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Fantasy Beach
by Blue Rose

Joey parked his truck, looking around quickly at the cars there. He didn't see the little blue compact among them. He felt a surge of disappointment. Today would have been the day of confrontation. He decided not to give up. She might still show up.

He got his kite from behind the seat, along with his bag of gear. Hanging the strap of the bag over his shoulder, he grabbed his chair and cooler of soda. He went to his normal spot and set up his chair. Then he began to put his stunt kite together. When the kite was ready, he began to play out the lines carefully. When he had them stretched out, he walked back to get the kite. He attached the four lines to the four points on the kite harness.

Walking back to his chair, he cast a disdainful look at the cloudless blue sky, and cursed the lack of wind. The kite he had with him was rated for low winds, but he didn't have anything that would fly in no wind. It looked like he would play the waiting game today. Sometimes kite flyers spent more time waiting for wind than flying.

He pulled his shirt over his head and spread it over his chair. He sat and leaned back and stretched out his legs to soak in some sun. It wasn't long before he had the feeling he was being watched. He knew how spooky she was, so he slit his eyes open just a crack to look.

There she was, right in her normal spot. Hunched over that sketchpad. He watched her watching him for a few minutes. She was sketching furiously, as if trying to capture an image before it was gone. Her eyes flitted from him to the sketchpad and back again. Suddenly she stopped and held the book out to view.

She gave what appeared to be a satisfied nod, and snapped the book closed. She mopped at the beads of sweat forming in the cleft between her bikini-clad breasts with a corner of her towel. She stood and slipped out of her shorts, revealing her bikini bottoms.

She wasn't watching him, so Joey took a chance and opened his eyes fully. He openly admired her lush figure, revealed to him in her skimpy pink bikini. She slowly picked her barefoot way to the water, glancing back over her shoulder at him. She saw him watching her and smiled quickly before turning away.

Joey didn't know what her game was today. She had never actually acknowledged his presence before. If he even looked like he might approach her, she had bolted and run. He decided to take her smile as an invitation to join her in the water. He was sure that he could come up with an excuse to talk to her once there.

When he caught up with her, however, he found that excuses eluded him. He decided that bluntness was probably the best course. So he went directly to her and asked her flat out with no pleasantries.

"Are you drawing pictures of me?"

She blushed, and stammered an apology.

"It's alright, I don't mind. I just want to see."

"Oh no!" She demurred quickly. "I can't show them to you."

"Look, I don't mind being your model, but I think I have a right to see the pictures."

She really didn't want to show him, but he forced her, threatening to press charges against her for invasion of privacy. He was sure it was illegal to draw pictures of someone without their consent.

Joey followed her back to her towel, his eyes travelling over her shapely ass with every step she took. She carefully opened the sketchbook to a page in the middle. She held it out toward him, intending for him to just look while she held it. He took it from her unwilling hands and sat down on her blanket to study it.

She had done a marvelous job, but it wasn't finished. His head and upper body were drawn in exquisite detail, but she had only drawn the outline of his lower body. It looked as if she were drawing him nude!

"What about the others? Are they in here?" He asked, looking into her frightened eyes.

"No!" She shouted, attempting to snatch the book out of his hands. "You can't look at anything else."

"I think I have to now, especially after that reaction." He eluded her hands and turned the page back. "What an active imagination you have!" He looked in wonder at the picture. He hoped he looked as good naked as she drew him. Especially his ass. She had drawn him flying his kite with his back to her. She had put much effort into drawing the flexed muscles in his back and butt. His legs were drawn to perfection with the corded muscles standing out as he fought to hold the kite in a strong wind. He turned to the next one, which was of him standing naked in the surf, with his head thrown back laughing. This one was full frontal. He studied the flaccid cock between the legs. She had come very close to reality.

He turned the page again, and received a surprise. It was of him again, and she was there too. They were both naked, and she was lying back over a large boulder, and he was leaning over her, sucking one rosy nipple into his mouth. The expression on her face in the drawing was one of ecstasy. He shot a quick glance up at her. She had slumped on the blanket and was looking dejectedly down at her lap. He could see the dark outlines of her nipples through her wet bikini top, and his cock twitched at the thought of his mouth encircling one.

He turned to the next page. It was of the two of them again, embracing. It actually looked to him like they were fucking. She had her head thrown back, and he had his face against her neck. Her hands were drawn with one splayed on his back, and the other gripping his ass cheek.

Joey felt his dick stiffening in response to these drawings. He could really get into these poses with her. Just the thought made him groan aloud. She looked up at the sound he made, and he gazed into her beautiful green eyes for a moment before turning to the next picture.

They had their clothes on in this one. He was standing with her in his arms, and she had his shirt open and her hands on the tight muscles of his stomach. They were kissing passionately.

The next picture was of him alone on the beach flying his kite. He quickly flipped to the next one, which was of him, fully dressed again, setting up his kite. The next was of him walking in the surf. He turned the page again, to see a drawing of a sailboat. The next, and last, was a sea gull.

Suddenly he realized that he was looking at them backwards. The drawing of him walking in the surf was the first one, and they ended with the one today of him in his chair. Interesting, he thought. He closed the book with a snap, and smiled when she jumped.

"You are quite the artist," he told her.

"I'm sorry, I won't show them to anyone, I promise." She looked so embarrassed that Joey almost felt sorry for her. Then he had a wonderful idea. He thumbed through the sketchbook until he came to the one that showed him facing her, entirely nude.

"If you are going to draw pictures of me this way, then I insist that they be correct. You have several things wrong right here." He put his finger next to the flaccid cock between the legs. She looked where he pointed and blushed beet red. "Look right here, the shape is not right, and the size is totally wrong. I also have a birthmark right here," he said, pointing at the thigh of the right leg.

"It's not supposed to be right, it's just how I imagined you would look," she blurted, and slapped her hand over her mouth.

"What good is all this talent, if you don't get it right? I want to pose for you so that you can draw me correctly."

She wasn't eager to follow his plan; in fact she looked terrified at the prospect. He knew she was lusting after him the same way he was for her, but she was scared of acting on it. He decided to be forceful, and threaten to expose her again. She finally agreed, but it took some thinking to come up with a place to do this. Obviously this beach wouldn't work. She refused to go to his home, and was totally shocked when he suggested hers. Finally he thought of an isolated little cove within walking distance. It wasn't in a prime swimming location, and was difficult to get to, so their privacy was assured. He packed up his kite, and returned it to his car. Tucking the sketchbook under his arm, he took her hand and led her to the little cove. His spirits soared when he noticed a large boulder nearby that would serve perfectly to drape her over to fuck her as she had drawn. These drawings were obviously her fantasies about him, and he considered it his duty to help her to experience them.

He spread her blanket out on the sand to give her a place to sit. When she was settled comfortably, he looked around critically, finally realizing he had no idea what to do next. She came to his rescue, suggesting that he just walk in the surf at first and then do what came natural.

Joey felt a little insecure about undressing in front of her at first. She had drawn him to her fantasy ideal, and he wasn't sure he could measure up. He took his shoes and then his shirt off, but hesitated about removing his shorts. She would realize that he didn't look as good as her imagination thought he did, and she would be disappointed. He saw her looking at him while he hesitated with his hands at his waistband. The eager look on her face scared him even more.

"Just forget it," he said suddenly, picking up his shirt. "What?" She was surprised. "What do you mean, forget it? After all you put me through to get me here?"

"Look, it isn't possible for me to measure up to your imagination. You will just be disappointed, and that isn't what I want here."

She thought about what he said, and tried to come up with a way to convince him it would be all right. She didn't want to walk away from this either. She idly toyed with the string to her bikini top that was hanging over her shoulder. Her face brightened when she thought of an idea.

"Would it help if I got undressed too?"

Joey was surprised and excited by her suggestion. He felt his cock begin to harden at the thought of the two of them here naked. He pretended to consider the suggestion. She was looking more and more dismayed the longer he waited to answer.

"It might," he said doubtfully.

"It's certainly worth a try. I assure you though, you couldn't disappoint me."

Joey hoped she was right, but from the way she had drawn him, he thought her expectations were too high. He watched with held breath as she slowly pulled the string holding her top in place. When it came loose, it fell forward, revealing her lovely breasts to his view. He longed to rush to her and take one of those rosy nipples in his mouth, but he forced himself to wait. He dropped his shirt in the sand beside him. She undid the other string holding her top, and pulled it free. She dropped it on the blanket. She slowly stood and walked toward him. When she was standing right in front of him, she stopped and looked into her eyes.

"Now we will both remove our bottoms together." She kept her eyes focused on him as he dropped his shorts, and she dropped her bikini bottoms. "That wasn't so bad, now was it?"

"Not at all. I guess this is what I needed." He feasted his eyes on her naked body, while she did the same with his. He could tell by her eyes, when they returned to look into his, that she was not disappointed. "This really isn't fair. You are going to draw a picture of me, and I can't draw one of you in return."

"Well maybe you should learn how to draw."

She directed him on how she wanted him to pose. She put him right at the water's edge, reclining on the sand. The cool water was lapping over his bare feet. He winced at the grit of sand between his ass cheeks.

Because of the pose she had put him in, she had to stand over him to draw. She continually walked around him, to study him from various angles. He was able to study her at his leisure in the meantime. It didn't take her long to sketch the picture. Soon they were both lying on the blanket in the sun. He thought for a moment about sunburn on sensitive areas, and wished he had brought sunscreen. He glanced at her naked body to check if she was sunburned yet. He was surprised to realize that she had no tan lines. When he commented on the fact that she obviously suntanned nude, she blushed. He enjoyed watching the rosy tint creep into her face, and over her bare breasts. She offered him the use of her sunscreen for his intimate areas.

"Only if you will apply it," he teased, taking the bottle from her. When he saw the way she licked her lips while she gazed at his cock, he decided that the tease was for real. He did want her to apply it. He put the bottle back into her hand, and leaned back. "Make sure you don't miss anything. That could be a nasty sunburn." It took a moment before he felt the first tentative touch on his abdomen. He sucked in his breath with anticipation at the feel of her hand slowly working its way toward his hardening cock. Her hot little hand softly encased his throbbing dick. The way she moved her hand up and down to cover it with sunscreen made him open his eyes and look at her. She was totally mesmerized by watching her hand move on him. When her tongue flicked out and licked her lower lip, he thought he was going to shoot his load right there in her hand. He brushed her hand away, and rolled over.

She massaged the sunscreen over his ass slowly, with as much care as she had shown for his cock. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to respond naturally to the sensations. It only took a short time before he had to stop her at that too. He didn't want to rush things. They had built up to this moment too long for it to be wasted because he shot his load on the blanket.

"I want to see you posed now," he said abruptly, standing up. He took several deep breaths to steady himself. He could see her staring at his cock jutting up. He couldn't hide his desire from her.

"How do you want me to pose?" She asked.

"Just like in your drawing, lying over that rock over there." He indicated the rock, and smiled because she apparently hadn't noted its significance before. She made her way over to the boulder, and leaned back against it.

"Like this?" She asked seductively.

"Not quite. Something is missing." He walked over to her, and pretended to be studying her position. "I think it's more like this," he said, adjusting her arm over her head.

"No, I distinctly remember that I had my arms around you," she said thoughtfully.

"Yes, something like this." He placed her arms over his shoulders. She shook her head no, and moved one hand to his back, and placed the other on his ass. She gripped it firmly in her hand. He shivered, and she smiled. "That's right, but there is still something missing." He lowered his head slowly toward her face. Moving her long shiny hair, he nuzzled her neck. "I think this is about right," he whispered in her ear. She moaned in response as he pressed his nude body against hers. "I wonder what we were doing in that drawing?"

Her mouth found it's way to his chest, and she nibbled on one nipple. She trailed her tongue around his chest, tasting his skin. He seized her mouth with his own, and thrust his tongue in to meet hers. His hands slowly trailed up her body to find her breasts pressed against his chest. He leaned back a little, to allow his hands access between them. She moaned into his mouth when he tweaked her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Both of her hands were on his ass now, pulling him closer to her.

He pushed her back on the rock, and slowly licked his way from her throat to the cleft between her breasts. He captured one nipple between his teeth and bit it gently. She moaned and thrust her breasts out toward him. He massaged the other nipple with his other hand while he sucked the first. He thrust his stiff cock against her pubic mound, grinding into her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, opening her pussy for him. His hard cock slipped in as if on it's own accord. He pounded forcefully into her, unable to resist the feel of her hot sheath surrounding him. She met him thrust for thrust, as eager as he to cum.

She pulled his face up to meet his and they kissed deeply and passionately, joined at the tongues as well as at the genitals. She held his mouth with hers, refusing to let him go the entire time that he was pounding his cock into her. She moaned into his mouth when she began to cum, and the feeling of her pussy contracting on his dick brought his own orgasm to the fore. She held him tightly to her as his cock shot his cream deep inside her.

She continued kissing him in the aftermath of his cum, licking his face, and biting gently on his neck and ears. He had never felt so totally adored in his entire life. He knew it had been a quick fuck, but it was also one of the most satisfying he had ever had. He slowly pulled away from her, and caught her hand in his. He led her over to the blanket spread on the warm sand and eased her down to it. He lowered himself to her side, and propped his head up on one elbow.

"I think that was the perfect pose," he said.

"It was just how I intended it when I drew it."

Joey rolled over and covered her with his body. He began by licking and sucking her neck and ears, and slowly worked his way down her body. He licked every inch of her body, holding her still when she wanted to touch and caress him. He nibbled at the hollow of her inner thigh before moving his tongue to her glistening pussy. He slowly ran his tongue the length of her pussy, tasting the combined fluids of them both. He sucked her clit into his mouth, and heard her gasp.

He probed her depths with his tongue, fucking her on his face. Her hips began to move in time with his tongue. He held her pussy lips open with his fingers to expose her fully to his mouth. His tongue fucked her hard and deeply, while he rubbed her clit with a finger. When she was moaning for more, he inserted his fingers one by one. He fucked her with his hand to a shuddering orgasm.

She pulled him by the hair back up her body, and when he was completely over her, she shoved him off and onto his back. She went directly for his cock. He wasn't completely soft, and it took no time at all for her hot mouth to bring his cock to full erection. She licked the head of his cock like it was a sucker, before she plunged her mouth down on it. She took the whole thing into her mouth, holding it there for a moment before pulling back. She increased the speed for the next down-thrust, and yet she still took his entire cock into her mouth. Soon she was sucking his cock with a vengeance, with her head literally flying up and down. Just when he felt his cock about to explode, she slowed her movements. She lovingly slid his cock into her mouth, circling her tongue around it. She slowly pulled it back out, lingering over the tip to gently nip it, and probe her tongue at the sensitive underside of it.

She released his cock, and positioned herself over him. She lowered her pussy to his cock and guided it in. He reached up and grabbed her tits in his hands. She slowly began to fuck him, watching his eyes to see his reactions. He felt her pussy walls clamping down on his dick and moaned as he felt his orgasm rising. He released her tits, and grabbed her hips, guiding her motions. His hips bucked as he pounded his cock into her. She screamed as she began to cum. He held her above him as she thrashed about in her orgasm. He pounded his cock in and out of her spasming pussy. When her climax had ended, and she had regained some control over herself, he released her hip with one hand, and moved to her clit. She gasped when his hand came into contact with her sensitive nub, bringing her to a second orgasm. He felt his own climax coming, and pounded fiercely into her. He brought her to her second orgasm with him, and the two of them howled their release into the sunlit air of the sheltered cove.

She collapsed over him, and he held her tightly to him. He must have dozed off, because when he woke, she was gone. He felt an emptiness inside him at the loss of her. When he realized that he didn't even know her name, he mentally kicked himself. How would he ever find her again?

Joey slowly put his clothes back on, and gathered up her blanket with his belongings. The slow trek back to his truck was depressing, because he had hoped to make this walk with her by his side. He put his gear in the truck from the passenger side, and almost missed the stiff white paper rolled up and stuck in the small gap between the truck cab and the bed when he went to the driver's side. He pulled the paper out, recognizing it as one of the pages from her sketchbook. He slowly unrolled the paper, and gazed upon his dream woman, revealed in all her nude glory, drawn just for him.

It was signed simply, Olivia. His hopes rose that he would see her again.


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