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Earning the Grade, Mr. Jack's Way
by Savage Kitten

Geography had always been my worst subject. I struggled really hard just to barely make a passing grade. There was no way in hell I was going to miss out on my senior year because of failing Geography!

Needless to say, I was very distraught last week when I found out I received a 64% on a major test. I was beside myself. My best friend Kara suggested I approach our teacher, Mr. Jack, about a study session. I was a little doubtful that more studying would help, but I decided to talk to Mr. Jack anyway. Maybe I could convince him to give me a second chance at the test.

Mr. Jack is a really nice guy, but he can be firm when it comes to our grades. Everyone likes him because he always has our best interests in mind. Mr. Jack is always there with wise advice when we come to him with a problem. Like when Angela Gass found out she was pregnant and was too scared to tell her parents. He helped her see that her parents would still love and support her. Still, he could be tough if he thought you were jerking him around. More than one of the school's jocks had been held out of a game for screwing around and failing Mr. Jack's test.

My hands and legs were shaking as I waited in the classroom for him. Damn... I needed to pass this class bad! After a few minutes Mr. Jack strolled into the classroom with a lighthearted smile on his face.

"Come on, Kimmy," he teased, "things aren't THAT bad are they?"

I tried to smile. "Well I dunno, Mr. Jack. I just can't fail this year. I study hard but I just can't seem to get this freaking Geography! I was hoping you might be able suggestion something?"

He slipped out of his jacket and loosened his tie. Sitting on the corner of his desk he motioned me over. "Kimmy," he started with a soft smile as he took my hands in his, "anything is possible if you want it bad enough. What options have you considered?"

"Well," I started hesitantly, "I guess that's why I'm here. I just can't seem to get it on my own. I was hoping there was something you could do to help me, or maybe.... something I could do for you?" Nervously I tucked some stray hair behind my ear, then boldly let my hand rest on his upper leg.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Kimmy? You look scared to death." Mr. Jack smiled softly as he took my hand in his. His touch calmed me.

I knew my eyes were full of desperation. "Oh I do, Mr. Jack!!" I whispered, leaning closer to him, letting my fingers brush the bulge that was forming in his pants.

He inhaled sharply as his fingers brushed against my breasts. "Your body is so beautiful," he said cupping my small breasts with his large hands. I moaned softly as he kneaded them with his fingers, my nipples growing hard to his touch. Sliding his hand under my T-shirt and bra, he twisted my erect nipples between his thumb and finger.

My head was spinning. I couldn't believe I was here, doing this with my teacher! I tried not to think about it, or the fact we were standing in the classroom. All I thought about was his mouth and hands exploring my body.

Mr. Jack slid my shirt over my head, devouring my body with his eyes. My heart pounded and my body ached with need as he lowered his hot mouth over my tit, sucking most of it into his mouth. My hands tangled in his hair, pulling his head closer.

Mr. Jack still had one hand on my tit as the other groped my ass, pulling my crotch to his knee. I moaned as he lifted his knee to my throbbing pussy, allowing me to grind into it. His tongue worked my nipple. Licking and teasing it expertly as he held it between his teeth. I rubbed my pelvis against his knee harder. Moaning, I felt the familiar sensations stirring in the pit of my belly. At the same moment the door knob turned, my clit exploded with sensation. I knew I should stop -- someone was at the door! -- but I just couldn't! My body shuddered as Mr. Jack supported my weight.

"Ride it baby!" Mr. Jack growled against my tit.

"Ooh oh ohhhhh," I whimpered as I hunched against his leg, my sticky cream filling my panties.

"Good girl," he said as he tenderly kissed my breasts.

"So, you finally 'cum' to get some help, huh, Kimmy?"

Grabbing my shirt, I gasped and spun around to seen my best friend Kara snickering.

"You should have knocked!" I stammered, blood rushing to my face.

"What, and miss out on all the fun?" Kara flashed a knowing smile in Mr. Jack's direction.

I glanced from one to the other, there was definitely some kind of conspiracy going on here. My discomfort subsided slightly as I caught a glimpse of the gleam in my friends eye. She was so wickedly naughty!

"Come on, girls, let's get out of here. I think you both need some more tutoring!" Mr. Jack said, chuckling softly as we headed out the door.

Kara grabbed my hand and we followed Mr. Jack to his car. My face was flushed. Partly from getting caught, but mostly because my pussy was still throbbing. He opened the back door for us, motioning to get into the back seat. Kara winked at me as we slid in.

"She's a hot little rocket, isn't she Kara?" Mr. Jack said as he backed his car out of the parking spot.

"That's what I've always thought!" Kara giggled, obviously enjoying having the upper hand of the situation.

"You've thought, but have you ever lit the fuse?"

"Who me??" Kara feigned an expression of shock and innocence.

"Knowing how wild you can get, Kara, I thought you would have introduced Kimmy to our kind of fun a long time ago. I would really enjoy seeing you girls together...." His voice trailed off and I could see him looking at me in the rearview mirror. He had a look of lustful hunger on his face.

My eyes widened in disbelief as I looked from Kara to Mr. Jack. "Our kind of fun?" I sputtered, looking at Kara inquisitively. I wondered how long she'd been keeping this little gem of a secret and if she had ever planned on sharing it with me?

Kara laughed, "She's never had any problems, until now."

"You would do it, wouldn't you Kara? For me?" I pleaded, "So I can pass Geography?" I squirmed in the seat, anxiously awaiting her answer, feeling my panties dig into my slit.

Kara leaned forward on the seat and ran her tongue along Mr. Jacks ear. "Anything for my best friend!"

Mr. Jack groaned softly, his free hand caressing Kara's hair. "That's my girl!"

Mr. Jack lived in a small house not too far from the school. We pulled into his drive within minutes of leaving school. Kara took my hand, pulling me from the car. Mr. Jack laced his fingers through my other hand and lead us through the front door.

The inside was not the typical bachelor's pad as I had expected. The walls were freshly painted, making the room look bright and large. An enormous entertainment center took up an entire wall. In the center of the room sat a large black leather sofa, bold and inviting. Pastel colored seascapes dotted the walls. I was truly impressed.

Just past the living room was a sliding glass door that led to an indoor swimming pool. "Care for a swim?" Mr. Jack asked with a boyish grin.

Kara made straight for the pool, peeling her clothes off as she went. "Last one in is a monkey's uncle!!" she squealed as she dove into the pool.

Chlorine hung in the air like cheap perfume. I watched as Kara's sleek body glided along the bottom of the pool. The rays of the sun sparkled like glittering diamonds on the surface of water from the skylight above.

"Come on, you're way too sexy to be a monkey's uncle." Mr. Jack smiled at me playfully.

I giggled at their silliness and slipped out of my clothes, laying them neatly on the folding chair where Kara had thrown hers. My fingers grazed my hard nipples as I contemplated the afternoon's events.

Mr. Jack stepped behind me, sliding his hand between my thighs to my wet snatch. I inhaled sharply as his fingers probed my moistness. Even in my slight apprehension, I was extremely turned on.

"Mmmmm, it would be such a waste to let you wash that off," he whispered close to my ear.

Gently he pushed me over until my hands rested on the back of the chair. Kneeling behind me, he spread my legs with his strong hands. I inhaled deeply as I felt his cool tongue sliding from the opening of my pussy up the crack of my ass. I felt the blood rush from my head and I could barely breath. The sensations were so intense!

Mr. Jack's expert tongue darted up and down my slit, drilling into my hot hole. It felt like his tongue was hot lava, licking at my core. My legs quivered as I felt my muscles spasm. Mr. Jack groaned deeply as I pressed my wetness to his mouth. His nails grasped my small hips to pull me harder into his face. I cried out loudly as the crashing waves ripped through me. He must have known I was cumming because he rammed his finger into my pussy while tonguing my ass hole at the same time. It was more than I could take and I screamed loudly!

"Oohhh baby, you cum so good!" Mr. Jack purred against my ear, "Your such a good girl Kimmy, but now it's time for you to cool down in the pool."

Mr. Jack lifted me under my arms and lowered me into the pool. His huge cock bobbed in front of my face as he knelt before me. "Don't you worry, there will be plenty of this to go around." Mr. Jack chuckled, obviously seeing the desire in my eyes.

I dove under the water, knowing something new had been awakened in me. I knew this adventure would be nothing like the clumsy adolescent attempts I had experienced with the boys at school. My body tingled with excitement. The water felt like liquid velvet as it caressed my hungry body.

Swimming with long strokes to the other end of the pool, I stretched out my naked body with each stride. I had seen Mr. Jack and Kara's reflection shimmering above me before I even surfaced and I wanted a closer look. A much closer look

Leaning on the side of the pool, I watched intently as Kara's tongue snaked over Mr. Jack's cock. Mr. Jack's long lean body sunk into the plush downy towel that covered the lounge chair as Kara knelt between his legs. His hand curled in her hair as his face contorted in a mask of rich masculine pleasure. His long hairy muscular legs stretched off the side of the chair in front of me. Fascinated, I reached out and ran my nails through the coarse hair, up and down his leg. He moaned deeply.

Kara moved so she was now kneeling beside him, giving me full view of his hard meat in her hands and mouth. The tip was dark mushroom shaped; it glistened with her saliva. Kara let it slip out of her soft satiny lips to lick it like a lollipop, teasing him with tiny nibbles.

Mr. Jack moaned deeply. Swatting her ass sharply he directed her pouty lips back to the head of his cock. Lifting his hips, he pushed his cock between her lips. I heard Kara moan softly as it slid into her mouth. Her eyes closed as she let him pump in and out of her warm mouth. Her hand closed around the bottom of his cock, moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

My pussy ached to be filled as I watched him fuck her mouth. His hard meat sunk past Kara's lips, deep into her throat. I bit my bottom lip to muffle a whimper of need and desire. I sat on the side of the pool, spreading my legs wide as I watched the scene before me. Imaging my fingers were Mr. Jack's thick cock, I sunk them into my pussy each time he thrusted into Kara's mouth. Faster and faster, whimpering as I felt my pussy grasp at my fingers with need.

"Oh, oh yeah! That's it baby." I heard Mr. Jack moan, his thick cream spraying Kara's face and chest. That was all I needed to send my own body rocketing off into orgasm. My juices coated my fingers and glistened on my thighs.

"Come, Kimmy," Mr. Jack instructed almost out of breath, "come help Kara clean this mess we made."

Kara had already started licking the cum from his legs. I walked over to them, my legs still a bit shaky from my own orgasm, and knelt across from her not sure where to begin. Mr. Jack scooped some of the thick cream onto his finger and rubbed it across my lips, letting his finger slide into my mouth. Hesitantly, I flicked my tongue at his finger, tasting its saltiness.

"Oh, yes," Mr. Jack whispered hoarsely. I sucked his finger like a pacifier, loving the way his cum felt in my mouth.

When he withdrew his finger I eagerly scanned his body for more. Only to notice Kara had did her job well and was busy polishing off his knob. I frowned, a little disappointed. Mr. Jack only chuckled as he sat up. Taking my hand in his, he traced my fingers around the cum on Kara's dark nipple.

"There you are Kimmy, clean it up for me."

I bent my head toward her chest, my tongue flicking across her hard nipple. She moaned softly, as she felt my warm breath, her brown eyes looking from me to Mr. Jack. I closed my mouth over the streak of cum there and sucked it into my throat. My hands caressed the small of her back as I brought her body to me. I greedily licked the thick salty substance from her smooth tan skin.

My tongue traveled down her taut stomach, finding every stray speck of his come. I could hear Kara's moan and whimpers mingling with that of Mr. Jack's deep sensual voice.

"Gawd, you two look so sexy. Keep going, Kimmy, she's got more for you a little lower."

Mr. Jacks voice was turning me on so much. I couldn't think of anything else except pleasing him. Kara laid back on the stone floor, opening her legs in anticipation. As I neared her honey pot I could smell her sex. So different than Mr. Jack's; I was intrigued. Carefully, I parted her soft, swollen pussy lips, revealing the moisture dripping from her pussy.

I flicked my tongue at the opening and smiled as her body jerked in response. I wiggled my tongue into the hole, coating it with her juices. Eating her out was a new experience, one I never dreamed I'd enjoy so much. I was surprised at how hot it was making me, how wet my pussy had become. Her body's reaction to my teasing encouraged me further. I pushed my face into Kara's cunt, my nose pressing against her engorged bud. She grabbed my hair, need making her senses reel, as I drove my tongue deeper into her hot pussy. I could feel her muscles grabbing at my tongue with each thrust.

"Oh, my gawd," Kara squealed, "you're driving me wild Kimmy."

Kara was holding my head tightly against her gushing pussy when I felt Mr. Jack press his prick into the entrance of my tight hole. My tongue froze in place as I felt him shove his huge pole into my pussy. His cock felt so good I thought I would never get enough.

Kara groaned loudly. "Suck my clit!" she begged. "Please, Kimmy! I'm gonna cum in your mouth!"

"Take it, Kimmy!" Mr. Jack growled, grasping my hips as he ground his cock into me.

My body was exploding as his slid in and out of me, stretching me. My tongue dug rapidly into Kara's hot pussy, drilling into her depths. She pushed her pelvis harder against my face, screaming wildly. My whole body was wracked with pleasure as her juices spilled into my mouth.

Mr. Jack held my hips tightly in his strong hands as he pumped into me. His balls slapped against my pussy with each thrust. I could feel his huge cock jerking inside my pussy, as he grunted like an animal. Then suddenly, his hot seed was bursting inside me. My body exploded in climax as I bucked against him, shoving his cock even deeper inside me.

Mr. Jack circled his arm around my waist as the fire inside our bodies subsided. Tenderly he brushed the hair out of my face, spooning his body against mine. He reached over me and took Kara by the arm, directing her to snuggle with us.

As we laid in each other's arms Kara giggled and smiled at me slyly. "Told ya you should came to study with me more often!"

(Oh, and by the way, I got an A plus in Geography!)

*** Special thanks to WhisperSecret for all her patience and hard work in helping me edit this story. Without her I doubt I could have found 'my diamond in the rough'.


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