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False Arrest
by CRaZy

David lay motionless, the sun beaming down obligingly on his body as he drowsed lightly on the golden sand. Tiny sparkles of perspiration decorated his torso, yet he remained seduced by the gentle crashing of the waves and the soporific heat. He wore only a pair of boxers to protect his more precious parts and a small, silver cross around his neck. For the first time in months his mind was at peace. No work problems. No thoughts of his strained marriage. Just a pleasant sense of wellbeing.

Startled by the tide as the water began lapping playfully around his ankles, David opened his eyes and sat up, only to find himself rubbing them in confusion. Yet, his eyes had not deceived him. The most gorgeous creature he had ever seen skipped through the surf towards him. Her firm, nubile body was completely naked beneath long, jet-black hair that danced around her in the breeze. Rivulets of the ocean tracing their path down her ample curves and crevices were unhindered in their travels as they reached her completely shaven pussy. She stood above him now, her wide, brown eyes gleaming wickedly.

David was doubly surprised. He was taken aback that she had obviously been swimming here for quite some time whilst he remained oblivious to her stunning presence. It was also a shock to find another inhabitant on this beach as he had always been here alone except for the gulls and the odd stray dog. Bewildered, he reached her a towel which she accepted with a broad smile. He glanced down to discover that his delight was patently clear. His instincts demanded that he quench his throbbing excitement by swimming in the cool water, but standing up would further emphasise his predicament. He blushed. He thought about his wife which usually cooled his ardour instantly. This having failed, he rolled over rather painfully onto his stomach and peered up at her lithesome form.

"Hi. I'm Susan." The unexpected huskiness of her voice made him shiver as she handed back the towel.

"I-I'm David. D-do you swim here often?" he managed to stammer as she moved a little way up the beach to collect her belongings.

She returned and sat on her towel beside him, just at the water's edge. She was so close that he could feel her breath and occasionally wisps of her hair would tantalisingly brush his skin.

"I swim whenever there's a man like you around," came her throaty reply.

David took a deep breath. He glanced sideways at the girl again. She was probably half his age. Not much older than his daughter. Yet, her voice was Jack Daniels by the fire on a winter's night. Her body was every cheerleader he never had in High School. David braced himself. It had been six long months in his cold marriage bed but he could not do this. Middle aged executives did not cavort with strange, young women on remote beaches. He sighed. All his frustration and intensity traveled to his brain as he prepared to leave, to make the long, reluctant walk back to his car through the soft, unobliging sand. He was on his feet, awkwardly wrapping his towel around himself in a gesture of modesty. Then she did it. In one simple motion, she removed all his doubts and inhibitions and reason was no longer his.

Susan stood and put her fingers to his mouth, their saltiness stinging the sun-dried cracks in his lips, increasing his urgency. David shocked himself with his brutal sense of desire, virtually throwing her onto the sand. He lay beside her and bit along the entire length of her body - her neck, her round, ripe breasts, the softness of her thighs, her delicate toes. She squirmed and yelped but he was pitiless, using the weight of his own body and his arms to hold her down as he traversed the length of her flesh. He could see small welts where bruises would be evident the next day. Salt...sand...her sweet his mouth, in his eyes, permeating his senses.

Finally, his throat desperate and dry, he sought relief from her personal fountain. He placed his mouth, gently now, over her smooth pussy lips, his tongue relishing in the taste of the sea mixed with her own special flavours. His senses regained slightly, he raised his eyes to her face. She lay with her hair covered in sand, eyes half-closed slits, tiny moans emerging from her lips. "You okay, Hon?" he asked. Another moan in reply. He felt a sense of relief as her liquid refreshment began to flow the moment his lips pressed against her clit. She clutched at air, the sand beneath her and finally his shoulders as her body arched high, begging against his thirsty mouth. He kept his lips pressed hard against her, teasing further ripples from her taut stomach muscles.

With surprising voracity she recovered quickly from his onslaught. He felt her considerable strength as she pushed him onto his back. He realised that she could have fended herself at any time. The idea frightened and delighted him, yet she only caressed him with the most gentle of touches. Her lips and hands explored long neglected places, till she finally shredded his boxers from his bursting member. Her tongue was the ocean on fire around his cock, fanning flames beyond anything he could remember. The warmth from the sun...her sultry mouth...the hot sand... his body was a furnace of torrid need.

In the distance he heard a car and his arousal waned momentarily at the fear of discovery. They clung together quietly and listened intently but only the endless, breaking waves seemed to bear witness to their lust. He positioned himself above her, his entire being focused on the radiation begging him from within. He entered her with one smooth motion, thrusting urgently, wishing it had not been so long. He was about to apologise for his lack of tenderness when they exploded together, the sand clinging to their bodies as they sweltered to a hungry, uninhibited climax. David felt completely drained, yet oddly exhilarated as he reached for his towel and placed it beneath them. He lay back and closed his eyes, his hand resting reassuringly on her left breast.

The shadows of the afternoon sun flickered lightly overhead and it was only when a darker shadow emerged to disturb his slumber that David opened his eyes. Susan and her belongings were gone. The sand in his hair and the torn boxers which lay strewn beside him remained as evidence that he had not been dreaming. Looming above him were a male and female police officer, their expressions unamused. Flustered, he tried to cover his nakedness.

"Indecent exposure, sir," grunted the policeman. "You'll be coming with us. Nude sunbathing is illegal in this state. You have the right to remain silent..."

As the policeman's voice droned, David squinted uncertainly at the policewoman, the afternoon sun distorting his vision. Beneath her broad-brimmed hat and solemn stance a pair of brown eyes twinkled knowingly. Around her neck she wore a small, silver cross.


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