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EXXXtreme Wrestling
by JBanks

When it comes to Extreme in professional wrestling, you can't get much crazier than Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling out of Japan. Believe me, I know, I've been working that circuit for the past three years as the new Leatherface. It ain't much of a gig, but my options in the States were drying up and I gotta admit, the Japanese fans love seeing the big American guys like me.

FMW has always been a pioneer in Extreme wrestling, but over the last couple of years, the bosses here have been exploring whole new areas of what Extreme is. We been getting out of stuff like the exploding-ring death matches and doing stuff that's just plain rude and disgusting. Like I said, it ain't much of a gig, at least not until recently.

A little while ago the boss, Mr Fuyuki, came up to me with a new idea for the ring, a little something involving the valet of my "arch-enemy" Masato Tanaka. When he first told me of the idea I thought he was nuts, the sleazy bastard'd gone totally around the bend. But then I thought about it for a week, and then disussed it with Masato and his valet Kimiko, and she seemed to be willing to do it. And I gotta admit, running this angle with a babe like Kimiko wasn't exactly that unappealing either.

So here we were, getting ready to do this at this tiny little arena in Ashikaga. It was a nothing little hole with less than 200 in attendance. I seen bigger crowds at the Pineville High School gym back when I was doing the indies there. But I give this for the locals here, they keep their places clean. And that's alot more than I can say for some of the shitholes I worked in the states. And while the crowd may be small here, today they were gonna get a show they'd never forget.

The match started out pretty much as usual. I got my mask on and hit the ring, then Masato and Kimiko came to the ring. Me and Masa started off right before the bell, hitting each other with everything we could get our hands on, swinging the momentum of the match back and forth for about five minutes. Then it was time for the real show to begin. Outside the ring I shot Masato into the ringpost, then followed that up with a chairshot to the head. Then while he was laying there, trying to shake it off, I rolled him back into the ring, pulled a pair of handcuffs from out of hiding, and cuffed him to the turnbuckle. The crowd was really getting into it now, Masato was at my mercy and everybody knew it. I smacked him a couple more times with the chair, and then it was Kimikos cue to get in.

Kimiko got on to the ring apron trying to plead with me not to hurt her man anymore. Kimiko was a real looker, she was about five feet and real petite, with a slim, tight, athletic body and perfect skin. I gotta admit that I been thinking about doing something like this with her since the first time I saw her, just not with so many people watching. Still, you gotta be at least a little bit of an exhibitionist to be on this side of the business, so this was gonna be fun. I grabbed Kimiko by the arm and pulled her away from Masato and into the ring. I give Kimi credit, she was really looking scared as I pulled out another set of handcuffs and secured her to the opposite turnbuckle. I almost believed it, and asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. She whispered yes to me and I caught a half-smile in her terror act, so it was time to do it.

I strutted in the corner a bit, checking her out up and down, then lifted her small skirt up, revealing her while silk panties barely covering that tight, tan ass. Kimi "tried" to fight me off, but there wasn't much the tiny young cutie could do. After making her face the turnbuckle again I lifted her skirt back up and began caressing that perfect little ass through the sheer panties. Only I could here the intake of her breath or feel the little tremble as I touched her smooth flesh. Then, as the crowd gasped at my actions and Masato "struggled" to free himself from his cuffs, I slowly moved my hand underneath Kimi's panties and ran my finger along the cleft of her ass-cheeks. It was incredible, the feel of her smooth skin was as silky as the feel of her panties. Just the feel of that skin on my hand was enough to raise my tool to full stiffness.

Actually this was gonna be pretty difficult for me. Kimiko was a major babe, the kind of babe to be made love to in the most intimate ways possible (and contrary to my ring persona, I can be as gentle as they come), but being Leatherface, I had to make this look like a total rape. And in front of nearly 200 people to boot.

I turned Kimi around to face me and again saw the total terror in her face, but again with that slight smile and the shine in her eyes that said she was actually enjoying this. Then, after again making sure she wanted to do this, I reached down and ripped open the front of her dress. She didn't have a bra on, and didn't really need one either. Her breasts were gorgeous, small and firm, B-cup at most, with littla dime-sized nipples. Kimi "tried" to fight off my hand as I cupped one of those beautiful little breasts and pinched the nipple. What I really wanted to do is run my mouth over it, but unfortunately we didn't have the time.

Turning her back to the turnbuckle, I bent down and pulled her panties to the mat, exposing that perfect little ass. The crowd was silent, watching us as I continued my "raping" of Kimi, the disgust on their faces was pretty easy to read, but nobody was leaving and they weren't rushing the ring to save my "poor innocent victim", so it looked like everything was going okay. I bent down to Kimi's ass to get a better look. A nicer, tighter, more succulent ass I've never seen, and I just couldn't help but give it a little taste, running my tongue down the crack and touching the base of her cunt. It was a good thing I had my hands on her hips, 'cause her knees were buckling the moment my tongue touched her. And it was such a sweet cunt too, just the one touch was enough to make me wanna spend an hour with my mouth plastered on it, it was so good. But, again. no time.

I got back up and pulled down my trunks, letting everyone get a good look at my 8 inch hard-on, then rubbed it along the crack of her ass. Again, she "tried" to fight me off, and behind me I could here Masato yelling and "desperately trying" to escape from his bonds, but of course neither of them could do a thing. Keeping my hands firmly on her hips I found Kimi's cunt lips and pushed my cock deep into her box.

My god, it was so incredible. I have had my fair share of ladies before, bimbos and muscle-groupies all, but never have I had anyone like Kimi. She was unbelievably tight, and yet smooth as silk. In and out I began pumping into her tight little box, the pressure was so intense I knew I wouldn't be able to last that long, and neither could Kimi from what I was seeing. She was really getting into this, so much so that I was almost sure she'd blow the whole "rape"-act. Fortunately there was nobody close enough to us to notice that her crying and grimacing was actually from pleasure.

I continued to fuck her cunt faster and harder, feeling the pressure in my balls mounting and her deliciously sweet cunt fucking me back, until I could feel my balls finally giving up the fight and releasing their load. I pulled out of Kimi fast and turned her around to face the thing that violated her. My cock unloaded big time, jet after jet of while cum came out and landed all over her pretty face. I could tell Kimi liked the experience, and I even had to tell her that she'd been publicly "raped", so stop smiling!

After it was done, I pulled up my trunks and started out of the ring. The fans were quiet and looking at me like I was the scum of the earth, which was of course the general goal of this angle. before leaving the ring I casually tossed Masato the keys to his cuffs. As soon as he got free he went to Kimiko then ran to the dressing room to seek revenge on me. He found me in the dressing room and ran at me, but rather than grappling me, we hugged and high-fived each other, celebrating a good show. Kimi walked in a minute later, escorted by ring officials and crying her eyes out over the indignity and humiliation she suffered in the ring. The moment the doors closed, however, the tears dried up like magic and a broad grin came over her mouth. She immediately jumped into my arms, still mostly naked, and gave me a deep, long kiss, which was quite enthusiastically returned. Our tongues intertwined for what seemed like an eternity, and I was barely conscious at all of the hoots and cat-calls from the other wrestlers.

Before she finally got out of my arms and headed for the showers, she promised that that night we would see about working on a much more extensive and personal show. Now that's a match I'm really looking forward to.


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