The Best Erotic Stories.

by Luvnthots

She stormed out of the office slamming the door in her wake. No way was he going to have it both ways. "I should have known better, what was I thinking?" she berated herself over and over. Alexis Conner had been having an affair with her married boss for the last three years. Always promising to leave his wife, but he never seemed to have the guts. Alexis was attracted to Drew Carson from the start. He wasn't the "drop dead gorgeous" type, but there was definitely an aura about him. Ruby red lips, creamy ivory skin, dark eyes that no doubt concealed all of his secrets from his wife. Something about the sound of his voice and the way he moved sent waves throughout her middle every time he was near. But no longer, enough was enough.

Mark Nolan, college student by day, cab driver by night, had just begun his shift when he received a call for a pick up at the law offices of Carson, Fielding, and McLemore on Chestnut Street. He leaned against the car with arms crossed and a foot propped up on the door step, impatiently waiting. His fare was late. The antique oak and brass double doors flung open at once and out burst a pair of extraordinary legs attached to a short skirt and large breasts. He didn't notice her angry demeanor until she came a little closer.

Without even noticing the appealing young gentleman holding the door, Alexis brushed past, tossed her briefcase in the back seat, and fell in behind it. "The Breckenridge Apartments," she commanded.

The twelve-mile trip seemed to take forever. She spent most of the drive with her eyes closed trying to alleviate the banging sensation in her brain. She felt like such a fool, so used. Time to get a grip, stop being so impulsive, and start making better decisions about where her life was going. Her mind was made up to forget men and get on with her career. Maybe she should even change law firms.

Considering her future helped her to relax and let her nerves to settle a little, she began to notice the cab wasn't of the ordinary sort. It was a newer model Crown Victoria, with plush, upholstered seats, and it smelled not of cigarettes and liquor, but of vanilla she thought, mixed with mens cologne. Grey Flannel, that was it. Her mood began to lighten. The cab driver had strong, wide shoulders. The back of his hair looked so silky it was tempting to touch. She could only see his eyes in the rearview mirror but if his smile matched his eyes......."Stop that!" she admonished herself.

Mark was becoming a little uncomfortable under her heavy stare and had to reposition himself in his seat, occasionally. He slowed down as he neared the entrance to the apartment complex, "Where do you want me to let you out?"

......And that voice! She pinched herself. Hormones and adrenaline won out as she replied, "I'm not really in the mood to go home yet. Can't we just ride around for a while?" When he asked what she had in mind she told him some place nice and quiet. She needed someone to talk too, if he wasn't in a hurry.

He was in no hurry! Small talk filled the moment then he asked her if she would like to go for a ride along the Schuyllkill River, Fine with her. Soon Mark found a little deserted pier off Delaware Avenue and pulled in. There was probably a view, but Alexis didn't notice, She could see more of his face now in the mirror and she liked what she saw. She tried to make conversation by asking questions like, "Have you been driving long?" and "What are you studying in school?" He was increasingly more careful with his answers as the questions became more personal.

She complained of being hot but before he could roll the window down she started to unbutton her blouse. He froze, watched intently, then she asked if he wanted to see fireworks. He was stunned and couldn't answer at first, then responded, "That's tomorrow night, Mam."

"Would you like to see my breast's?" Oh, fireworks, he thought. He'd love to see her breasts but he couldn't speak. Didn't matter, she was determined to show them to him anyway. The blouse fell off and Mark jumped over into the back seat for a closer look. He kissed her lightly and waited for her reaction. Alexis pulled him back to her and kissed him hungrily. He knew the game now and was happy to oblige. Mark began touching her breasts softly with just the pads of his fingers. Her nipples grew hard immediately. He leaned down to lightly flick his tongue across one and blew on it. Then the other. She shivered. Mark raised himself to cover her mouth with his, once again, and Alexis reached for his already hard love muscle. She became so aroused, He thought she would rip his clothes right off of him. The shirt went quickly but her frenzied movements made it difficult to unbutton his jeans. Mark helped her. She quickly took his member into her mouth and began what could only be described as magic.

He reached to pleasure her. Found her feathery folds hot and creamy as he slid his finger from her clit to her fancy and back again. She was still feeding frantically upon his maleness. The crickets chirped outside and once in a while there was a low hum of a speedboat's motor. All Mark heard was the beating pulse in his head echoing the throbbing in his loins.

When she stopped to take a breath, Mark gently directed her to lie back. Alexis obeyed by throwing her arms back over her head giving him full access to all of her womanly pleasures. He could not hold back. All self control was now lost to desire. He thrust his manhood forcefully into her haven. She cried out. Afraid that he might have gotten carried away, Mark slowed and whispered, "I'm sorry, didn't mean to be so rough." Alexis screamed, "Don't stop! Please, don't stop! That was all he needed to hear. He continued his mission with complete loss of discipline. Her hips bucked keeping perfect time with his."

They reached orgasm together. She screamed his name in wild abandon as riptides resonated through her body. He howled as he filled her with his glorious liquid gold. She saw fireworks. He saw fireworks.

They lay in the back seat in each others arms consumed, their breathing belabored. When finally they regained their senses, they dressed each other and got back on the road. Mark returned Alexis to her Breckenridge apartment. She got out, adjusted her skirt and handed Mark a voucher for her fare. "If you ever need my services," holding out a business card, "just call." Later he filled in the voucher for fare and a handsome tip to cover additional services and a reward for an impressive performance.

Author's note: Thanks again SYBER4U, you're the best!

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