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Farmer's Daughter I
by AhMyGoddess

I've heard a lot of stories about farmers' daughters and from my own experience I suppose that most of them are true. I started foolin' around with boys early, but I was always worried about protectin' my reputation. We'd kiss and grope and I got really good at giving blow jobs, but I was never tempted into givin' one of the local farmboys my cherry. They moaned and whined and did their best to turn me on so bad that I'd have to give in, but I always knew that I had a little vibrator in a drawer at home and I never gave in.

My daddy's sister was a teacher and she married another teacher. They lived in a small city in New York but every summer they'd come and stay with us on the farm for a month or so. By the time they left Aunt Peggy would have remembered why she left the farm in the first place and she'd stop missin' it for awhile. They only had one kid, my cousin Wendell. 

Wendell was three years older than me. He wasn't exactly handsome, but he was cute enough. We'd spent a good deal of time being 'kissin' cousins' the summer before the one that I'm goin' to tell you about. So I was lookin' forward to Wendell coming back. I wasn't plannin' on giving him my cherry or anything, but since the last time we saw each other I'd learned to give head and I'd had my pussy eaten. I pictured Wendell and I spendin' a whole lot of time with our heads between each other's legs. The boys that I knew weren't real keen on eatin' pussy unless they thought they were gonna get a fuck out of it. I was hopin' that Wendell wouldn't be the same. 

Well, Wendell ended up bringin' a friend with him that summer. As soon as I saw Brett I changed my mind about not loosin' my cherry. Standin' in the sun with black hair and tanned skin Brett looked as delicious as an apple pie. Especially standin' next to Cousin Wendell with his pale skin and light brown hair. We all passed hugs around, got introduced to Brett and started unloadin' the luggage from the car. The whole time I couldn't take my eyes off of Brett's body, my heart was beatin' fast and my pussy was mass producin' juice. 

Well, I couldn't exactly attack him right there so I just had to bide my time. I kept my eyes and ears open and kept close to Brett and Wendell, talkin' to Wendell about old times. For dinner I changed into a short sundress, let my blonde hair down from it's ponytail and put on a little makeup, somethin' I usually didn't bother with around the farm. Mama gave me a few knowin' looks as I sat down to the dinner table, but I knew that she wouldn't say anythin'. She was a farmer's daughter too. 

That night it seemed as if no one was ever goin' to go to bed. Everyone was a talkin' and tellin' stories 'til the small hours of the mornin' and the whole time I was just wishin' they'd all shut up and go to bed. Finally, people gave in to their yawns and hit the sack. I lay in my bed for a long while to give everyone time to fall 'sleep. Then I crept down the hallway to the room that Brett and Wendell were stayin' in. It was my older brother Chet's room. Chet was married and livin' on a farm of his own by then, but his old bunk beds were still in his old room. I'd listened to Brett and Wendell talkin' and I knew that they'd decided that Brett got the bottom bunk. 

I listened at the door for a bit to make sure they were 'sleep and then I slowly turned the door knob and opened the door. The moon wasn't showin' much of herself that night so I couldn't see much. I tiptoed over to the bunkbeds and knelt down beside them. I poked my hand under the covers and started searchin' around for Brett's cock, my hands were just itchin' to feel it. It didn't take long for Brett to wake up but that was what I was waitin' for. I shushed him and he lay still, he knew a good thing when it crawled into his bed. My hand had found his cock and it was gettin' big and hard real fast as I stroked it through the boxer shorts that he was wearin'. 

I pushed the covers off of him and climbed up on the bed between his legs. I pulled his cock through the openin' of his shorts and I was happily surprised to find that it was about eight inches long and thick, too. I stroked it a bit with my hands but my mouth was just waterin' to taste it. I bent my head down and licked the precum off the tip of his cock. 

"Mmmmmm," I said, real low. "I can't wait to taste your cum. I'm gonna suck every bit of it outta yer big fat cock."

I started lickin' and nibblin' his long hard shaft and rubbing his big balls with my fingers. I knew that it would drive him crazy and pretty soon he was grabbin' my hair and tryin' to get me to take his big dick into my mouth. I opened wide and took as much in as I could. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and it sent tingles all the way down to my toes. I started bobbin' my head up and down on the delicious dick as fast as I could, fuckin' it with my mouth. Brett was holdin' my head and buckin' his hips up to meet my hot mouth. It didn't take much time before white hot jism was spurtin' out of that cock and into my mouth. I swallowed all that I could and then licked up all that had escaped. I tucked his limp dick back into his shorts and then slid off the bed, wished him good night and tiptoed back to my room where my trusty vibrator was waitin' to fuck my achin' cunt.

The next mornin' I was a little late to breakfast. Everyone was passin' pancakes around and pourin' hot maple syrup by the time I slid into my seat. For a few minutes I was just concentratin' on takin' the food that was bein' passed to me and fillin' my plate. When that was done I finally got a good look at Brett and it didn't take me long to figure out that somethin' was wrong. Brett was lookin' at me like nothin' special and Wendell was all blushes and goo-goo eyes. Somehow I'd sucked the wrong damn dick. 

I was a little angry at first but it didn't take me long to get over it. My plans for getting Brett's cock in my pussy may have been interrupted but I'd discovered that my cousin Wendell had a big delicious cock of his own. If I hadn't made that mistake I probably wouldn't have found that out. And what the hell, if I was gonna give it up to Brett I might as well let Wendell get some too, especially since his cock was so damn big.

Wendell suggested that we go swimmin' in the waterhole with a gleam in his eye. I agreed and Mama and Aunt Peggy packed us up a lunch while Wendell and Brett helped me with my chores and then we started off on the long walk to the waterhole. The waterhole was on the hill to the north of the cornfield, it was secluded and I knew that we wouldn't be havin' any interruptions. When we got there I slipped out of my shorts and t-shirt and stood in the golden sunlight in my little white bikini. I gave Brett and Wendell a few minutes to get an eye full and then I reached up to remove the top of the bikini.

"The only way to go swimmin' in a waterhole is to go skinny dippin'. I thought you woulda remembered that Wendell," I giggled as I took off the bottoms of my bikini. I stood facing Brett and Wendell just lovin' the feelin' of their eyes runnin' all over me. I could practically feel their touch on my tits and pussy. "Aren't you boy's gonna join me?"

I turned around and walked into the waterhole, knowin' that they were watchin' my little ass as I did. When the water was waist deep I turned around and looked back at them. They were still standin' up there watchin' me and I started to get handfulls of water and pour them over me, rubbin' my hands over my titties. The water was very cold and my nipples were puckered up and as hard as pebbles. Wendell and Brett finally found their senses and started stripping. I watched their naked bodies and half-hard cocks running towards the water. 

When they hit the water I turned around and swam away from them. It took them a few minutes to get used to the cold water but soon they were chasin' after me. Brett caught up with me first and grabbed my ankle. He pulled me towards him and I turned around and pressed myself against him. "I bet this cold water's gone and turned your hard-on into nothin' hasn't it? How long do you figure it'll take for you to get hard again once we get out of the water? My pussy's just beggin' me to give it a big hard cock. But if you want it you're gonna have to get me out of this water."

I broke away from him and started swimmin' fast but he was right on my heels. Soon Wendell had reached us and they were both after me. Wendell didn't know the reward for catchin' me and Brett wasn't about to share it with him. When either one of 'em would catch me I'd break away and start swimmin' again. I could tell that they were gettin' heated up and a little angry. The chase was bringin' out the hunter in 'em and makin' seem a lot more male.

Finally Brett caught me in a place where he could get his footin' and I knew that I was in for it. He dragged me towards the bank and then half dragged me as I stumbled over the dirt. He was all hot and angry, ready to take his reward for catchin' his prey. He pushed me down in the grass and spread my legs. He ran his fingers through my curly wet bush and pushed his fingers into the wetness of my pussy. Without warnin' he shoved two fingers up into my hole and I cried out in shock and pleasure, my hips automatically startin' to buck against his fingers. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Wendell standin' to the side of us watchin' what was goin' on.

Brett pulled his fingers out of my cunt and pushed them against my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed his fingers in. I licked and sucked my own hot juices off of his fingers. Then he straddled my head, grabbed my hair and pulled my head so that I could heat up his cock so that it could get hard faster. It didn't take long for his cock to grow to its full 6 inches in my hot wet mouth. 

He pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and moved back between my legs. "Alright you redneck slut, I'm gonna show you what happens when you tease city boys with that hot little pussy."

He grabbed my hips and I felt the tip of his dick pressin' at the entrance to my hole. With one powerful thrust he rammed his thick cock all of the way into me. It felt so good! He started fuckin' me and I was moanin' and thrustin' and pullin' at him. I wanted him to go faster and harder, to fuck my pussy with all of the strength that he had. 

I was on the brink of an orgasm when he suddenly pulled his cock out of my cunt. I looked up at him in frustration and shock but he just rolled me over onto my stomach. I felt his fingers openin' my pussy lips and pushing up into my hole. I figured that he just wanted to do it doggie style but then I felt his cum covered fingers rimming my asshole and trying to push up inside. 

"What are you doing?! No!" I cried and started to crawl away. I hadn't planned on losing my virginity and taking it up the ass all on the same day.

Brett grabbed me and pulled me back towards him. "Come and help me hold this bitch down, Wendell," he said. "We can both ream her at the same time. How does that sound slut? You ever take two at a time before?" 

Wendell came and pressed my shoulders down to the ground. "Wendell," I pleaded, "what are you doin'? Why are you helpin' him?"

"You asked for it, Billie," he said. "You're getting just what you wanted when you took your swimming suit off and started teasing us."

Brett started spanking my bare ass with hard slaps. "That's right slut. We're just taking everything that you were advertising."

I closed my eyes to hold back the tears that were threatenin' to start flowin'. I knew that they were right. I'd been teasin' 'em, even if I had planned to give it up in the end. And isn't this what I'd wanted? Wasn't I gloated just an hour ago about havin' two city boys to satisfy my appetites? I just didn't expect things to happen so quickly. And I didn't expect to lose control over what was happenin'. Now the boys had taken control and I had to do whatever they wanted.

By the time Brett finished spankin' my bare ass I knew that my tender cheeks had to be flamin' red and tears were flowin' from my eyes. He pushed his cock into my pussy again and recoated it with my juices. Brett grabbed my arms and told Wendell to lay down. Brett jerked me up and led me towards Wendell. Led by Brett I straddled Wendell and Wendell pushed his long hard cock up into my pussy. My pussy started wakin' up and clutchin' at Wendell's big cock. Then Brett pushed my forward and I felt his fingers spreading my ass cheeks and pushing at the opening to my ass. 

I held my breath, almost terrified of what was comin'. Then I felt Brett's cock pressin' against my asshole. I started pleadin' and cryin' and the head of his dick popped up into my ass. I let out a scream and he drove his shaft all of the way into my ass. I reached down and grabbed a handfull of Wendell's flesh without thinkin' and he knocked my hands away and slapped me. I reached my hands up and tangled them in my hair. I felt totally alone between two forces that were fillin' me to bursting and tearing me apart. 

Brett started sawing his cock in and out of my ass. Everytime his cock thrust up into me I felt like I was being ripped in two. I screamed and cried but even when I was cryin' I could still feel pressure building in my pussy. I knew that I was gonna have a huge orgasm even if I was in tremendous pain and scared. All of that cock fillin' me up was just too much for my pussy to deny. My body started workin' on it's own, acceptin' Brett's thrusts and pushing back against them. Increasin' the friction to push me closer to an orgasm. I rode those two hard cocks and finally my pussy released a bucket of cum and started spasming out of control. 

I'd never had an orgasm so strong. It was flashin' all the way through me and I felt like it was never gonna end. I felt Brett fillin' my ass with hot cum and then he was pullin' his cock outta my ass. I could feel his hot jism leakin' out of my asshole and runnin' down my thighs. Wendell rolled my over and started fuckin' my cunt, it was still spasmin' from the orgasm. I was totally overwhelmed and I couldn't catch my breath. Wendell's cock thrustin' in and out of my pussy was makin' me feel strange and jittery. He finally shot his load of cum deep into my pussy. I pushed him off of me and rolled over onto my side. I curled into a ball and tried my best to catch my breath and calm my body down so it would feel somethin' close to normal. 
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