The Best Erotic Stories.

by SxxyAngl

"Stop!" I looked around quickly as I realized that I had spoken aloud. Luckily nobody had heard me. I was supposed to be working, rearranging some patient files, but I couldn't get my mind off of my latest fantasy. It seemed lately that my hunger for sex had become insatiable. My man couldn't keep up with my need. I don't know where it's all coming from. All I know is that I have to get it under control because I can't keep losing myself in my fantasy world. But my fantasy is going so great, maybe I'll delve just a little deeper into it right now. I have all day to finish my job.

Just recently I had seen an old lover who had renewed my interest. I love my man with all my heart, but this old lover wouldn't leave my head. And I would never cheat on my current man. But regardless, I still had my fantasy which I will soon get to. First I have to describe these two men to you. Mark, my current lover is very good looking. He stands 5'8 with a thin frame. His shoulders are broad and his skin is so smooth. I can't stop myself from wanting to rub my hands all over him. He has short brown hair and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. And his dick. Damn. He is by far the best lover I have ever had. Now, the old lover, Jay, is 100% Greek. He has dark hair, skin and eyes. His body is very similar to Mark's only he is a few inches taller.

So by now you're probably assuming that my fantasy consists of me getting banged by these two hot men. Well, that is true, but there is one more guy that comes into play. He is also a former lover that I still speak with. His name is Joe and his build is similar to the other two, but he's short like Mark is. His hair is a sandy brown and he has the most wonderful lips.

Well, I have laid out the characters and now for the setting. We're all at a beautiful little cabin by a lake. The area is completely secluded. There are woods all around us. The sun is shining through the trees and I can hear the birds singing. Prissy, I know.

We're all four of us together in the sunroom sitting and chatting. We have recently been swimming so we're all dressed in our suits. My nipples are hard enough to cut glass and thank God we had just gotten out of the water because looking at these guys in nothing but trunks has made me dripping wet. I sit there next to Mark. He has his hand on my thigh and is rubbing it up and down. Jay and Joe's eyes are glued to his hand. They are obviously jealous that this man gets to touch me. That's when the idea hits me. I want all three of these fine men to fuck me senseless. Now I just had to make it happen.

We all start to dry off as we sit there in the sun, but my pussy is still soaked. I pick my leg up and cross it over the other so Mark's hand falls into my pussy. He raises his eyebrows when he realizes how wet I am. He motions to me that we should go upstairs. I look at his shorts and I notice that his huge cock is already hardening at the thought of fucking me. Mark knows I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist and so he isn't surprised when I reach my hand over to him and rub his cock through his suit. Jay and Joe's mouths drop as I rub Mark's dick until it's pointing to the sky.

I get up off of my seat and drop to my knees in front of Mark. I pull out his throbbing hard cock and just push my mouth around its entirety. Mark moans with pleasure. My ass is facing the other two guys. Mark forcefully pulls the straps of my suit off my shoulders and allows my ample breasts to pop out. He fondles them and pinches my nipples as I continue to suck on his dick. Jay, the Greek, takes this opportunity to kneel behind me and pull the rest of my suit down to my knees. I continue to suck on Mark's meat as Jay probes my hot wet pussy with his tongue. His tongue finds my clit just as I've got all of Mark's dick in my mouth and I practically scream. The vibration from my mouth makes Mark moan even more. But poor Joe, he's still just sitting there watching, beating his own rock hard cock. Well, I don't want anyone to be left out.

I motioned for Joe to come join and he obliged. Jay was now laying underneath me licking at my pussy with unbelievable speed. My clit was crying out for release. Joe came over and Mark moved off the couch so Joe could have a turn. I licked Joe's dick up and down and watched his face as it contorted in pleasure. Mark got behind me and shoved his dick into my pussy and started banging away at me. Jay had moved up to sucking on my tits and I could get a nice firm grip on his dick. So now I am giving head, a hand job, and getting fucked all at once, and still I havent cum. But I'll be damned if this isn't the best sex I have ever experienced. Joe's cock fills my entire mouth just as Mark's fills my entire pussy.

Little did I know that Mark was just getting his dick wet. He pulls out of my pussy and thrusts his huge cock into my tight little asshole. Without any warning to me. The pain was exquisite. After a few thrusts, I was moaning onto Joe's dick. So as not to be out of the loop, Jay raised his hips up and pushed his dick into my pussy. Never have I felt such pleasure as having all of my holes filled with three men!

BOOM! I cum with such explosiveness that my whole body convulsed against these three men. Their rhythm is lost for a few seconds. I deep throat Joe once more as he shoots his sticky hot cum into my mouth. And like a good girl, I swallow it all. MMM. The other two continue to fuck my other two holes while I lick Joe's dick clean.

I can hear Mark's panting that I have grown so accustomed to. I know he is close. I start to buck my ass against his dick and he's up to his balls in my little hole. Once again, my body is racked with orgasm as Mark shoots his load deep into my ass. We have become so in tune that we tend to always cum together. Our moans joined into one voice. Joe lays back on the couch and is obviously ready for sleep.

Mark pulls out so that Jay can get his. I sit up on Jay's dick and rock myself up and down on his huge Greek cock. Mark sits in the chair and watches us, his dick already hardening once more. Jay reaches up to me to fondle my huge tits while I ride him faster and faster. Jay's hands latch onto my tits as his whole body pushes up against me. I can feel his cum flying into my cunt. I love the feeling of cum shooting up into me. I slow down as his orgasm fades and kiss his lips quickly as I get off his dick. He too is now ready for a nap.

I walk over to where Mark is sitting. I sit down on his lap, facing him and kiss him passionately. His tongue probes into my mouth and finds my tongue and they dance together. I get off Mark's lap and grab his hand. Now we're off to the shower, to be alone.

SHIT! The day is over and I have nothing to show for it except some wet panties. Oh well, there's always tomorrow to work. And tonight Mark is going to get the fucking of his life.


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