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From Afar Pt. VI
by Eve

Chad had had a hell of a time trying to track her down, first asked her neighbor where Sara might have gone but the old lady didn't seen to know or refused to cooperate. He made sure to give her his number in case she was contacted by Sara, stressing that it was of the utmost importance. He then tried he work once more inquiring if they might know where she was vacationing. He was faced with a dead end there as well.

A few days after visiting Sara's neighbor, he received a phone call. "This is Mrs. Goldstein, you know Sara's neighbor. I'm taking care of her cat. Do you remember me?"

"Yes, of course I remember you," he said a bit impatiently.

"Well, you seemed like such a nice man, I really felt bad about lying to you. You see, I received a postcard from her on that very same day you arrived. I didn't know what to make of you so I thought it would be best not to tell you anything. She's such a nice girl. What's an old lady to think when some strange man comes around? The night after you left, me and Ajax, that's Sara's cat and Artumus my parrot were watching television I said to them, we'll I'll be that that nice young man that came over here to my house. You were in a commercial. I figured if you are on television, then you really can't be all that bad."

Chad let Mrs. Goldstein talk although he wished she would get to the point. "Well, the postcard I received is from Jamaica. Have you ever been there? I hear it's lovely. I think it would be wonderful to be there right now, especially with this lousy weather you know. When I was young----"

"Mrs. Goldstein," he finally interrupted knowing that if he didn't this woman could go on and on. "Does the postcard indicate what part of Jamaica she's in?"

"Oh well, there's a picture of Montego Bay on the front and she does mention in the card, the hotel she's staying at. She says it's quite lovely, but you know when I was young----"

"Excuse me but I would really appreciate if I could have that information," he interrupted once more. After what seemed like forever he was able to extract the from her Sara's whereabouts. "Thank you for your time Mrs. Goldstein but I am in quite a hurry now." He hung up with a quick good-bye.

On the other end of the line Mrs. Goldstein, was quite put out. "Well, I never. He seems much nicer on television," she spoke to Artumus.

The next day Chad was on a plane to the islands. As he sat there in anticipation he wondered what it would be like when he saw her. Would she come to him willingly if he explained how he felt? He was sure that she felt something for him or she wouldn't have kissed him the way she did. He had never been so nervous about a woman in his life. It had all been so easy for him since grade school, the girls practically falling in his lap. He never had to work for it, but now he sat here feeling as if his whole future rested on the fate of this trip. He shuddered to think of a future without her.

Sitting at the bar of the hotel, he took his third drink of whiskey. How could he have waited so long? Instinct had told him to come after her right away and now he was too late. Damn! He had made it to the hotel just in time to see Sara looking sensational in a red dress, stepping out with some blonde Ken on her arm. He quickly hid behind a large potted plant so that she wouldn't see him. The man beside her looked slid his arm around Sara's waist possessively and Chad wanted to knock the smile off of this unknown man's face. Sara was smiling as they walked out of the hotel together.

Chad could feel his heart plummet. It hadn't occurred to him that there might be someone that Sara was with on this trip. In his arrogance he thought he could just fly down to Jamaica, tell her that he loved her and they would live happily ever after like the storybooks read, only it didn't turn out the way that he expected. Sara was out with someone else looking more beautiful that he could ever imagine and he was here at the bar downing whiskey as if it were water. He would have to see about taking the next flight back home and never think about this night again.

"Hi handsome, would you like some company?" asked a voice next to him. He looked over, to see a voluptuous redhead in a miniskirt and halter top standing beside him. He shrugged not caring one way or the other. The woman was obviously a prostitute. She slid in the seat next to him. "What's a handsome man like you doing without a date tonight?" she asked coyly.

Not wanting to participate in a conversation he merely shrugged once more. She pouted prettily showing off her full lips to their advantage.

"My name is Rita by the way. You look pretty down in the dumps. Why don't you buy me a drink and tell me all about it," she suggested boldly? Chad turned to her finally annoyed that she hadn't taken the hint. He gave her a stare that would intimidate the most thick skinned of people. Rita blushed embarrassed that her charms obviously left him cold. "I'm sorry, she got up hastily.

"No, wait," he stopped her from leaving. The woman, was just trying to make a living after all, "I was rude, I apologize. What kind of drink would you like?"

"Gin and Tonic. So tell me, what's your name handsome?" Once again, she was in the role of seductress.

"Chad." He ordered her a drink, and they chatted for a bit. The chatted about mundane topics like the weather and island life but whenever Rita tried to find out anything more, Chad would expertly change the subject to something more general. After a while, Rita went in for the kill.

"You know sweetie, we could have a much better conversation in your room perhaps. You do have one here don't you." She suggested. Chad gave her a long hard look. She was a pretty lady, and it had been a while since he had been laid. What the hell, if he couldn't have Sara, then at least the trip wouldn't be a total loss. "Yea come on, let's go to my room."

Once there, she let him know a few things before they proceeded. "Before I let this go any further lover, I want you to know that I don't come for free," she looked at him while playing with her breasts through the halter top, her green eyes flashing.

"I knew that already. My only question is only how much it will cost me." She smiled and disclosed to him the price of her services for the night. He didn't bat an eye of course, but simply took some bills from his wallet and laid it on the table. He took a seat in the corner of the room. "I want to see you get yourself off first," he ordered. This was something that he use to enjoy watching all his groupies do for him when he was on the road.

Rita pulled down her top to reveal magnificent chest. Her breast were large, and round with rose colored nipples jutting out asking to be sucked. She pinched each nipple between her forefingers and thumbs, rolling the hardened peaks. She ran her tongue suggestively around her lips and continued to massage her breasts. She then placed a hand on her thigh and moved up slowly hiking the skirt around her waist, to reveal that she wore no underwear. She turned around to show off a firm round ass, bending over to squeeze the ample flesh. She stuck a fingered her asshole going in and out and Chad could tell that she was really beginning to get off on the attention that he was paying to her.

She the turned around and turned her attention to her cunt that was already dripping from the stimulation of her ass being fingered. She ran her fingers lightly over her pussy lips. She then laid on the bed and opened her legs wide to reveal her moist pink cunt to him more fully. She rubbed her clit in a circular motion moaning at the sensation. She buried a finger in her pussy and then two. Chad watched in amazement as she added yet another finger, stretching herself wide open. she played with her pussy with one hand while the other was roaming freely all over her body. Her eyes rolled to the back of he head as she continued.

She finger fucked herself slowing until building up into a frenzy. She thrashed on the bed moaning loudly as she came. Her cum oozed down her hand. She looked him straight in the eye, while proceeding to lick every drop from her wet hand. Chad sat there watching, unmoved. He did feel a little stirring but that was it. Any other time, the sight of a naked woman playing with herself on his bed would have stimulated him, he couldn't keep his mind off of Sara.

"Why don't you come over here lover," she invited from the bed. Chad got up and went to sit next to her on the bed.

He kissed her check, " I really enjoyed that, and I appreciate the offer of your company tonight but I think that I need to be alone tonight," he said pulling out his wallet to place more bills in her hand. Rita tried to hide her disappointment because she had really been looking forward to having sex with this Adonis. It wasn't often that her clients were as young and handsome as this stud before her but who was she to get upset, he paid quite handsomely.

After she was dressed and about to head out the door, "If you change your mind, I'll be at the bar until closing." Chad nodded and let her go. He needed to air. Maybe a walk along the beach would clear his head and then her could call the airline when he returned.

His walk on the beach certainly sobered him up. He thought a lot about his future, and how he would proceed from now on. Though it seemed grim, he knew that he was strong enough to handle it on his on. Sara had taught him that. As he entered the lobby, he heard the most horrific scream. It was only seconds later that a figure in red collided with him. His arms went immediately around the figure, and her was stunned to see that it was Sara, looking disheveled and frightened.

She looked up at him. "Chad, you came," she said before fainting.

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