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Fantasy Come True
by sammyjo

We sat around discussing our fantasies one night. I had long dreamt of making love to another woman. How would she taste? Would I be a good lover? These thoughts and more came rushing at me as I agreed to fuck you, with an audience no less. We took our time finishing our meal. I went home to shower and change. You called me, begging me to hurry. I arrived at your house in about 10 minutes wearing a short black mini, a tight fitting top, and 4 inch black heels. I joined you both in your room. I noticed you were naked and waiting for me. Just the thought of sucking those gorgeous tits had me wet.

I climbed on the bed, bent my head over your chest, and took your left nipple into my mouth. I began to suck and lick it making it hard in my mouth. You lay back, enjoying my teasing...I bit lightly at your nipple while I rolled your other in my fingers. Your boyfriend is sitting there, stunned that he is about to witness one hot lesbian love fest. I position myself at the end of the bed. I slowly part your legs as I kiss and lick my way to your wet pussy. I hold back, as much for my own pleasure as yours.

I part your pussy lips with my fingers. I want to etch this moment into my memory. I lean forward slightly. I can not resist your glistening pussy as I lightly touch the tip of my tongue to your cunt. You let out a moan. I look up and notice him sucking your tits as I bury my face into your sopping wet pussy. I use my fingers like a little cock, slowly inserting them into your wet hole as I lick your clit. I can feel your clit harden under my tongue, I know just how to drive you over the brink to insanity. I take your clit between my teeth and run my tongue over it slowly at first, but gradually picking up the pace until I have you humping my face as you howl in delight.

I feel him behind me, lifting my skirt, and rubbing his hard cock on my wet slit. I want to feel him inside me. You are still recovering, so I decide to take advantage of the situation. I lean back against him, forcing his cock deep into my throbbing pussy. I reach down to rub my clit. My juices are flowing down my legs. I am getting fucked so well, I don't even notice you get up. That is until I feel you licking my legs, lapping up all my juices. When you reach my clit, I begin humping your face.

He pulls his cock out of me as he watches you eat your first pussy. Somehow, he ends up in front of my face. I beg him to fuck my face with his cock. He moves closer and I take him into my mouth, licking my pussy juice off his cock. I can sense his impending orgasm, and my own. I take his dick out of my mouth and slowly insert it into your pussy. I sit up, so that I am riding your face. I reach down and massage your clit while he fucks you. I can feel my orgasm mounting. I begin to hump your face harder, faster, moaning, pushing my cunt down against your take my clit and suck it like you would a cock. He pounds into you harder, faster...I am watching him fuck you as my orgasm hits me hard and fast.

He pulls his cock out of you and squirts his delicious cum all over both of us. We continue to caress each other as sleep finally hits us, readying us for the next round.


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