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From Arabia with Lust Pt. II
by Kip Carson

Ahnna's finger slid along her sister's wet pussy slit. Ahnna carefully studied her sister's beautiful dark pussy lips. She slowly slid the dark lips apart, and marveled at the pretty bright pinkness of her luscious pussy. Ahnna's finger rubbed against her sister's swollen clit, and Salima moaned loudly. Ahnna could feel her sister's pussy juices as they gushed from her horny pussy. Ahnna slid between her sister's parted thighs, and lightly ran her tongue along the soft flesh. Salima moaned as her sister's warm, wet tongue slid up her thigh. Ahnna was furiously rubbing Salima's wet pussy, making her sister moan loudly. Jonny was watching with glee, stroking his very hard black cock.

Ahnna pressed her mouth against her sister's clit, and gently thrust her tongue against it. She carefully parted her sister's pussy with her fingers, and licked at the wet pinkness glistening from inside. Salima grunted as her sister slowly fucked her pussy with her wet tongue. Jonny moaned softly as he stroked his cock furiously, watching Ahnna eating her sister's pretty Arabic pussy. "Mmmm yes" Salima moaned. Ahnna looked up into her sister's large dark eyes. Her sister looked so hot, with an insatiably sexy look in her eyes. Ahnna was furiously lapping at Salima's pussy, rubbing her cit with soft circular motions. Salima yelled loudly, and came. Ahnna could taste the musky, womanly juices as the poured from her sister's spasming pussy.

"Oh God" Salima moaned. She held her sister by her long dark hair, pressing her face firmly against her pussy. Ahnna continued to lick her sister, until Salima pushed her away.

"MMm you gotta stop, it's really sensitive" she moaned. Salima quickly pushed her sister to her back, and widely parted her thighs. She immediately dove into Ahnna's hot wet pussy. Her tongue slithered across the wet pussy slit, and she thrust it deeply into the wet pinkness. Ahnna moaned loudly. Jonny was kneeling behind Salima, and began rubbing his cockhead against her wet pussy. "Mmm, yes fuck me" she grunted. Jonny thrust forward, and his long thick black cock rammed deep inside of her.

"Oh yes" Salima moaned. Salima ate her sister's hot pussy passionately, making Ahnna cum quickly. Ahnna's beautiful dark body shook and quivered as her orgasm hit her.

"Oh yes, yes" she yelled. Salima's tongue flicked against Ahnna's throbbing clit. "Mmmm God" Ahnna moaned. Salima slurped at her sister's wonderful tasting pussy juices. Jonny slammed his cock harder and harder into Salima's pussy. Salima grunted as his enormous cock stretched her tender young pussy. She moaned loudly as she came. Jonny fucked her faster and harder. Scott stood at the doorway watching the incredibly erotic 3 some. His cock stood at full attention, and his hand slowly slid up and down his thick shaft. As he stroked his cock, he walked into the room. He stood next to Jonny and Salima, stroking his cock.

Jonny removed his enormous black cock from Salima's pussy, and said, "Hey, I have a cool idea". Salima, Ahnna and Scott all looked at him as he spoke. "Let's give her a double penetration" he suggested.

"Oh God yes" Scott said, still stroking his cock. Jonny got up and left the room, quickly returning with a tube of ky jelly.

"Here, we'll need this" he said, handing the tube to Scott. Scott quickly removed the tip, and began to squirt the lubricant against Salima's asshole. He began rubbing the lube all over his finger, and slowly worked it into her ass. Salima moaned as his finger began slipping into her. Jonny was rubbing her pussy with his long finger, as Scott began working a second finger into her virginal ass. "Mmm, God" Salima moaned.

Scott squirted more KY onto her ass, and made it even wetter, and slicker. He was now fucking her with 3 fingers. Salima moaned loudly, but it more pleasure than pain. He slowly removed his fingers from her ass, and began rubbing his swollen cock head against her virgin asshole. "Yes, fuck my butt" Salima moaned. Jonny quickly slid beneath her, and his long hard cock quickly found her wet pussy hole. Salima moaned as Jonny's cock slid deeply inside of her. The pleasure of his large cock made her moan. Scott was not pressing his cock head against Salima's ass. He pushed until it began sliding in. Salima grunted as his entire swollen cockhead entered her ass. "Oh yes, fuck it baby" she moaned. Salima moaned and thrust against Scott, and about 4 inches of his cock slid into her. "Oh God" she moaned. Ahnna watched as the 2 men fucked her sister. It turned her on, and her hands worked wildly on her pussy, rubbing her clit rapidly.

Salima thrust again, and Scott's entire cock slid into her ass. Jonny thrust upward, ramming his cock deep into her pussy at the same time. Salima moaned loudly as she came. Her pussy tightly gripping Jonny's large cock. Her asshole contracted around Scott's cock. Scott fucked her slowly and gently, as Jonny rammed her pussy hard and fast. Salima moaned and grunted, and came again. Scott moaned, and Salima felt his cock pulsate in her ass hole. Suddenly she felt the hot thick liquid as it squirted into her ass. "Oh God, it's so hot" Salima moaned. Jonny grunted, and shot his cum into Salima's hot pussy. She came again. Both men were filling her 2 holes with their hot sticky cum. It was the best feeling in the world. "Oh Yes!" she moaned. Ahnna grunted, and her young body jerked as she brought herself to orgasm.

"Oh, fuck yes, fill her with your cum" she moaned. Her hand rubbing her wonderful pussy rapidly, and furiously.

Scott continued to slowly pump into Salima's ass, as the last of his cum oozed from the swollen head. Salima's ass tightly gripping him, milking the remaining drops from his cock. Jonny was still squirting his cum into her pussy. "It almost felt as if he were pissing" she thought to herself. His cock was huge, and she could feel every pulse as it released it's hot cum. Scott slowly slid his cock from Salima's ass, and watched as the open hole quickly closed. Drops of white milky cum oozing from the brown hole. Scott watched as Jonny's large cock moved up and down inside of the pretty brown pussy. Jonny removed his cock, and cum poured from the open pussy hole. Salima just lay there moaning loudly. Both men, moved back, and Ahnna crawled between her sister's legs. She began licking the massive amounts of cum that poured from Salima's pussy. Ahnna quickly licked her clean. She then licked the cum from her sister's ass. Salima moaned as her sister's tongue moved from! ! her pussy to her ass. Ahnna licked rapidly at Salima's clit, making her cum quickly. Salima's body quivered and shook as she came. Ahnna moved upward, and she softly kissed Salima's dark nipples. Her mouth quickly moved against her sister's mouth, and their tongues met passionately. They french kissed for a couple of minutes, and then moved apart. "Can I take a shower?" Salima asked.

"Sure" Jonny said. Salima headed towards the bathroom. Ahnna began dressing, and Scott poured them all more drinks. Scott and Jonny were both wearing bathrobes, and Ahnna was fully dressed. A few minutes later, Salima returned from the bathroom fully dressed. They all drank their drinks, and the men drove them back to the club to pick up their car. The girls accepted the men's phone numbers, and headed towards their car. As they both got into the car, Ahnna grabbed her sister, and pulled her towards her, pressing her lips over hers. She kissed her, and then whispered into Salima's ear, "Mmmm when we get home, I think I would like to taste a little more of you", she said.

"Mmmm, God, me too baby, me too!" she replied. Ahnna quickly drove towards their apartment, both girls wet with excitement. They were definitely in for a hot time when they got there...

The End


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