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Fun & Games Pt. III
by ShySky

( The Story, "Fun And Games" Is being co-written by two authors @ Literotica - ShySky & Sensual Shelley. )

The next thing I know, I am hearing my dad's voice saying, "What the hell???"...

Opening my eyes quickly, I groaned at my father seeing me laying naked with a guy in my bed. My father had always told me that my bedroom was for my husband only. I shook Thomas's arm to help me explain why he was laying naked beside me. He merely opened his eyes, acknowledged my dad and then asked a simple question.

"What are you doing in here, John?" He questioned my father.

"Well I had come to ask Anne if she wanted any dinner. Surprise to me, I didn't know you were still here. I had no idea you were this interested in my daughter. However being it as she is still under my rules, she knows that there is no sex going on in this house unless she is married. Now I'm going to have to punish her." My Father sighed.

"Would you like some help?" Thomas rushed in to ask. I Sat straight up.

"Thomas, what the hell... " I began to ask as he quickly cut me off.

"Shut up, Anne. If you knew the rules of your father's house you should have said something before you let me go to far. This is your fault. I do think you need to be punished." He said with a look that made me quickly close my mouth.

"What do you suggest, Thomas?" My father looked with a slightly puzzled face. He didn't quite get what Thomas was getting at, but I surely did.

"Well, considering that she broke the, 'no sex rule' in your house, I think its only fair that she be made to not want sex for a very long time." He told my father quite calmly. I however was beginning to get the idea.

"No, oh please not that daddy. Please I'll do anything but that." I began forcing tears down my cheeks as I played along with Thomas.

"Shut up, Anne. You deserve whatever it is that is coming to you. Shame on you for breaking your father's rules, you ought to be spanked."

With that, he pulled me over and began spanking my bare ass with his large hands. It sounded awful what he was doing, but it really didn't hurt that much. Being a horse-back-rider I had pretty much an ass of steel and not much was really going to hurt me. However I began playing along and forcing myself to cry and beg for him to stop.

My dad never being one to see me cry for very long quickly called a halt to it. My ass was on fire from him spanking it and I quickly tried to cover myself up with a blanket and curl away in a ball. Thomas looked to my father for confirmation. My dad nodded, giving his approval to start the next part of the "punishment." I looked towards my father and saw he had a massive hard-on. Covering up a grin I looked at Thomas with tears in my eyes.

"Please, Thomas I've had enough. I promise I'll be good and won't break daddy's rules no more." I begged him quite prettily.

He gave me a look that silenced me fast as I realized that he was going to fuck me in front of my father. Quickly deciding that I didn't want that, I jumped off the bed and tried to get away from him. He grabbed my hand and pressed me back down to the bed. I began wrestling trying to make it look really good. He slapped my thigh with his hand and I stopped short.

"Want me to continue her punishment, John?" Thomas asked my dad. My dad nodded I noticed his hand creeping down towards his huge hard-on, and Thomas nodded and went back to the task at hand. He took his now hard cock and proceeded to put it in my mouth.

"Suck it." He said quite simply. Knowing that this "punishment" would go much faster if I just did as told, I quickly began sucking and licking and moving my hands and tongue over his cock. He grabbed a hold of my head and began to help me as I started to gag. Quickly pushing back away from him, I struggled to get the air I so desperately needed. He pushed me backwards on the bed and glanced at my father who was now quite openly playing with himself as he had taken his cock out of his pants.

I squirmed trying to move away from him, but he pinned me and that sent off my "flight or fight" type sensations and I began to struggle quite a lot. I tried to get my hand free so I could hit him, but he quickly subdued me with a kiss, and I began to calm down realizing that he was still going to be gentle with me though he would make it appear rough.

He rubbed the tip of his cock over my hot pussy and quickly inserted it as I was soaking wet by then from my "punishment". I quickly began moving against him while making it look like I was struggling. He began to pound me harder and harder while crying out at me, "Take that you bitch. This will teach you to break rules, " as be began to cum. He pulled out of me and I could feel myself coming down off the "high" I had been on while not getting the release of being allowed to cum. I glared at him for a few minutes and watched what he did next knowing that he would never just leave me like that.

He called my father over to me. I opened my eyes wide totally beginning to freak when I realized he meant for my father to fuck me right then and there. I really began struggling and Tom moved up to hold my hands down. My father moved up my body quickly, roughly pinching my nipples and breathing hard. I was totally repulsed by this idea but knew I was resigned to this fate.

My father decided that he had better take me fast, and quickly rammed his hard cock up into my pussy as I cried out because he had not been gentle and had only wanted to inflict pain on me. I felt my body beginning to betray me as I moved back and forth against him. Quickly I started cumming, but stiffled it and wouldn't allow my father to see that he had made me cum. I looked up at Tom with pleading eyes, and I found his gentle eyes looking back at me, promising me he would make this up to me when this was all over. My father pulled out of me before he came and I was released by Tom and I got up and went over and sat in the corner crying.

My Father left the room before telling Tom to "make sure I was ok."

He moved over to the corner and picked me up and cradled me in his arms tenderly and moved me back over to the bed and began to massage my breasts where my father had so cruelly been pinching and had left red marks on me. I told him I didn't want that, and pulled him close to me and he held me gently until I fell asleep in his arms....

When we awoke again, I saw my father standing there once more. From his point of view we had slept together again. He had a very angry look on his face... "I thought we took care of this." ...

( *Over to you now Sensual Shelley* )

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