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From Afar Pt. V
by Eve

She was so embarrassed about the way things had ended between them. Sara had wished that she could end things with a little more dignity, perhaps with a handshake or maybe a hug not giving off any of her feelings. instead she had run off in tears like a blithering idiot. She had been to embarrassed to see him off, and she called in sick for the rest off the week after that day. Knowing that she would never see him again was somewhat soothing to her wounded pride, but that in itself was a double-edged sword.

On the one hand if there was no more contact with him, she would never have to hear about this new woman in his life, and she could pretend that things were always as they had been before he had reenter her life. On the other hand, she would never see his face again, not able to laugh with him, to see his smile, or to admire the way his eyes changes colors to match his mood. Shortly after their last meeting, Sara decided to take some time off and go on a trip, preferably someplace warm and sunny where she could lie on the beach and forget that Chad Green ever existed. Within a few days she was boarding a plane to Jamaica.

Just as Sara was getting on the plane, Chad was knocking on her door apartment door. After a few day of trying to find out where she lived, he had finally succeeded he didn't know how she would react to see him. He had tried to catch her at work only to find out that she had taken some leave and would be back at an indefinite time.

No one at the clinic was able to give him information on where she lived or a phone number since she wasn't listed in any phone books. It took the aide of a detective agency to find out where she lived, and he felt a bit like a stalker but that couldn't be helped. For the first time in his life he was in love. Really in love. She would come home eventually, and when she did, he would be there waiting for her.

As Chad was walking away from the door of her apartment, Sara was sitting of the beach taking in the sun. This rest and relaxation was what she needed, and as she lay there on the warm sand, she could pretend that the last few months had never happened. The sun against her skin felt terrific. On her arrival to the island she had thrown caution to the wing and purchased her first two piece bathing suit which was actually a string bikini with a thong bottom. The old Sara would have never thought to wear something so daring, her body wasn't bad so why shouldn't she be like the other women on the beach. She had even gotten her hair braided by an old Jamaican woman.

Sara was lying on her back with her eyes, closed when a shadow came over her. She frowned not opening her eyes, she could have sworn that the weather forecast had called for sunny weather all day. "Excuse me miss." Came a smooth baritone voice above her. She opened her eyes, to see a tall blonde man standing over her. "Chad?" The name escaped her lips before she realized that she had uttered them.

"Pardon me?" the man asked puzzled. Turning a beet red she slowly sat up. "I'm sorry, you looked like someone I know."

"A boyfriend?" he asked, while presumptuously taking a seat next to her in the sand.

"No, not a boyfriend. What were you standing over me for? Did you want something?" She asked wearily. This guy looked so like Chad that the resemblance was a bit disconcerting, from the golden blonde hair, the broad shoulders, the easy smile? He could have probably passed for Chad if not for the British sounding accent.

"Well, I saw you laying on the beach for quite a while and I was thinking that it was time that you applied some more sunblock. This sun can be a killer," he suggested.

"Thank you, that's very considerate of you Mr...." "Wilde. Greg Wilde, but please call me Greg, and if I might be so bold to ask your name?"

"Sara." She offered her hand to him which instead of shaking it he put it lightly to his lips. She blushed furiously. He was really quite charming, and he looked so much like Chad, she liked him right off.

"If you would allow me to apply some sunblock on your back, you can do the rest."

"Sure," she said rolling on her stomach handing him her bottle. Something in the back of her mind was sending off warning signals. Perhaps it wasn't so wise to get too friendly with someone she had just met, but she instantly shook that feeling off. Obviously he was just a friendly person. "So who, is this Chad person?" he asked casually as he applied the cool lotion onto her skin.

"Oh, just a guy I know. So tell, me about you. Where is that accent from?" She immediately changed the subject.

"Australian, born and bred. Are you here by yourself?"

"Yes, I needed a little R&R. How about you?"

"Yes, I'm here on my own as well. I was supposed to come with a couple of mates of mine but something came up the last minute for both of them so, it's just me. And you know something Sara, I'm glad," he smiled down at her, and she turned around to look at him, and returned that smile.

Chad patiently waited for Sara to come home. A week passed and then another week. After the third week, he decided that he was tired of waiting. He was going go get his woman.

After that first meeting, Sara and Greg were inseparable. Sara, enjoyed Greg's company immensely. They went windsurfing, snorkeling, and parasailing together. Greg was so charming that sometimes he was almost too good to be true at times but then Sara would shrug off her uneasiness and not think about it again. They dined regularly at the hotel restaurant, but one day Greg suggested that they try this exclusive club that he had heard about. Sara looked forward to this change of venue, and had even bought a little red dress. It was the slinkiest thing that she had ever owned. When she tried it on the silk hugged her every curve of her body. It was the kind of dress that needed no bra. The back was cut low to her waist and the skirt of the dress ended at mid-thigh. She had to admit that this dress was something else, and when she saw Greg later that night, he thought so too. His eyes, roved appreciatively over her body.

The club was very nice. Low lights slow music, and good food. When they danced and he held her close, Sara closed her eyes, and imagined that she was in the arms of another blonde broad shouldered male. It didn't matter at that moment that she could never have him but at that moment it didn't matter. She was so into the moment that when Greg kissed her hair, she didn't object. As his hand moved over her bare back pulling her closer, she looked up at him and their lips met. In her mind it Chad she was kissing but it didn't matter. His hands roamed more freely over her body, but she was so entranced by the moment that she didn't pull away. "Let's go back to the hotel" he whispered in her ear. She merely let him guide her off the dance floor and out of the club.

He led her back to his hotel room, and before the door could even close, he pulled her roughly in his arms for a demanding kiss. That was when she finally came to her senses. She pulled away. "Greg, let's not ruin this friendship. I have enjoyed my time here with you but I think we both got a little carried away tonight," she tried to let him down as gently as she could.

"You don't mean that. You wanted me at the club." He reached for her and she side stepped him easily.

"I know I might have given you the wrong impression at the club but I didn't mean this to happen."

"If you didn't want me, then why did you wear that dress?"

"I thought it would be appropriate for the club that we were at. Where is this coming from? I thought we were friends?"

"We are, sweetie. Let me show you how friendly I can be." This time when he reached for her he succeeded in pulling her close. His mouth fastened hungrily on her. He wrenched her head away though she was unable to break the band of his arms around her.

"Let go of me, I want to go to my own room."

"No way baby, you've been giving me the come one for the last few weeks now, and tonight you dressed liked a little tart and expected me to be satisfied with a little peck on the check. Well, think again, baby because tonight you pay the piper," and with that his mouth descended once more. Sara blood went cold with fear, this wasn't the friendly guy that she had gotten to know, how she ever have gotten mixed up with this animal. The harder she fought against him the tighter his arms around her became until he was almost squeezing the air out of her lungs. She stopped struggling for a minute to see if he would relax his hold.

When his hold loosed she pulled her arm free, and raked her nails across his face. He retaliated, by backhanding her to the floor. "You little bitch. I was going to be gentle, but now you can forget about it. I'm going to show you what happens to little cock teasers like you," he joined her one the floor. She kicked and clawed but she was no match for her man who had her by at least a foot, and out weighed her by at least a hundred pounds. He grabbed her dress forcefully ripping the front to expose her bare breasts. As she was about to let out a scream, his hand came around her throat, cutting off her air.

"Shut the fuck up you little bitch, or I swear I'll kill you." He face took on an evil gleam. How could she have thought that he looked anything like her beloved Chad? His hand moved roughly up her thigh to find the panties beneath and tear them to sheds. She began to squirm when his finger pushed roughly into the dry passage of her vagina. She whimper at the pain, but she was too terrified to scream at this point. His finger continued to rape her and the pain was unbearable.

"You like that don't you, you little slut," he sneered and his other hand roughly grabbed her breast. She wanted to die. Sara couldn't believe this was happening to her, on her vacation. At that moment the phone rung and broke into the trance that she had fallen in.

"Goddammit." Greg muttered, still above her as if deciding to answer it or not. That slight hesitation was all she needed. With a superhuman strength she didn't know she possessed she push him off, and scrambled for the door. She had stunned him so when she had pushed him off that by the time he was on his feet after her, she was out the door.

When she enter the hallway torn dress and all she let out the most blood curdling scream she could and she ran, not knowing where she was headed. She got no further than the lobby of the hotel when she ran into what felt like a brick wall. She looked up, to see that it wasn't a brick wall that she had run into at all.

"Oh my god," muttered the man as he took in her ragged, frightened appearance.

Sara could only look up at him with tear filled eyes, "Chad, you came," she whispered before collapsing into his arms.

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