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by Stephan

It was the first time I called another man because I needed his cock! I was in the apartment of Connie, one of the women I service as the "Private Dick" in my apartment complex, and she wasn't alone. It seemed I interrupted a unplanned get-together when I showed up at her door with the tax papers I had prepared for her. Present were Peggy and Mary, two other women I service and my arrival was greeted with ribald comments and demands that I fuck all three of them, one after the other!

Connie started the fun by giving me a good blow job as I finger fucked her cunt to an orgasm and then Mary just had to be fucked doggy style, her favorite, and then Peggy wanted me in her fuck-hole and I had cum three times in an hour and the women were just getting started! I like an orgy as much as the next guy, but there had to be more cock's in use then just mine! As I sat back and slipped a finger into Peggy's wet hole and began to slowly finger her, the other two women sipped wine and commented on my performance and I knew I needed some help here!

"That was very good, darling," Connie said. "I always love the way you move your hips like that."

"And move your tool like that," Mary laughed.

"Well, ladies, Private Dick is my name and fucking's my game," I laughed.

"And nobody does it better," Connie stared to sing.

"Ah, a hard man is good to find," Peggy sighed, joining in.

All three women were divorced and not getting as much cock as they needed, which was the reason I was the "Private Dick" in the complex.

Peggy, lying on the living room floor in front of me was lovely in just her sheer gray nylons. Her long dark hair was spread around her head and her full tit's fell to either side of her chest. The light hair covering her slit was wet with pussy juice and cum and she was keeping my cock hard, or was it my manly pride? Connie was sitting on the couch wearing only a black choker and heels, her legs open and the view of her open pussy was wonderful. Mary was sitting next to her, her large tit's and hard nipples as lovely as her shaved fuck-hole. She was wearing only a pair of sheer black crotch-less panties and I wanted to get into both of their cunt's again! But I knew I was good for only one or two more humpings and needed some help to satisfy these three women!

"Ladies, we seem to have the beginnings of an orgy here and I think we need more warm fuck toys," I told them.

"We have been a little hard on you, dear, but you are the Private Dick and so we expect you to take care of us," Connie said, smiling at me.

"I'm taken care of for a little while," Peggy said, smiling up at me. The stink from her crotch was wonderful and I was getting harder! But knowing I could fuck Connie and Mary, Peggy would then be ready again! It was easy for a woman to lie on her back and let man after man have her but it was different for a man who had to keep his pecker hard and deliver a load of cum each time! In the world of sex it certainly belonged to the female!

"We do outnumber you, Stephan, and so we need two more cock's, right ladies?" Connie asked the other sexy women.

"At least one more as lovely as Stephan's," Peggy said.

"Who do we ask to join our party?" Mary asked, sipping her wine and gazing at my hard cock, wet with pussy juice and cum. The idea was certainly a good one!

I helped Peggy to her feet and she got us both a glass of wine as we talked about who we were going to invite to our impromptu fuck party.

"There's that hunk in Building B," Mary said hopefully.

"I've noticed him by the pool, and his two kids," Connie sighed. "Forget him."

"What about the new guy who just moved into my building?" Peggy asked.

"I saw him come home the other day and he got out of his car with another guy and they were holding hands," Mary frowned.

"He's gay? And he's so pretty," Connie sighed. "I'll bet they know new way's to use their tools."

I listened to the women laughing and suddenly remembered a guy I saw at the Christmas Orgy in Building D that none of the three women had attended for one reason or another. He was single, definitely not gay and from what I could see was as well equipped as I was! A blonde with big tits was bent over a footstool as he worked her ass doggy style and he seemed to know what he was doing!

"I think I know a guy," I said and the three women stopped talking about the probable size and availability of some of the men in the complex and looked at me. My cock was now semi erect and beginning to itch with drying pussy juice and cum but the women were now ready for a hard cock again.

"Who?" Connie asked, putting her hand down between her legs.

"A guy I saw at a party. I asked the hostess and she gave me his name and we ran into each other at the pool a few times and talked a little the way men do and he likes fucking a willing cunt as much as I do. I have his number in my wallet." I didn't tell them that at first I looked on him as a possible rival for the free cunt in the complex but then I remembered there was so much free pussy available that I wouldn't be able to use it all and maybe I could use the help. Like now!

Peggy got my discarded pants from the hallway and I found the slip of paper with the number in my wallet.

"Call him. We need more cock around here," Mary laughed. I dialed the number and he was home!

"Hey, Fred, it's Stephan and I need your cock," I said, laughing and looking at the three naked and expectant women. The smell of pussy was filling Connie's living room and my cock was growing longer.

"Ah, Stephan, I, ah, don't go that way, you know?"

It stopped me! "No, Fred! I'm in Building A with three naked and very horny women. It's an unplanned orgy and I need more cock and some help here."

I liked Fred and I liked him more when he asked what apartment number and said he'd be there in twenty minutes! Free pussy is hard to turn down! As I hung up the phone I thought about how well Fred was hung as Mary started a slow dance, grinding her lovely naked ass as the other women called out dirty remarks, and my pecker grew longer as I watched her tit's sway!

"Come on baby, let's see how big you are," Mary sang in a low, horse voice as she danced around my chair and my cock grew harder! Peggy was playing with her pussy and Connie was putting on a fresh pair of sheer red nylons as she watched Peggy. And my cock grew longer as I helped her attach the stockings to her thin red garter belt! I was going to need a pussy or shit-hole soon and one of the women was saved from a wonderful fate as my cock was now pointing at the ceiling again when the door bell rang.

Everybody froze! It was as if we had been caught by our mothers! The three women looked at me, the only male present, as if to protect them. Maybe it was a man's world after all!

I looked through the peep hole and saw it was Fred, dressed in a green pull over golf shirt and tan slacks and I was willing to bet he wasn't wearing underwear. I opened the door and he came into the hallway of Connie's apartment and the first thing he noticed was my flag pole.

"Look's like I'm right on time," he said, looking me up and down. "Leave anything for me?" Then he unzipped his fly and pulled out his erect cock. It was pointing at the ceiling as he winked at me.

"The ladies await," I said, bowing to his expertise and gesturing toward the living room door and the three still very horny women. I followed him into the living room which was now filled with the ribald comments of the women. Peggy was standing with her hands on her hips, which were thrust out at our new player. Connie was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and running her eyes over Fred's six foot frame. Mary was sitting next to Connie and spreading her legs to let Fred have a good look at her shaved womanhood.

"Well, ladies, I hear we have an emergency here. Stephan called and said there were three horny women who needed servicing," he said smiling at them.

Seeing the pink pole sticking out of his pants Mary and Peggy melted!

"Strip!" Connie said, her legs still crossed and her eyes on his face and not the obvious display of male ego. She was the best lay of the three and the most selective.

"Of course," Fred said, and began to undress, smiling just at her.

Soon he was naked, his cock in full view and his cock was lovely! Long and slim and hard, with soft hair covering the red ball's hanging below. I knew now why he was fucking the blonde in her ass at the party. He was a back door man! His cock was made for a woman's, or another man's ass. My own cock grew harder!

"Well, ladies, we have another toy to play with, and both of then hard and ready," Connie smiled, uncrossing her legs and exposing her moist pussy.

Fred cupped his stiff cock in his hand and began to stroke it, showing us he was ready for action. Mary said that was a woman's job and pushed his hand away and began to do the job for him. Her smelly crotch made him lean down and fill his nose with her odor and then they were French kissing and Mary was soon on her back on the floor as Fred moved to mount her! He had his prick buried in her as fast as it takes to describe it! Mary squealed with the sudden penetration of her pussy but smiled as she moved her ass on the rug. That left two women for me! Two pussies still unplugged!

Mary's legs were wrapped around Fred as he pushed his hard prick deep into her stinky fuck-hole and a rhythmic fucking began on Connie's living room floor as we all watched. Fred was a man of few words, apparently, and with a nice cock like that he didn't need to say much to get a woman on her back! His back muscles rippled and his ass cheeks jingled as he worked Mary's cunt!

My cock was hard and my ball's were full again and I motioned to Connie and when I caught her eye I pointed at my erection. She smiled and got down on her back beside the couch and spread her legs.

I mounted Connie and my cock was deep in her cunt and her nyloned legs were wrapped around me and the motion of my hips was driving her to her climax. Fred was fucking Mary and Peggy was sitting on the couch and just watching the fun as the smell of good sex filled the room.

Fred was working Mary's cunt as if he hadn't had any pussy in a week and Mary was enjoying every thrust of his cock as she started to moan in that throaty way of hers. He was trying hard to come as soon as possible. I didn't know why, the other two women weren't going anywhere until they enjoyed him too. Mary knew when a man was about to blow his ball's and started yelling "In my face! In my face!"

Fred, an oblivious gentlemen, pulled his cock out of her and moved up her body and aimed his pecker. His ball's let loose and he rained cum into Mary's hair, face and open mouth!

"Very good," Peggy said, clapping her hands in appreciation of Fred's performance and the quantity of jizm his ball's produced. He was holding his hard cock and it was squirting out drops of cum like a hose. I hoped it wasn't all he had for the night and he wasn't a One Trick Pony or a Limp Dick after one fuck! Even a thirteen year old can fuck at least two or three times! I could! I first noticed him at the party when he has humping the blonde on the coffee table and lost track of him in the crowd when Connie's mother Lucinda pulled me by my cock over to a now vacant couch for her Christmas fuck and I lost track of him and was unable to learn if he had more then one fuck in his nut's. I hoped he wasn't going to disappoint the women, or me!

I had more experience then he did and knew how to hold back my cum and as Mary and Fred came down from an obviously good fuck I was still humping Connie! Her tight pussy was squeezing my cock and her heat was suddenly too much and I let fly with my cum! The hot, sweaty body under me was wonderful and the smell in the room was keeping me hard and I pulled out of Connie with my cock as hard as when I mounted her!

"Oh, that was good. But now I want Fred's cock in my ass!" Connie said.

"Oh no you don't!" Peggy declared. "I haven't been fucked yet! Let Fred enjoy a real woman!"

Mary didn't like that. "My cunt is one of the best in the apartment complex."

"Who said so?" Peggy asked, laughing.


Peggy and Mary both looked at me. My cock was again wet with pussy juice and cum but ready to go again! And I didn't care who's pussy or ass it enjoyed. Each woman was a great lay. Not because each woman had a body you wanted to fuck but because each woman had a body that needed to be fucked!

"Stephan should know, he's been in most of them," Connie laughed.

Which wasn't true, of course. My group of ladies were a select group. But there was that new divorced brunet in Building D that I hadn't been able to meet yet...

"Come on, Fred, try a pussy or ass that's still tight," Peggy said.

The air was filled with the aroma of sweat, the smell of pussy and a slight hint of shit from moist ass-holes. The stink of sex filling Connie's living room was wonderful and Fred was ready, his wet cock pointing at the ceiling as he smiled at Peggy, running his eyes up and down her delightful body. He was now looking at her pussy and grinning. Peggy had nice tit's but I agreed with Fred that her pussy was her best feature.

"I'm ready if you are," he said.

"I'm always ready, honey," Peggy smiled.

How long has it been since he humped a cunt, I wondered. He sure was eager.

Connie smiled at me and crawled over to the couch and placed her head on the cushion and pushed out her ass. I walked on my knees over to her and pushed my dick-head against her open and very smelly shit-hole.

"Come in, honey," Connie said to me, smiling over her shoulder.

But I made her wait as I watched Peggy get on her knees beside us, push her ass out toward Fred, and grinning, say over her shoulder, "Pick a hole, you sweet man."

Fred's own grin grew wider as he walked on his knees up behind Peggy and took her by the hips. He greased his dick- head in the juice's of her wet and very smelly pussy and then plunged his fuck-toy into her ass and Peggy jumped and yelped! And I pushed my cock into Connie's tight, moist shit-hole!

I always had a hard time getting up to my nut's in Connie's ass but Fred's slim cock was deep in Peggy's ass with one thrust! He was a born back door fucker, superbly equipped!

I was proud of my thick cock but there's a lot to be said for a Slim Jim! It was at least a month since I fucked Connie's ass and she was as tight now as ever.

Connie was letting me deeper into her, her shit-hole slowly relaxing and opening. But Fred was beginning a good humping of Peggy's ass and soon her moan's started. Peggy was a moaner and some men like that but I never cared what a woman sounded like as I fucked her, as long as I could fuck her!

I was now up to my ball's in Connie and an undeclared race began, Fred and I both seeing who could make our woman cum first! Thin versus thick! Does a woman care? As long as she cum's I don't think it matters to her!

Connie was moaning now as I pushed my hips back and forth, driving my cock in and out of her slick hole like a piston. And Fred was doing the same to Peggy's dirt-hole. I had fucked Connie's cunt just ten minutes before and Peggy's pussy over an hour ago so Peggy was hornier and she hit her climax first, calling out a stream of dirty words.

"Oh, you fucker! Harder, you smelly ass-hole! Deeper, you shitty fuck! Fuck me, fuck me! Ream my ass-hole, you ass- hole!" Peggy was known for her wonderful language during the pleasure of her orgasm!

Fred was keeping up as he plunged into Peggy with each dirty word and name! Then his body jerked and I knew he was unloading his ball's!

"Oh, good, good, good, you ass-hole," Peggy gasped and then her head fell on the couch seat! Fred slowed his humping and then let his cock rest in Peggy's hole. He looked at me, still moving in Connie's ass, and smiled. He had won the fuck race, but Connie didn't care as she still hadn't cum!

I changed my rapid thrusts to longer, slower ones and went into Connie as deep as I could, the way she liked it. And then she shuddered in the way I knew meant she was climaxing and she relaxed under me. And soon my ball's tightened and it was my turn to squirt my cum into Connie's warm, and very slick ass! I lost the race with Fred but Connie and I enjoyed a good ride!

"Well," Connie said, her voice almost horse, "now Fred can fuck my pussy. I hope you like sloppy seconds," she said, looking at him. Her hair, like her body, was slick with sweat but I knew her pussy was ready!

As I pulled my cock out of her ass, Fred said, "The more sloppy the better. I like it wet."

"Good boy. But I want it on my back so I can eat your tongue, you lovely fuck!"

I sat on the couch, my wet cock dripping juice and cum on the seat as Connie got on her back on the floor, spreading her stockinged legs and opening her pussy lips to him, and he was still hard! He was no Limp Dick! My cock was getting softer and shorter but I could use a rest. Fred seemed to have a steel pecker and maybe I should start to worry about the horny cunt's in the complex not needing my services in the future.

He was straddled over Connie and slowly stroking his hard cock as he looked down at her. Mary and Peggy were also watching the show, Mary sitting in a chair sipping her wine and Peggy still on her knees and fingering her sore ass.

He started by leaning down and sucking both tit's, one after the other. This went on until I wanted to tell him to get on with it and fuck the cunt! But Connie was in no hurry and was enjoying the sucking. Then he slowly slid his mouth down her body and kissed and licked her stomach and then he was between her legs, kissing and then sucking her smelly pussy! He was eating her and she was squirming under him in delight.

"Oh, I like that," Connie moaned, her eyes half closed. Fred's tongue seemed almost as long as his fuck-tool as he ran in up and down Connie's pussy lips like he was licking a large sucker. It seemed he was going to lick her pussy as long as he had sucked her tit's. Connie reached down between her legs and held open her lips so he could get at her clit, which he started to nibble. And soon Connie was groaning and as he nibbled harder she groaned louder until she hit her climax. Then he moved up her sweaty body and pushed his hard cock into her as she held her lips open for him. Soon he was doing his usual good job of fucking pussy and Connie was doing her usual good job of trying to empty a man's ball's. Then he did something I've done a few times. He pulled out of her, sat up and without touching himself, his cock squirted out his load of cum! Nice show, I thought.

Peggy and Mary were watching the cum fall in drops onto Connie's body until Fred's nut's were empty. Well, he wasn't a one trick pony! Then the steel cock went limp!

"Wow," Mary said, commenting on the fuck show and staring at Fred's slowly shrinking tool, "that made me more horny."

She was right, and my own cock was now pointing at the ceiling again.

"Well," Mary said to Peggy, looking at me, "there's an unused toy."

"Who gets it first?" Peggy asked.

I didn't care. Each woman was a great piece of ass!

"He fucked you after me so it's my turn again," Mary said, sticking out her tongue and shaking her full tit's.

I wanted that tongue to lick me. I wanted to suck and play with those tit's as I stroked my full cock.

Peggy sighed, looking at Fred's now flaccid cock, and said, "Well, if I have to use one of Connie's toy's I guess I have too." She looked at the large cabinet next to the terrace doors that held Connie's collection of porn and fuck toys. I love the way women can cooperate. Maybe they should run the world.

"Help yourself, dear," Connie said, her eyes still closed.

Mary came over to me, sitting in the chair, my cock pointing at the ceiling.

"That chair won't do. Get one from the kitchen," she told me, standing in front of me with her hands on her hips and her legs spread. The smell from her moist, open pussy was making me harder and I got the chair from the kitchen and sat in it as she turned her sweaty ass to me, reached back between her legs, took my cock and guided it into her wet cunt as she sat down in my lap. "I thought you liked it doggy style," I asked her, smiling at her sweaty back. Any style was all right with me!

"This is a modified doggy style and I know you like it as much as I do, fucker."

She was right and as she pushed herself up by the arms of the chair and then lowered herself back onto my fuck-stick I pushed myself as deep into her as I could. We continued until Mary started moaning and then she hit her orgasm. "Stay hard and stay in me," she gasped, "I can come again."

So I continued the upward thrust of my hips as she continued the downward thrust of hers and soon Mary came again. The heat of her slippery pussy surrounding and gripping my still hard cock wasn't enough for my ball's to empty again but her tit's were full and sweaty! I played with her tit's and each hard nipple, trying to help her cum a third time as the aromatic stink from our fuck filled my nose and helped keep me hard for her. But the lovely, oversexed Mary seemed as done as I was and my cock slid out of her and she sat on the floor next to me, her crotch-less panties wet with sweat and pussy juice. She didn't care that I hadn't cum. So long as she got a good fucking she could always make me cum later. We sat and watched the show as Fred demonstrated his technique with two lustful women.

While Mary and I were enjoying each other Fred had gotten Connie and Peggy on the floor next to each other and now he was eating out Peggy's fuck-hole while he finger fucked Connie's. Nothing I hadn't done myself but it was interesting to see another guy working two women. I had learned how back in my aunt's house in Iowa when she and her next door neighbor, Sally, both demanded a fucking NOW! And I was a fast learner! It became a regular part of the meetings of our club, followed by a good blow job and ass licking! When my classmate, Billy, joined our club it was one of the first technique's he had to learn! And Billy proved to be a fast learner also!

Fred was doing a pretty good job on the women as Connie started moaning as he had his thumb in her fuck-hole and a finger in her shit-hole and was pinching her like a pliers. Peggy, her legs spread wide and her eyes closed in pleasure, was smiling as she held her pussy lips open for his slurping tongue. And the part of the show I liked best was watching his limp cock grow longer and then harder and then turn into a full erection as he serviced the two horny women.

"Oh, that's pretty," Mary said, also intrigued by Fred's now fully erect prick.

"His ball's look full again too," I remarked to Mary.

"I can do something about that," she said. She crawled on her hands and knees like a sleek, naked cat over to Fred. The way her naked ass swayed from side to side was making my own cock hard again! If my cock was fully erect I would have mounted her and fucked her smelly shit-hole this time! She leaned over Fred's side and took his hard cock into her mouth and began a slow up and down movement of her lips.

Fred never flinched although he knew a woman's hot mouth was wrapped around his prick. It was a nice show. One man servicing two women while a third woman serviced him, and my cock started to harden. The delicious stink of sweat, sex and shit filled the room and finished the job of making me hard again and I crawled over to Mary and pushed her legs apart and pushed my dick-head against her ass-hole. She didn't stop sucking off Fred's pretty cock as I pushed half way into her.

The heat of her slippery hole made me even harder and I pushed in up to my nuts. I didn't start humping her because I wanted to let my cock soak in her heat and wetness, making me even harder! She let Fred's cock slip out of her mouth, a few drops of drool falling on Connie's carpet.

"I love it when you poke me, dear. Poke me more!" Then she went back to sucking Fred's erect tool.

The first thing I learned in my aunt's house was that a man must always satisfy a pussy or he may not get that pussy again, so I started a slow fuck of Mary's ass as I looked over the group fuck scene.

One cunt was being eaten and one cunt was being finger fucked and the third cunt was being cock-fucked. One cock was being eaten and the second one was being cunt-fucked. I wanted a picture for my album! But the thought of cameras was quickly replaced by the familiar feeling in my cock root and I knew it wouldn't be long before my nut's let go again.

But Connie was the first to cum and then Peggy groaned as Fred continued to grind his mouth into her juicy crotch and she climaxed. That left me and Fred to empty our ball's and Mary to cum!

Fred moved so his cock slid out of her mouth, against her loud protests at losing her toy, and slid between her legs on his back and started sucking her left tit and squeezing her right as I increased my humping of her hole. She was actually getting tighter in her excitement and gripped my prick harder and the wonderful tension a man knows when deep in a woman spread through my cock, ball's and stomach and I blew my nut's!

As Fred and I walked down the hallway to the elevator to the lobby of Connie's building he smiled.

"Those are three great cunt's, huh?"

"You said it," I said, wondering after our fun and games just how much a threat he was to my future fuck life.

"That Connie is a great piece of ass! What a cunt! So tight! And Peggy's a great lay too! And that Mary can sure suck cock!"

He was like a kid who just got laid for the first time! "You sure know how to use that fuck-stick of yours," I told him with admiration. He sure was a good cocks-man.

"I learned early. My sister and a cousin were my first teachers," he smiled. "The two girls caught me in the attic jacking off to Miss July when I was a kid and started teaching me how to really enjoy my cock. And my sister is still a good lay. Maybe we should have hung around and gotten more pussy, huh Stephan?"

"I'm beat," I lied. "And besides I interrupted a hen party. They'll stay the night and do things to each other we can't do. Like double dildo fucking."

"Yeah, I know women fuck each other different then we fuck them."

"I know," I said as the elevator door opened, "but they'll always need a good stud with a hard cock."

"Thank God for that!" Fred replied as the elevator door closed behind us and took our limp cock's and tired ball's to the lobby.

Several weeks later it was Connie's turn again and I was back in her apartment for our scheduled fuck date, my cock soft after our second ride. She was bringing a bottle of our favorite wine and two glasses into the bedroom, still filled with the aroma of good sex, and frowned at me. I looked at her naked body, her lovely tit's and cunt hair still beaded with pussy juice and cum.

"Yes?" I asked, puzzled at her pretty frown.

"Did you hear about Fred?"

"Fred? No. What about Fred?"

"It's going around that he got married!"

"Married? So?"

"Married! That means that lovely cock will be wasted on one woman!"

"Connie, you know as well as any woman that a wedding ring never stops a hard prick from shooting cum if a good opportunity comes along. A sexy opportunity like you," I told her, looking at her lush body. The stink coming from between her legs was wonderful!

"I heard he's moving into the bitch's apartment on the other side of town! I'll never see that lovely cock again!"

"That's a shame," I said. As she handed me a glass of wine I smiled at her in sympathy and then looked down at my growing cock and thought about the day after tomorrow when it would be Peggy's turn again!


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