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First Bondage
by Jason

We have been discussing bondage for some time now - both of us are interested and eager to explore. We decide to try domination one night - you are to be my slave. I must tell you; just the thought of dominating you makes me hard. My imagination runs wild as to what I want to do to you!

I rent a room at a hotel, we decide to drive separately and I am to arrive at the room first to prepare. I fasten one pair of handcuffs to each top corner of the four poster bed, and some leather strap fasteners to the foot of the bed. I place my toys on the end of the bed and cover them with a black satin cloth. I have many toys to tease you with. I stand back looking at the bed and smile. What a great sight, a room prepared just for sex. I am already very hard and begin stroking my dick. I hold tightly on to my firm shaft as I make my plans for the evening. I pull hard on my dick - up and down, up and down. I feel my heart pounding - I move my hand faster and faster beating my cock. My body starts to shudder and I begin to spasm. I shoot my load "aaahhhhh" the release, the slight pain as I cum.

There is a knock on the door "Enter" I shout, leaving the cum dripping from my dick I proceed to the door. As you enter the room I smile and you take off your coat. You are wearing black high-heeled boots, leather panties with a zipper by your pussy and ass, a black leather bra with zippers by the nipples, and a black leather choker around your neck. You look terrific.

"What do you think?" you ask

"Get down on your knees" I say "and lick this cum." "I want you to swallow every drop"

You fall to your knees and lick my cock. Your tongue moves all around lapping up my juices. You take me in all the way to the back of your throat, clamp down your lips and slowly pull back.

"Good girl" "I am going to FUCK you like never before." I grab your hair and pull you up. I put my hand into your leather panties and pull you to the bed.

"Spread you legs"

"Wider" You obey and stretch until your ankles reach the edges of the bed. I fasten the leather straps to your ankles. I grab your wrist, lift it up, and handcuff you to the bed. You are now spread out tight like an X. My heart begins to pound - let the games begin!!

Below you is the black satin cloth. I slowly remove the cloth revealing one item at a time. First a small cane, a look of shock comes across your face. You begin to get a little nervous but there is a heat building up between your legs. You can feel yourself getting wet. Second pink Chinese love beads, third an eight-inch dildo, very thick. Fourth nipple clamps and finally another piece of rope. You look a little scared.

"Curious my slave" " well from now on there is no talking"

I lightly kiss your neck, running my hands across your curvy body. I caress your skin - giving you light kisses - taking in your smell. You don't notice that I have taken the cane and I whack your ass. The leather gives you some protection but you still feel a sting on your ass. With each swipe you feel more and eventually cry out. I unzip your bra revealing a pair of very erect nipples. I pull on each one as I force my tongue into your mouth. You suck on my tongue enjoying the pulling sensation. I bend down and suck on your nipples teasing them with my tongue. I swipe your ass again and grab the nipple clamps from the bed. I pull on your nipples more, the anticipation build up inside you. I place one clamp on your nipple and you arch at the pain biting your lip trying not to cry out. I fasten the second clamp. This time you cry out. The pain shoots through your body, a strange sensation of pain mixing with a tint of pleasure. Slowly you get used to the sensation and your body adjusts to this new feeling. I place my hand on your mound - very hot now. I slowly unzip the panties. I move my hands inside and you push out towards me enjoying my fingers on your pussy lips. They are already very wet and I can feel you are ready to cum.

I move my fingers to your clit and begin to move around, exploring your intimate parts. My fingers are now very wet and I move them to your ass hole. I spread the juices around your ass, then lick you clean with my tongue. You push your ass further into my mouth enjoying my tongue on your hole. My hand moves to the bed and I take the love beads. I slowly insert a bead into your ass. You cry out at the unexpected sensation moving your ass again for more! I stand up take the rope from the bed shove it in your mouth and tie it at the back. " I said Quiet" I move back to your ass and massage your clit as I watch the remaining 4 beads dangle down. I inset another bead as I put my finger inside your pussy. I insert another finger, then another bead, another finger then another bead. I caress your clit with my thumb and insert the remaining beads in your ass. You love it; each time a bead is pushed in a wave of pleasure runs through your body. The helpless feeling, giving yourself to me and being dominated pushes you into erotic heaven. I spread your juices around your clit still with 3 fingers up your pussy.

I move to the bed and take the dildo. I move it close to your face so you can appreciate the true size. You gasp as I run it across your face, down your belly pausing at your clit. I slowly push the dick inside you. It fills you up and you cry out in ecstasy. I push it in further and further - and with each push you let out another cry. Finally the full 8 inches is inside you. I move it in and out, your juices flowing over it. You can't take it any more and you start to cum. I move the dildo a little faster and you cum hard. As you orgasm I pull out the beads, you scream as this intensifies the orgasm. Your body starts to spasm as you feel a rush through your entire body. You throw your head back screaming trying to get out of your bonds.

The sounds of your orgasm push me over the edge. The beads now removed I push the tip of my cock in your ass. You cry out again thinking when will this end. I move in rhythm with you as you push further into me. We move together faster and faster and I cry out as I shoot into your ass. You scream at the sensation cuming yet again.

We both sigh as our orgasm comes to an end. I uncuff you and release you from your bonds. We fall on the bed exhausted.

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