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Family Affair Ch. III
by JoeZ

I was still having a difficult time dealing with my good luck. How could a guy my age go from near celibacy to being totally fucked out? Thanks to my buddy Mike and his mom, Betty, and his grandmother, Helen, my sexual needs were well taken care of. The three of them taught me many new things and fine tuned my skills in the ways of pleasing a woman while pleasing myself.

Mike's whole family was gone out of town one weekend leaving me to my own devices. To say that I missed them would be an understatement. All I could think of was those hot pussies, titties and all the sex associated with them. My mom had gone out for the evening with a new friend so I was alone at home doing nothing but laying naked in my room in the dark thinking of my new lady friends.

About 10:30 my mom came home unexpectedly. I heard the door slam and her muttering something about what a dumbass this guy was. I slipped into a robe and started down the steps when I ran into my mom who was on the way up. She was a mess! Her hair was all awry and her clothes were disheveled and dirty.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"You would believe it. That asshole got so drunk he damn near threw up on me. And when I tried to get out of his way I fell in some mud next to the sidewalk. The shithead came over to help me and in the process fell on me. What a fucking night!" she said never slowing down.

"Calm down, mom. Let me help you out of that mess then you can get a shower."

I undid the back of her dress and slid it down off her shoulders and helped her step out of it. She stood in front of me in matching bra, panties and garterbelt, black hose and strappy high heeled sandals. I've got to say she looked sexy even as messy as she was. I unsnapped her bra and took it from her as she shrugged it from her body.

"My god," I thought to myself, "these tits are fantastic."

Maybe it hadn't dawned on her what was happening yet but it was getting to me. I felt my cock start to stir.

"Here goes nothing," I thought again.

I hooked my fingers in the edge of her panties and began sliding them down her long legs. She took hold of my shoulders and lifted each leg out of them. Damn she smelled good. She looked up at me and our eyes locked together.

"Oh damn, Jimmy, what's going on here?" she asked.

"I'm helping you, mom. Just relax."

Right at that moment I made up my mind that I was going to take this as far as possible. My mom was so sexy at that very second and with that perfume filling the air my cock was done stirring, it was rock hard. I knelt down in front of her to unhook her stockings. I was very up close to her pussy for the first time ever. She was also into shaving but not all the way. Everything but a strip down the center was shaved off and even that part was trimmed short. Her inner lips hung outside the outer ones.

This was something I had not seen yet, but I remember Helen and Betty telling me that every pussy was different. After I had a chance to examine both of theirs I found that they were alike in some ways but I found some subtle differences.

I rolled the silky hose down off each of her beautiful legs and off after slipping the shoes from her dainty feet. Her cunt was emanating that fragrant aroma that I have come to love and desire. I was going to take this slow. I didn't want to scare her off or ruin the moment. I stood and moved behind her to loosen her hair. As I was taking the pins from her hair I let my cock slide against the crack of her ass. I knew I wasn't imagining things but I was sure she was pressing back against it.

"Let's get you cleaned up," I told her as I fluffed her hair.

"OK baby, whatever you say."

We went into the bathroom were I got the shower going and got some fragrant shower gel to use on her. I slipped my robe off and watched as she examined my body like I had done hers.

"You have grown up into a handsome young man in more ways than one," she remarked with a sly smile as she looked at my cock.

I took her by the hand and we stepped into the shower where I proceeded to wash her body with a soft fluffy cloth. I made sure every part was very clean. There was not a hint of bashfulness as I tenderly washed her pussy or ass. She just held onto me and watched as I went about my task. Now I got a bottle of shampoo and after wetting her hair washed it for almost fifteen minutes.

"My god you're good," she said as she leaned back against me. "Where did you learn this? Maybe I don't want to know though. I just want to enjoy this."

I rinsed her hair and the rest of her body, turned off the shower and helped her out of the tub. I got a fresh big fluffy bath towel and wiped the water off her now clean body. I towel dried her hair and noticed that it too was squeaky clean. Quickly I dried my body and led her back to her bedroom.

"Sit here," I said as I led her to a stool in front of her makeup table.

I got a comb and started to gently run it through her tangled hair. As I did I held her head in the other hand all the while caressing her cheek. She tilted her head all the way back and just stared at me.

"Lean down here, sweetheart," she said.

Who was I to refuse. She took my face in her hands and drew my lips down onto hers. I have gotten used to kissing other women like that but was excited to feel her lips on mine. Her tongue slipped between my lips into my mouth. Her tongue met my tongue and we spent minutes making love to each others mouth. By now I had sat down next to her on the stool, holding her in my arms as we kissed. Mom returned anything I gave her with enthusiasm. As we kissed I let my hands roam over her body. I cupped her tit and stroked it in a circular motion until I got to her rock hard nipple. When I took the nipple between my thumb and index finger and rolled it she pressed her mouth harder onto mine. Her nails dug into my back as she moaned into my mouth.

"My god, Jimmy, I have got to have you. I need to be made love to and I need to be fucked with that beautiful young body of yours. Let's get on the bed where we can be more comfortable."

We walked hand in hand to her king-size bed. She laid in middle with her arms outstretched to me. I had other ideas. As I crawled toward her on my hands and knees I made it a point to come between her legs. Automatically her legs spread open. It was as if she knew what I was going to do. Since I first tasted Helen's pussy I was on a mission to taste every woman's cunt that I could. I stopped at the junction of her legs just inches from her slit. My arms slid under her knees and brought her pussy against my mouth. I licked the outside over and over, working my way to the inside. My tongue darted out to her opening and inside those dark red inner lips. I took several long swipes with my tongue from her asshole to her clit. Each time there was a sharp intake of breath. I had to see the inside. When I spread it open I was rewarded with a sight as beautiful as any I had ever seen. Mind you, the only two that I had seen closely were Helen's and Betty's. I had examined them every which way I could. I knew every nook and cranny and every difference about them. I could even tell the difference in the taste while blindfolded. I had actually tried this. Now here was a new one for me.

I slid the hood back from her clit to see how her little man stood up. Stand up he did. It was about the size of the eraser on a number two pencil and almost an inch long. I dipped my finger into her hole to coat it with her slick juice so that I could circle it. I let my fuck finger go round and round it just barely grazing it as my finger got closer and closer to the center of her pleasure. I could actually see it throbbing. Her clit looked like a very small penis minus the hole in the top. I grasped it between my index and middle finger and felt it beating frantically. When I touched the very tip of it I thought she was going to jump off the bed. I lowered my lips to it and gently began licking like Betty had taught me. Mom did not even last for one minute. Her guttural moans turned into screams of pleasure.

"Oh Fuck ... Oh Goddamn .... My God ... Oh Shit, Jimmy, I'm Cumming," she yelled.

It was a good thing we were alone in the house. Anyone close by would have thought she was being assaulted. She came and came for at least ten minutes as I refused to let go of her clit. I will say I had a difficult time holding onto her but there was no way I was going to stop.

"Please Jimmy, stop for a few minutes," she begged.

I backed off just far enough to look at her pussy. I had my fingers hooked into the sides, holding it open. I can best describe it as watching someone gasp for air. Her pussy was opening and closing by itself. For the first time I noticed her peehole. It was a little larger than the two I had seen. Every time her pussy throbbed a little dribble would run out of it. Not much mind you but enough that I could see it.

"Jimmy, I can't believe how you just made me feel," she said breathlessly. "I don't remember ever having my pussy eaten like that. Most men don't take the time to satisfy me. All they think about is to blow their load in me and that is supposed to satisfy me. Would you like to fuck me now, baby?"

"Sure I would mom," I answered, " I have to tell you I come fast the first time but I will stay hard for as long as you like. The second time I will go slow and massage every inside part of you."

"I saw that cock of yours and I have no doubt you will take good care of me. Please put it in me. I want to feel you in me. I want to feel you fill me and feel your cum squirt against the back of my cunt. Don't hold back baby, let it blow into me."

Her pussy swallowed me in one big gulp. I went right to the bottom. When the outside of her pussy met the base of my cock I could feel the back wall of her cavity. I tried to lay still for a minute so I could feel her hot cunt wrapped around my hard cock. I swear I could feel it milking me like a hand milking a cow's teat.

"Oh well," I thought, "if she wants it she will get everything I can give her." I took several deep strokes into her cunt and with one hard shove and a grunt I sent a load of juice deep in her pussy.

"SWEET JESUS," she yelled as her legs locked around my waist pulling me deeper inside. Her arms wrapped around my neck pulling my mouth to her ruby red lips. My mom's tongue fucked my mouth like my dick was fucking her pussy. I could feel the jizz leaking out around my cock and down onto my balls as they were held tightly against her ass.

When she finally broke free she asked, "Are you sure there is more left in there."

"Of course mom, I can go for a long time. Tomorrow is Sunday and we have no plans tonight so what do you say I give you that fucking you wanted so badly. I think you will be surprised at what your son can do."

"I already am. I have never been fucked or eaten so well. Times have sure changed when a guy your age takes the time to please a woman like you do. I'm not going to ask where you learned that but maybe sometime you will tell me."

"When I do tell you, you will be happy about it. Now let's get back to what we were doing."

"Honey, I need to suck your cock. I want to taste you and me mixed together."

With that she disengaged our bodies and spun around to my cock. Her mouth engulfed it in one swallow just like her cunt had. She treated it like a popsicle, licking around and around and up and down until it was completely clean.

"I notice you are shaved. Is this something else you learned? I like it. I don't get hair in my mouth that way and you feel so smooth," she remarked.

My cock was once again hard as a rock.

"Can I ride your cock, sweetheart? I promise not to make you cum too fast."

She straddled my body and I watched as she fed my cock into her dripping pussy. Every time she lifted a little I could see my cock get more and more coated with her pussy juice and my cum. She ground her clit onto my pelvic bone as I watched the look on her face grow more and more intense.

In a hoarse voice I heard her whisper, "I'm Cumming again baby. Please hold on," and at that moment her body went rigid and limp at almost the same instant. She almost stopped breathing. I held on to her so she wouldn't fall off. Slowly my mom regained her composure and started over again. But that orgasm had not gone away. It slacked off, then built back to another climax. This time it was not just one. They kept coming one after another until she was literally bouncing on my cock. Now I had no control. My cock spewed forth a torrent of white love juice the likes of which I had never felt. Again she jammed her pussy onto me as my cock kept pumping the juice in her hole. Shot after shot hit the back and with each shot she yelled some more. I swear her cunt was locked tight onto my cock. Try as I might I could not pull out of her, not that I wanted too. She fell over onto me totally spent.

As she laid her head in the crook of my shoulder and neck I whispered in her ear, "Mom, would you like me to clean your pussy out with my mouth and take that mixture of cum juice and transfer it to your mouth?"

"My god, Jimmy, there is no end to you is there. Of course I would like that. Whatever you like I am sure I would like too."

"Twist around here mom and clench your pussy shut until it is over my lips. When I start to lick you can relax and when I tap you, you can twist back around here so we can share our nectar."

She did as I asked and I went about cleaning every drop from her well fucked hole. When I had a mouthful I tapped her ass and her mouth was on mine like a shot. Our tongues sloshed around in that heavenly mixture of genital juice as each of us swallowed a little bit at a time. I knew there was more in there but mom was so satisfied right now I didn't want to do anything to break the mood. After we shared and swallowed the last drop mom curled up against me so contentedly that she almost fell asleep.

"You know Jimmy, I would have never thought about doing anything like this but now that we have I have no bad feelings about it. You have made me see the true joy of all out lovemaking. How can one boy know so much about pleasing a woman? We did things tonight that I have only thought about in my fantasies. Not only do you know how to use that beautiful cock but your mouth is a treasure to behold."

"Thanks Mom. I have to admit that I have been noticing how sexy you have become since the divorce and lately my cock has been getting hard every time I watched you. Tonight I knew I had to have you and was hoping you wouldn't stop me."

"Never ever will I have thoughts of stopping you. Anytime you want to fuck me all you have to do is come into my bed and I hope that is all I have to do with you. I hope you don't mind if I date other guys cause there are several I want to fuck as badly as they want to fuck me."

"No problem Mom. I have somewhat the same opportunities and certainly love fucking a woman your age better than some of these young things out there. Don't get me wrong, I love dating them but hate it when they get so tightassed about fucking. And most of them want me to wear a rubber. I like the feel of my cum around my cock in a pussy."

"Would you like me to sleep with you tonight, Jimmy? I don't want to let go of your body tonight. And I have to tell you that I love that bare body of yours. Will you shave the rest of the hair off my pussy for me tomorrow?"

"Of course Mom, I will be happy to do anything for you."

"By the way Jimmy, if I wake up in the middle of the night and want to suck you is that OK? Needless to say if you wake up it is OK if you do anything to me. And if I sleep until morning I will wake you like no alarm clock you know."

"Mom, you know this has opened new doors for you and I. I don't want there to be any secrets between us. If there is anything you want or want me to do all you have to do is tell me."

"I need some sleep right now but before I go to sleep I have to tell you who I think wants to fuck me. I bumped into him at the mall yesterday as I was coming out of the lingerie store, our next door neighbor, Bill."

Don't ask me how I kept a straight face but I managed. After watching he and Angela together I knew she would love that huge cock of his.

"Why don't you go for it Mom? I bet any man would want you and he is no different."

"OK, I think I will," she replied.

With that we fell asleep in each others arms and true to her word my Mom woke me by sucking my cock after which we had a repeat of the night before. For that whole day we fucked and sucked, ate and napped, fucked some more, took showers together and generally explored the others body learning the things the pleased us.

I can hardly wait to hear Mom tell me about Bill fucking her which I am sure he will do.

To Be Continued...


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