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From Afar Pt. III
by Eve

After the soul-searching conversation that they had had, Chad was much more cooperative. Gone was the dark, sloppy stranger that she had seen on their first session. He had gotten a hair cut and shaved. He was even wearing work out clothes. Her heart filled with that old feeling that had gotten her through those lonely years. His heart still wasn't one hundred percent in it, but he tried a bit harder, and sometimes he even relaxed and joked with Sara.

Sara couldn't have been more happy than when she was with Chad, literally helping him to get back on his feet again. Sara's enthusiasm eventually rubbed off on Chad as well. He began to look forward to his sessions with Sara each day. The more time he spent with the more intriguing she became to him. He got the strangest feeling that he had seen her somewhere before but he kept it to himself. When she turned those beautiful brown eyes, on him, he felt a contentment that he had thought he lost a long time ago.

When his legs got a bit stronger from the strenuous exercise that he endured, Sara started to have some of their sessions in the pool. Chad liked his particularly because swimming had always been one of his favorite sports, and he was glad do something that he didn't think he ever would again. He liked that Sara would join him in the pool and swim laps along side of him. On one such session, the Sara and Chad sat along side of the pool talking a breather.

Sara stretched unaware that her slight but well proportioned curves were show to their best advantage. Chad could see her hardened nipples straining against the wet Lycra of her modest one piece. He felt an uncomfortable stirring in his trucks that he hadn't felt in quite some time. As if sensing the change in him, she turned her puzzled gaze on him.

"What?" she asked.

"Umm, nothing. I think maybe I would like to get back in the water now." He slid back into the pool before she could see the evidence of his arousal. He was thankful that she didn't join him, because he felt like a prized fool - here he was acting as if he were in high school again, with a woman he knew nothing about and probably didn't give two hoots about him beyond her job. He cut through the water furiously until his arms felt too heavy to continue.

Later that night in his room he thought about her as he never had before. He reflected on his feelings and wondered what they could possibly mean. Sure he looked forward to their sessions more and more each day and sometimes when they talked, he felt as if he could tell her anything. She seemed so different from any of the other women that he had ever known. She certainly didn't look like the women that he was use to, for she was certainly no beauty, but she attractive, and her calm serene manner had a way of making a person take a second look.

He was use to the fast and sophisticated women with their drop-dead gorgeous faces and fake breasts, much like his wife, he thought cynically. Of course Sara was nothing like Clair, and that was a good thing. Chad didn't think there would be anyone like his wife, but that was neither here nor there. He closed his eyes, and didn't realize he drifted off until he heard a light tap on his door, which was a bit strange because no one bothered him around this time.

Before he cold utter a word, a silent figure slipped into his room. He said up in his bed to protest when he saw that that person was Sara clad only in a silk robe. "What----?" he began but she silenced him by placing her finger against his lips.

"Don't speak please," she whispered in a throaty voice, "today, by the pool, I felt it too." She undid the sash of her rob, and shrugged out of it, letting the silk slid down her body to a puddle at her feet. His eyes hungrily surveyed her body talking in every inch. She wasn't voluptuously curved like the women that he was use to but as her bathing suit had hinted earlier, she was perfectly proportioned, and he wanted very much to run his hands along her body.

"Come here," he commanded, and walked over to him shyly. He was harder at that moment than he cold ever remember being and it hurt. When she joined him on the bed, he pulled her roughly to him kissing her in a way a starving man would partake in his first meal in months. He tasted the sweetness of her mouth as his tongue touched every crevice of her open lips. He continued to taste her as he trailed kisses down her neck nibbling at her flesh.

She moaned softly, as she squirmed at the sensual delights that he was creating within her. His hands roamed as her mouth tasted her, first cupping her breasts and squeezing firmly, and massaging them with a possessiveness that made her quiver. His hand went lower still, roaming momentarily over her flat stomach, before tangling through the soft hair at her throbbing wetness. The lips of her pussy were swollen in anticipation. He ran his fingers along the slit only teasing at first. He withdrew that finger to taste the tangy liquid.

"You taste good," he whispered in her ear. He returned his finger, to penetrate her fully. She gasped, and he added yet another finger. She wrapped her arms tight around him murmuring incoherent words. He continued to fuck her with his fingers, and she convulsed over and over against him. Her hand then reached for his own throbbing erection and she began to work it in an up and down motion. She pulled back from him to position herself over his cock. As she was able to straddle him, something began to buzz.

"What's that?" she asked.

"My alarm clock," he answered. Damn It. It had seemed so real, but it was just a dream. Though it was just a dream, he was hard as a rock. His body was covered in a film of cool sweat and his breathing was heavy. He couldn't believe how Sara had slipped so close into his consciousness that she would have this overwhelming affect on him. One thing was certain now - when he was back on his feet and walking again there was no way he would let that be the end between Sara and himself, especially since it had yet to begin.

To Be Continued...

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