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From Afar Pt. IX
by Eve

Sara sat anxiously in the doctor's waiting room. Her hands shook so badly that she had to firmly clasp them in her lap. She bit her bottom lip nervously. What the hell was taking so long? Her appointment was supposed to be for three, and it was already twenty past the hour.

"Mrs. Green," the perky blonde nurse came out of the waiting room.

Sara stood up rapidly almost losing her balance in the process. "Yes," She answered tentatively.

"Dr. Scott will see you now if you will just follow me," the nurse instructed.

Sara had never seen this particular nurse before. She was a new one. The nurse looked at Sara with a hint of speculation in her eyes. So this was Mrs. Chad Green? She was certainly not the type of woman she would have expected to be married to People's magazine's sexiest man alive.

As if reading the young nurse's thoughts, Sara said, "Sometimes I find it hard to believe myself." The nurse turned red having the good grace to be embarrassed by her train of thought. Sara smiled to herself as she was led into the doctor's office. There was a time when such a look would have intimidated her. People were often surprised after meeting her when they discovered that she was actually married to one of America's darlings. They expected to see some statuesque glamour queen but instead they found small, petite Sara. She was attractive in her own right with her big chocolate brown eyes, pert nose, and a kissable bow shaped mouth. Actually she was quite "cute" but no great beauty. It had taken her a while through trial and tribulation to get to the point where she was so secure in her husband's love that nothing else mattered. What people thought no longer mattered either.

When she entered the doctor's office she took a seat as indicated. Dr. Scott soon entered the room, moments later. He was a man in his early sixties but was very well maintained. It was obvious that he exercised regularly by the shape he was in. His iron gray hair gave him a look of distinction, and he carried himself with a confidence that few demonstrated. He was still a very handsome man. Sara spied the flirtatious smile that the nurse gave Dr. Scott as she sashayed her hips suggestively when she walked out of the office. Dr. Scott took the seat beside Sara instead of taking the seat behind his desk. That was one of the reasons that Sara liked him so much; he was so personable.

He smiled reassuringly at her. "How are you feeling today Mrs. Green?"

"I'm feeling pretty good but I guess I've been on pins and needles since out last appointment. You left a message in my answering machine about the results of my tests. You can't imagine how anxious my husband and I have been which is why I left him home today. I think he's a bigger wreck than I am." she laughed uneasily, "Any news at this point would be better than this waiting, so please be straight with me." Sara almost pleaded, her big brown eyes implored him to tell her the truth.

Over the last few weeks Sara had began to experience bouts of fatigue and nausea. Often she would get dizzy spells and lose of appetite. At her husband's insistence she went to the doctor to have some tests run, and since then she was tied in knots with worry over what could be wrong with her. The C word had crossed her mind a few times and the thought scared the hell out of her. She was only twenty-six for godsake! There was so much more time that she wanted to spend with Chad.

"Well, Mrs. Green, I hope that I can put your mind at rest when I tell you that it's nothing life threatening, that is it isn't as long as you take care of yourself. You'll need to make several more visits here in the coming months," he hinted.

Sara gasped. "Is it very serious?" She asked uncertainly.

Seeing her anxiety the doctor patted her hand. "Pregnancy is a serious thing."

Sara's mouth dropped. Could it be possible? "But you said...." her voice trailed off remembering what he had told her in this very room not even a year ago.

"Sometimes a body takes care of things on it's own. It seems that the damage to your womb after the accident is now completely healed, and I have never been more pleased to be incorrect. I trust that this is welcome news?" he finished smugly.

"Yes!" Sara was so happy that she got up from her seat to give Dr. Scott a big hug.

Sara drove home from her appointment in a state of bliss. She was told that she would never have children naturally and that in itself was a devastating blow but to be told after losing a much wanted child was even harder to take. She had cried for weeks after. It had taken months and almost the end of her marriage before she snapped back to normal. Without her husband her soul would have been lost.

Although the tragedy they suffered was painful, it had brought her and Chad closer together. Sara knew that Chad would be pleased with the pregnancy. He was as eager for children as she was, already having lost his son from his first marriage, he knew that he had hurt too after the accident. She couldn't wait to get home to tell him the news.

As Sara pulled up in the driveway, Chad rushed out of their house. He was by her side by the time she got out of her jaguar. He engulfed her in his arms.

"Baby, how are you? I wish that you would have let me come with you to the doctor," he murmured as he buried his face in her hair.

'"Darling, everything is wonderful! I'm pregnant!" She burst out. She meant to tell him the good news over a romantic dinner but she was too excited to keep the secret to herself. Chad pulled away to look at her for a long moment.

"But I thought-----" Sara placed her finger over his lips to stop his words.

"I thought the same thing too baby, but Dr. Scott said that I have healed. I'll just have to take things easy for the next nine months. How do you feel about it?"

"Chad was silent for a moment. When he didn't say anything for a while.

Sara began to feel a bit uncertain. "Baby?"

His blue eyes stared deeply into hers. "Words are inadequate, for what I'm feeling right now. I think I just have to show you." And with that he swung her in his arms and carried her into their house.

"Where's the staff? She asked as he made his way up the stair with her still in his arms.

"I gave them the day off." Chad strode purposely through their bedroom door and gently placed her on the bed. Sara shivered with anticipation. He slowly undressed while she laid on the bed and watched him. As he removed each article of clothing, he revealed another part of rippling sinewy muscle. She studied her handsome blonde husband and her heart beat faster.

Sometimes it still amazed her that he was hers. When he was fully unclothed, he laid down beside her and began to remove her clothing, kissing every inch of her skin as it was exposed. When they were both completely naked he ran his hands over her still flat stomach.

"Do you think he or she will mind?" he asked. She shook her head unable to speak Already her body was trembling. He kissed her softly on the lips before deepening the kiss. She wound her arms around him returning his kiss, meeting his tongue with hers. His hands ran over her body reverently. Her nipples stiffened like little pebbles at his touch. Impatient, she placed his hand over her breast. He brought his other hand to the other one and began to knead and squeeze them. His mouth soon followed his hands and he took one of her small pert breasts into his mouth.

'Oh, baby," she whispered. While he sucked on her breast he moved his hand down further to play with the swollen lips of her pussy.

His finger slid into the slick folds. 'You're already wet for me." Chad stated.

"Always for you."

"Want me to lick it?"

"Need you ask?" She gently pushed on his shoulders to guide him down her body. His tongue ran a trail between the valley between her breasts to her navel, stopping at the small patch of hair nestled between her thighs. He rubbed his face against it and Sara began to squirm. Her parted the folds of her pussy with his tongue. He ran his tongue up and down continuously from her clit to the crack of her ass. She was literally dripping by the time he really got down to business. He licked her throbbing button relentlessly until she was thrashing uncontrollably on the bed. Her fingers laced through Chad's hair. "Oh baby," she moaned as she bucked her cunt against his face repeatedly. As Chad continued to lick her wet box, he stuck a finger inside of her, working it in and out. This drove her wild. He continued the relentless onslaught until she screamed, "I'm cumming!" She shuddered as if she were experiencing an epileptic attack, but Chad continued to lick and suck. Chad was never satisfied until her made Sara cum at least two or three times. In no time at all Sara did indeed cum, again and again.

"Chad stop teasing me. I need it in me!" she finally demanded. Chad needed no further insistence. His cock was throbbing. He always got rock hard when he ate Sara out. He had no problem sliding is rod into her wet hole which he could never get enough of. She fit around his swollen member like a glove. He thrust in and out of her. Sara moaned as she wrapped her legs around him. They wound their arms around each other as he leaned over to kiss her deeply. With each thrust, his tongue mimicked the movements of his lower body. Their bodies glistened with sweat, sliding against each other as their love making reached a frenzy. The two lovers climaxed simultaneously. Chad collapsed besides Sara in a sweating heap, careful not to fall on his wife. He continued to hold her while they both caught their breathe.

"I love you Sara Green, and I don't want you to ever forget it," he kissed her damp brow.

"I love you too Chad Green. I always have and I always will," she whispered back as she snuggled within the folds of his arms. All seemed so right with the world. It was so hard to believe that their marriage had once hit a rocky point. As Sara drifted off to sleep, she couldn't help but think of the events that had brought them to this point.

* * * * *

As soon as they flew home from Jamaica, Chad insisted that Sara move in with him because he didn't want to wait for them to be married to have her near. Sara had always pictured herself having a big wedding and was a bit disappointed that Chad didn't want the same. The important thing was just marrying him so she didn't bother to express her wishes for the big white wedding of her dreams.

Both set of parents were surprised at their child's announcement that they intended to marry within the month. Sara's parents were a bit overwhelmed by their superstar son-in-law to be, but they eventually got over their awe when they realized how down to earth Chad was. Of course Mrs. Carey protested a bit when she was told that there would not be a large wedding, but keep the peace diplomatically when she realized that Sara didn't want the subject brought up. The Greens were genuinely happy to welcome Sara into their family. They even went as far as to take Sara aside to let her know how pleased they were at Chad's choice of bride this time around.

One month later, Chad and Sara were wed in a private ceremony on the Green estate much to the chagrin of the media, and the heartbreak of thousands of women across the country. The two newlyweds decided that Jamaica would be where they would honeymoon because it was where they discovered their love for each other. They spent six blissful weeks, making love, frolicking in the water, wallowing in the sun and just enjoying each other's company. When people saw the two of them together, they would smile because it was obvious to anyone that they were in love.

When they returned to the states from Jamaica, Chad surprised Sara with a brand new house. It was an incredible home. The house was beyond Sara's wildest dreams and she could not fathom that she would actually be living within those walls. The house had six bedrooms with four and a half baths. The large twenty-five acre estate including two swimming pools, a tennis court, and a private lake.

"How did you do this?" Sara asked in wonder.

"Very carefully, I had a man taking care of the deal for me when we were honeymooning. I hope this meets your approval darling." He looked into her eyes adoringly.

"Everything you do meets my approval," she said flinging her arms around him. Those turned out to be fated words.

Sara gave up her job at the clinic in order to travel with Chad when he needed to be away. Chad took the job as a sports color commentator for a one of the major networks. He soon became an instant icon. Soon after his television debut, magazines began to vie for who would be the next to get Chad Green on their covers. His story of tragedy and triumph was one the people loved to read about. To her dismay, Sara who had always been painfully shy found herself in her husband's limelight. As Chad Green's wife, she was often asked to pose for photographs and even a couple covers with her husband. She was asked to attend charity functions and make appearances herself sometimes. A lot of the time though she was just happiest tagging along with Chad and melting into the background while he stood in the spotlight but that didn't seem possible.

Chad encouraged her to make the appearances and sometimes do the things that she didn't want to do for the sake of good publicity. That was when intimidation set in. Even with the best hairdressers and make-up artists at her beck and call she still carried that girl next door look and sometimes she felt that people looked down their noses at her because she didn't fit in their world as easily as her husband did. People were always surprised to meet someone quite ordinary when she was introduced as Mrs. Chad Green. Too afraid to share her feelings with her husband, she kept them locked inside. Though he would tell her that he loved her, every night before they went to bed, Sara still felt uneasy.

As Chad's popularity grew, he was called to endorse products and guest star on television shows. Whenever Sara would tag along, she would always into actress that openly flirted with Chad while looking at her with disdain. Soon after, Sara found excuses to stay at home more often.

The tuning point in their relationship was when two things happened. The first thing was Sara discovering that she was pregnant. The second event was Chad's star had become too large for network television. Hollywood beckoned.

To Be Continued...


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