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Fantasize About This...
by Wanda

I'm going to leave a note on the floor next to the door that you see as you walk in. It will say "surprise in the kitchen". You walk to the kitchen, taking your jacket off, and there's a glass of wine on the table with another note. It says " I need to give your clothes to the dry cleaners - could you take them all off" You do and then discover another note that says "your pleasure awaits you in the bedroom" you walk slowly to the room sipping wine, your cock is waking up!

When you open the door you find me strapped to a chair. The chair is tilted back till its front legs are off the floor and the chair leans on the foot of the bed.

My legs are wide open and my ass is teetering on the very edge exposing my wet shaved pussy to you, opening me up till I'm so exposed and vulnerable.

You lean against the doorjamb and like what you see. Then your eyes move to the girl attending me. She's sponging my body with cool water and a washcloth. Over my breasts making my nipples pucker, over my tummy, she misses my pussy every time but water trickles down and makes me gasp.

The girl kisses me on my neck, makes love to me while you watch. She licks my tits, fondles them and sucks them for you to watch. You continue sipping your wine. Then you notice the second girl. She comes towards you and kneels at your feet and begins sucking and nibbling your cock. Sucking it hard and fast the slow and teasingly, making you stand up rock hard! I'm getting wetter just looking at your hard on! You are so big baby, I can't wait to have you.

The girl that's close to me licks her way down to my pussy and seriously begins to fuck it with her tongue - ooh such exquisite torture, but she stops just short of my orgasm each time making me dipping wet and hot. Again and again, I arch my breasts and throw my head back as she fucks me with her tongue - mmm oh I wish she would let me explode.

Finally you are as hard as you can be and I am as wet as I can be and you walk towards me. The girls continue their tongue work till your cock head is a hair's breath away from my pussy. A few more licks to your cock head and to my pussy lips by each of the girls make us even readier. Then one girl pulls my pussy lips open wider for you while the other girl holds your cock for you as you move that last inch towards my wet tight pussy. mmmm your head pushes in and the girls fondle us and lick us while you tease me with your cock head. In and out, little thrusts - you're making me crazy. Finally they let go and you thrust so hard into my pussy!!!!!! Ooooooooohhh! That feels so good. You slam into my pussy again and again - HARD and deep no room for mercy and you know that you can keep going while I die with pleasure.

I cum round your cock milking it while you continue slamming me - ramming me - deep dicking me - long dicking me, mmmmmmmmmmmm oh! I'm pussy is wet and squeezing down on your cock, mmm oh yes! Mmmm I cum again and again and finally when you can't take it anymore you untie me carry me to the bed with your cock still in me and fuck me harder pushing me down to the mattress and fucking me like an animal. OH baby you're killing me - don't stop mmmmmm I'm screaming my orgasm uhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm...

How will you reward me for good behavior?


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