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Family Affair Ch. II
by JoeZ

Well, here I am again with more about my sexual awakening. I was not able to see into Angela's bedroom for quite some time. The recurring thoughts about what I had seen that night sustained me for about a week of some of the best jacking-off until a new experience gave me something new to add to my list of sexual escapades.

Needless to say, after what I had witnessed I made it a point to become good friends with Mike, my next door neighbor. I was hoping to get a chance to make time with his sister when something totally unexpected happened.

One day after football practice Mike asked me if I had to go right home. When I answered "no" he seemed happy. He said that his mom would be by to pick us up and that we were going to his Gramma's to have dinner. I still had no idea what this was all about and certainly it never dawned on me that it was anything sexual. Shortly after practice Mike's mom, Betty, drove up in her Caddy to pick us up. Betty's mom, Helen, was with her in the car. I had seen Betty on several occasions but had never met Helen. I had learned from Mike that Betty was forty-four years old and Helen was sixty-six. Sitting there in the car looking at them I found it hard to believe their ages. No shit ... They could have been sisters. I used to think any woman over sixty was ancient.

Helen turned to us and said, "Betty and I have been shopping most of the day. Wait until you see what we bought. We found a new shop I think you will be happy about."

We arrived at Helen's house shortly after. Betty suggested the two of us go for a swim. When I said I didn't bring a suit the two ladies kind of snickered. Mike said we wouldn't need them here. He and I stripped down to nothing and dove into the pool. I had never swum naked so I was a little embarrassed. Mike explained that their family were, among other things, nudists. I noticed then that there were no tan lines on his body. Helen's yard was completely surrounded by tall shrubs and there were no houses close to her so our privacy was assured. Our chatting had started my mind wondering where all this was leading. For the first time I noticed Mike like I never had before. Except for his underarms there was no hair on his body. I was so proud of my pubic hair and here he had none. On top of that you could sure tell he was Bill's son. Even soft, his cock was a sight to behold. He was the same age as me and his cock was twice as big as mine. I caught myself on several occasions almost staring at it. I could never remember noticing another guys dick like that before. I wanted to mention that I knew where he got that part of his anatomy but was not sure what or how to say it. In no way, shape or form am I gay but I wanted to actually hold his cock. I am at least eight inches when hard, and I do get steely hard, and here he was almost that long soft. Mike seemed not to notice or care.

Helen and Betty came out of the house carrying a tray of drinks and to say I almost swallowed my tongue would be an understatement. They were both naked ... totally, absolutely naked!!!! Like Mike they had, except for their head, not a hair on their bodies. What bodies these women had ... completely tanned, tits like twenty year olds ... well almost ... and, and, and it was too much to take in all at once.

"Come have some drinks boys," Helen called.

I was slow getting out but Mike grabbed me and took me over to the women. I was dripping wet and reached out for the towel Betty had in her hand.

"Oh no, I get to do this," she said. "I love toweling off strong bodies like yours and Mike's."

Try as I might I couldn't help the feeling that was developing in my groin as she toweled me down. My cock began to stir. By the time she got there it was standing straight out from my body.

"See I told you that he had what you would like, didn't I," Mike said. [Unable to display image] All Betty could do was nod her head because by this time my cock was inside her mouth. Just like that I was involved in my first blow job. I looked down and saw my cock buried to the hilt in Betty's mouth. Her tongue was incredible. Around and around my cock it went. Her hands had a hold of my ass, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I figured if she wanted it that bad I would help. I started fucking her mouth with all the fervor I could. For some reason I glanced up and there was Mike with Helen on his lap and his finger in her pussy. I was about to come, something Betty knew. She motioned Helen over and when I started cumming both of them were kneeling at my dick. My first shot went into Betty's mouth and the next into Helen's. They took turns sucking my jizz until there was none left. Almost before I knew it there was nothing left in my legs. They were so weak I could barely stand. The two of them grabbed hold of me and walked me to a chair. I saw the look on Mike's face ... a broad smile, like he was genuinely happy for me.

"So what do you think," he asked.

When I could finally get my breath back I answered, "Holy Shit!!!! I can't believe this. How lucky can a guy be. My first blow-job and I can't stop enjoying it."

"Buddy you ain't seen nothin' yet," Mike said. "Have you ever eaten pussy yet? We have a treat in store for you, my friend."

"We sure do," Helen added, "Betty and I love to teach you young men the right way to satisfy a woman. Trust me when I tell you that when you learn at the things we are going to show you about pleasing a woman you will be satisfied more than you can imagine."

"Have you ever licked a woman's pussy before?" Helen asked.

"No, I haven't. As a matter of fact except for a little stink finger on a date I have never really touched one," I answered.

"Well, we have to remedy that situation, don't we? Since Betty got to be the first to suck your cock maybe she will give me the pleasure of having you eat my cunt first. Betty and Mike will be glad to help you since both of them know how to lick a clit."

Betty moved some large chaise cushions onto the floor of the enclosed patio. Helen immediately laid down facing me. She held out her arms to me invitingly. When I laid down next to her she started French kissing me. No Grandmother I had ever met acted like this ... not that I minded ... this was just so overwhelming. Her tongue explored my mouth in ways I never thought possible. I couldn't believe how long her tongue was as it touched the opening to my throat.

"Come on Jim, give some of that tongue of yours back to me like I am doing to you," said Helen.

As my tongue slid into her mouth she sucked it in farther just like Betty had done with my cock. I could feel life stirring in my cock once again. It had been semi-hard but now it was growing rock hard again. God I wanted to fuck this woman. She had other ideas.

"Suck my titties," she ordered.

When I got up on my elbows I noticed Mike and Betty also locked in more than a mother/son embrace. Mike was kissing her and finger fucking her at the same time. My head was spinning with all the action going on. [Unable to display image] Helen's nipples were as hard as my cock. They stood straight up in the air aimed at my mouth. Helen was massaging them even more, stretching them out longer and longer until they were at least an inch long. She took the back of my head and pulled it to her left tit.

"Suck Jim, suck like there is no tomorrow. Pretend you are trying to get milk from them, but for Christ sake please suck," she ordered again.

My mouth latched on to that hot nipple and, much to my amazement I sucked like I knew what I was doing. My tongue went round and round as my mouth sucked for all it was worth. At the same time Helen had a death grip on my neck, pulling me tighter and tighter to her soft, big breast. I felt at one point that I might smother. All the while I was sucking she was moaning and groaning things like "OH FUCK!!!!, SUCK ME BABY!!!!!, SUCK THEM NIPPLES!!!!, CHRIST DON'T STOP!!!!" I had no intention of stopping. She moved me over to her other titty and I gave it the same attention that I had the other. We must have been at it for almost twenty minutes when Helen kind of pushed me away. I had no intention of quitting.

"Come on sweet thing, time for you to taste a woman," she said.

Unbeknownst to me Mike and Betty had moved to either side of Helen. They rolled her back until she was almost resting on her shoulders with her feet straight in the air. Betty put a couple of pillows under her ass which made her pussy the center of attention. Betty and Mike each took a leg and held it until it was next to her head. Talk about spread open. I had never seen a pussy that close. Not having anything to compare it with except magazines and that distant look at Angela's pussy I was not sure what I was looking for.

"Taste it, Jim," Mike said. "Stick your tongue in and taste that sweet womanjuice. She has such a sweet pussy and so hot you won't believe it."

I wasn't quite sure what to expect but what I tasted was like nothing I had ever had in my mouth before. As I looked at her pussy I swear that I could see juice leaking out of it. I put my tongue to it and was pleasantly surprised. It was sweet!!! And so slick!!!! There was so much of it I could almost drink it, which by the way I did. I couldn't seem to get enough of it. I found myself putting my tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt hole. Mike and Betty were urging me on. I have no idea what they were saying and at that point could have cared less, I just know they were cheering me on.

"Jim, come up for air. There is plenty left and more to do," said Betty, "and I want to show you the finer points of eating pussy. You have to learn to make love to her clit."

With that Helen reached down and spread her pussy open even farther. Betty reached in and skinned the hood back on what seemed to be a small cock. She dipped her finger into Helen's pussy and smeared some of that juice onto it. I swear Helen almost screamed.

"Lick right there, Jim," Betty said, "lick it and then suck it until she comes. This is the one spot on Helen that will drive her over the edge. Go To IT!!!"

My mouth locked onto her clit like it did her nipples. I licked it just like I did her nipples. I licked round and round, flicked the end, sucked it until I heard her start to cum. Her body started shaking. She started thrashing about, so much so that Mike and Betty had a difficult time holding onto her. Helen's legs clamped onto my head. At that point I couldn't hear a thing. She had me totally in control. My mouth was locked onto her clit. I was not about to let go. She must have cum for at least five minutes. Finally she just collapsed. Every time I touched her clit she jumped straight up. Her breathing was loud and fast.

"MY GOD, STOP FOR A BIT!!!! Let me catch my breath. Come up here next to me," said Helen.

When I came up next to her she giggled a little. "You should see your face. It's covered with my cunt oil." I wanted to wipe it away but she drew my face to her mouth and licked her own juice away. I was laying on my back while she did this and my cock was pointing toward the sky. I felt something strange and looked down to see Betty climbing on my cock. Her pussy was enveloping my cock. She leaned forward to hold my shoulders down making her tits come to my mouth. I took one in and sucked for all I was worth. Her pussy ground down on me. Soon she was bouncing on it and before I knew it I was ready to shoot my load. She must have known because she didn't slow down. When it erupted she pressed her cunt tight against my crotch and it felt light a hand milking the cum out. I looked up at Betty and she had this crazy smile on her face.

"Well, how do you feel big guy?" she asked. "Look over there."

I looked to my left and there was Mike fucking Helen. She was still propped up on her pillows and Mike's huge cock was plowing into her. I was still enthralled with the size of it. Now it was fully erect. There seemed to be no end as it slid in and out of her. Helen was taking every inch he gave her and begging for more. Mike was fucking her like I had seen his dad fuck Angela. That big pole slammed into her and she slammed back at him. Don't ask me how I knew but I could tell Mike was about to cum. Helen grabbed him by the ass and forced his cock deep into her hole. Mike let out a loud groan and blew his load into her. Helen held him tight as he finished and fell onto her.

Betty got off me as Mike rolled off Helen. Betty hurried over to Helen and climbed on her in a sixty-nine position. The two of them sucked loudly on each others pussy. They sucked and sucked until every last drop of cum was cleaned from the other.

I looked over at Mike and he was grinning from ear to ear. "Well, buddy, what do you think. Are you enjoying yourself? Soon as mom and Helen get done we will shower and eat dinner."

"You boys sure did a nice job for us. I can't remember when I enjoyed licking my mom's pussy so much," said Betty, " the taste of your cum mixed with her cunt juice is the best before dinner cocktail I know. Come here boys we don't want to waste a drop of that precious fluid."

Mike and I walked over to them, whereupon they licked our cocks completely clean.

"Jim, have you ever thought of shaving all the hair from your crotch like Mike does. Women love the feel of smooth skin on themselves and their lovers. If you notice, none of us has a hair on our body," said Helen.

"I saw that," I answered. "I had never thought of it before."

"Well, if you want we will shave you while we shower. As big as Mike's cock is it makes it look even bigger. You have noticed that, haven't you? Thank god he takes after his dad that way," said Helen.

We all went into the house and into a shower room that was big enough to hold a party in. There must have been eight shower heads on the wall. Each one was fitted with a hand held nozzle. We took turns washing each other, making sure every nook and cranny was absolutely clean. Betty and Helen got some shave cream and razors. Helen gave the cream to Mike.

"You soap him up," she ordered.

Mike took the cream and spread it over my whole body. It was different feeling another guy's hands on me, not bad different, good different. I could actually feel my cock stirring when he soaped it up. Betty and Helen stepped in and went to work on me. They didn't miss a spot. Every inch of my body was now hairless. They even shaved my ass cheeks. As they shaved my cock it stood up and saluted them. I have to admit these ladies did a wonderful job. After a few touch ups and rinsing off they stood back and admired their work. I have to admit the feeling was sexy. My cock stood straight out from my body.

Mike came over to me and put his arm around my shoulder. "Well, how does it feel, buddy?" he asked. His hand reached down and held my cock. "Nice, Huh." And he actually stroked me. "Don't worry, just like the way they like to feel and eat each other's pussy, I like to admire, feel and even suck another guy's cock once in a while. In case you didn't notice nothing is taboo with us as far as sex goes. When you are ready, sometime I want to sock your cock. You will see later how good it feels from both ways, to suck and be sucked. In the meantime let's get something to eat."

We all took turns drying each other and Betty and Helen put some lotion on my body so that the shaving would not create a rash. We sat at the table with not a stitch of clothes on having dinner and talking, joking and laughing at the day's events as if nothing strange had happened. I actually hated for this day to end but they assured me that there would be more just like this. After we ate Helen said she wanted to fuck me and feel my cock in her. When I told her I was sure I couldn't fill the hole left by Mike she told me not to compare myself to him.

"You have things to offer in your own way that I like," she assured me.

Helen and I and Mike and Betty paired off for some serious fucking. When we finally blew our wads Helen suggested that we change places and eat them out. I locked my mouth on Betty's cunt and it dawned on me that I was tasting Mike's cum and he was tasting mine. Oddly enough the thought didn't bother me. Due to my earlier lesson I was able to make Betty cum over and over until she could cum no more and begged for mercy.

We cleaned up once again and decided to call it a night. We exchanged kisses with Helen, said our goodnights and left for home.

"Well, Jim, welcome to the neighborhood," said Mike.

"Yes," said Betty, " you can rest assured that you will be part of our fun from now on. If you ever get to the point you can't stand it, please don't jack-off, call me. I love the taste of cum and will suck you off or fuck you anytime."

I was still excited by the time we got home so Betty gave me another blow-job to calm me down so I could sleep.

We said our goodnights and I went home and right to bed after kissing my mom goodnight. For some reason I looked at my mom a little differently tonight but I was to worn out to take it any further.

To Be Continued...


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