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Father-Daughter Nights
by NewAnon

There had been so much tension in the house. There was the tough schedule of work and Mary had been ill lately as well. She had been rough on their teenage daughter. Jake had been in the middle, often silent but sometimes angry with one or the other, raising his voice in despair about the trivial arguments and general discord.

But he had to admit more was involved. Mary's illness meant she was unavailable for sex most of the time. He took to renting X-rated videos and watching them when they were asleep. At a certain point, he would strip off his robe, keeping on only his shorts and rub his soft cock while he watched the sucking and fucking. An attractive actress would usually be involved at some point and then Jake would strip off his shorts, begin lathing his cock with saliva and bring himself to hardness. Lazily jerking off, he would watch her suck a huge prick, focussing on someone else some of the time.

At first it was Mary and he would think of Mary going down on him as he watched the cocksocking and played with is prick. Then, one evening when watching such a video, a young actress took to the screen and blazed across it with sexual frenzy. For a moment he was startled and disoriented: her hair, her figure ... she looked so much like Susie! But the video girl had a sophistication to her and her seduction of an older man played itself out over an agonizingly long sequence, well-done by the director. Finally, the undressing began and he saw a pair of luscious puffy-nippled breasts that made him swoon as he withdrew his cock from his shorts, then dropped his shorts, as his inner picture aligned with the video picture to present him with his Susie's naked bosom on display to him. As the actress smiled seductively and then turned away from the man to present him with her lovely backside, Jake's inner picture was in full focus. That was Susie's lovely ass beckoning to him as she turned! His prick grew hard and demanding. As the young actress spread her cheeks and then accepted the hard prick in her puckered behind, Jake massaged his penis until his come jumped out and sprayed over his chest. "Susie, baby, yes, yes!" he called out.

From that point on, the tension in the house had increased as Jake found himself eyeing Susie's body and finding her seemingly ready to display for him, which both excited and angered him. There was the evening when Mary was upstairs in bed and Susie brought him a drink as he sat in the living room. He had on his robe and was leafing through an X-rated magazine. He found himself holding it so that the lurid cover could be seen as Susie came downstairs and asked him if he wanted anything. He saw that she stared intently at the cover as she waited and then he asked for the drink. He had hardly noticed what she had on, but when she came with the drink a few minutes later, he saw well enough. She wore a shirt buttoned only at the bottom two places and a pair of panties, it seemed. But she also had on a pair of shoes with fairly high heels so that as she walked toward him, he had a sense of a long-legged beauty contestant approaching him, smiling as she swung her body toward him. As she bent to place the drink beside him, he almost fainted with the great gift of the sight of her lovely breasts. Like the girl in the video, his daughter had not large, but well-proportioned breasts, but above all, her aureolas where puffy in that way that excited him. She seemed to need a lot of time to find a place for the glass and then to find a napkin and to return to place it under the glass -- all the while her father ogling her beautiful breasts, her lovely ass, her long legs.

"There, Dad, good enough?"

"Oh, yes, baby, very good," he answered with a kind of smirk as he knowingly looked at her bosom. She grinned and walked away.

She was in the next room but he could not help it, taking out his prick and massaging it while he envisioned the lovely Susie and her puffy-nippled breasts and her long legs. He closed his eyes and played with his prick as it became erect. In a few moments, he knew she was near the doorway watching him. He slowly jerked off, now excited by his knowledge of being watched.

Being watched was a joy! Especially by Susie! Keeping his eyes closed, he pulled down his shorts and spread open his robe. He worked up a large spit into his hand and then massaged his penis with it, his eyes closed. The hard glistening prick stood on end as he caressed it with his hand, and whispered, "Oh yes, baby, yes, use your mouth, my prick loves it!"

And again he oiled his prick with saliva and continued the slow self-pleasuring.

"Oh, baby, oh, baby, yes," he whispered as he came, his sperm shooting up onto his chest. He heard her steps as she proceeded back upstairs.

On another occasion, when Mary was out to see a doctor, he was sitting in his room reading when his eye caught a flash of movement: it was Susie, naked, walking quickly in the hall toward the bathroom. He heard the door close and the shower start. He came out of his room and found something to look busy about in the hallway, waiting. He heard the shower stop and then for a few minutes some movements, she was drying off. Then the door opened and he was rewarded with his daughter's fully nude body now completely on display for him. She looked startled and stopped.

"Very nice, baby, very nice," he said, his body in a state of high excitement. She blushed, smiled and then walked quickly to the door leading upstairs to her room.

Then there were the times when Mary was available. Because of the illness, it would be at odd times, often late in the afternoon with twilight coming and Susie at home. Susie would be downstairs and hear us preparing, each taking a shower. When they were in bed, Susie would come upstairs and pass the bedroom door, pausing before continuing upstairs. Jake found his exhibitionist desires inflamed and began to leave the bedroom door somewhat ajar, knowing that Susie would be able to peek in. He wanted her to see them making love, hear them asking for the sucking and fucking. In the dim light, he would arrange their loving-making as if directing an X-rated movie, displaying the outlines of their bodies locked in one or another sexual position for the seeing by their daughter. He would chant in a low but not too low voice, "Oh yes, suck, suck me, I love to fuck your mouth! Suck me!"

Even that proved not enough for his inflamed imagination. Eventually, he found that by waiting until it was rather dark and coming to bed after Mary, he could leave the door wide open and Mary would not notice it. He would turn her to face the other direction and suck her cunt and lick her ass from behind, at an angle to the doorway so that as Susie arrived to watch, she would see her father, with his mighty erection, lathing her mother's ass and getting her ready for the fuck. Then he would spread her still more widely and curl up under her so that they were in a sixty-nine position and Mary would suck his prick while his tongue danced across her asshole and cuntlips with Susie's hard excited breathing at the door inciting him to further reckless talk: "Oh yes, Mary, baby, I love your hot little asshole. I love to suck ass and eat cunt while you suck my big prick." When they were near to coming, he would swivel around and plunge his prick into his wife's drooling cunt, fucking her long and hard while Susie watched.

Finally, one morning as she was approaching the stairs to go up after making her coffee, wearing only a nightie, he stopped her and said, "Sweetheart, we have to get rid of the tension. You know I love you, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy," she whispered, looking at him in surprise. She smelled good. He came near her and touched her bare arm.

"From now on, we should not be afraid to show some love for each other." With that, he approached still closer and brought his lips down toward her face, kissing her forehead, her nose, each eye, then over to one ear and down to her chin, and finally, as her eyes closed and she sighed, his lips neared hers.

"Ohhh," she whispered, "Dad."

They kissed, lightly at first and then he opened his mouth and she did also. He paused, then shot his tongue into her mouth. He felt her shiver. He withdrew and took the coffee cup from her and placed it on the nearby table.

They neared each other again, and he whispered in her hot ear, while his tongue danced over it,"I want us to kiss, sweetheart, I want us to kiss in every part of the house where we often have felt our tension. We'll kill the tension this morning."

With that, he took her hand and led her back into the kitchen and near the sink. She faced the window and he stood behind her, his erection against her soft behind. She looked back up at him and he leaned over and they kissed, their tongues swirling, swirling. She pressed back into his erection and he held her tightly as they continued to kiss.

Then they moved into the dining room.

"Sit there, where you usually sit," he indicated and after she had done so, he leaned down and let his tongue run across her neck and then their lips met again in a passionate kiss.

After a while, he moved from her and sat in another chair, saying, "Now kiss me while I sit here, sweetheart," and she moved to him. She leaned over and he saw the outline of her breasts, but did not touch her there. Instead he held her head and she leaned down and into him and kissed him, her tongue probing his mouth.

Then they stood and walked into the living room. He sat in his favorite chair and motioned to her. She climbed on his lap and embraced him, kissing him again, as he erection pressed against her body.

Then he stood and they walked upstairs. At the top of the landing, they kissed again. He drew her into the bathroom and they leaned against the sink and embraced, kissing. Finally, they went up to her rooms and there he held her close and they kissed for a long time. Finally, he smiled and left her there, going back down.

Then came the time when Mary had to be hospitalized. He and Susie were alone now. When they had dinner, both would be scantily dressed, revealing on his part, a hard cock pressed against very brief shorts, and on her part, a bikini-like outfit revealing the puffed-up nipples of her breasts and the creamy skin of her belly. And, as always, she liked to keep on those high-heeled shoes, so that his excited brain would respond to the beauty of those long legs as she performed her chores. At the table, they would chat, both flushed with sexual excitement. Later, she went upstairs and he went to bed to read -- as usual, several X-rated magazines and novels.

One novel had a picture of a young man standing close-up to an older but gorgeous woman wearing only a negligee. He was sucking her breasts as she seemed to be patting his head. Over the exciting picture was the title, "Mom's New Lover." The novel began with a background about a young divorced woman and her two children, both teenagers. As it very slowly proceeded, her sexual urges began to focus on her young handsome son until finally, as on the cover, there came a morning when she began by kissing him gently and ended by kissing him with feverish lust, finally baring her breasts to his eager sucking mouth.

As Jake was reading this near-climactic scene, Susie came down on her way to the kitchen. She was nude! True, it was hot upstairs and she usually did come down with little or no clothing after they were in bed asleep. But tonight was different: he was very wide awake and his prick jumped as he stared at the lovely ass of his daughter as she proceeded to turn and walk downstairs.

Wearing only his shorts he followed her to the kitchen. She stood at the sink, drinking a glass of water. He stood near her and she turned, putting the glass down. He came closer and brought his face close to hers. His chest was on fire, his heart beating at a pace he thought would burst him open. She was flushed but waiting. He placed his lips on hers, kissing gently, gently, then using his tongue to lick her lips and probe a little. Her lips parted and he probed within, his tongue sweeping inward.

"Let's go sit in the living room under the open window so that we can both enjoy the breeze," he said.

She hesitated for a moment and then he took her hand and they sauntered into the living room. The couch was large and as she sat down, he sat close beside her, turned toward her and again began to kiss her. She responded, their tongues twirling in a dance together. Her nude body was exuding sexual heat and his own cock was standing erect, pushed out of his shorts as he began to lathe her neck and then her breasts with saliva and then kissing and licking her moist skin ... spreading the saliva around with his tongue, proceeding from her shoulder, to a breast, then to her belly. Her body glistened with the saliva-licking and she moaned in sexual delirium.

"Oh, Dad, oh ...."

"Baby, yes, this is our secret loving -- our oral love, I'm making love to every part of your body with my mouth. Take my lips, my tongue, my mouth, open for my oral loving."

He spread her legs and let his spittle fall on her thighs and laved it across the smooth silky flesh, first one and then the other and then approached her now glistening cuntlips. He found them and kissed them, then sucked her clitoris until she cried out in ecstasy, "Oh, DAD, yes yes, don't stop," and a huge orgasmic tremor ran over her. She collapsed back and he stopped his sucking action. He held her a while and then whispered they should get some sleep. He didn't want to press her for reciprocal action, not just yet. They held hands going upstairs, each to a different bed. He quickly brought himself off and then went to sleep.

The next day was a busy one and he did not see her again until the evening. At dinner, they again played exhibitionism with each other, only more daringly. He wore nothing but his very briefest briefs, and his hard-on showed through, with the cockhead peeking over the top as he walked around the kitchen. She had on not her usual shoes, but a pair of the hidden stiletto shoes he had bought Mary and which she did not like to wear. Susie's long legs, tapered down to the stiletto shoes presented him with a luscious sight of sexual promise and her bikini-type top was even briefer now than yesterday, because she had found a way to fold-in some of the material. Only her nipples were covered! At the dinner table, he could not concentrate on the food and after a moment, she stopped eating. It was getting dark outside, the curtains were closed and they sat in the dim light.

"Come to me, sweetheart, you know what I need," Jake whispered.

She arose and fell to her knees before him. She kissed his chest, belly and, mimicking his style, spread saliva over his belly as she worked downward. She pulled down on his briefs until his hard prick surged out and she seemed to go into a frenzy as she fell upon it with her eager mouth.

"Oh, yes," he called out, "suck Daddy, suck, baby, suck!"

She sucked up and down, drooling on the long glistening cock as she worshipped it. She looked up at Jake as she did so, a slight smile on her lips, her drool making her look all the more exciting to him.

"Oh, baby, I'm fucking your mouth," he muttered and then stood up while she remained kneeling and began pressing his prick slowly back and forth into her mouth.

"I'm coming, darling, ... oh yes," the father called out. Jake held the prick outside her lips and she kept her mouth open as his come sprayed across her lips and chin, her cheeks and nose, washing her entire face with hot come. She licked at it and then enveloped her father's prick again and licked the come from the head, her eyes watching him as she participated in the lovely incestuous joy of father-daughter loving.

The following day was another busy one and they did not even eat dinner together. When he arrived home, he heard music playing and then she came into sight carrying two drinks. She wore her mother's sexiest lingerie that she had found hidden in a drawer upstairs, including the extraordinary open-crotch panties and now red stiletto shoes with red silk stockings. She had on an open bra, revealing the luscious puffed-up aureolas with erect nipples.

"Dad, I've been thinking about us all day, dreaming of us doing such things, I can't believe it's happening! I'm delirious!"

"Susie baby, yes, I feel the same way -- let me just take a quick shower, wait for me?"

"Hmmm, hurry Dad."

She sipped her drink and he took his upstairs. In what seemed a mere instant, he had showered and also finished his drink.

When he came downstairs, Susie was standing near an easy chair, her back to him and looking around at him. She bent forward and outward to reveal her puckered anus and her hairy, moist bush.

She spread her legs and called out, "Please, Dad, hurry!"

He knelt behind her and kissed her cuntlips, then swept his tongue up to her asshole and began a slow in-and-out tongue-fucking.

"Oh, Dad, yes, yes, I love it," she cried passionately.

He up and paused, "Wait just a second honey," he said and then he race away to get something. When he returned, he knelt again and now lathed her behind with the oil, then her puckered anus.

"Oh, Dad, what will you do now?" she said, her voice quivering.

"You'll love it, sweetheart, we'll begin slowly."

He oiled his hard prick and then moved into position, gently sliding the head into the puckered hole, then moving it out, then slowly back in, now a little further.

"Hmmmm," she murmured."

He reached around and fondled her breasts, while she moved her fingers to her cunt and probed herself, as he moved out and then in deeper, then deeper still.

"Ohhhhhh," she cried, "oh, Dad, how hot it is, how hot."

"Yes, baby, hot and tight for the assfuck!"

Now she slid back and forth on his erect prick, fucking him.

At last, he came, and she called out, "Oh, yes, yes!"

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