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Family Affair Ch. V
by JoeZ

It took a little while for me get around to introducing Betty and my Mom but a lot happened in between. The next time Helen and I were together, she was able to teach me a few new things. Like I said before, nothing is taboo as far as these women are concerned. Helen and I had just finished fucking and were laying on that huge bed of hers chatting about things when she brought up the three-way with Mom, Bill and I. She explained that Bill had told her and Betty a few days after and had mentioned that Anne was extremely sexy and would likely fit into their lifestyle. I assured Helen that Mom was definitely sexy and according to some of the conversations we had, was eager to meet the women. I filled her in on what had been going on with Mom and I and how exciting I found it to be able to share with Mom all the things that she and Betty had taught me.

"Would you like to learn something really exciting, Jimmy?" Helen asked.

"You know I do. I want to be the consummate lover. I have yet to find anything that I don't like and most importantly have yet to find anything you women, including my Mom, have not enjoyed," I replied.

"Do you know what a g-spot is?" When I shook my head no, she continued, "Well I am going to show you what it is and what it does along with some other things."

Helen got some fantastic smelling lotion and handed it to me as she said with a laugh, "Let the games begin."

What she taught me that night I will tell you about as I relate how I surprised Mom a few nights later. I wanted the evening to be a special one for her and I, not that all our nights weren't, so I spent the afternoon between the time I got home from school and she got home from work preparing things. Did I tell you I was a half way decent cook, well I am, so I set about making a romantic setting for our latest episode? When Mom got home she immediately knew we were going to spend the rest of the evening engaged in our favorite activity, fucking. As she got in the door I greeted her with a passionate kiss that left no doubt what I had in mind. I had already bathed and freshly shaved my body and applied some sexy smelling lotion that I knew she liked on me. I took her by the hand as I led her into the bedroom to remove her garments. As each piece was taken from her body I whispered in her ear things I was going to do to her. By the time she was naked her pussy was literally dripping. How did I know? Because I had her cunt cupped in my hand and my finger in her love tunnel. There was no way I was going to waste a drop of this precious fluid so I gently laid her back on the bed and licked her to her first of many orgasms that she would experience tonight. It never ceases to amaze me how much I love the taste of her pussy honey and that is what it tastes like to me ... "PURE HONEY."

"My god, Jimmy, I haven't been home thirty minutes and already I am limp as a rag."

"As they say Mom, you ain't seen nothing yet."

I took her to the bathroom where I bathed her in scented water, shaved her pussy, legs, underarms and arms, rinsed her off with a warm shower spray and dried her with a large fluffy towel. I applied some lotion to all the shaved parts, especially her crotch, which I had trouble tearing myself away from, helped her into a sheer sexy robe and walked her to the supper table where I served her like a queen. I wanted nothing to ruin the mood of the evening because if she thought she had been satisfied before, she was in for a treat tonight.

After dinner I took Mom back into the bedroom to do to her what I had been planning for since my evening with Helen. Gently and lovingly I removed the robe from Mom as I kissed her. Our tongues entwined, swapping mouth juices, until our lips were almost sore. As I laid her naked body back on the bed I marveled at youthful skin and muscle tone. Who would have thought she was forty-six years old. I must have spent more time than normal staring at her because she started to squirm on the bed. Her nipples hardened into sharp points, standing tall, dark and straight into the air. I leaned down and took them into my mouth. Damn, I love the feel of those love taps as I sucked and licked them tenderly. I worked my way down her torso to that slit I love so well. The inner lips that hung outside her puffy cunt were a deep purple as they filled with heated blood. I lapped at just the outer part, never touching her clit or hole. There was a method to my madness. I wanted Mom so hot she would beg to be fucked.

I rolled her onto her belly to begin the second part of my plan. I laid on her back with my lips next to her ear. My cock was being caressed by the cheeks of her ass as it lay between my body and hers.

Into her ear I whispered, "Mom, I am going to tongue fuck your body like I hope no one has ever done before. Not only that I am going to tongue fuck your ass. I am going to lick it, kiss it, massage it, eat it and then put my tongue as far into your ass as I can." Over and over I repeated in a low sexy voice what I was going to do. I left her ear and started my journey down her back toward her hot, round ass. As I was traveling to her tan rosebud I felt my cock nudge her pussy. I wanted to fuck her so badly that I almost rammed it into her wet love nest. But I was intent on doing what Helen had taught me. My mouth moved down the center of her back to the top of her ass cheeks. I massaged both of them with first my tongue and then my hands. Round and round they went as I stroked her firmly and then gently. Little by little, without her realizing it, I was stretching her ass apart so that I had a clear shot for my tongue. When I thought she was ready I leaned down and put my whole mouth against her asshole. Mom couldn't have jumped higher if I would have shoved a hot piece of iron into her. Helen had warned me she might so I was ready for it. With my mouth clamped tight to her asshole I made my tongue into a hard, sharp, pointed spear which I proceeded to use to spread that hole.

"Oh sweet god in heaven," was all she could mutter. "Goddamn ... oh fuck ... oh fuck my ass baby ... oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!"

I continued tongue fucking her ass as I slipped my thumb into her cunt and two of my fingers onto her clit. As I fucked her ass with my tongue I was putting my saliva into her hole. Within a few strokes with my fingers Mom had one of those mind shattering orgasms. It took every ounce of strength I had to hold her down. She bounced around, she screamed, she ripped at the bedsheet, her head tossed from side to side and I noticed she was biting and chewing the pillow.

And now for the crowning touch .....

I got up next to her on my hands and knees and slipped the thumb of my free hand into her asshole. At the same time the thumb in her pussy was searching for her g-spot. Helen had told me and showed me where it was and what it felt like. Bingo!!!!!!! I felt it right under my thumb. Slowly I massaged it as I felt it grow a bit. My two outer fingers were stroking her clit and the other one was fucking her ass. I have never heard Mom scream like this, ever. Everything she yelled was totally unintelligible. Her orgasms were coming one after another and kept getting louder and more intense. Mom raised up on her knees trying to get more and more of my fingers inside.

Now came the part Helen had said might happen...

Something wet was coming out of Mom's pussy. The more I rubbed the wetter it got. I couldn't believe what was happening. Fluid was gushing out of her gash to the point that it was splashing onto my arm and onto the bed. When Helen told me about this it was something I had never heard of. She told me to make sure there were towels close by, just in case. When Mom finally went over the top with her final orgasm she let out a huge sigh and collapsed on the bed. Her pussy continued to gush as shudders wracked her body. Like always I lay down behind Mom and held her in my arms as her climax subsided. It must have taken her fifteen minutes to rid herself of the after tremors of the earthquake like orgasm but I didn't let go of her, just continued to stroke her, cuddle her and whisper more things in her ear. My cock was so hard it almost hurt. I felt it slide between her legs and rest against her creamy wet slit. I don't know how I avoided cumming except that I wanted Mom to have my joy juice.

I had yet another surprise for Mom ....

What Mom was not aware of when we came into the bedroom, I had left the backdoor of the house unlocked and slightly ajar. After my evening of lessons with Helen a few nights before I invited her to be part of this evening. I told her about what time we were starting and asked her to slip in the house while I had Mom in the throes of her orgasm. I also left the shade to Mom's window up a bit so she could watch us in action if she wanted and would know when to come in.

"I have another surprise for you, Mom," I said.

"My god baby, how much more is there?" she asked.

"You know who I told you was one of my teachers, well, she is here with us right now. I want you to meet Helen."

Helen was standing next to the bed stark naked. Mom rolled over and looked at her with a big smile on her face. I watched as Mom took in all the features of Helen's ageless body, from her enticing liquid red lips, down to her perfectly round tits capped off by rock hard pointed nipples, and then down her belly to her hairless pouty cunt slit.

"First off Helen," said Mom, "I am glad to meet you after all I have heard. I also want to thank you for helping Jimmy become the lover every woman dreams about. If you experience half of what I just did you know how good he is."

"Thanks Anne," Helen replied, "it has been an absolute pleasure teaching Jimmy the finer points of lovemaking and lustful fucking. You and I, I am sure, know the difference but it is a rarity when you find someone like Jimmy who takes to it like he does. Did you enjoy the latest lesson he learned?"

"Oh fuck yes! Why don't you and I reward him for being such a good student?" Mom said as she grinned at Helen.

I was worried for a minute that they had forgotten about me and my problem, my rock hard prick. Not to worry though, these two women started in on me like they were a well organized team. I watched as Mom and Helen deeply kissed each other as I had done to them at one time or another. Each was busy examining the other's body with probing touches and feels.

As they separated Helen asked Mom, "Which end would you like, Anne?" to which Mom answered, "You ride his cock Helen and I will ride his talented tongue and then I can eat his man juice out of you."

I felt Helen's wet, warm pussy engulf my cock as she slide all the way to the base. Mom swung her legs over my head, positioning her dripping cunt over my mouth. I will say this, it was difficult to keep my mind focused on either woman, yet the total effect had my senses reeling. Helen's cunt worked its magic on my love pole in the ways that I had come to love so well while Mom's cunt delivered a new flavor to my tongue thanks to all the gushing. It was a taste I had never experienced but one that was truly enjoyable. I could feel and hear them making love to each other as they made love to me. From this angle I had a new approach into Mom's tunnel. Not only was I able to lick the juices from deep inside but I was able to put the end of my tongue into her peehole. You may remember me mentioning that I had noticed that it was somewhat larger, well now I found a new way to pleasure her. I flicked my tongue around it, whipped it with my tongue and finally fucked her, directly in her peehole, with the sharp pointed end of my tongue. What a treat. Mom ground her crotch down on my face until her engorged clit was rubbing on my nose. Try as I might, I was having trouble keeping up with her pussy juices but even though some were running down my chin I kept lapping diligently. Without warning my cock erupted in a massive volcanic flow of white lava. Shot after shot blasted deep into Helen's hot tunnel. She also ground her crotch onto me as Mom was doing to my face. Both women were literally cumming at the same time. I felt I was being ground into the bed almost to the point of suffocation. I had to lift Mom off my face a bit so I could catch my breath and in doing so both of them rolled off my body. Mom's mouth went directly to Helen's gooey cunt and immediately went about licking my juice mixed with Helen's juice from Helen's slick gash. As Mom was sucking Helen's cunt, Helen took my hand and pulled me toward her mouth. I knelt next to her face so that she could get all my cock into her mouth. I felt her hand on my ass as she pulled me closer, forcing my cock into her throat. I also felt something else. One of Helen's fingers was working its way into my ass. She touched something inside and I jammed my cock deeper into her throat. I fucked her throat as I had fucked her cunt. Suddenly my cock erupted again. Helen swallowed my cum as fast as it shot out. Slowly, very slowly, everyone calmed down until I was laying on the bed in between the two of them. Christ what a night!! I didn't know if my cock would ever get hard again. But at eighteen I knew better. I knew that any of these women would be able to get my prick in fuckable condition.

"Like I said before, Helen, thanks for what you taught Jimmy," Mom said.

"I thought my grandson was a joy to teach but when he brought Jimmy to my house I knew that there was no end to the things he wanted to learn. Has Jimmy told you about Mike yet? Mike loves to fuck and suck also and besides which he is hung like his dad. At eighteen he has a cock to die for, one that almost never goes soft and he knows how to use it too. Maybe sometime I can arrange a party or an afternoon with Betty, Mike and I along with you and Jimmy for some great fucking and sucking. Let me work on it."

"Great, Helen. I have to also tell you I think you have a fantastic body and a super tan. I love the taste of your cunt."

"Thanks again, Anne. Jimmy told me about you too and I just knew I had to be with you. He didn't miss a thing in describing you. I love those inner lips of your pussy. I want to taste them and suck them and feel you cum in my mouth."

"Let her taste you Mom," I chimed in.

Helen spread Mom's legs and went right to the center of Mom's pleasure zone. It didn't take Helen long to get Mom to climax. When she came she also squirted into Helen's mouth. Helen continued to suck and suck harder until Mom let go with her famous scream and collapsed onto the bed. I leaned over to Helen and kissed her, tasting the mixture of Mom's juices on her lips while Mom recovered.

"I have to thank you for a wonderful evening," said Helen.

"No," said Mom, "it is I who have to thank you for doing something I never had the nerve to do, teach my son about sex. Helen, it's Friday night and if you don't have other plans Jimmy and I would love you to stay the rest of the night with us. Right Jimmy?" "Absolutely, Mom. How about it Helen?" I replied.

"Sounds wonderful, I will."

So we spent the rest of the night doing whatever came to mind until we finally fell asleep. When Helen left the next day she and Mom were best of friends. Helen had Mom eagerly anticipating the party Helen said she was going to throw especially when Helen told her that we were the first people outside the family she had ever trusted enough to invite. Kisses were exchanged all around as Helen departed and Mom and I relaxed the rest of the day in the rec room with not a stitch of clothing on our body.

"You know Jimmy, I could get used to this nudist lifestyle and all the things that have been going on lately."

"I know Mom, I already am used to it and ready for more."

To Be Continued...


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