The Best Erotic Stories.

by Llacy

As we walk into my bedroom, the soft scent of my favorite perfume assails your senses. You love the way the candles flicker, throwing muted shadows over the silk sheets of the turned back covers. You notice the selection of oils and flavored rubs setting on my nightstand.

Turning back to me, you smile as you can see the yearning look in my eyes. "I love to feel a man's muscles under my hands as I give you a massage. Your body is so sexy to me. I don't think you realize how much I want us to be together."

We laugh softly, and then I gasp as you take me into your arms, caressing my back with soft strokes of your large gentle hands. I shiver with anticipation as I pull away slowly. Looking into your eyes, I can see your desire for me and that makes me shiver once again.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I want to make this as perfect for you as I can," you tell me.

I smile as I say, "We will make this perfect for each other. Please allow me to undress you, I need to feel your naked skin next to me."

Slowly, I start unbuttoning your shirt, kissing each small space of your chest that I reveal. The hair on your chest tickles my nose as I rub my cheek against it. "I love a man with hair on his chest. It feels so good to run my fingers through it," I tell you.

You laugh softly as you reach for my pinned up hair. You say as you start to release it, "I love to run my fingers through a woman's hair also." As you take the last barrette away, my blonde hair falls in thick waves almost to my bottom. I can hear you sigh as you lift my hair to your nose and inhale the scent of my rose shampoo. "So beautiful" you murmur. My hands reach for the clasp of your belt in trembling anticipation.

I unhook it and undo the zipper. I can feel your hardness pushing against the confines of your underwear as I slide your pants to the floor. I reach to caress you briefly before I continue to take off your underwear. Gently I push you down to sit on the bed. Kneeling, I quickly pull off your socks and shoes, suddenly impatient to have all of your body revealed to me. As I rise, I can see your penis jutting toward me. You look so wonderful, so thick and full, that I want to rip my clothes off immediately so I can feel all of you next to me.

As I start to quickly unbutton the front of my dress you tell me "No, go slower, I want to watch you reveal every part of yourself. I want to see the expressions on your face as you bare every part of yourself to me." I agree and start to undo the buttons one by one. My dress slides to the floor and I hear you inhale as you see my lacy blue teddy. The fabric is taut over my breasts and I am so excited that my nipples are protruding, pushing outward toward you. I almost can't stand it, but I make myself slowly slide the straps down my shoulders, letting the teddy slide down my hips. I am standing in front of you only in my frilly underwear when you rise from the bed and pull me to your chest. I gasp as my breasts tingle from the contact.

You tell me as your hands caress my bottom, "I want to finish this. You have waited long enough, pretty lady." I agree wholeheartedly and I can feel your hands sliding into the waistband of my underwear. My head falls back and you nuzzle my neck as you push them down to fall to the floor. I can feel you turning me to lay us on the bed, all the while you are driving me crazy by licking and sucking on the most sensitive parts of my neck.

"Oh, this feels so good, so right." I say as you start to lower your lips toward my aching breasts. I arch up as your mouth settles on my right nipple, sucking gently and firmly. My hands reach up to caress your head and I moan as the sensations keep building in me, heading straight down to my clit. I'm getting wetter and wetter as you switch to my other breast and lave it with your tongue before taking it into your mouth. I can feel your hands caressing my body, moving in slow circles over and over. I start to knead your back, loving the feel of your muscles rippling under my palms, before I reach for your penis, the part of you I want the most.

I hear you gasp as I take you into my hands. You are so hard and I can feel you throbbing as I slowly pump you a few times, up and down. " I want to taste you." I tell you as you rise from my breast. You smile as you agree but say, " First I want to taste more of your lips." We kiss deeply, thrusting our tongues in and around each other's, in the age-old way. I can feel you sucking my tongue and I moan into you. I come close to an orgasm from this because at the same time you are kissing me, you reach to my pussy and insert your finger into my womb. "That feels so good but I still want to take you into my mouth." I say as I rise above you.

Pushing you back, I settle my self between your legs so that you can watch. I smile in anticipation, as I smell your musk. As I lower my lips to your penis I keep my eyes on yours to see your pleasure as I take you into my mouth. I can hear you groan as the first caress of my lips takes in your head. Slowly I slide my mouth all the way down your shaft, loving the feel of you filling my throat, then just as slowly pulling back up. I lightly graze my teeth down you the second pass, then use my tongue to caress you all the way back up. I continue to thrust you into my mouth, up and down, listening and watching you to find out what pleases you the most as I face fuck you. My hands caress your balls in rhythm with my mouth strokes. I do this to you until you almost cum and pull me away from your shaft.

"Enough for now, my beauty. My turn next, to drive you just as wild." You say as you pull me up over your body. I love the strength you show as you do this. You kiss me as you turn me to lie on the bed. Then you start to kiss your way down my body, until you are between my open legs. I shiver as I can feel your hot breath on my shaved pussy. You tell me that you like the way I have left only a tuft of hair at the top of my pussy. Then all thoughts except pleasure vanish for me as you start your caresses. You start to lick and suck me, learning what I like the most, as you taste my juices. I start moaning as I can feel your fingers slide into my vagina, slowly pumping in and out, in time with your tongue. I try to hold my orgasm back, because I'm the type of person that only comes once, but I can't make myself stop as you work on my body. Half in pleasure the other half in disappointment I feel my self explode into your mouth.

"Oh my, So good but I wish I had held back." I murmur to myself.

But you heard me and asked me why. "Because I only come once. I have never come twice, with a man or a woman. But please don't think I won't enjoy our joining. You are the most exciting man I have ever been with. I need to feel you inside of me." I say as you slide yourself up my body. I notice the considering look on your face as you settle your hips against mine. I gasp as I feel your cock throbbing between us.

"Sweet woman, Let's see if we can change that." You say as you slip inside of me. I shiver in pleasure as I feel a complete fullness in me. No one has ever seemed to fit me so well as you. As you thrust into me slowly, you start to caress my breasts with one hand and with the other you stimulate my clit, telling me, "Listen to me as we love, Feel each sensation as I touch you. Let your body relax into your pleasure. You are so soft and warm, so tight and sexy. You fit me perfectly."

I am amazed as I can feel the sensations building inside of me again. I listen to your sexy voice telling me how I make you feel as you caress me and start moving faster and faster in me, and I can feel my orgasm building in my body. " Oh My God, I'm going to come again! Oh- Oh!" I cry out as I have the deepest strongest orgasm I have ever had. I can barely feel you cum as my vagina tightens around you cock. I am shaking as I feel you hug me close to you. You laugh softly and hold me tighter, saying, "I'm glad I could show you something you've never known about yourself. I have never had so much pleasure with any one else either."

We lay together touching each other as we talk. You smile as I still shiver every once in a while. I feel so wonderful until I notice my bottles of oil. You see me frown and say, "What is it?"

I reply, "I wanted to give you a massage before we came together, but I forgot."

You smile again and tell me, "We have all night beautiful lady." I return your smile as I realize just how right you are!


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