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Fantasy Cums True
by Mr. D

Let me start by telling you about my wife, Jacqui. She is beautiful from her pretty face to her delicate feet. She has a body to kill for, and she gets off displaying it for others to see. She has big tits that are very firm and capped with nipples that are large and always erect. She is thin and has long, perfectly formed legs that look even longer when she wears high heels, and leads to a nice, tight ass.

We swing with others, both privately and at clubs. We met another couple a few years back, and the wife had a distinctive physical characteristic -- her pussy lips hung about two inches below her pussy. She said that they just naturally formed like that. I told my wife that I was very turned-on by her long lips, and that I thought they were incredible. We had some great times swapping with each other. When they moved away, she told my wife her secret -- that she had actually attached small clamps with weights to them to her cunt lips to stretch them to their length. Jacqui wasted no time in getting to it. It was a little painful at first, but she stuck to it, and worked up to heavier weights, and within six months, was sporting two-inch long pussy lips hanging from her shaved snatch, just like her friend's. I should also mention that Jacqui's clit is very large and prominent, standing out erect from the folds of her pussy even before she gets aroused and wet. It really gets big and red when she gets hot. She also is quite an exhibitionist, taking nearly every opportunity to display her ample charms.

Our story takes place at a swinger's club, where we can both satisfy our exhibitionistic tendencies. Jacqui said that she was especially horny that night, and before we left for the club, she came out in the most indecent outfit that I had ever seen her in. Her "top" consisted of a completely sheer, very stretchy, very thin top, about eight inches long that only served to draw attention to her clearly-visible big tits. It fit them like a second skin. Her big tits look even bigger on her small frame, and this outrageous top only accentuated them. Her skirt was leather, and was only about ten inches long. It didn't quite make it to her pussy, leaving the bottom part of her (and her long, dangling lips) clearly visible to the eye. It also left part of her great ass exposed.. At the end of her long legs were black spiked heels. I asked her if she was really going to wear this out. She said yes. She couldn't keep her fingers from rubbing herself on the drive to the club, and I had a hard time focusing on driving. When we arrived, it was dark and she stepped out of the car, not caring who saw her virtually naked as she walked to the club, in fact, strutting her stuff for anyone to see. It's a good thing that there wasn't a cop around - she surely would have been arrested for indecent exposure. She became the center of attention of all the men and some of the women from the time we entered the club.

She was unaware that our friends, Kathi and Don, who had moved out of state, were visiting and that Kathi and I were tonight's entertainment. We split up and went separate ways soon after entering the club. I saw her several times, dancing, kissing and having sex to include sucking and fucking in the main room, for anyone to watch.

Later, the host announced that there was a special show for everyone tonight. The lights went up on stage to illuminate a bed. Out walked Kathi. She is very attractive and stacked, and wore nothing but a belly chain, high heels, and a wicked smile. Her large, firm breasts swayed slightly as she strutted across the stage, stepping one foot in front of the other, making her tight ass sway with each step. She was tanned all over - no tan lines anywhere. Her legs are long and perfectly shaped, leading up to her perfect, tight ass. When she reached the bed, she turned toward the audience and cupped her breasts, throwing her head back while she massaged her tits and played with her already hard nipples. She spread her legs slightly, openly displaying her shaved pussy and long, hanging cunt lips for everyone to see.

Her cunt lips are incredible - they hang below her pussy by about two inches, swollen and wet. They are long and rippled, and her clit is clearly visible, standing erect from around the surrounding folds of her pussy, much like my wife's. She had pierced one of her cunt lips, and was showing a large, thin gold ring dangling from below one lip. Moisture had accumulated on her open lips and they glistened in the light, forming droplets of her sex juice along their puckered edges. She lets her hands roam down her belly to her pussy, inserting her middle finger into her wetness, and she brought her fingers to her mouth and very sensually licked them clean while keeping constant eye contact with the audience. She made her way to the bed and got down on it on her hands and knees, facing away from the audience, giving them a clear view of her wet, shaved, swollen snatch, which she again began masturbating with her fingers. She rolled over and faced the audience with her legs spread wide open, keeping constant eye contact with everyone watching her.

She continued to lewdly masturbate for us while watching the audience watching her, making herself even wetter, moaning and pinching her nipples with her other hand. Her breathing became faster and deeper, and she moaned louder as she began to cum, writhing on the bed while fingering her pussy faster and harder - her chest heaving with her ragged breathing. She came for at least a full minute before slowly tapering-off, and then reached behind her and produced a large dildo - the thick, 8-inch variety - and put it to her mouth. She put just the head of the big fake cock in her mouth, tonguing it and slurping it around wetly in her mouth, slowly taking more of it's thick length down her throat. She worked it in and out of her mouth, as if she were giving head to a real cock, sucking and taking it ever deeper, until she was taking nearly the entire cock down her throat. She became breathless and took the rubber dick from her mouth and her throat and placed the mushroom head at her long, wet, swollen pouting cunt lips that were laying open, showing her pinkness within.

The audience was spellbound by her nasty exhibition of pure, nasty, pagan sex. She was so hot that she couldn't sit still as she worked the big cock into her pussy until it was buried, and started slowly fucking herself with it - all the way in and then slowly withdrawing the thick cock until only the head was wetly wrapped by her long, wet cunt lips, and she was again squirming with orgasmic delight, howling loudly with abandoned pleasure as she fucked the dildo faster and harder in and out of her sloshy-wet pussy.

Once again she slowly came down from her sex high, pulling the dripping wet, fake cock from her cunt, her long pussy lips clinging to the thickness of it, and she put the dick to her lips to lick it clean. She licked and sucked her own juices from the rubber prick and leaned back to catch her breath, keeping her knees up and her legs spread, for all the audience to see the juices oozing from her wet, flowing, overheated snatch. Her cunt was beautiful, with her long pussy lips swollen, all ripply and wet.

It was time for me to step onto the stage from the side, my cock hard and thick, ready to join her in pleasing herself and the watching, spellbound audience. My cock was oozing pre-cum, and a string of it hung from the head of my cock, which heavily swayed from side to side as I stepped across the stage to the sex goddess who had been enrapturing everyone present. She sat up as I approached her and I bent down to kiss her. The air around her was heavy with the scent of her sex. She reached for my head to hold it tight against her and we embraced with a wet, open mouth kiss, but she quickly pushed my head down to her neck and breasts. I tongued her tits and the large, hard nipples that cap them. I made my way down her flat belly, leaving a wet trail toward her wet pussy. She was impatient and pushed my head to her wet sex shrine for me to lick her and make her cum some more. I love giving head, and I do it well.

I ran the flat of my tongue very lightly, just grazing her wet swollen pussy lips, trying not to even touch her erect clit which was standing out from the folds of her lips, tasting her wetness and teasing her already overexcited snatch. Slowly I started to give her more pressure with my tongue as I began to penetrate her dripping pussy, her elongated pussy lips wetly carressing my mouth and chin as I licked her and fucked her with my tongue. Next I added two fingers to her freely-flowing cunt, fucking her with them as I ate her pussy and licked and sucked on her hard clit. She was really wet, and I moved faster with my tongue and deeper and harder with my fingers, making sure that I stimulated her clit more and more. Then I moved my face more and more around her cunt, getting most of my face absolutely covered with the juices that were pouring out of her. She screamed with her orgasm as she held my head tight against her spasming pussy.

She finally eased her death grip on my head and I got up from between her legs. First she brought my cum-covered, dripping face to hers and licked her own cum from my face, sloppily smearing her own juices from my face onto hers in the process. Next, she reached for my engorged prick, taking it to her mouth and ran her tongue all over the head and up and down the side of my swollen cock like the possessed slut-bitch in heat that she had become. We were sideways to the audience so that they could see every motion of the nasty exhibition of sex that we were doing for their pleasure as well as ours. Having wild sex like this with all these horny people watching was an unbelievable turn-on. She was now giving me serious head, sucking hard and taking my clean-shaved cock nearly all the way into her throat with every wet, warm stroke while she gently massaged my heavy, shaved balls.

I massaged her firm tits and finger-fucked her while she was trying her best to coax the cum from my long, thick prick. I was getting close to losing my load, and I pulled out of her mouth. She desperately wanted to continue sucking, but she knew what to do. She got down on all fours with her tight ass in the air, ready for a good fucking from a real cock. By now, the audience was really getting into this, with most of them either partially or completely naked and engaged in various forms of sex themselves, all trying to watch us on the stage at the same time. It was all I could do to keep from cumming myself, especially seeing them and what they were doing. I saw my wife, her top and skirt rolled around her waist, leaving herself completely exposed, sitting on another guy's lap, moving up and down as they fucked, her tits moving with their sex rhythm as she rode up and down on his hard cock while watching me get it on with her sex-crazed nympho-friend on stage.

I moved into position behind her and my cock slipped effortlessly into her, slowly burying itself inch by inch all the way to my balls in her hot, dripping wet snatch. We wasted no time and were quickly fucking hard into each other. She was really wet and her love juices were literally dripping from her long, dangling cunt lips. Her tits swayed wildly as we moved into and with each other. She screamed that she was cumming, which sent me over the top and I moaned that I was cumming too. She quickly pulled away from me and spun around to grab my dripping, spasming cock with her hand, which she jerked me with and I erupted onto her face and mouth. She stuck her tongue way out to catch all my cum. Rope after rope of my gooey cream landed on her face and in her mouth, dribbling out from between her lips, down her chin and onto her heaving tits. When I was completely spent, her entire face was covered with my cum.

She wiped the creamy jizz from her face and tits and licked her wet hands clean. Then she took my wet cock in her mouth and down her throat, licking and sucking it to get every drop of my cum and her own juice from my cock. The audience applauded and whistled their approval and seemed to be as high on sex as we are from our super-nasty sex show, with many completely involved in their own fucking and sucking. Then I saw my wife get up from the cock she had been fucking, seeing it slip from between her cunt lips as she got up. She stepped to the stage, walking right up to Kathi and began deep-tongue kissing her to get what cum she could from her mouth and face. Then she started down to Kathi's cunt to lick her snatch and eat her pussy. After Kathi creamed all over my wife's face, Jacqui went for my cock to lick it clean. I brought her face to mine to lick Kathi's juice from all over Jacqui's face.

We got up to leave the stage, our bodies covered with our combined sweat and cum, glistening in the light. As we walked towards the side of the stage, both women reached down to their cunts. Their hands came away coated with their juices, which they licked clean. My cock was semi-hard, hanging in an arc downward, a string of cum hanging from the head, which Jacqui noticed. She reached for my cock, sliding her hand toward the head, taking the string of aftercum and put her hand to her mouth to lick it clean, then we all proceded, naked and wet, arm in arm off the stage. The three of us a while later had a hot and wet nasty three-way later that evening, with others watching, but that's another story.

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