arms he could feel her strength, In her soul he could live forever. Tonight was the night, it had been planned for weeks and nothing was going to stand in his way. Nothing. Least of all that bitch Katrina.

It was their anniversary and Joule wanted everything to be perfect. Dinner at their favorite seaside resturant, champagne on the beach and dessert back at home.

Steam seeped out from under the bathroom door mixed with the tangy scent of sandalwood, Katrina's favorite. Joule shed her clothes and disappeared into the heavy white cloud. Water sloshed over the rim of the garden tub when she lounged back into the heated paradise.

"Mmmmm" she moaned, stroking the lather covered cloth across her firm breasts. Her nipples peaked as droplets of water cascaded down to her stomach. Her back arched as her hands ran between her thighs. The cloth was forgotten as her fingers slid between the soft folds of her pussy. Katrina, I wish it were your fingers, she thought as she thrust two fingers deep into her hot snatch. She let her legs fall open and thrust her hips against her hands.

Nicholas "Nikki" DeAngelo stood at the window of his sixth floor apartment, muscles pulled at the seams of his jacket as he placed his hands on either side of the frame. "Come for me."

Joule stilled her fingers and enjoyed the fullness she felt between her legs, the soft hairs tickled the underside of her wrist. With a wry smile she rose to her knees and took the shaving cream from the box beside the tub. "Oh you're gonna like this Katrina." she said aloud as she rubbed a generous amount of foam across her pubic hair. The razor felt oddly sensual as it raked the hair from her sensitive nether lips. She worked slowly making sure not a single hair remained. Rinsing her body off she marveled at the feel of water running over her nude pussy. She rose to step from the tub when the door swung open.

"Very nice, little girl," Katrina purred.

Joule jumped, "Kat. . . dammit, I wanted to surprise you!"

"You have, now come here and let me see how that feels on my tongue." Joule opened her arms to Katrina, a shiver ran through her body as Katrina licked her lips and moved forward.

How magnificent she was, how enticing her moans and whimpers. He could barely contain the heat building in his loins as he watched her stroke herself. He ground his hips against the window ledge, as she rose from the tub in naked splendor arms opening wide. . . Katrina! Snarling he shoved away from the ledge, not looking back or noticing the two deep holes his fists had made in the wall beside the window.

Katrina pushed Joule back against the vanity, in a single motion she lifted her up onto the sink and spread her legs apart. "I can smell your heat, Joule."

Katrina ran a single finger along the wet crease, she looked into Joule's eyes, "You belong to me, forever," she said as her finger drove completely inside Joule's slick cunt.

"Forever," Joule panted.

Katrina finger fucked her slowly, drawing her finger completely out and driving back inside ever slower. Joule writhed against her hand, begging for her to lick her clit. In answer Kat added another finger and whispered, "In good time. . . "

Kat kneeled between Joule's spread legs, her mouth inches from the sweet smelling pussy and blew hot air aginsts Joule's swollen clit. Tonight she thought to herself, tonight Joule would be hers, forever. Katrina's tongue flicked across Joule's clit, at the same time she slid a finger into her tight ass.

Joule gasped and bucked against Kat's hands and mouth. Her hands slipped around Kat's head and held her tightly to her throbbing body. She ground her hips into Kat's face, "Fuck me... Fuck me."

Katrina had always held some of herself back when she made love to Joule, she didn't want to frighten her. Tonight she didn't, tonight she would see Kat for what she was.

"I will baby, I will." Kat pulled her fingers out of Joule's dripping cunt and spread her pussy lips wide. She licked slowly across Joule's clit then lower to her tight fuck hole... her tongue darted in quickly, once. . . twice. . . Joule moaned "Yesssss." Katrina closed her eyes for a just a second before opening them again, "Joule, Look at me."

Through a haze of passion Joule looked down to her lover. "OH My God. . . "

"Hardly God, Joule." Her snakelike tongue flicked against Joule's flesh. "You are mine, as I am yours." She flicked again and Joule couldn't help but respond. She always knew there was something different about Katrina someting that drew her. She had her answer. It was there in the glowing golden eyes and sharp pointed canines, Katrina was a vampire. Katrina was her lover. Katrina was her destiny.

Silently Joule stroked her hand down Katrina's cheek and pulled her mouth back to her heated flesh. "Make me yours. . . forever."

Opening her mouth wide enough to cover Joule's entire pussy she drove her tongue to Joule's body. The thin snakelike whip probed against the tightly closed entrance to her cervix until slowly slipping inside to stroke the interior of Joule's womb. Fresh menstrual blood coating the sides began to drip into Katrina's mouth. She drew deeply of the life giving vitae, swallowing each precious drop that touched her lips. Her arms wrapped around Joule's hips as she pressed deeper into her body. Joule was lost in a haze of ecstasy like none she had ever known. The feel of a tongue actually lapping at the most private place in her body sent waves of waves of white hot pleasure to every nerve in her being.

The door to the apartment was thrown against the wall and Nikki stormed into the room. The smell of sweat, sex and the pungent odor of blood permeated his nostrils.

"Bitch," he hissed, "she is mine!"

Katrina sensed someone, no something enter her haven, but was too far gone in her frenzy to respond. She grazed her teeth over Joule's now bleeding clit to pull more of the sweet liquid into her mouth.

Nikki never looked at Katrina kneeling on the floor as he entered the room, his eyes pinned Joule to the spot.

Joule raised her arms uselessly as Nikki decended upon her fading body.

Ruthlessly he bit down upon her breast, tearing into the tender flesh with a savage hunger. Blood spilled down her heaving stomach, he didn't care. His tongue, thinning slimmer than a serpents drove like a spear into her nipple, through the puckered nub into the ducts that produce life giving milk. The glands, stimulated by the probing in the womb began pumping the thin watery fluid into his mouth. He groaned as it mixed with her blood and flowed down into his stomach.

Joule was losing consciousness quickly, she marveled that her body felt so. . . so. . . light. As darkness consumed her she heard the unmistakable sound of a couple in the midst of orgasm, felt the floor against her back and drifted away.

With every care Nikki and Katrina cleaned their bodies, leaving not a single drop of blood to dry and waste. Their eyes met and for the first time in a hundred years they were in agreement.

Joule awoke to find herself tucked between two sleeping forms. Nikki curled against her back, his thick cock buried in her cunt and Katrina against her chest suckling at her breast.

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