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Family Affair Ch. VI
by JoeZ

Mom and I were getting along great with Helen and once in a while Mom had the opportunity to fuck Bill. Several times she asked me what Mike was like. I asked if she wanted to fuck him too and all she would say was if the opportunity presented itself she wouldn't pass it up. Right then I knew what I was going to do for her. Mike and I had not had the opportunity to engage in a group fuck since that day with his mom and grandmother. Though I had fucked Betty more than once and Helen quite often I still had a soft spot in my heart for that day when I officially lost my cherry.

Mike and I had compared notes on a couple of occasions and I filled him in about his dad and my mom, then another time about the episode with Helen, my mom and I. He assured me that mom and I were the subject of many conversations at their house. He told be that many times he had fantasized about fucking my mom. I told him about her great tits with their sensitive nipples, about her hot, wet, tasty cunt and how it squirted, about her terrific ass and how I had tongue fucked it until she came. I assured him that Mom and I discussed him and his family just as much. When I told him that I wanted mom to experience his love weapon he almost blushed. We made plans for Saturday night after the three of us went to dinner.

All evening long I made sure Mom and Mike were always close to each other. As usual, before we picked Mike up, I helped Mom get ready, bathing her, shaving her, dressing her in her sexiest clothes and leaving her naked from the waist down under her loose flowing dress. I made sure she wore her sexy thigh high hose so that when he felt up her leg he would come to the bare skin at the top of them. I knew that he was a nudist and liked the bare skin but like I told him one time, being with a sexily dressed woman can be a bigger turn on than being in a room full of naked females.

As we drove to the restaurant Mom was seated in the middle of the front seat. She kept the conversation on our favorite subject, sex. A couple of times Mike would try to ask her about work or some such and she would tease him with sexual innuendoes or rub his cock through his pants while complimenting him on its size. Once I saw her take his hand and put it under her dress up to her pussy.

As experienced as Mike was with women, I knew that being with a different woman was somewhat of a challenge. Though it had been almost a year of intense sexual activity I still have butterflies when going out with someone new. Except for in the bedroom, I don't think he or I are confident enough to make it on our own with anyone but our women.

"Feel that juice?" Mom asked teasingly, "I am so excited right now we could skip dinner. Do a favor for me? Finger fuck me a little and coat your finger with my love juice for all of us to share."

"My pleasure, Mrs. Clark," Mike answered.

"Mike, please don't call me Mrs. Clark, it makes me feel so old, please call me Anne."

Mike nodded his agreement as he was busily fingering Mom's cunt. The first taste was his. He dipped into her three more times before Mom grabbed his hand and brought the finger to her lips.

"Sweet as ever baby," Mom said to me, "would you like some?"

"Of course I do," I replied, "when have you ever known me to pass up a taste of your pussy."

By now Mom's dress was up past her stocking tops with her pussy almost in plain sight. She had lifted her ass up off the seat so that she could pull her dress up.

"Damn, the way my pussy is flowing, my dress would be soaking wet. I need to get it out from under me. I don't want anyone to think I pissed myself, not yet anyway. Mike get some of my cunt oil and give it to Jimmy."

Mike busied himself in her cunt to the point I could actually hear it sloshing. When his finger and his whole hand were soaking wet he reached across Mom and held the inviting digit up to my mouth. Like always, I partook greedily, not missing a drop. The sweet flavor of Mom's juice acted as an aphrodisiac on me, as if I needed one. My cock was rock hard, threatening to burst from my pants. I needed to cum in the worst way. I had no idea how I was going to make it through dinner let alone until we got back home. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mike massaging Mom's clit. I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm as she lifted her pussy off the seat. That all to familiar sound started deep in her belly, finally escaping her mouth as she went over the top. Mike put his arm around her as she shook and shivered her way through her climax. When she calmed down, she leaned over and kissed Mike passionately, thanking him profusely for relieving that pent up feeling. Mike graciously accepted her thanks as we pulled up to the restaurant. While Mom straightened herself we stood by the car grinning sheepishly about Mom's antics so far.

"Nice going, buddy," I told him.

"My pleasure," he replied.

When we got into the restaurant we all had to use the restroom. I was beginning to calm down just a little but Mike's huge cock was outlined in his trousers even as loose as they were. Mike stood next to me at the adjoining urinal and as I glanced over I could see him holding that monster of his shooting a stream of piss that reminded me of a fire hose.

"A blessing and a curse all at the same time," I thought to myself, "I bet Mom is going to enjoy that."

Somehow we got through dinner with nothing more than polite chatter. I could tell Mom was getting anxious. When the waitress brought the bill Mom put enough to cover the bill and tip and told us it was time to head for the door. Needless to say she didn't have to mention it twice. By now it was dark outside and after finding our car we all got in for the ride home.

"Before we leave I want to do something," Mom said. "All these clothes are getting in the way." With that she stripped off her long skirt, shrugged off her blouse, and unfastened her bra, freeing those beautiful tits. The only clothing she had on was her silky black hose and shoes.

"Home James!!" she exclaimed with a laugh, and away we went.

After we go on a back road Mom said, "Don't just sit there guys, make me feel good."

Mike complimented her on her tits whereupon Mom hefted them in her hands and pointed them at Mike.

"36C, Mike. Great size for enjoying. Not too big or too small."

Mom was rolling her nipples between her fingers making them harder and harder. "Come on Mike, suck one." Mike's mouth was on her tit in a flash sucking that tit for all he was worth. My hand had strayed to Mom's cunt, stroking her clit as Mike sucked her. I wanted to watch but it was my job to get us home safely and quickly. I can't ever remember getting home from that particular restaurant so rapidly. I pushed the garage door opener and we were parked inside with the door closed in what seemed like a matter of seconds. Mike was still locked onto Mom's nipple and when I turned off the engine and reached over to Mom to kiss her I also put my hand on her pussy. Needless to say, Mike's hand was there also. Mom and I played tongue tag frantically for a few minutes. She took my head and pushed it toward her other nipple. It was rock hard. We sucked and sucked as diligently as possible as we also finger fucked her. Once when Mom lifted off the seat I slipped my thumb into her asshole. With Mike fingering her clit, sucking her right nipple and me with thumb fucking her ass as I sucked her left nipple it took Mom only a few seconds to go over the top. It was all the two of us could do to hold onto her. She yelled like always, which scared the shit out of Mike, and then thrashed around as the orgasm took its toll on her. Her pussy and ass tried desperately to suck more of our fingers into her when she was at the height of her climax. There was just no more to give. As usual it took a few minutes for her to finish and start to calm down. I have seen her breathless before but never like this.

When finally Mom could speak she said, "Fellows this is no place to be when we have such a nice bed inside. You two must be about to explode. Don't you waste a drop of that precious cream, I need it for dessert." She took us by the hands and almost ran to the bedroom. "Quickly, get undressed, I have to have you. Mike, lay on your back on the bed and Jimmy you stand on the bed at the head. Stand with your feet on either side of Mike's head."

Our clothes were off in a flash. Mom's eyes widened when she saw the size of Mike's cock. "My god Mike, I can sure tell who your dad is. You almost put him to shame." I thought his cock was large in the restroom, well now it looked enormous. I thought I saw him blush a little. Since that time with Betty and Helen I am sure it had grown larger and it was standing straight out from his body. "I have to at least kiss it before you put that big thing in me," Mom said. She sat him on the bed as she knelt adoringly between his legs. I watched as she cupped his ball in her hands and bowed her head to the top of his cock. Her tongue snaked out to encircle the head causing poor Mike to almost cry from the pleasure.

"Anne, you realize that if you do that too much I will cum, don't you?" Mike asked her.

Mom lifted her head for a second and asked, "How long will it take you to recover?"

"No time at all, it probably will stay hard even after I cum. I can stand to let it off, that way I will last longer when we fuck."

Needless to say Mom needed no further invitation. No sooner had she engulfed the head in her ruby red lips than he started spewing shot after shot of hot jism into her mouth. She swallowed almost every drop, saving a little for me to share with her. As her head came up I was there to put my lips on hers. My tongue darted inside her mouth and was rewarded with almost a mouthful of Mike's cum. I took a very little of it knowing how Mom loves the taste. Mike was not kidding when he said he would not deflate. His cock was as rigid as ever. Mom positioned him on the bed and then made sure I was in the right place before joining us. I understood what she was going to do. Her idea was to enjoy both cocks at one time. Not a bad idea! I watched as she squatted over Mike's pole. The juice was running out of her pussy as she took hold of her inner lips and held them open. I had never seen it flow so much. Her woman cream was running over the top of his cock. At first I thought she was peeing but that was not the case. As he began penetrating her a look of pure ecstasy washed over her face. Little by little Mike disappeared into her cunt. From where I stood I could see as she raised and lowered herself on him. Finally it was all in, all the way to the hilt, and the joy that Mom showed on her face was like nothing I had ever seen. It was almost like she was afraid to move.

"I have never been so filled in my whole life, Mike. Even your dad didn't make me feel like this. In case you don't know it I think your cock penetrated the opening to my uterus. I swear I feel it in there. Let me sit still on it for a few minutes. Please don't move and I promise I will make it up to you," Mom said to him.

"No problem, Anne. Your pussy is so warm and tight around my cock I could almost cum without moving."

Mom leaned forward a bit and cradled my nutsack in her hands as her mouth wrapped around my cock. With her leaning over like that her tits were hanging above Mike's face. I wished I could reach them but Mike took care of that for me. He reached for her elongated nipples and rolled them in his fingers. Mom, in the meantime, was deep throating me like she does quite often. Her fingers were digging into my ass, pulling me closer so she could get every centimeter in her mouth. I could feel the effect of Mike's work on her nipples. The more he rubbed them the harder she sucked. He took her nipples in his fingers like he was smoking a cigarette and used his thumb pad to rub the very tip. I thought she was going nuts. Mom's face was smashed so tight in my groin I didn't know how she could breathe. I knew I wasn't going to last long and true to form my cock blew its load. Shot after shot went straight down her throat. I didn't know how she could swallow that fast. Little dollops of my cream dribbled out the corners of her mouth. Suddenly Mom's eyes shot wide open. Her mouth slid off my cock just as the last shot hit her on the cheek.

"Oh shit ... Mike is cumming without me even moving," Mom said breathlessly. It feels like I am full of his cum."

"You probably are full, Mom," I said. "I've seen what he can do and I know he can shoot a load like nobody I know."

Mike just lay there grinning from ear to ear.

"And do you know what," asked Mom, "he isn't even getting a little bit soft." She started to move her ass grinding her clit into Mikes bare pubic area. A little at a time she would lift off his cock and slam back down. I have never seen such a look of determination on her face. I could tell she was cumming just by the sounds she was making. And still she didn't slow down. Faster and faster she pumped her pussy up and down on that cunt oil, greased piece of manmeat. Even I was amazed at the size of this cock on a guy so young. Trust me Mom was using every inch of it to her best advantage. Mom switched from her kneeling position to a squatting position and in doing so could look down her own body and not only feel Mike's cock but watch it invade her. Now it was impossible to tell where one climax stopped and another started if in fact they ever stopped. Even after cumming two times in so short a time, Mike was ready to let go again. And let go he did! Deep in his belly a growl started as his orgasm worked its way to the head of his cock. It hit there and his brain at the same time as he screamed, "Oh fuck, Anne ... my god, oh fuck, goddamn, fuck me, Anne, Oh Anne fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," and on and on it went until he totally spent himself into Mom.

Even Mom could go on no more. She rolled off Mike's spent cock and onto her back. I looked down and saw Mike's lovejuice starting to ooze from her distended slit. Those long inner lips of her's were engorged with blood making the color almost a deep purple. There was no way I was going to let that jizz go to waste. I hurried to Mom's gash so as not to miss a drop. I lifted Mom's legs into the air and folded them back alongside her body. Being curled like this made her cunt act like a deep cup for her lovefluids. For a couple of minutes I could only look into her pussy and admire the way it had withstood the assault from Mike's huge lovemuscle. The hood was still back on her clit as it stood proud and tall. Her peehole was wider than normal and I swear I could see to the bottom of her cunt. As I began licking Mom's pussy clean of the jism and cunt juice Mom seemed to be coming back to life. As a matter of fact so was I. The combination of eating Mom, and watching her on Mike was restoring the starch to my dick. I continued to suck Mom clean when all of the sudden I felt a set of lips on my manhood. Since I was looking at Mom I knew it could only be one person ... Mike.

Mom had yet another orgasm and begged me to let her rest for a few minutes. Mike was still sucking my cock and I might add doing it as well as any of the women in our families. Well, I figured if he was doing it to me it was time for me to do it to him. I twisted around to Mike's crotch and was face to face with his beautiful hunk of meat. The leftovers from his fuck with Mom coated his cock and balls. I licked him like I had seen Mom do it. What a feeling! I loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth. No wonder women loved it so much. I sucked him with as much fervor as he was sucking me. Once I glanced in Mom's direction and saw her watching us intently. I knew I was not far from cumming and I had a feeling Mike was ready too so I was not about to break our contact. I went first, shooting my cum into Mike's mouth and a few seconds later Mike let go. I drank his cream as quickly as he poured it in my mouth until we were both finished.

"Now that is what I call a show," said Mom. "I feel so satisfied I don't know if I can cum again. How about if I treat you guys to a shower and then we can relax for a while?"

Mom took us both into the bathroom and took turns with us in the shower, cleaning us and pampering us like I do her. She took great pains with Mike's cock, handling it lovingly while she washed it and dried it.

"I still can't get over the size of this," she remarked. "Whatever you do don't confine your lovemaking to one woman, make sure as many as possible experience the thrill of your manhood."

Mom, Mike and I spent the remainder of the night sitting in the livingroom reliving the events of the evening. Mom invited Mike to spend the night with us but he had to beg off because he was going out of town early the next day. After Mike left Mom asked if I would spend the night in her bed. Who was I to refuse.

"Jimmy, I have to tell you what a different person I feel I am since you and I have been making love and just plain fucking. I never knew a woman should feel like this and I will never go back to being without again. Come into the bathroom with me while I pee. I want you to watch me and to have you hold me open while I do. Then after that I want to fuck one more time before we go to sleep."

I did get to feel her warm pee as it shot from her urethra, over my hand and into the toilet. When I told Mom I didn't want her to wipe, that I would clean her with my tongue, she couldn't wait to get into bed.

Like I said before, nothing is taboo between us if it involves sexual happiness. We fucked one more time before drifting off to sleep. I love my Mom in more ways than one and am always looking for new ways to please and satisfy her as she does for me.

More later...


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