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Farmer's Daughter II
by AhMyGoddess

After bein' raped by my cousin Wendell and his friend Brett by the side of the waterhole, (an I say raped even though there's plenty of people that'd say that I deserved it) I lay cryin' in the grass and dirt for a little while listenin' to Wendell and Brett talkin' about country girls and how their cunts must get hot a lot earlier than city girls. The two of 'em got back in the water to clean themselves up and after they got dressed I figured that it was high time that I cleaned up and got dressed too. I walked over to the waterhole, my body was achin' from bein' held down, my pussy was achin' from takin' in my cousin's big cock and my ass was double achin' from the spankin' and the fuckin' that it got.

Wendell and Brett were starin' at me as I got out of the water and I hurried up and put my clothes back on, not wantin' them to go after me again. Brett came over and grabbed my arm and said, "You'd better keep your mouth shut about this bitch. No one will believe a slut like you anyway and no one would blame us for taking what was offered."

I just turned away and started back to the farmhouse. I knew that I wasn't gonna tell anyone what happened. It was my own fault for bein' such a tease and I didn't want anyone to know of the embarassin' situation that my hot pussy had gotten me into. When we got back to the farmhouse my Mama noticed that somethin' was wrong but I just told her that I'd had too much swimmin' for one day.

I did my best to stay away from Wendell and Brett for the next couple of days but it was just near impossible to do it. Since we were around the same age it was left to me to entertain 'em most of the time. The two of 'em got bolder and bolder about grabbin' me whenever they thought we'd be left alone for awhile and rammin' a hard cock into my mouth, pussy or ass.

The funny thing is I was startin' to like it. I guess it isn't strange that I liked the fuckin' part of it but I never thought I'd be the type to like bein' forced. I was always way too independent for my own good. But it didn't take long for my pussy to get used to bein' pried open and filled with a nice long cock. It seemed to be wet 24 hours a day in anticipation of one of those hard cocks. I found myself all breathless and waitin' to be grabbed whenever I was alone for a bit with one of those boys. And soon I was makin' excuses to get 'em alone in a field or the barn to give 'em a chance to fill my drippin' cunt with their fat dicks. I lay off wearin' panties for the rest of their stay cuz they just ended up gettin' in the way.

One night I was layin' in bed circlin' my stiff little clit with my little vibrator. That day we'd all gone to a car show a few hours away. We left early in the mornin' and didn't get back til late and I hadn't been left alone with Brett or Wendell all day. My pussy was used to gettin' some a few times a day and by the time I went to bed it was screamin' for some attention. I'd thought about goin' into the boys' room to get a fuck but I'd grown accustomed to bein' taken and didn't like the thought of askin' for it. So I was layin' in bed gettin' ready to give myself a good fuck with my vibrator when the door opened and Wendell and Brett came in.

They took one look at me layin' naked in the moonlight with that vibrator pressin' against my clit and they started strippin' their clothes off with big grins on their faces. Brett came over and took the vibrator out of my hand. "You should have known that we'd be coming to get some of that hot pussy, Billie. You didn't need to use a toy to get off," he whispered.

He fooled around with the vibrator for a few minutes and then he started rammin' it fast and hard into my cunt while Wendell watched and played with my titties. I gritted my teeth tryin' to quiet the moans and screams that were threatenin' to burst outta me as that vibrator made me have a big orgasm. Brett put the vibrator to his mouth and started lickin' my cum off of it. Then he got a big smile on his face. "I've got an idea," he said.

He lay down on my bed and had me sit on his hard dick, only I was facin' his feet instead of his head. Wendell knelt on the end of my bed and presented his big ole cock for me to suck on. I took it in my mouth and started bobbin' on it when I felt Brett pushin' that vibrator up my ass. I fucked Wendell's cock hard and fast with my mouth as that vibrator pushed up into my ass. The feel of Brett's cock and that vibrator fillin' me up was makin' me crazy with lust.

Then Brett turned that vibrator on and it was all that I could do to turn the scream that wanted to come out into a moan. I spit out Wendell's cock afraid that I would bite it off with all of the strong feelins that were pumpin through me. I reached down and grabbed two handful of pink-checked sheets and concentrated on the amazin' feelins that were buildin' in my ass and pussy. Behind me Brett was lettin' out little moans and I was sure that vibrator purrin' up against his cock musta been feelin' real good. My pussy started spasmin' in an orgasm and it just didn't stop, I had one right after another as Brett fucked my ass with that vibrator and Wendell knelt in front of me jackin' off his big dick.

Wendell started climaxin' and shootin his hot white cum everywhere, on my face, hair, back and bed. When he was finished he pushed me up, got his head up between my legs and started lickin' and suckin' on my clit. I was already havin' orgasm after orgasm and that clit lickin' was just too much for me. I grabbed a handful of pink blanket and shoved it into my mouth, tryin' to muffle the screams that I just couldn't hold back anymore. Brett started shootin' the biggest load of cum that I'm sure ever came outta his cock up into my cunt. It seemed to last forever but he finally pulled his limp dick and the vibrator outta me. I lay back on his chest and spread my legs wide, Wendell was still eatin' on my pussy, lickin' up all of my cum and Brett's that was drippin outta my hole.

As I lay there Wendell's hot tongue licked down to my asshole and started rimmin' and pressin' up into me. I'd never experienced that before and I was layin' there enjoyin' it when his tongue left my ass and trailed off somewhere else. His forehead was still pressed up against my pussy and I was wonderin' what he was doin' when I noticed that Brett had tensed up underneath me. I couldn't believe it! My cousin Wendell was layin' in my bed suckin' on his friend's cock!

I rolled off of Brett and sat next to them on the bed. Brett's cock was big and hard and Wendell was a lickin' and a suckin' on it and Brett's big ole balls. While I watched him Wendell took the big cock into his mouth and started facefuckin' it fast and strong. I just sat there watchin' in awe. Brett had just gotten off so Wendell's blowjob lasted a good long time. Finally white cum started spurtin' outta Brett's cock and Wendell swallowed and licked up every last bit of it.

Wendell sat up and said, "I hope you don't mind Brett. I've always wanted to try that and I just couldn't resist."

After a moment Brett said that he didn't mind, then he told Wendell to lay on his stomach on the bed. He took my vibrator and cleaned it off. "Get your wet slut pussy over here, Billie" he said.

I went over and spread my legs, lettin' Brett get that vibrator good and wet. I looked down at Wendell and he had a smile of anticipation on his face. Brett rubbed some of my cum around Wendell's asshole and pushed his finger up into his ass, then he started slidin' the vibrator in. Wendell was layin' there lettin' out little moans. I decided that there was no reason that I should just be a spectator and I slid over and shoved my pussy in Wendell's face. He started lickin' and suckin' and moanin' into my pussy while Brett turned the vibrator on and started fuckin' his ass. I pushed Wendell up and lay under him in a 69 position and started suckin' on his long cock. With all of those sensations pumpin' through him Wendell was really attackin' my cunt now and I was pressin' it up into his moanin' mouth and doin' some moanin' of my own. Brett went on fuckin' Wendell's ass good and hard with that vibrator until Wendell shot a load of hot jism down my throat. I licked it all up and we all lay on my bed breathin' hard.
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